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  • Hrd audit is the systematic survey and analysis of different hrd function with a summarized statement of finding and recommendation for correction of deficiency.basically its examine and evalutes policies,procedures,and practices for determine the effectiveness of hrd function in an organization .
  • Lets start the prsention,these are my content ,which I am going to cover one by one. What is audit In genral terms according to oxford dictionary, audit is an official inspection of an organizations account
  • HRD Audit is Comprehensive : hrd audit starts with aan understanding of the future business plans and corporate strategies.while hrd auditcan be doneeven in organization that lack formulated future plans and strategies,it is most effective as a tool when the organization has such long term plans. HRD Audit examines linkage with other systems: hrd audit also examines the linkages between HRD and other systems like Total quality Management,Personnel Policies,Stratgic Planning,etc. HRD Audit is Business-driven : hrd audit always keeps business goals in focus .it attempt to bring in professionalism in hrd .hrd audit attempts to evaluate hrd strategy ,structure ,system ,staff,and style and their appropriates.      
  • 1-which facilitate the development,allocating and monitring of human resources 2- 3-to study the current manpower inventory and identified shortfall or excess,if any.
  • Technological changes : are calling for renewal of knowledge and skills of existing manpower..periodic hrd audit can help to indentify the changing training needs and development of new training needs and development of new training modules for effective utilization of manpower . To keep pace with the environment changes: management philosophy and practices at the organizational level also need to be changed ,like participative management ,employee empowerment ,total employee involvement etc.          
  • Methodology of HRD Audit… Individual interview : the auditors normally make it a point to interview the top level manegment and senior managers individually.such individual interviews are a must for capturing their thinking about the future plan and opportunities available for the company.thus a good hrd audit begins with individual interviews of the top management. Group interview : group discussions and interview serve as a good mechanism for collecting information about the effectiveness of existing systems. Group interviews are conducting normally for groups of four to eight individuals. Work shop : in workshop method a large number of participants ranging from 30 -300 can be gathered in room and asked to do the hrd audit.the workshop also can be used to focus specifically on individual hrd systems like performance appraisal. Questionaire methods : the questionnaire can be administered individually or in a group. I have found it useful to call groups of respondents,selected randomly ,to a room and explain the objectives and the process of hrd audit and administer the questionnaire then and there itself. Observation : In this methods auditors should physically visit the workplace including the plant,training rooms ,hostels,hospital,living colony etc.  
  • Due diligence:a fight between two people to settle a point of owner.its ensure the stake holder that the conflicts in the organization have been reviewed and resolved.
  • Hrd audit

    1. 1. HRD Audit
    2. 2. Contents What is the audit What is HRD Audit Concept of HRD Audit Objectives of HRD Audit Importance of HRD Audit Scope of HRD Audit Role of HRD Audit Methods of HRD Audit Advantages of HRD Audit Conclusion References
    3. 3. What is HRD Audit An HRD Audit is like a weekly/montly/ annualy health check-up,it plays a vital role in instilling asense of confidence in theManagement and the HRfunctions of an organisation.
    4. 4. What is HRD AuditHRD Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the existing HRD • Structure, • Strategies, • Systems, • Styles, • Skills / Competencies & • Cultureand their appropriateness to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of the organisation.
    5. 5. Why????Organisations undertake HR audits for many reasons :• To make the HR function business-driven.• Change of leadership.• To take stock of things & to improve HRD for expanding, diversifying, & entering into a fast growth phase.
    6. 6. Why ?...• For promoting professionalism among employees & to switch over to professional Management.• To find out the reasons for low productivity & improve HRD strategies.• For growth and diversification.
    7. 7. Concept of HRD AuditFollowing are the concept of HRD Audit…..HRD Audit is ComprehensiveHRD Audit examines linkage with other systemsHRD Audit is Business-driven
    8. 8. Objectives of HRD Audit To determine the effectiveness of management programmes Develop a statement of findings with recommendations for correcting deviations To study the current manpower inventory
    9. 9. Importance of the HRD Audit Technological changes To keep pace with the environment changes Changing role of trade union Emergence of new working class
    10. 10. Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements…• To gets the current facts.• It could get the top management to think in terms of strategic and long term business plans.• Changes in the styles of top management• Role clarity of HRD Department and the role of line managers in HRD.
    11. 11. Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements…• Improvements in HRD systems• Increased focus on human resources and human competencies• Better recruitment policies and more professional staff• More planning and more cost effective training
    12. 12. Scope of HRD AuditHRD Audit emcompasses all the areas like as… Manpower planning Goals,policies and objective
    13. 13. Scope of HRD Audit Promotion and transfer polices Performance appraisal systems Training and development functions
    14. 14. Methodology of HRD Audit…HRD Audit requires the use of a number of methods for HRD Audit. Following are the methods… Individual interview Group interview Work shop Questionnaire methods Observation
    15. 15. Advantages of HRD Audit• To ensure effective utilization of HR• To inculcate sense of confidence in management• To develop and sustain organizational reputation in the society• To perform a “due diligence “ review for various stakeholders
    16. 16. Conclusion HRD Audit is a comprehension evaluation of the current hr strategies ,structure ,style and skills in the context of the short and long term business plans of a company. its main objective is to align the hr function with business goals or to create a business driven hr function.
    17. 17. References• Human Resource Planning : D.K. bhattacharyya• Human Resource Management : K. Aswatapha• HRD Audit : T.V.RAO• Google .com• Scribd .com
    18. 18. Thank You !!!