Homeopathy and hypothyroidism


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Homeopathy and hypothyroidism

  1. 1. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.org Panel Doctor Gujarat State Electricity Co. Ltd. (GSECL) Uttar Gujarat Vij Co. Ltd. (UGVCL) Clinic -1 Clinic – 2 Plot No. 286, F – 1, ‘Akshar Krupa’, Akshar Complex, Plot No. 598/2, Opp. Gopal Dairy, Sector – 5 B, Sector –20, Near KH – 2, Gandhinagar - 382020 Gandhinagar 382006
  2. 2. T3 and T4 regulationThe production of thyroxine and triiodothyronine is regulated by thyroid-stimulatinghormone (TSH), released by the anterior pitutary. The thyroid and thyrotropes forma negative feedback loop: TSH production is suppressed when the T 4levels arehigh. The TSH production itself ismodulated by thyrotropin –releasinghormones (TRH), which is produced bythe hypothalamus and secreted at anincreased rate in situations such as coldexposure (to stimulate thermogenesis).TSH production is bluntedby somatostatin (SRIH), rising levels ofglucocorticoids and sexhormones (oestrogen and testesterone),and excessively high blood iodideconcentration.
  3. 3. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgHypothyroidism is a condition in which body doesnthave sufficient thyroid hormone levels in the bloodstream.  Since  the bodys metabolism is managed by the thyroid hormones, persons suffering with hypothyroidism will have a slow metabolism.
  4. 4. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882Causes www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgThe most common cause of hypothyroidism is the  chronic autoimmunethyroiditis (Hashimotos thyroiditis), a form of thyroid inflammation causedby damage to the thyroid tissue. Damage occurs because immune cells whichusually fight off infection and colds attack the bodys own thyroid tissueinstead.• Autoimmune Diseases - You may be at risk for thyroiditis if you have otherautoimmune diseases. Some examples of these autoimmune diseases includerheumatoid arthritis (the immune cells attack the joints), vitiligo (patches ofskin lose their color and become white), Addisons disease (a disorder of theadrenal glands), and diabetes (the immune cells attack the pancreas whichproduces insulin).
  5. 5. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.org• Age - Hypothyroidism becomes increasingly common as we age, particularlyin women. If you are older your thyroid may not provide enough thyroidhormones, thus resulting in hypothyroidism.• Surgery - Removal of a portion or all of the thyroid gland is another cause. Ifthe total mass of thyroid producing cells left within the body are not enough tomeet the needs of the body, the patient will develop hypothyroidism.• Radioactive iodine - If a patient has undergone radioactive iodine therapy tokill a portion of the thyroid,  either to prevent goiters from growing larger, or toprevent the production of too much of the hormone (Hyperthyroidism), toomany cells can be damaged and the patient could become hypothyroid incouple of years following the therapy.
  6. 6. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.org•Secondary Hypothyroidism - There are some rare causes of hypothyroidismrelated to brain diseases, also called secondary hypothyroidism. Disorders ofthe pituitary gland or hypothalamus portions of the brain may cause thyroidhormone deficiency in addition to other hormonal imbalances.
  7. 7. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgSymptomsThe symptoms of hypothyroidism mainly depend on the severity of thehormone deficiency and how long the decrease has been present. For mostpatients, the symptoms are mild and can often be confused with otherproblems. The symptoms may include the following: •Weakness •Dry, rough pale skin •Decreased concentration •Hair loss •Coarse dry hair •Constipation •Fatigue •Cold intolerance •Irritability •Weight gain •Depression •Muscle cramps •Muscle aches •Abnormal menstrual •Slowed heart rate •Memory loss cycle
  8. 8. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.org Stress and hypothyroidismStress is known to be a significant contributor to thyroid dysfunction; this can beenvironmental stress as well as lesser-considered homeostatic stress such as fluctuatingblood sugar levels and immune problems.Stresss effect on thyroid function can beindirect, through its effects on blood sugar levels (dysglycemia), but it can also havemore direct effects. Stress may cause hypothyroidism or reduced thyroid functioning bydisrupting the HPA axis which down-regulates thyroid function, reducing theconversion of T4 to T3, weakening the immune system thus promotingautoimmunity , causing thyroid hormone resistance, and resulting in hormonalimbalances. Indeed, excess estrogen in the blood caused by chronic cortisol elevationscan result in hypothyroid symptoms by decreasing levels of active T3. Stress also affectsthyroid functioning through the sympathetic nervous system. A 1994 study of refugeesfrom East Germany who experienced chronic stress found them to have a very high rateof hypothyroidism or subclinical hypothyroidism, although not all refugees displayedclinical or behavioral symptoms associated with this reduced thyroidunctioning. TSH levels correlate positively with physiological stress.
  9. 9. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgDiagnosisThe only validated test to diagnose primary hypothyroidism, is to measure thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (T4). However, these levels can beaffected by non-thyroidal illnesses.High levels of TSH indicate that the thyroid is not producing sufficient levels of thyroidhormone (mainly as thyroxin (T4) and smaller amounts of triiodothyronine (T3)).However, measuring just TSH fails to diagnose secondary and tertiary hypothyroidism,thus leading to the following suggested blood testing if the TSH is normal andhypothyroidism is still suspected:•Free triiodothyronine (fT3)•Free thyroxine (fT4)•Total T3•Total T4
  10. 10. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgTreatment Treatment in conventional medicine advocates artificial supplementation of thedeficient thyroid hormone. This triggers a negative feedback, causing further underactivity of the thyroid gland, making the body dependent on this external source for life..Homeopathic treatment makes more sense because it treats the root cause of theproblem, subtly by stimulating the patient’s thyroid to function optimally. The thyroid gland, an endocrine gland in the neck, is known to get influenced bypsychological stress. Hypothyroidism could be due to radioactive destruction or surgicalremoval of thyroid tissue in order to treat hyperthyroidism, autoimmune diseases, orcertain medications like lithium. Congenital hypothyroidism in newborns is usually seenin cases where hypothyroidism in the mother during pregnancy went undetected. Suchinfants run the risk of developing mental retardation. There are excellent remedies in Homeopathy for the patients suffering fromhypothyroidism symptoms. The homeopathic remedies are prepared from a wide rangeof substances such as the vegetables, herbs, minerals, chemicals and animal products inextremely minute doses. The homeopathic remedy selected will be based on all the
  11. 11. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgsymptoms of the patient including physical, mental and emotional states, and familyhistory of the patient.  Homeopathic remedies stimulate the bodys own immune systemand offer a long lasting cure rather than giving temporary relief. Homeopathic Treatment requires strict individualization. Please do not take anymedicine without consulting your physician/homeopath. The treatment of Hypothyroidism should be strictly based on the totality ofsymptoms and constitution. The totality in these cases guides for the miasmaticconsideration which in this case generally is Sycotic and the constitution is Hydro-genoid. A remedy base on totality may be able to cure this problem on a long term basis.Some important medicines for the purpose are as follows:Calcarea Carb, Thuja, Nat. Sulph, Graphites, Ammon Carb, Thyrodinum, Iodium, NuxMosc, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla etc.
  12. 12. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgDiet and Nutrition in Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid or ImpairedProduction of Thyroid Hormone)Avoid peaches, cabbage, soybeans, spinach, peanuts, and radishes, as thesefoods can interfere with the manufacture of thyroid hormones.Supplements of vitamin c, vitamin E, riboflavin (vitamin B2), zinc and niacin(vitamin B3), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and tyrosine might help boost thyroidproduction.
  13. 13. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgCLINICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HYPOTHYROIDISM AND HYPERTHYROIDISM SYMPTOMS HYPOTHYROIDISM HYPERTHYROIDISM 1. Intolerance of cold 1. Intolerance of heat 2. Weight gain 2. Weight loss despite good 3. Sweating scanty appetite General 4. Somnolence (prolonged 3. Excessive sweating drowsiness 4. Insomnia Loss of Memory and Anxiety, nervousness, Mental concentration irritability Deafness may be present Not present Ears CVS Chest pain on effort Dyspnoea and palpitation
  14. 14. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.org SYMPTOMS HYPOTHYROIDISM HYPERTHYROIDISM Female: Menorrhagia and Female: usually polymenorrhoea oligomenorrhoeaReproductive System Galactorrhea Male: Complete loss of libido Male: Impotence Slowness of thought and Restless and irritable, Fidgety , Mind sluggish response to questions can not sit still Puffy, dull, expressionless, Hollowed cheeks and temporal Face thickening of facial features fossae 1. Bradycardia 1. Tachycardia CVS 2. Pulse pressure normal 2. Wide pulse pressure Neurological Tendon jerks; hung-up reflex Brisk tendon jerk, fine tremors
  15. 15. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgSYMPTOMS HYPOTHYROIDISM HYPERTHYROIDISM Periorbital oedema, sometimes Exophthalmos with bag like swelling under Lid retraction the eyes Lid lag Lagophthalmos Eyes Chemosis; conjunctigal oedema Ptosis and diplopia Voice Husky with a changed timber No change 1. Appetite: Anorexia 1. Appetite: Extremely god G I System 2. Thirst: Not much 2. Thirst: excessive 3. Bowels: Constipated 3. Bowels: Diarrhoea
  16. 16. Faith is the Best Healer Regd. No. G 5882 www.phcindia.org, contact@phcindia.orgSYMPTOMS HYPOTHYROIDISM HYPERTHYROIDISM Dry and cool, myxoedema Warm and moist with ‘velvety’ Skin feel Respiratory Obstructive sleep apnea ------Serum T3, T4 Reduced Raised Raised in primary Low Hypothyroidism Serum TSH Normal or low in Sec. Hypothyroidism