SAP FICO Frequently Used Reports


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Want to know about SAP FI/CO Frequently Used Reports, then read this document I have prepared with reference to SAP ECC 6.0 Version.

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SAP FICO Frequently Used Reports

  1. 1. SAP FI/CO FREQUENTLY USED REPORTS Prepared By: Ms.Pramila Nagaraj First Class MBA Finance Graduate (2009-10) Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore (VTU- Belgaum) Trained up in SAP FICO @ SAPTAC Bangalore (FRESHER)
  2. 2. FI/CO Frequently Used ReportsGeneral Ledger S_PL0_86000028 Fin. Statement: Actual/Actual Comparison S_ALR_87012284 Financial Statements S_PL0_86000029 Fin. Statement: Plan/Actual Comparison S_ALR_87012271 Cash Flow (Direct Method) S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 1 S_ALR_87012273 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 2 FSIB Background Processing S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances S_PL0_86000030 G/L Account Balances (New) S_PL0_86000031 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_ALR_87012301 Totals and Balances S_PL0_86000032 Structured Account Balances S_ALR_87012282 G/L Line Items, List for Printing S_ALR_87012332 G/L Account Statements S_AC0_52000887 Profit Center Receivables S_AC0_52000888 Profit Center Payables S_ALR_87012287 Document Journal S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal S_ALR_87012291 Line Item Journal S_ALR_87012293 Display of Changed Documents S_ALR_87012341 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice S_ALR_87012342 Gaps in Document Number Assignment S_ALR_87012344 Posting Totals S_ALR_87012346 Recurring Entry Documents S_ALR_87012347 Line Items Extract S_ALR_87012326 Chart of Accounts S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List S_ALR_87012330 Account Assignment Manual S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts S_ALR_87012333 G/L Accounts ListBank S_ALR_87012309 Cashbook S_ALR_87012348 Cashed Checks per Bank Account S_ALR_87012349 Outstanding Checks Analysis per G/L Account and V S_ALR_87012351 Payment Advice Overview S_ALR_87012350 G/L Account Payment Advice Notes S_ALR_87012353 Payment Advice Overview (Header and Item Data) S_ALR_87012352 G/L Account Payment Advice Notes S_ALR_87012355 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization S_ALR_87012354 G/L Account Reorganization S_ALR_87012322 Bill of Exchange List S_ALR_87012321 SAP Minimal Variant S_ALR_87012324 Extended Bill of Exchange Information S_ALR_87012323 SAP Minimal Variant
  3. 3. Accounts Payable S_ALR_87012077 Vendor Information System S_ALR_87012082 Vendor Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012093 Vendor Business S_ALR_87012079 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_ALR_87012080 Transaction Figures: Special Sales S_ALR_87012081 Transaction Figures: Sales S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items S_ALR_87012103 List of Vendor Line Items S_ALR_87012083 List of Vendor Open Items for Printing S_ALR_87012084 Open Items – Vendor Due Date Forecast S_ALR_87012085 Vendor Payment History with OI Sorted List S_ALR_87012104 List of Cleared Vendor Items for Printing S_ALR_87012105 List of Down Payments Open On Key Date – Vendors S_ALR_87012086 Vendor List S_ALR_87012087 Address List S_ALR_87012089 Display Changes to Vendors S_ALR_87012090 Display/Confirm Critical Vendor Changes S_P99_41000099 Payment List S_P99_41000101 Check Register S_ALR_87012119 Cashed Checks S_P99_41000102 Number Ranges for ChecksAccounts Receivable S_ALR_87012167 Accounts Receivable Information System S_ALR_87012172 Customer Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012186 Customer Sales S_ALR_87012169 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_ALR_87012170 Transaction Figures: Special Sales S_ALR_87012171 Transaction Figures: Sales S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis for Open Items S_ALR_87012197 List of Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012173 List of Customer Open Items for Printing S_ALR_87012174 List of Customer Open Items S_ALR_87012175 Open Items – Customer Due Date Forecast S_ALR_87012176 Customer Evaluation with OI Sorted List S_ALR_87012177 Customer Payment History S_ALR_87012178 Customer Open Item Analysis by Balance of Overdue Items S_ALR_87012198 List of Cleared Customer Items for Printing S_ALR_87012199 List Of Down Payments Open On Key Date – Customers S_ALR_87012179 Customer List S_ALR_87012180 Address List S_ALR_87012182 Display Changes to Customers S_ALR_87012183 Display/Confirm Critical Customer Changes S_ALR_87012195 Customer Master Data ComparisonFixed Assets AW01N Asset Explorer S_ALR_87011963 … by Asset Number S_ALR_87011964 … by Asset Class S_ALR_87011965 … by Business Area
  4. 4. S_ALR_87011966 … by Cost CenterS_ALR_87011967 … by PlantS_ALR_87011968 … by LocationS_ALR_87011969 … by Asset Super NumberS_ALR_87011970 … by WorklistS_ALR_87010125 Sample for address data for an assetS_ALR_87010127 Real Estate and Similar RightsS_ALR_87010129 Transportation EquipmentS_ALR_87011978 Asset Balances for Group AssetsS_ALR_87011979 … by Cost CenterS_ALR_87011980 … by LocationS_ALR_87011981 … by Asset ClassS_ALR_87011982 … by PlantS_ALR_87010137 Bar CodesS_ALR_87010139 LeasingS_ALR_87010141 Liabilities from Leasing AgreementsS_ALR_87011990 Asset History SheetS_ALR_87011992 Liabilities from Leasing AgreementsS_ALR_87011994 Asset BalancesS_ALR_87012004 Total DepreciationS_ALR_87012006 Ordinary DepreciationS_ALR_87012007 Special DepreciationS_ALR_87012008 Unplanned DepreciationS_ALR_87012009 Transfer of ReservesS_ALR_87012011 Write-UpsS_ALR_87012013 Depreciation ComparisonS_ALR_87012015 Manual DepreciationS_ALR_87012018 Depreciation and InterestS_ALR_87010173 RevaluationS_P99_41000192 Posted depreciation by asset and posting periodS_ALR_87010175 Posted depreciation, related to cost centersS_ALR_87012936 Depreciation on Capitalized Assets (Depreciation Simulation)S_ALR_87012026 Depreciation Current YearS_ALR_87012028 Net Worth ValuationS_ALR_87012030 Insurance ValuesS_ALR_87012033 Gain for transfer of reservesS_ALR_87012035 Depreciation Current YearS_ALR_87012037 Changes to Asset Master RecordsS_ALR_87012039 Asset TransactionsS_ALR_87012041 Asset Portfolio (Current Book Values)S_ALR_87012043 G/L Account BalancesS_ALR_87012048 Asset transactionsS_ALR_87012050 Asset AcquisitionsS_ALR_87012052 Asset RetirementsS_ALR_87012054 Intracompany Asset TransfersS_ALR_87012056 Directory of Unposted AssetsS_ALR_87012058 List of Origins of Asset DebitsS_ALR_87012060 List of Origins by Cost ElementsS_ALR_87012075 Asset History
  5. 5. Controlling S_ALR_87013611 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance S_ALR_87013612 Range: Cost Centers S_ALR_87013613 Range: Cost Elements S_ALR_87013614 Cost Centers: Current Period/Cumulative S_ALR_87013616 Cost Centers: Breakdown by Business Transaction S_ALR_87013617 Range: Activity Types S_ALR_87013618 Range: Statistical Key Figures S_ALR_87013619 Range: Assigned Orders/WBS Elements S_ALR_87013620 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Commitments S_ALR_87013621 Range: Actual/Plan/Commitments S_ALR_87013623 Cost Centers: Quarterly Comparison S_ALR_87013624 Cost Centers: Fiscal Year Comparison S_ALR_87013625 Cost Centers: Actual/Target/Variance S_ALR_87013626 Range: Cost Elements KSBL Cost Centers: Planning Overview S_ALR_87013630 Activity Types: Plan Receivers KSBT Cost Centers: Activity Prices KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items KSB2 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items KSB5 CO Documents: Actual Costs KABP CO Plan Documents KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report KL13 Activity Types: Master Data Report KK04 Statistical Key Figures: Master Data Report S_ALR_87013631 Cost Centers: Rolling Year S_ALR_87013632 Cost Centers: Average Costs S_ALR_87013633 Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance/Previous year S_ALR_87013635 Area: Actual/Plan 2 Currencies S_ALR_87013636 Cost Centers: Object Comparison S_ALR_87013637 Area: Internal Business Volume S_ALR_87013638 Cost Centers: Current/Cumulative/Fiscal Year S_ALR_87013639 Cost Centers: Actual/Target from Summarization S_ALR_87013640 Cost Centers: Period Breakdown Actual/Plan S_ALR_87013641 Cost Centers: Period Breakdown Actual/Target S_ALR_87013642 Cost Centers: Breakdown Resources S_ALR_87013643 Range: Orders S_ALR_87013645 Statistical Key Figures: Period Breakdown S_ALR_87013646 Activity Types: Period Breakdown S_ALR_87013648 Range: Actual/Budget/Commitments S_ALR_87012993 Orders: Actual/Plan/Variance S_ALR_87012994 Orders: Current Period/Cumulative S_ALR_87012995 List: Orders S_ALR_87012996 List: Orders by Cost Element S_ALR_87012997 List: Cost Elements by Order
  6. 6. S_ALR_87012998 Orders: Breakdown by PartnerS_ALR_87012999 Orders: Actual/Plan/CommitmentsS_ALR_87013000 List: Actual/Plan/CommitmentsS_ALR_87013001 Orders: Actual Yearly ComparisonS_ALR_87013002 Orders: Actual quarterly comparisonS_ALR_87013003 Orders: Actual Period ComparisonKABL Order: Planning OverviewS_ALR_87013004 Order: Plan Yearly ComparisonS_ALR_87013005 Orders: Plan Quarterly ComparisonS_ALR_87013006 Orders: Plan Period ComparisonKOB1 Orders: Actual Line ItemsKOB2 Orders: Commitment Line ItemsKOBP Orders: Plan Line ItemsKOB4 Orders: Budget Line ItemsKSB5 CO Documents: Actual CostsKABP CO Plan DocumentsKO2B Display Budget DocumentKOK5 Internal OrdersKOSRLIST_OR Settlement RulesKA23 Cost ElementsKK04 Statistical Key FiguresS_ALR_87013010 Orders: Breakdown by PeriodS_ALR_87013011 Orders: Actual/Plan/Price VarianceS_ALR_87013012 Orders: Actual/Plan/ConsumptionS_ALR_87013013 Orders: Actual in Transaction/Object/Group CurrenciesS_ALR_87013014 List: Cost Elements (True Postings)S_ALR_87013015 List: Actual Debit/CreditS_ALR_87013016 List: Plan Debit/CreditS_ALR_87013017 List: Actual/Plan/Variance, CumulativeS_ALR_87013018 List: Total Plan/Actual/CommitmentsS_ALR_87013019 List: Budget/Actual/CommitmentsKOC4 Cost Analysis