Take your app offline via sms


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90% of Indians are on mobile phones with no Internet - which is about 600M users approximately. We want to help you tap into this audience via SMS serving the info and services your android app provides.

In this talk we are hoping to demo how any android app built can be made to serve information without the need of expensive data plans, with SMS when offline.

This session was presented in Drodicon 2012 http://funnel.hasgeek.com/droidcon2012/577-take-your-android-app-offline-with-sms

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Take your app offline via sms

  1. 1. Take your Android apps offline via SMS By:Pranay Airan (@pranayairan) &Gopi Krishnan(@gkrishnan)
  2. 2. Agenda  Why going offline is necessary?  Demo of apps doing this today  Understanding how the offline behavior is achieved  Android app code walk through  SMS wrapper code and platform(txtWeb) walkthrough  txtWeb Android app demoBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  3. 3. Most of the connected people of the world have only a mobile phone without a data plan Global approximations Global approximations India Example India Example Broad- band Inter- Highly users net Internet+ connected ~15M users~1 mobile 5-10% 00M data plan users Mobile ~400 M phone users Connected Area of ~900 M 40-50% focus Total population ~1.2 B Not connected 40-55% Short Message Service (SMS) is the most widely used service by the connected population of the world, with 2.4B active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribersBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  4. 4. Let’s see some apps!By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  5. 5. App demo : Low Price app • Scans a bar code on the book • Finds out it’s lowest price across vendors • Works with or without Wi-Fi via SMS!!By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  6. 6. App demo : Twitter app• Simple Twitter app to search on hashtags• Same app functionality both online as well as offlineBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  7. 7. Let’s see how we do it Search/json API SM S Search/json SMS Wrapper SMSBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  8. 8. What is txtWeb ? A global platform that enables: 1.Users to discover and consume bite-size textual services on-demand, and, 2.Developers and businesses to acquire and engage users on any mobile device through simple text-based apps Platform Highlights: •Simple, easy, open API •Platform is programming language agnostic •Platform provides SMS ⇌ HTTP transformation •No coding work to “integrate” with txtWeb platformBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  9. 9. User sends User receives Sanskrit (संसकृ तम्), is a historical Indo-Aryan language and the primary @wiki sanskrit liturgical language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Welcome to Bus Routes @busroute App! Reply with the following: @bus <from, to> SMS @wiki sanskrit to 9243342000 to see this in action!By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  10. 10. txtWeb Platform – Example Step 3: HTTP Step1: SMS to 92433 42000 Request: GET Message: @droidcon Step 2: Accepts URL:/droidcon? Step 4. App #droidcon keyword and invokes Message=droidcon Specific logic Mobile number : the App URL & Mobile hash: 9991211212 <hash> Developer App txtWeb Platform Phone SMS SMS HTTP Internet HTTP CarrierStep 6: Twitter feed Step 5: HTTP ExternallyReceived as SMS RESPONSE: 80 Hosted <html> twitter Environment feed</html>By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  11. 11. Let’s see how we do it Search/json API SM S Search/json SMS Wrapper SMSBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  12. 12. Let’s see how we do it on txtWeb http://developer.txtweb.comBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  13. 13. Create a new serviceBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  14. 14. Block your service nameBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  15. 15. Enter your service App URLBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  16. 16. Test service on emulator/mobileBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  17. 17. Enter descriptionBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  18. 18. Publish & Go Live !By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  19. 19. txtWeb On Android Come & check it out at the Intuit booth outside -Access any app or information within seconds -No remembering keywords -No typing -Works online as well as offline -Easy and intuitive to use Drop by, express your interest and when we launch our beta version - you’ll be the first to know!!By @pranayairan & @gkrishnan
  20. 20. Thank you! … Any questions we can answer?? You can reach us @ pranay_airan@intuit.com and gopi_nambiar@intuit.comBy @pranayairan & @gkrishnan