Culture In Ancient Greece


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  • My feature is culture and I am doing culture in Ancient Greece. My subtopics are art, architecture, sport, music and dance. I am going to tell a lot about the culture in ancient Greece. The capital of Greece is Athens. I chose ancient Greece because the sports, art and the architectures are very interesting during the past. I chose culture because architecture is very common so as art is very interesting. Sport in Ancient Greece is very famous because of the Olympics.
  • Art was mostly painted on walls showing the war against the Persians, during this time the Greek artists were praying to god and painting underground, on the tombs of great people. These painting are one of the most famous paintings in Greece and which has helped the Greek people to stay away from the Persians. Most of the Greek arts have survived for a long time and these painting are still there today in museums and other great places in Greece. Greek artists made sculptures of gods and goddesses. Greek artist used many small equipments like wood paint brush, paint which was made by the artists and they painted on the walls.
  • Greeks were the first one to make architecture. Greeks made buildings and temples and most of them with pillars which is the most famous type in that time in Greece. Many buildings and temples were built with marbles and bricks, wooden walls around many houses for more protection. The most famous temple was the Athena temple which was built with gold, marbles and rubes. The temple Athena was very famous and now it is one of the greatest monuments.
  • The first Olympics was held in Athens, 776 B.C, the Olympics was in honor of the god Zeus. There were many different sports like running, wrestling and boxing, the Pentathlon and the horse and chariot racing. Only men were allowed to compete and the girls cannot. Men played all sports naked. Girls were not allowed to watch or compete and if people see girls doing that they will get punishment which is the girls will be pushed from a cliff. Women used to play Knucklebones which is only a girl’s game, the rocks were made from ankle joints of small, cloven footed animals. This game was similar to jacks.
  • The music in Ancient Greece was very different from other countries. Their songs were very slow and religious and Greek people sang cheering songs when it’s a birthday, wedding, funerals and festivals like the Olympics. They sang battle songs which are like cheering a team in the Olympics and drinking songs. The songs relied chiefly on melody and rhythm. These songs accompanied plays and poetry recitals.
  • Greek dances are mostly religious and the songs are like prayers. The Greeks dance when there is a wedding, birthday, funerals and the most common one is the Olympics. The girls used to entertain the men by dancing. Men loved to watch girls dancing in drinking parties. Women dance on Greek vases.
  • Architecture helped the Ancient Greeks by building many temples and religious places for people to worship god. Sports helped the Greeks to provide entertainment and make peoples lives healthier. Music helped the Greek people to sing prayers to gods and to provide entertainment for the people during festivals, weddings and birthdays. Art helped Greek people to show religious gods and goddesses. Dance in ancient Greece helped the society by dancing and providing entertainment to the men and dance is also included in the Olympics to cheer and support.
  • I have gained many things from learning Culture in Ancient Greece. Today I have learned many kinds of Greek architectures, Arts, Music, Sports and dance. I have learned how it has helped the Ancient Greek people. We have learned how people has lived through such difficulties and we know it because people leave clues and old things which still exists now which are some Statues of gods and goddesses.
  • Culture In Ancient Greece

    1. 1. Culture In Ancient Greece<br />By: Pranav 7A<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />This is Ancient Greece<br />
    3. 3. Art<br />Greek paintings<br />Sculptures of Gods<br />
    4. 4. Architecture<br />Most Greek buildings and temples are designed with pillars<br />
    5. 5. Sports<br />First Olympic games was in Athens<br />
    6. 6. Music<br />People Sand during parties<br />
    7. 7. Dance<br />Greek people danced at birthdays<br />
    8. 8. How did Culture help to develop Ancient Greece?<br />
    9. 9. What have we gained today from studying culture in Ancient Greece?<br />
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