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My project report (vodafone)

  1. 1. Enhancing the blackberry Sales of Vodafone ( Maharashtra and Goa ) CHAPTER 1 1.1 PROJECT TITLEEnhancing Blackberry Sales In Vodafone ( Maharashtra And Goa )1.2 OBJECTIVEThe study undertaken is aimed to achieve following objectives:- A) To increase In shop Demonstrators B) To visit Vodafone stores, outlets , blackberry outlets C) Reaseach about buying behavior D) Compitition Analysis EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.1 INTRODUCTION1.1.1 Vodafone Essar LtdVodafone Essar is a one of the major player of mobile telecommunications in India.Headquarter located in Mumbai Maharashtra, India. Vodafone Essar formerly known asHutchison Essar is a cellular operator in India that covers 23 telecom circles in Indiabased in Mumbai. Vodafone Essar is owned by Vodafone 67% and Essar Group 33%.On February 11, 2007, Vodafone agreed to acquire the controlling interest of 67% heldby Li Ka Shing Holdings in Hutch-Essar for US$11.1 billion, piping RelianceCommunications, Hinduja Group, and Essar Group, which is the owner of the remaining33%. The whole company was valued at USD 18.8 billion.Despite the official namebeing Vodafone Essar, its products are simply branded Vodafone. It offers both prepaidand postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India with good presence in themetros.Vodafone Essar provides 2.75G services based on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz digitalGSM technology, offering voice and data services in 23 of the countrys 23 licenseareas. It is among the top three GSM mobile operators of India. It has also started 3Gservices in selected cities of India.Low cost cell phones have been launched in the Indian market under the Vodafonebrand. The company also plans to launch co-branded handsets sourced from globalvendors as well. Chinas ZTE, which is looking to set-up a manufacturing unit in thecountry, is expected to provide several Vodafone handsets in India. Earlier this year,Vodafone penned a global low-cost handset procurement deal with ZTE.Brand Communication and Study of Special Loyalty Program of Vodafone vis-a-vis other telecom operators.Vodafone Essar Corporation Ltd Page 5 of 451.1.2 Vodafone Group plc.Vodafone Group plc. is a British multinational mobile network operator headquarteredin Newbury, England. Vodafone is the worlds largest mobile telecommunication networkcompany. It currently has operations in 31 countries and partner networks in a further40 countries. Based on subscribers, it is the worlds second largest mobile phoneoperator behind China Mobile.The name Vodafone comes from voice data fone, chosen by the company to "reflectthe provision of voice and data services over mobile phones".Vodafone owns 45% of Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless telecommunicationsnetwork in the United States, based on number of subscribers.Vodafone is managed by
  2. 2. Sir Nick Read (Chairman Africa , middle east ,asia pacific region), Vittorio Colao (CEO),John Buchanan (Deputy Chairman) and Andy Halford (CFO)A map showing Vodafone Global Enterprise‘ footprintIn Red-Vodafone Operating CountriesIn Blue-Vodafones partners and affiliatesFig 2: Map showing Vodafone Enterprise footprintEnhancing blackbeddrry sales in Vodafone ( Maharashtra and Goa) vis-a-vis other telecom operators. 2.1.3 Essar GroupThe Essar Group is a multinational conglomerate corporation in the sectors of Steel,Energy, Power, Communications, Engineering Procurement, Shipping Ports & Logisticsas well as Construction. Headquartered located at Essar House, 11 Keshavrao KhadyeMarg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, India.Essar began as a construction company in 1969 anddiversified into manufacturing, services and retail. Essar is managed by Shashi Ruia,Chairman – Essar Group. Ravi Ruia, Vice Chairman – Essar Group and Prashant Ruia,Anshuman Ruia, Smiti Kanodia and Rewant Ruia Directors.Essar Communication Holdings Ltd is also venturing into emerging markets in Africaand South Asia. In Kenya, Essar Communications has launched a new cellular servicesbrand called ―yu‖, becoming the country‘s fourth telecom operator.Brand Communication and Study of Special Loyalty Program of Vodafone vis-a-vis other telecom operators.Vodafone Essar Corporation Ltd Page 7 of 45CHAPTER 32.1 PRODUCT PROFILE VAS Products Worldwide 1) Caller ring back tone
  3. 3. 2) Group Messaging 3) Missed Call alert 4) Music on Demand 5) Short message service center 6) SMS chat and Voice Chat VAS products in INDIASMS based with bollywood and cricket the largest content.VAS market has the potentialto generate over Rs 50000 croreIndia is 2nd largest mobile Handset market in the world after china.VAS market in india estimated 11700cr is poised to reach Rs 48000 by 2013 4.4 Sampling Plan100 Retailers of M&G Circle60 Retailers of Pune Zone40 Retailers of Vasai(city), Vasai Zone12 Retailers of Nalasopara, Vasai ZoneA sample of 100 retailers across M&G Circle were taken into consideration for MarketResearch.a) 60 Retailers of Pune Zoneb) 40 Retailers of Vasai Cityc) 12 Retailers of Nalasopara 4.5 Field Visit & Survey(Duration: 10th April 2012 to 30th May 2011)After finalizing with Blackberry ISDs was decided that a planned field visits will be madeacross the various zones of Vodafone (Maharashtra & Goa Circle). A day before thefield visit was to be undertaken project guide explained about the intricacies &regulation that needs to be followed while interacting with ISD. . Planning was done onthe basis of feasibility & proximity of the region. Zones which are present in each other‘svicinity were grouped together & were targeted thereafter. While getting the feedbacksattempts were made to know about other difficulties of the ISD which they face whileaccessing our services. Special emphasis was put on branding of Vodafone atblackberry outlets. During this tenure an insight into the customer-competitorsynchronization was also taken. Total BB Total bb Total Vodafone Total Airtel Total idea handset sale activation p/m 2165 750 345 250 155
  4. 4. CHAPTER 55.1 DATA ANALYSIS(Duration: 12th May 2012 to 26th May 2012)Survey of ISD gave us a wide variety of responses to the specific issues. Responsesvaried from region to region & it became essential to churn a final output of all theavailable data. Analysis part started with data entries that were gathered through survey& Questionnaire. A numerical prompted approach was taken to do the above discussedactivity so as to make the final analysis more objective than subjective. Along with theclose ended question a special attention was also paid to open ended question. . Openended question were not included in final statistical analysis as such but were referredall the time when final conclusions was being formulated. If it was close enough to anobjective response than it was recorded as such or in other case was discardedcompletely. As we moved ahead with the data entry & analysis part we were able tocome up with some concrete result even before the final conclusion could beinked.These findings were promptly recorded for the final course of action. An overviewof what is there in store was taken by the help of these steps & rectifying measureswere taken accordingly. Extra care was taken while getting the final feedback fromsubscribers & cross verification was done once the whole sorted & categorized datawas ready.This paved a way for much more analytical & comprehensive subsequentstages.Enhancing Blackberry Sales in Vodafone (Maharashtra and Goa ) Loyalty Program of Vodafone vis-a-vis othertelecom operators. Vodafone Essar Corporation Ltd Page 5.3 General Findings Most of the ISDs are completely aware of scheme. Vodafone –ISDs have has created good images of itself in the mind of retailers. Party at the end of program really attracts retailers. ISD need a service of constant SMS alerts on plans and schemes. ISD need a permanent material which could be of their use also for internalbranding of their respective shop. Blackberry Plans are displayed on Vodafone flanges, shelf strip,dangles, signageand other different promotional tools at retailer outlets has increased the visibility ofVodafone at retail outlets SWOT Analysis of Blackberry ISDsSWOT analysis is a method for analysing a business, its resources, and itsenvironment.SWOT is commonly used as part of strategic planning and looks at: Internal strengths Internal weaknesses Opportunities in the external environment Threats in the external environment
  5. 5. SWOT can help management in a business discover: What the business does better than the competition What competitors do better than the business Whether the business is making the most of the opportunities available How a business should respond to changes in its external environmentRecommendation Vodafone must give more and more schemes to ISD. Eg:IPL tickets wheredistributed to ISDs for the highest saling Vodafone blackberry plans. Internet Services for ISDs. Vodafone must fragment ISDs on their past performance so that they selfmotivate to activate more Vodafone plans at their best and become one of the bestperforming ISD in that particular areaBrand Communication and Study of Special Loyalty Program of Vodafone vis-a-vis other telecom operators.Vodafone Essar Corporation Ltd Page 40 of 45CHAPTER 7ConclusionThe objective stated in the beginning is achieved at the end of the project. 1)To increase in shop demonstrators. understand the requirements and needs ofISDs of Vodafone Essar Cellular Limited has been done successfully. 2) To visit vodafone stores,blackberry outlets and enterprises and retail outlets. 3) Research about the buying behavior 4) Compitition mappingEnhancing the blackbeery and DataCard sales in Vodafone ( Maharashtra and Goa )ANNEXUREA1. QuestionnaireQuestionnaireA) Area1) Name2) Shop Name3) Vodafone Activation.4) Name of ISDa) Frequency of Visit Everyday Once in 2 Days Once in 3 Twice a Day DaysB) Easiest way by which isd Phone SMS Alerts Leaflets/ Vodafonecould be informed about Call A4 Representativeupcoming offer, IPL,blackberry Sheetersplans, Products and newdiscounts by VodafoneC) Scheme Communication
  6. 6. 1) On Time? Yes No2) Understanding of blackberry plans Yes No3) How you were informed about the event?D) For any information on Internet SalesExc SMS BB groupblackberry plans mostlyinteraction happens with ?E) How often you use service of <5 5-10 times/day 10-20 >20 times/day121 or 123? times/day times/dayF) Most effective branding Flanges Posters Vodafone Danglers Vodafone Rateelement? shelf strip ChartG) Do you get Try and buy service in your Yes Noblackberry handset ?Enhancing the sale of blackberry in Vodafone ( Maharashtra and Goa )H) How many blackberry Vodafone activation you did?1) Last Month2) This monthI) Who are the market leader in blackberry Idea Airtel Uninor Tata Vodafoneplan? DocomoJ) Do you know about the scheme of IPL ( 2012 )? If Yes then how are you informed about it?K) Any Activation issues from Vodafone ? Yes NoL) When was the last time you received you pay ? how much?M) Which are the most saling plans of Vodafone in Try and buy BIS 399Prepaid ?N) Which are the most saling plans of BIS BIS599 BIS2999 BIS4999Vodafone in postpaid ? 299O) BIS 299 or BIS 599? Which one is more preferred BIS 299 BIS 599by customers? DATA CARD AND DONGAL2.2 OBJECTIVEThe study undertaken is aimed to achieve following objectives:- A) To Study the USB Market B) To Gain Dataship in Dongal Market C) Reaseach about buying behavior D) Compitition Analysis
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTIONVodafone Product in Market 1) 2G netcruise 2) 3GVodafone will be selling CDMA Dongles from MTS under its Brand called NetcruiseTariff will be different from what MTS itself will be selling the network and billing thenetwork and billing will be done by MTS3G stands for third generation wireless. It is based on an InternationalTelecommunication Union (ITU) initiative for a single global wireless standard calledInternational Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000).It enhances the service experience such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband,internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset. With a 3Gphone and access to the Vodafone 3G network you can make video calls, watch liveTV, access the high speed internet, receive emails and download music tracks, as wellas the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone, like person toperson video, live streaming, downloadable video of entertainment, news, current affairsand sport content and video messaging High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) is a amalgamation of two new generation mobile telephony protocols: - High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA). The term HSPA is commonly used to refer to UMTS based Vodafone 3G networks that support both HSDPA and HSUPA data for improved download and upload speeds. It can support speeds upto 21 Mbps & also reduces latency, Handsets, USB dongle & data cards are available with HSPA technology support WCDMA is a 3G technology that supports only low 3G speeds, a max of 384 Kpbs in a good coverage area, WCDMA devices provide a poor experience on the speeds as compared to what 3G can actually deliver with HSPA devices. We recommend that a user upgrades his phone to a HSPA technology phone to ensure he enjoys the 3G services with high speed & best experienceBenefits of 3G 1) Multimedia streaming and downloading 2) High speed mobile broadbrand 3) Video Calling 4) Live TV 5) Download of large email attachments very fast 6) Vide call conference 2G VS 3G- Real time face to face video calling- Live Tv on mobile- HD Gaming- Faster internet Speed
  8. 8. - Real time streaming of music and videos From last few months, as Vodafone is preparing grounds by launching various mediaactivity giving information about its 3G offerings and also offers Free Trial of VideoCalling & 3G Mobile broadband – Data Service to its customers in 3G circles.Vodafone Essar today officially introduced much awaited Tariff Plans for its 3G Mobileand Data Services.For convenience of prospective 3G Mobile and High Speed Data service users, there isno changes for Voice and SMS tariff and it will be charged as Vodafone’s 2G GSMPlan. The customer can clubbed any Mobile Internet Packs (Mobile Data Plans) or 3GCombo Plans starts from Rs. 102 as their needs and suitability. The 3G Video Call costwill be Rs.3/minute.Marketing Research Market Research is an important managerial tool that forms the basis of the marketing strategy andcampaign .Number of Promoter 25Visited 15Activation 200Netcruise 403G 160 Vodafone Dongle Plan for 3GPrepaid Vodafone PlanSpeed 7.1Price 1500Benefits 4GB3G/ 2G 3GValidity 30daysSalary 8000
  9. 9. 1ST RECHARGE 109Benefits 1GBCOMPETITION MAPPING OF DONGAL MARKET IN MAHARAHSTRAAND GOAModel Tataphoton Tataphoton Airtel Idea MTS 3G Plus NetsetterSpeed 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2Price 1500 1200 1899 1799 999Benefits 10GB 3GB 3GB 10GB2G/3G 3GB broadbrand 3GB 3GB BroadbrandValidity 4months 30days 30days 30days 30daysFRC 500 300 91 110 198Benefits 650MB 3GB plus Na 2GB 2GB additional 3GB free
  10. 10. Brand Communication and Study of Special Loyalty Program of Vodafone vis-a-vis other telecom operators.Vodafone Essar Corporation Ltd Page 43 of 45A2. REFERENCES 1. Product brochures, Leaflets and other advertisement materials. 2. Websites – Books – C.R Kothari; ―Research Methodology‖ Pg: 14 – 21, 100 – 105.Statistics by SP Gupta Pg: 881 – 951The Marketing Whitebook (2010-2011)Kapferer, J.N. (1992), Strategic brand management: new approaches to creating andevaluating brand equity. Kogan Page, London, U.KKapferer, J.N. (2004), The new strategic brand management (creating and sustainingbrand equity long term) (3rd ed.). Kogan Page, London, U.K