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Motivation research
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Motivation research


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. MEANING Motivation research is the analysis of wishes, desires , needs, drives etc. Motivation research attempts to determine the why of consumer behaviour.
  • 3. NATURE OF MOTIVATION RESEARCHT The consumer does not know the “WHY” of purchase.s The consumers are not willing to tell about their purchase.e Consumers put forward illogical reasons for their purchase.
  • 4. TYPES OF INFORMATION SOUGHT IN MOTIVATION RESEARCH ATTITUIDES : Attitudes are assumed as the predictors of human behaviour.c. consumers are believed to have stable set of attitudes.d. These set of attitudes towards a product brand may be favourable or unfavorable.e. These set of attitudes can be changed by carefully formulating advertising appeals.
  • 5. CONT…….. ASSUMPTIONS : Assumptions are the frame of references formed out by consumers of the information gathered from their experience. Consumers try to fit things in their frame of references , if these are fit they are accepted otherwise they are rejected.
  • 6. CONT…. SENSATION : Sensation are defined as the reactions of persons mind to either a mental or physical stimulus. Sensation are produced by stimuli which affect a persons sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.o IMAGES: Images are defined as mental pictures that are formed as response to stimuli .
  • 7. CONT… MOTIVES : Motive is a need , want, drive or urge in the mind of an individual . Marketer task is to develop a tension system in the consumers mind and thus to create need for HIS/ HER brand products. eg. Calcium Sandoz , complain, Dettol etc.
  • 8. MOTIVATION RESEARCH TECHNIQUES1. Non- disguised structured technique. Single question method. Multiple question method. Physiological test.2. Non-disguised unstructured technique.
  • 9. CONT…1. Disguised unstructured technique. a) Word association test b) Sentence completion test c) Story completion test4. Disguised structured test.
  • 10. LIMITATIONS: Cautions are required to be exercised not only in the application of these techniques but also the resultant data . The techniques used are not free from drawbacks and more and more chances of committing mistakes are there if proper care is not taken while use.
  • 11. CONT… Well qualified and experienced researchers are needed to administer these techniques. Generally small samples are being taken for conducting motivation research ; generalization if drawn on this basis are misleading.