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  • 1. MK APPLICATION FORM TRANCHE 1 ISSUE OPENS ON : WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 28, 2011 ( TRANCHE 1 ISSUE CLOSES ON : WEDNESDAY JANUARY 11, 2012^ NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA - PUBLIC ISSUE OF TAX FREE BONDS - TRANCHE 1 ISSUE (Constituted on June 15, 1989 by an Act of Parliament - The National Highways Authority of India Act, 1988) G-5 & 6, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075; Tel: +91 11 25074100/4200; Fax: +91 11 25093517/3515; Website: www.nhai.org, E-mail: taxfreebonds@nhai.org, Mr. S.K. Chauhan, Manager (Finance & Accounts); Tel.: +91 11 25074100/4200, Extension: 2479, Fax: +91 11 25093517; E-mail: compliancetfb@nhai.org Application No. 73934636 PUBLIC ISSUE BY NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA (“NHAI” OR “ISSUER” OR “AUTHORITY”) OF TAX FREE SECURED REDEEMABLE NON CONVERTIBLE BONDS OF FACE VALUE OF ` 1,000 EACH IN THE NATURE OF DEBENTURES HAVING TAX BENEFITS UNDER SECTION 10 (15) (iv) (h) OF THE INCOME TAX ACT, 1961, AS AMENDED (“BONDS”) NOT EXCEEDING AN AGGREGATE AMOUNT OF ` 10,00,000 LACS. BY WAY OF ISSUANCE OF BONDS IN ONE OR MORE TRANCHES IN THE FISCAL YEAR 2012 (EACH A “TRANCHE ISSUE”, AND TOGETHER ALL TRANCHE ISSUES UP TO THE SHELF LIMIT, “ISSUE”). THE TRANCHE ISSUE BY THE ISSUER IS OF BONDS AGGREGATING TO ` 5,00,000 LACS WITH AN OPTION TO RETAIN OVERSUBSCRIPTION UPTO THE SHELF LIMIT (I.E. UPTO ` 10,00,000 LACS) (“TRANCHE 1 ISSUE”). THE TRANCHE ISSUE IS BEING OFFERED BY WAY OF A THE PROSPECTUS TRANCHE - 1, WHICH CONTAINS, INTER ALIA, THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE TRANCHE - 1 (“PROSPECTUS TRANCHE - 1”), WHICH SHOULD BE READ TOGETHER WITH THE SHELF PROSPECTUS DATED DECEMBER 13, 2011 FILED WITH THE DESIGNATED STOCK EXCHANGE AND SEBI (THE “SHELF PROSPECTUS”). THE SHELF PROSPECTUS, ADDENDUM TO THE SHELF PROSPECTUS TOGETHER WITH THE PROSPECTUS TRANCHE - 1 SHALL CONSTITUTE THE “PROSPECTUS”. Bank Branch Stamp Bank Branch Serial No. Date of Receipt AK Stockmart 23/12695-32 KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD 23/07701-38 310109 To, The Members, NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA, G-5 & 6, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075 CREDIT RATING “CRISIL AAA/Stable” by CRISIL, “CARE AAA” by CARE and “Fitch AAA(ind) with Stable Outlook” by FITCH Dear Sirs, Having read, understood and agreed to the contents and terms and conditions of NHAI’s Shelf Prospectus dated December 13, 2011 and Prospectus Tranche 1 dated December 22, 2011, I/We hereby apply for allotment to me/us; of the under mentioned Series Bonds out of the Tranche 1 Issue. The amount payable on application for the below mentioned Series Bonds is remitted herewith. I/We hereby agree to accept the Series Bonds applied for or such lesser number as may be allotted to me/us in accordance with the contents of the Prospectus subject to applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements. I/We irrevocably give my/our authority and consent to SBICAP Trustee Company Limited, to act as my/our trustees and for doing such acts and signing such documents as are necessary to carry out their duties in such capacity. I/We acknowledge that the Applications made by me/us do not exceed the investment limit on the maximum number of Series Bonds which may be held by me/us under applicable statutory and /or regulatory requirements. By making this application, I/We acknowledge that I/We have understood the terms and conditions of the Tranche 1 issue of Series Bonds of the Company as disclosed in the prospectus. Date d d / m m / 201 NAME OF SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms./M/s. AGE years NAME OF GUARDIAN Mr./Mrs./Ms. DATE OF BIRTH d d m m y y y y (In case of minor only) (Compulsory for minor) ADDRESS (of Sole / First Applicant) Pin Code Telephone City (Compulsory) (with STD Code) E-mail SECOND APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms. THIRD APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms. OTHER DETAILS OF SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT CATEGORY (Please ) - Companies / Bodies Corporate / Registered Societies; Public/Private Charitable/Religious Trusts; Partnership Firms in the name of the partner; and Limited liability partnership - Resident Indian individuals*; Hindu Undivided Families through the Karta*; and Non Resident Indians (NRI) on repatriation as well as non-repatriation basis*. (*applying for an amount aggregating to above ` 5 lakhs) - Resident Indian individuals#; Hindu Undivided Families through the Karta#; and Non Resident Indians on repatriation as well as non-repatriation basis#. (#applying for an amount aggregating to upto and including ` 5 lakhs) DEPOSITORY PARTICIPANT DETAILS (For Applications In Demat Mode) Depository Name (Please ) National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) Depository Participant Name DP - ID I N TEAR HERE For NRI Applicants: Demat Account Status (Please Tick) Repatriable Non-Repatriable OPTION TO HOLD THE BONDS IN PHYSICAL FORM* NOMINATION (FOR ALLOTMENT IN PHYSICAL FORM) (If this option is selected, the KYC Documents as mentioned in Instruction No. 36 are mandatory) Name of the Nominee : __________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS” is true and correct. I/We enclose herewith as the KYC Documents, self attested copies of PAN Card, Proof of Residential Address and a Cancelled Cheque In case of Minor, Guardian : ______________________________________________________________________________________________ of the bank account to which the amount pertaining to payment of refunds, interest and redemptions as applicable should be credited. Bank Details for payment of Refund / Interest / Maturity Amount ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Bank Name : _______________________________________________________________ Branch : ____________________________________ Sole/First Applicant Second Applicant Third Applicant * Application by NRI in Physical Form to be submitted only at the collection centres as mentioned in page 3 herein. Account No. : ______________________________ IFSC Code : __________________________ MICR Code : ___________________________ THE SPECIFIC TERMS OF EACH INSTRUMENT ARE SET OUT BELOW: Options Series of Bonds** THE KEY COMMON TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BONDS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Tranche 1 Series 1 (I) Tranche 1 Series 2 (II) Minimum Application Size The minimum number of Bonds per application form will be calculated on the basis of the total number of Tenor 10 years 15 years Redemption Date At the end of 10 years from the Deemed Date of Allotment Rating Redemption Amount (` / Bond) Stock Exchange proposed the Redemption Date the Redemption Date for listing Frequency of Interest Payment Annual Annual SBICAP Trustee Company Limited Debenture Trustee Minimum Application Size ` NSDL and CDSL Depositories In Multiples of ` ` Security The Bonds issued by NHAI will be secured. NHAI will create security in favour of Trustee pursuant to the Face Value (` / Bond) ` 1,000.00 ` 1,000.00 terms of the Prospectus. Issue Price (` / Bond) (A) ` 1,000.00 ` 1,000.00 Issuance Both in physical as well as in dematerialized form Mode of Interest Payment Through various modes available* Through various modes available* Trading Compulsorily in dematerialized form Coupon Rate (%) p.a. Market Lot / Trading Lot Nature of Indebtedness and Ranking The Bonds shall rank pari passu inter se, and subject to any obligations The Bonds shall rank pari passu inter se, and subject to any obligations under The Deemed Date of Allotment shall be the date as may be determined by the Board or Committee and under applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements, shall also, with applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements, shall also, with regard Deemed Date of Allotment Bondholders from the Deemed Date of Allotment. Actual Allotment may occur on a date other than the Deemed Date of Allotment. superstructure including highway lightings, road barriers and dividers, highway lightings, road barriers and dividers, bridges, culverts and all other SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORMS: bridges, culverts and all other super structures constructed on national super structures constructed on national highways except those under the payee cheques or drafts shall be submitted to the designated collection banks during the Issue Period. No separate the amounts outstanding in respect of the Bonds at any time. The mode of the Bonds at any time. The mode of creation of security shall be by of creation of security shall be by way of mortgage and the security creation way of mortgage and the security creation requires prior approval and of the Applicant. Applications shall be deemed to have been received by us only when submitted to Bankers to the Issue at their designated branches as detailed above and not otherwise. the Bond holders shall be superior to the claims of any unsecured creditors, of any unsecured creditors, subject to applicable statutory and/or regulatory ADDITIONAL/MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: An Applicant may make multiple applications for the total number of subject to applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements and shall requirements and shall rank pari passu to the claims of the secured creditors rank pari passu to the claims of the secured creditors of NHAI of NHAI BASIS OF ALLOTMENT No. of Bonds applied for (B) Amount Payable (Rs.) (A*B) Total Number of Bonds (I+II) Grand Total (I+II) (Rs.) * ** NHAI shall allocate and allot Tranche 1 Series 2 Bonds to all valid applications, wherein the applicants have not indicated their choice of the relevant Bond Series. PAYMENT DETAILS (See General Instruction No. 40) Total Amount Payable (` ` in words) Cheque / Demand Draft No. _________________________________________ Dated ____________________/ 201 Drawn on Bank_________________________________________________________________________________________ Branch________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Note : Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of “NRI Escrow Account NHAI - Tranche-I” by all NRI Applicants and “Escrow Account NHAI - Tranche-I” by all other applicants. It should be crossed “A/c Payee only”. no. and Application no. on the reverse of Cheque/DD. Demographic details of applicants applying in demat mode will be taken from the records of the Depositories for purpose of refunds, if any. SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT SECOND APPLICANT THIRD APPLICANT PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER (Mandatory) (See General Instruction No. 34) SIGNATURE(S) ^ be decided by the Board of NHAI subject to necessary approvals. In the event of such early closure of the subscription list of the Issue, NHAI shall ensure that public notice of such early closure is published on or before the day of such early date of closure through advertisement/s in a leading national daily newspaper. TEAR HERE Date d d / m m / 201 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 73934636 SLIP FOR APPLICANT Application No. TRANCHE 1 ISSUE ( (Constituted on June 15, 1989 by an Act of Parliament - The National Highways Authority of India Act, 1988) G-5 & 6, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075; Tel: +91 11 25074100/4200; Fax: +91 11 25093517/3515; Website: www.nhai.org, E-mail: taxfreebonds@nhai.org, Mr. S.K. Chauhan, Manager (Finance & Accounts); Tel.: +91 11 25074100/4200, Extension: 2479, Fax: +91 11 25093517; E-mail: compliancetfb@nhai.org Received From Options Issue Price No. of Bonds Amount Payable (`) per Bond (A) applied for (B) (A x B) Cheque/Demand Draft No. _____________________________ Dated ___________ 201 Bank’s Stamp & Date www.sapprints.com - R Series 1 ` 1000/- (10 years) Drawn on (Name of the Bank and Branch) Series 2 (15 years) ` 1000/- All future communication in connection with this application should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue, MCS LIMITED, F-65, 1st Floor, Okhla Grand Total (`) Industrial Phase I, New Delhi - 110 020, Tel: +91 11 41406149 - 52; Fax: +91 11 41709881, Email: admin@mcsdel.com, Investor Grievance Email: mcscomplaintsdel@mcsdel.com, Website: www.mcsdel.com, Contact Person: Mr. Sibhabrata Biswas, SEBI Registration No.: INR000000056 after Quoting full name of Sole/First Applicant, Application No., Type of Series applied for, date, bank and branch where the application was submitted and Cheque/ Acknowledgement is subject to realization of Cheque / Demand Draft. Demand Draft Number and name of the issuing bank. While submitting the Application Form, the Applicant should ensure that the date stamp being put on the Application Form by the Bank matches with the date stamp on the Acknowledgement Slip.R MK
  • 2. NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA - APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT FOLLOWING LOCATIONS SBICAP SECURITIES LIMITEDAGRA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Main Branch, Chipitola 282 001, P: 2252079. AHMEDABAD: SBICAP Securities Ltd., 4, Nishka Avenue, Opp. Pizza Hut, Navrangpura 380 009, P: 26561450. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 2nd Floor, “Nirman”, Besides Jyoti Plaza, Nr. Shyamal Cross Road, Satellite 380 015, P: 26764456. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, 1st Floor, Modi Arcade, Near Rly. Station, Maninagar (West) 380 008, P: 25469205;AMRITSAR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Main Branch, Town Hall,143 001, P: 5030146. BANGALORE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI LHO Campus, Behind SPB Branch, St. Marks Road 560 001, P: 32905247. SBICAP Securities Ltd., PB No-483, No-73, K R Road, SBM Building 1st Flr., Basavangudi 560 004, P: 42103575. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 1st Floor, C/o. SBI Koramangala, PBB Branch No.472, AVS Complex, 4th Block, Ko-ramangala 560 034, P: 49074203. BHAVNAGAR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o State Bank of Saurashtra - Kalanala Branch, Kalanala 364 001, P: 2520009. BHILAI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Main Branch, Sector 1 490 001, BHOPAL: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of Indore, Paanchanan, T T Nagar 462 003, P: 6549108. CHANDIGARH: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Main Branch, SCO 43-48, 1st Flr, Sector 17 B 160 017, P:5079240.CHENNAI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Main Branch New No. 84, 22 Rajaji Salai 600 001, P: 42065997. SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Building No 2 A, Prakasam Road, Panagal Park, T Nagar 600 017, P: 42606204. SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI SPB Branch, Plot No.4, Teachers Colony, Indiranagar, Adyar 600 020, P: 42607565.COIMBATORE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Main Branch, State Bank Road 641 018, P: 2395711. SBICAP SecuritiesLtd., SBI Premises - 1st Flr., 451, D.B. Road, R.S.Puram 641 018, P: 4355527. DEHRADUN: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Main Branch, 4th Convent Road 248 001, P: 2651156; DURGAPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank India, Durgapur Branch, DSP Maingate, PO Durgapur- 713 203, P: 2588289. ERODE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Main Branch, D-48, State Bank Road 638 003, P: 4270818. FARIDABAD: SBICAP Securities Ltd., StateBank of India, 1st Flr., Neelam Chowk, N.I.T,121 001, P: 2420209. GHAZIABAD: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Navyug Marget 201 001, P: 2798891.GUNTUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., Shop No-13, Second Floor, Raghu Mansion, 4/1, Brodipet 522002, P: 3244001.GURGAON: SBICAP Securities Ltd ., Sbicap Securites, SBI Sushant Lok 1, B/05, Unitech Trade Centre 12209, P: 2385365. GUWAHATI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. StateBank of India, Dispur Branch, Opposite Assam Sachibalaya, Dispur 781 006, P: 2237594. GWALIOR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o State Bank of India, Basement, Main Branch, Jiwaji Chowk, Lashkar 474 001, P: 2620727. HYDERABAD: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of Hyderabad, Ground Floor, Gunfoundry 500 001, P: 23321875. SBICAP Securities Ltd., Room 4, 1st Flr., H.No 10-2-199, Nehrunagar, Entrenchment Rd., Marred Pally, Secunderabad500 026, P: 27700135. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 1st Floor, DMC Center, Above State Bank of India, St. John’S Road, East Marredpally, Secunderabad 500 026, P: 40137725. INDORE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of Indore 5, Yashwant Niwas Road 452 003, P: 2547517. SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of India, GPO Main Branch 452 001, P: 4036625.JABALPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Main Branch, Civil Lines 482 001, P: 4218261.JAIPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Special Branch, Ground Floor, Sangeneri Gate 302003, P: 4006483. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 128 , A - Block , 1st Flr, Opp. SBBJ Bank, Ganpati Plaza, M I Road 302 001, P: 3221945. JALANDHAR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., JAMMU: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Railway Road Branch 180 001, P: 2471118. JAMNAGAR: SBICAP Se-curities Ltd., G-3, Ground Flr., Madhav Darshan Complex, Opposite Cricket Bungalow Near Limda Line 361 001, P: 2555170. JAMSHEDPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI, Jamshedpur Bistupur 831001, P: 3206515. JODHPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI, Special Branch, High Court Campus, Kachauri 342 001, P: 2546546.KANPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBIKOCHI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Shanmugham Rd., Branch 2nd Floor, KTDC Bldg, Ernakulam 682 031, P: 3248745. KOLKATA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Main Branch, Sammriddi Bhavan, 3rd Floor, 1-Strand Road, 700 001, P: 22481729. SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of India, Jeevandeep Bldg, Ground Floor, Middleton Street 700 071, P: 22886604. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI, 50 A, Gariahat Road, Ballygunge 700 019; KOTA: SBICAPSecurities Ltd., Kota Main Branch, Chhawani Chouraha 324 007, P: 2390147. LUCKNOW: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o State Bank of India, 2/103 Vijay Khand First Flr, Gomti Nagar 226 010, P: 2303261. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Govt. Business Branch, Moti Mahal Marg, Behind K.D.Singh Babu Stadium, Hajrath Ganj 226 001, P: 3202184.LUDHIANA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI, 1st Floor, Fountain Chowk, Civil Lines 141 001, P: 5025634.MADURAI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Number-7A, West Veli Street, Opposite Railway Station 625 001, P: 4506404. MANGALORE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI, Mangalore Main Branch, Port Road, P.B. No-90, 575 011, P: 4265361. MUMBAI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of India, M.G.Road Ghatkopar East 400 077, P: 25020964. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 1st Floor, Tulsiani Chembers, Nariman Point 400 021, P: 32660218.SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Admin Building Compound, Madam Cama Rd., Nariman Point 400 021, P: 22023214. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI SPB Branch, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Gate No 7, Horniman Circle, Fort 400 001, P: 32660216. SBICAP Securities Ltd., 2nd Flr, C Wing, Mafatlal Chambers, N.M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel 400 013, P: 42273451. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI JVLR Branch, Ground Floor, Juhu Versova Link Road, Andheri(W) 400 053, P: 26707887. MYSORE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Mysore Main Branch, P.B.No. 204, Motikhana Building, New Sayaji Rao Road 570 024, P: 2435866. NAGPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Seva Sadan Branch, 75 Moti Mohan Complex, Seva Sadan Chowk, C.A.Road 440 018, P: 3257729. NASHIK: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI SPBB Br., Plot No. 56, Opp. Wadnagare Bhavan, Thatte Wadi, College Road422 005, P: 2232152. NEW DELHI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI SPB Branch 11, Parliament Street 110 001, P: 23744235. SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of India, Personal Banking Branch, A-15 Hauz Khas 110016, P: 26511104. SBICAP Securities Ltd ., 9, New Rajdhani Enclave, Swasthya Vihar, Nr Preet Vihar Metro Station 110 092, P: 45108482. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, E-2/28, Sector-7, Rohini 110 085, P: 27055815.NOIDA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, Sector-26, 201 301, P: 2532133. PANJIM: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI, Panaji Main Branch, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Near Hotel Mandovi 403 001, P: 3253886. PATIALA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of Patiala Mall Road, The Mall Near Sherawala Gate, Demat Section 147 001, P: 5013356. PATNA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India ,SPB Gandhi Maidan, BiscomanBhavan 800 001, P: 3260943. PONDICHERRY: SBICAP Securities Ltd., 164, Kamraj Salai, 1st Flr., Above SBI ADB Branch 605 013, P: 4304236. PUNE: SBICAP Securities Ltd., State Bank of India, Deccan Gymkhana Branch, J. M. Road, Deccan Gymkhana 411 004, P: 25539399. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Bund Garden Branch, Grale 171/B, 1st Floor, DP Road 411 001, P: 30221091. RAIPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o State Bank of India,Kutchery Branch, Kutchey Chowk 492 001, P: 4075329. RAJKOT: SBICAP Securities Ltd., 608, Dhanrajni Complex, 6th Flr., Near Imperial Palace Hotel, Dr. Yagnik Road 360 001,P: 3043328. SALEM: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI Siruthozhil Branch Bank, House No. 68, Cherry Road 636 007, P: 4031780. SHIMLA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank of India, New Building, 2nd Floor, The Mall 171 003, P: 2652726. SURAT: SBICAP Securities Ltd.,1/580, Pore Street, Nanpura, Opp SBI 395 001, P: 2464888.THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: SBICAP Securities Ltd., 1st Flr, State Bank of Travancore Building, Sasthamangalam 695 010, P: 6454296. TRICHY: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. State Bank Of India, Micr Center, Ground Flr, Asha Arcade, 73 Promenade Road, Cantonment 620 001, P: 4002818. UDAIPUR: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Main Branch, 23/C Madhuban 313 001, P: 2420150.VADO-DARA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI, Alkapuri, R.C. Dutt Road 390 007, P: 6535747. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Mandvi Main Branch, Opp Jamnabhai Hospital, Mandvi 390 001, P: 2516422. SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Makarpura I.E. Branch, VCCI Building, Makarpura 390 010, P: 2632533. VARANASI: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o State Bank of India, Bhelupur Branch 221 010, P: 22277558.VIJAYAWADA: SBICAP Securities Ltd., SBI,Governorpet Branch, Ali Begh Street, Governorpet 520 002, P: 2577887.VISAKHAPATNAM: SBICAP Securities Ltd., C/o. SBI Main Branch, Demat Section, Opposite Jail Road Junction, Near Redham Gardens 530002, P: 9949324544. A. K. STOCKMART PRIVATE LIMITEDAGRA: Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Plot No. 102, 1St Floor, Puneet, Vrindavan, Sanjay Place 280002, P: 9219556377; Sharekhan Ltd, F-2, First Floor, Friends Trade Center, Nehru Nagar, Opp.Anjana Cinema, M.G.Marg, P: 0562- 4032053; AHMEDABAD: Spa Securities Limited, 803, Shivalik Building Near Panchwati Cross Road Amdawadi 380002, P: 079-30013800; Nitin Parikh Brokerage Services Limited, 101, Akashganga, Gujarat College Road, Ellisbridge,380006, P: 9825014640; Wealth First Portfolio Managers Pvt Ltd, 10, Paras 2, Near Prahladnagar Gadern, Prahlad Nagar 380015, P: 9979854051; Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, 21 Nirman Ground Floor Behind Navrangpura Bus Stop Navrangpura 380009, P: 26443289; Asset Alliance Securities PvtLtd, Latin Manharlala Securities Pvt Ltd Neel Kamal Complex 2Nd Floor, Opp Sales India Ashram Road Near Income Tax Cirle 380052, P: 9227630300; Idbi Capital Markeet Services Ltd, 314, 3Rd Floor Crystal Arcade Besides Bsnl Complex Near Girish Cold Drink Cross Road C G Road 380006, P: 40075054; Ifci Financial Services Ltd, 303 Olive Archade Opp Samudra Annexe Off Cg Road 380009, P: 40328915; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, G-10Chinubhai Centre Gr Floor Nehru Bridge Corner Ashram Road 380009, P: 26576666; , Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 101 Popular House Ashram Road 380009, P: 26582817;380009, P: 9727724629; Kifs Securities Ltd, B/81, Pariseema Complex C.G. Road, Navrangpura 380006, P: 079-3000321; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, 1St Flr, Shoppers Plaza-2 Opp Telephone Exchange C G Road Navarangpura Gujarat, P: 33000033; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Anand Rathi, 201, Parth Complex, Swastik Cross Roads, Off. C. G. Road, Na Vrangpura Gujarat, P: 079-26462404; Motilal Oswal Securities Limited,City Pride Ground Floor Mithakali Six Roads 380006, P: 9879056565; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Sheetal Varsha Arcade 403 To 406 Nr.Girish Cold Drink Cross R.D Besides Samudra Ansexe C.G R.D 380009, P: 9825300752; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, A/1003, Narnarayn Complex Swastik Char Rasta Off. C.G. 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S-9, 2Nd Flr Subhag City Center Opp Indian Coffee House Malviya Nagar 462003, P: 0755-2572290; Sharekhan Ltd, Shop No. 114, 115 & 116, 1St Floor, Plot No. 2, Akansha Parisar, Zone-1, M.P. 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Rajen‘S Square, No.42, Bazulla Road T Nagar 600017, P: 9282410731; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, Old No.61, New No.149 Kadampakam High Road T.Nagar 600017, P: 044–42660486; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, Creative Enclave 148-150 Luz Church Road Mylapore South, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, 4Th Floor,City Tower, No. 117, Theagaraya Road, T. Nagar, 600017, P: 9176643314; Sharekhan Ltd, G-2, Salzburg Square, 107-Harrington Road, Chetpet, P: 044-28362800; COIMBATORE: Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, Janaki Apts., Ground Floor 29/176, Ramalingam Road (West) R.S. 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Road, Fancy Bazar 781001, P: 9864062370; Sharekhan Ltd, Bhagwati Commercials, 2Nd Floor, Sikaria Compound, Opp. Hotel Pragati Manor, Christianbasti, G S Road, P: 9957562519; GWALIOR: Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, C/O Sharecon. Jhawar Bldg Sarafa Rd, Lashkar 474001, P: 0751-5070075; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, C/O.Yogesh J Shah 114/ A - Behere Arcade 1St Floor Prabhat Road Erandwana 411004, P: 9520-25459245; Sharekhan Ltd, Portion No.3, 1St Floor, Parimal Complex, Opp.Kotchar Petrol Pump, Chetakpuri Square, Madavrao Scindhia Marg, P: 0751-4069570; HYDERABAD: 5-9-93/1, Sakhti Sai Complex, 207, 2nd Floor, Chapel Road, Hyderabad-500 001 Tel:- 040-66759862 Fax No: 040-23297150; Tradewell Securities Limited, 1057-G, Road No.45, Jubilee Hills500033, P: 9246399444; Pcs Securities Limited, Pcs House, 3-1-336 Esamia Bazar, 500027, P: 9391724999; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 9-10 Uma Chambers 3Rd Floor Banjara Hills 500034, P: 66360009; Reliance Securities Limited, Gf 1, Olbee Centre, 6-3-1090/A/24, Rajbhavan Road, Near Skoda Showroom, Somaji Guda-500082, P: 30681902; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Ug - 13 Mekins Maheshwari Mayank Plaza 6-3-866 / 1 /A Greenlands Ameerpet 500016, P: 23417032; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 103/402 Mahavir House Basheer Bagh Square 500029, P: 23223222; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, 0-3, 650/217 B&C, Maheshwari Chambers, 2Nd Floor, Somajiguda 500082, P: 39893626; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, H No.7-1-22/8-C, 1St Floor, Near Green Lands Flyover, Begumpet South, P: 42407049; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, AnandRathi, 6-3-346/1, Scotia Bank Bldg.Road No. 1, Banjara Hills South, P: 040-66840541; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, H No6-3-569/1/4/3, Dhanturi House Somajiguda 500082, P: 040-40213338; INDORE: Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 206/207, Ii Floor Banshi Trade Centre 565 / 581 M G Road 452001, P: P.: 0731-3018111; Arihant Capital Markets Limited, F-1, Ahinsa Tower, 7, M G Road, 452001, P: 9977250700; Jm Financial Services PrivateLimited, Ug-7 & 8 Ground Floor D M Tower 21/1 Race Course Road 452004, P: 3072111; Reliance Securities Limited, U/G. 15/ 16 In Block C , Indraprastha Tower, Opp. Bansi Laza, 6, M G Road Near Indrabhavan Crossing-452001, P: 3984041; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Ug - 4 5 & 6 Royal Diamond Y.N. Road Opp. State Bank Of Indore (Ho) 452001, P: 4200521; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, 506 Vikram Tower Sapan Sangeeta RoadNorth, P: 8989200251; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, 422, Dm Tower, 21/1, Racecourse Road 452003, P: 0731-4277500; Indo Thai Securities Limited, 16 4Th Floor Dawa Bazar R T Marg 452001, P: 9425064062; Sharekhan Ltd, 102-104 Darshan Mall, 15/2 Race Course Road, P: 0731 - 4205520; JABALPUR: Sharekhan Ltd, 2Nd Floor, Mangalam Building, 103, Napier Town, Shastri Bridge Road, P: 0761-5007775; JAIPUR: Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 1078,Ganga Mata Ki Galli, Gopal Ji Ka Rasta 302003, P: 0141-4108965; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 307, 3Rd Floor Crystal Mall Bani Park 302023, P: 0141-3085000; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 407 Govindji Ka Rasta Chandpole Bazar 302001, P: 0141-2318650; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, 1, M.I.Road, 2Nd Floor No7 Opposite Amrapura Sthan North, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, No.501& 605, 5Th & 6Th Floor Luhadia Tower, K-11, AshokMarg Near Ahinsa Circle, C Scheme 302001, P: 9982688444; Sharekhan Ltd, 7 Katewa Bhawan, Opp Ganpati Plaza, M. I. Road, P: 0141-5114137; Sharekhan Ltd, Flat No 401/402, 4Th Floor, Green House, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme, , P: 0141-4078000; Sharekhan Ltd, Khandaka Haveli, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, P: 9887450974; JALANDHAR: Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, Ist Floor G.K. Towers Opp Hmv College G.T. Road North, P: 8054999026;JAMMU: Sharekhan Ltd, 211 A-2, 2Nd Floor, South Block, Bahu Plaza, P: 9419193526; JAMNAGAR: Reliance Securities Limited, Shop No.9, Shilp Apartment Indira Gandhi Marg -361001, P: 3203508; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, C/O. Mehta Ladhubhai Manekchand Rajendra Road Opp.Main Gpo 361001, P: 0288-2677935; Sharekhan Ltd, 4/5, Avantika Commercial Complex, 2Nd Floor, Limda Lane Corner, P: 0288 2541861; JAMSHEDPUR: Tata Securities Limited, 2Nd Floor Aditya Towers Main Road Bistupur 831001, P: 9234601892; Tata Securities Limited, Qtr No K3/39 H.S. Road Telco Colony 831004, P: 9234601892; Sharekhan Ltd, B1/2 , 2Nd Floor Bhadani Trade Centre, Bistupur, P: 0657-2320903; Sharekhan Ltd, Ug, 2&3 Shreeji Arcade, 76B, Pennar Road,Sakchi, P: 0657-6552009; JODHPUR: Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, 209-210 Adeshwar Tower-3 Chopasani Road North, P: 9829025873; Indo Thai Securities Limited, Shri Siddhi 70 East Patel Nagar Ratanda 342001, P: 9352286953; Sharekhan Ltd, A-3 1St Floor, Olympic Tower, Station Road, P: 0291 - 2635600; KANPUR: Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, Sidharth Building 15/59-F, Civil Lines 208001, P: P.: 0512-3214230; -ties Limited, 15/63 M Civil Lines 208001, P: 9335017410; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 15 / 59 O Civil Lines 208001, P: 3268394; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, 133/19, M Block Kidwai Nagar North, P: 9369686664; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, 405, 4Th Floor, Mega Mall The Mall 208001, P: 9305882888; Sharekhan Ltd, Ground Floor, 28, Bhargava Estate, 16/116, Civil Lines, P: 0512-3920200; KOCHI: Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited,Shop No.39/2122 B-First Floor Jomer Aracade, Chittoor Road, South Junction South, P: 4117971; Religare Securities Ltd, 35/65-D, 3Rd Floor, Thadikaran Centre, Palarivattm, Cochin 682025, P: 9349791773; Spa Securities Limited, Ground Floor Pravanavam Tower Sa Road Near Welcare Hospital Vyttila 682019, P: P.: 0484-3115720; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 1St Floor Sana Tower 39/2579C M.G. Road Ernakulam 682016, P: 2372669; Bo-nanza Portfolio Limted, 1, 2, 3A, Ii Floor, Swapnil Enclave, High Court Jn Ernakulam 682031, P: 0484-3985100; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 2Nd Floor, Alfa Gardens B/H My Kingdom, Gopalaprabhu Road 682035, P: 0484-2353551; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, 28/3330, 1St Flr, Sajma Complex Sa Rd, Opp Federal Bank Kadavanthra South, P: 9833522839; Sharekhan Ltd, Chicago Plaza, 1St Floor, Rajaji Road, Ernakulam, P: 0484-2368411; KOLHAPUR: KOLKATA: Om Towers, Unit no.1408, 14th Floor, 32, J.L.Nehru Road, Kolkata: 700 071 Tel:- 033-22882644 Fax No: 033-22882643; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, S-205, Ideal Plaza, 11/1, Sarat Bose Road700020, P: 3246310305858150; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, Ac Market Complex 8Th Floor 1 Shakespeare Sarani, East, P: 30584292; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Anand Rathi, 501&502 Central Plaza 2/6 Sarat Bose Road East, P: 40107002; Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, 3Rd Floor Constantia Bldg 11 Dr U N Brahmachari Street 700017, P: 9830665717; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Bonanza Portfolio Ltd, 217, 2Nd Floor CentralPlaza Deshbandhu Complex, Napier Town 482004, P: 9893250777; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, 1 Gibson Lane, Room No. 105 Behind Orient Cinema Bentinck Street 700069, P: 9007070514; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, 1St Floor, Crescent Tower, 229 Ajc Bose Road 700017, P: 033-40036615; Tata Securities Limited, Ha-6, Sector-Iii Salt Lake 700091, P: 9231029298; Tata Securities Limited, 2/5/1, Hindustan Road 700029, P: 9477095435; MasterCapital Services Ltd, Master Capital Services Ltd 6Th Floor, Sabherwal House 55 B, Mirza Galib Street 700016, P: 9330930528; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, Shop No.304, 306 & 308, 3Rd Floor, Lords. 7/1, Lords Sinha Road 700071, P: 033-40200204; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, 4 R N Mukherjee Road 1St Floor East, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, 1, India Exchange Place Beside Kolkata Stock Exchange Ist Floor 700001, P: 9534397239;Sharekhan Ltd, Kankaria Estate, 1St Floor, 6-Little Russell Street, P: 033 - 22830055; KOTA: Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 1St Floor, 18 Sindhi Colony Rawath Bhata Bus Stand Road Gumanpura 324007, P: P.: 0744-2505255; LUDHIANA Vogue Associates Pvt Ltd, M/S Prabhu Consultants 564-Lse Building FerozeGandhi Mkt 141001, P: 1614636834; Master Capital Services Ltd, Master Chambers, 19, Feroze Gandhi Mark Et 141001, P: 9646436577; Sharekhan Ltd, Sco 145 1St Floor Feroze Gandhi Market, Near Ludhiana Stock Exchange, P: 0161-5023456; LUCKNOW: Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, 207 A 2Nd Floor Saran Chambers Ii 5 Park Road 226001, P: P.: 2235736; Idbi Capital Markeet Services Ltd, 1St Floor Halwasiya House 11 M. G. Marg Hazratganj226001, P: 3250987; Reliance Securities Limited, 1St Floor, Metro Chambers Above Icici Bank, Adjacent To Shalimar Tower, Opp. Mandi Parishad , Vibhuti Khand , Gomti Nagar-226010, P: 39873703987366; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Anand Rathi, 27/6/1, Taj Plaza , Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, , , Lucknow - 226 001, India North, P: 0522-2208544; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, B - 125 Sec G Janki Puram North, P: 9305673617;Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, B-2075, Indira Nagar North, P: 92356645260; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Shop No.- 6Th & 7Th 1St Floorb.M. Plaza Naval Kishor Road Hazratganj 226001, P: 9919666615; Tata Securities Limited, Shalimar Logix, Gr Flr, 4, Rana Pratap Marg Behind Arif Castle 226001, P: 7499011999; Master Capital Services Ltd, 602, 6Th Floor, Ratan Square 20-A Vidhan Sabha Marg 226001, P: 9839994447; Emkay Global FinancialServices Ltd, 216, 2Nd Floor Kusum Deep Adj.Power House Chowk North, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, Ground Floor, Riz Building, 5 Park Road, 226001, P: , Sharekhan Ltd, 2/159, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, P: 0522-4101693; Sharekhan Ltd, 1St Floor Marie Gold, 4 Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj, P: 0522 - 4010342; MADURAI: Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, Shop No.E, Basement Floor A R Plaza 16-17 North Veli Street South, P: 9833522839;Sharekhan Ltd, Saran Centre A-2, 1St Floore, 19, Gokhale Road, Chinnachokikulam, P: 0452 – 4288888; MANGALORE: Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, F 1 1St Floor Ram Bhavan Complex Kodialbail 575003, P: 2440163; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, C/O.Mulki Inv.& Fin.Consl.Pvt Ltd. Shop No.10, 1St Floor Divya Enclave Opp. Canara College M.G. Street 6Th Cross 575003, P: 0824-2496370; Sharekhan Ltd, T-1 3Rd Floor, Utility Royal Tower, K S RaoRoad, P: 0824 - 2441318; Sharekhan Ltd, Sharekhan, C-1, 1St Floor, Presidium Commercial Complex, Anand Shetty Circle, Attavar, P: 0824 - 6451503; MEERUT: Sharekhan Ltd, 105, Om Plaza, Begum Bridge Road, P: 0121-4028354; MUMBAI: 30-39 Free Press House, 3rd Floor, Free Press Journal Marg, 215 - Nariman Point, Mumbai: 400 021; SPA Securities Limited, 101 A 10Th Floor Mittal Court A Wing Nariman Point 400021, P: P.: 9821033882; Sys-tematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 3Rd Floor J K Somani Bldg British Hotel Lane Mumbai Samachar Marg Fort 400001, P: P.: 022-30298000; Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 4Th Floor, Block C & D Ega Trade Centre 809 Poonamallee High Road Kilpau 600001, P: P.: 044-30582078; Techno Share & Stocks Ltd, Manu Mansion, 2Nd Floor, 16 Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort 400001, P: P.: 9820105092; Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd,Latin Manharlal Securities 903 9Th Floor P J Tower Bse Building Dalal Street Fort 400001, P: 022-66101182; Fortune Equity Brokers(I) Limited, K K Chambers, 2Nd Floor, Sir P.T.Marg, Fort, 400001, P: 9892305181; Eastern Financiers Ltd, Sai Sadan, Room No.9 3Rd Floor Janmbhoomi Marg Fort 400001, P: 022-22047599; Idbi Capital Markeet Services Ltd, 3Rd Flr, Mafatlal Centre, Nariman Point 400021, P: 9004388162; Satco Securities And Financial Ser-vices Ltd, Makhija Chembers, 196, Turner Road Bandra West 400050, P: 9320043120; Money Honey Financial Services Private Limited, 1St Floor, Nahar Singh Industry Building Opp Movie Star Cinema Ram Mandir Goregaon-W 400104, P: 9820452811; Ifci Financial Services Ltd, 2B(1), Film Centre Ground Floor, 61 Tardeo Road 400034, P: 43335111; Lkp Securities Ltd, Above Bank Of Maharashtra Building, 45/47 , Mumbai Samachar Marg , Opp. Bse, Fort400001, P: 9821067167; Aum Capital Market Private Limited, 403-404 Maker Bhavan No. 3 4Th Floor 21 New Marine Lines 400020, P: 022-40336900; Sunidhi Securities & Finance Limited, 31, Tamarind Lane Near Bombay House Fort 400001, P: 2266155936; Arihant Capital Markets Limited, 3Rd Floor Krishna Bhawan 67 Nehru Road Vile Parle East 500070, P: , Arihant Capital Markets Limited, 502, 5Th Floor Soni Shopping Centre L T Road Borivali West400092, P: , Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 1St Floor Patel House Next To Bank Of Baroda M G Road Vileparle (E) 400057, P: 26135202; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, Palm Court M- Wing 4Th Floor Goregaon Link Road Malad West 400064, P: 30877000; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, Ground Floor Anushka New Link Rd Andhwei West 400053, P: 66191600; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 16 Lakhani Terrace Cawasji PatelStreet Fort 400001, P: 65527564; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, Shop No 6 Dattani Trade Center Chandra Varkar Road Borivali West 400092, P: 66959120; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 424/425 Kalidas Plaza V B Lane Ghatkopar East 400075, P: 67104738; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, Apeejay House 3Rd Floor Dinshaw Vaccha Road Near K C College Churchgate 400020, P: 67104738;No-401/402 Victory Park, Chandrawarkar Road , Borivali(W)-400092, P: 32095882; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 101/102 Shriram Shyam Towers 1St Floor Kingsway Sadar 440001, P: 3243681; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Shop No. 1&2 Shroff Towers Sodawala Cross Lane Borivali (West) 400092, P: 66982772; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Work Station - 1016 Standard Chartered Tower 201-B/1 1St FloorWestern Express Highway Goregaon (East) 400063, P: 67559626; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Sai Plaza Ground Floor Jawahar Road Opp. Railway Station Ghatkopar (East) 400077, P: 25028540; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 6 Sanghrajka House 1St Floor 431 Dr. D.B. Marg Opera House 400004, P: 65177950; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, Ground Floor Anand Commercial Centre Near Asha Parekh Hospital S.V.Road Santacruz (West) 400054, P: 26004633; Hem Securities Ltd, 14/15 Khatau Building 1St Floor 44 Bank Street Fort 400023, P: 22671543; Dalal & Brocha Stok Broking Pvt Ltd, 21 Olympus Bldg 2Nd Floor 179/81 Perin Nariman Street Bazargate Fort 400001, P: 43325727; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, Khatau Building, 2Nd Floor, 44 Bank Street, Off Shahid Bhagatsing Road, Fort 400023, P: 22677901; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, 201-A, Laxmi Towers, BandraKurla Complex, Bandra ( E ) 400051, P: 66803600; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, Hari Chamber, Ground Floor 58/64, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort 400001, P: 22677901; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, B - 201, Khandelwal House Poddar Road Near Poddar Park Malad (E ) West, P: 30274514; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, 38- B Khatau Bldg Alkesh Dinesh Modi Marg Fort 400001, P: 9427500000; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited,4Th Floor Silver Metropolis Jai Coach Compund Opp Bimbisar Nagar Goregaon East 400063, P: 9820693039; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Seagull House, 2Nd Floor, Plot No.6, Shivaji Colony, Andheri-Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri (E) West, P: 022-39950304; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Sheetal Anand Rathi, 4Th Floor, Indian Express Building, Queens Road South, P: , Khandwala Securities Ltd, Vikas Building Ground FloorGreen Street Fort 400023, P: 9820041579; Lalkar Securities Private Limited, 5Th Flr, Crescent Chambers, Tamarind Lane, Fort 400001, P: 9819344077; Kjmc Capital Market Services Limited, 168, Atlanta, 16Th Flr, Nariman Point 400021, P: 9321026970; Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, 9Th Floor Bajaj Bhavan Nariman Point 400021, P: 9820596262; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Plot No. M-2, Cama Industrial Estate, Walbhat Road, Goregaon ( E ) 400063, P:9820593730; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, Centrum House 4Th Level Cst Road Vidya Nagari Marg, Kalina Santacruz (E) 400098, P: 9821501179; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, Bombay Mutual Bldg., 2Nd Flr.D N Road 400001, P: 020-43551700; Tata Securities Limited, 4 Nirmal Milan Chs Nehru Road Vile Parle (E) 400057, P: 9223172594; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 48, M.G. Road Next To Awaz Company Ghatkopar (West) 400086, P:022-25111351; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 3 Rd Floor, 570 Sadhana House P. B. Marg, Behind Mahindra Tower Worli 400018, P: 022-66322222; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 7/10, Runwal Commercial Complex L.B.S Marg, Mulund (West) 400080, P: 022-67654951; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, B - Ruby Mills Tower 7Th Floor, South East Wing Senapati Bapat Marg Dadar (W) 400028, P: 9833522839; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, C 06 Para-gon Centre Pandurang Budhkar Marg Worli 400013, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, 301/302, Viraj Tower, Gundavali, Estern Express Highway, Near Landmark Building, Andheri (East), 400093, P: 9654460744; Sushil Financial Services Private Limited, 12, Hornyi Street, Fort 400001, P: 9323810343; Indo Thai Securities Limited, G-2 Rigal House 92/94 J.S.S. Road Opera House 400004, P: 9820023882;Floor Air Conditioned Market Tardev Main Road 400034, P: 23515698; Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Limited, Nucleus House Saki Vihar Road Andheri East 400072, P: 9769240709; Sharekhan Ltd, 703, Prem Sagar Building , 1St Floor , 3 A Linking Road , Khar ( W ), P: 022- 6513 5333; Sharekhan Ltd, 202, Sai Plaza 2Nd Floor, Junction Of Jawahar Road R. B. Mehta Road, Opp. Ghatkopar Railway Station, Ghatkopar (East), P: 022- 2501 1833;Sharekhan Ltd, Gogate Mansion, Ground Floor 89-Jagannath Shankar Seth Road, Girgaum, Opera House, P: 022 66105671; Sharekhan Ltd, B/204, Kotia Nirman, 2Nd Floor, Next To Fun Republic Cinema, New Link Road, Andheri (W), P: 022- 6675 0755; Sharekhan Ltd, 20;Rajabahadhur, Mansion, 1St 5G, 2Nd, Floor Hamam Street, Fort, P: 022 66105691; Sharekhan Ltd, Shop No.10, Om Sai Ratna Rajul Co-Op.Hsg. Society, Corner Of Patel Nagar, M G Road,Kandivali(W), P: 022- 28090509; Sharekhan Ltd, Flat No. 4B, Ground Floor, Ashwin Villa, Telang Road, Matunga (E), P: 022 65139230; Sharekhan Ltd, Shop No.1, Hetal Building, Ground Floor, Opp.Punjab National Bank, Zaver Road, Mulund (West), P: 022 – 2565 6805; Sharekhan Ltd, 7-Alka Co-Op Hsg. Soc, Ground Floor, Dadabhai Road, Vile Parle (W), P: 022-26253010; Sharekhan Ltd, Shankar Ashish Bldg, 1St Floor, R.S.Marg, Chandavarkar Cross RoadLane, Above Hdfc Home Loans, Near Icici Bank, Borivali (W), P: 022- 6513 1221; Sharekhan Ltd, 502, Rishikesh Apartment, Opp To N L High School, Above Sapna Hotel, S.V.Road, Malad (West), P: 020- 6513 3967; Sharekhan Ltd, 301 & 302, 3Rd Floor, Manibhuvan Co-Op Hsg Soc.Ltd., Plot No.343, Above Icici Bank, S.V.Road, Pahadi Village, Goregaon(W), P: 022-67418570; Sharekhan Ltd, Plot No - 1012, Godawn, Devi Dayal Compound, Next To Cramp-ton & Greaves, Kanjur Village Road, Near Kanjurmarg Station, Kanjurmarg- ( E ), P: 022-61169179; MYSORE: Sharekhan Ltd, Shop No.3, Mythri Arcade, (Next To Saraswathi Theatre), Kantharaj Urs Road, Chamaraja Mohalla, Saraswati Puram, P: 0821 - 6451601; NAGPUR: Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd, Shop No. G-2, Aditya Enclave Plot No.20, Central Bazaar Road Ramdas Peth 440010, P: 9321671014; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited,Ravindra Maloo Anand Rathi, Block No 1, Shraddha House, Kingsway 01, Nagpur 440 001 West, P: 0712-6635600; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, F-2/3, Premium Plaza, 242, Mata Mandir Road, Dharampeth West, P: 9890070694; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 1St Floor, Above Fullertone India, Opp. Gandhi Market Central Avenue Road Chapru Nagar 440008, P: 9326578441; Sharekhan Ltd, Plot No. 79, 1St Floor, Universal Annex, Dharampeth Extension,Opposite New Wockhardt Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, P: 0712 - 6654100; Sharekhan Ltd, 409/412, Heera Plaza, Near Telephone Exchange Square, Central Avenue, P: 0712-2731922; NASHIK: Sharekhan Ltd, 5 Sk Open Mall, Yeolekar Mala, Near Byk Collage, Collage Road, P: 0253 – 6610975; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, S - 2, Suyojit Sankul Sharanpur Road West, P: 9833522839; NAVSARI: Sharekhan Ltd, 1-Nirmal Complex, 1St Floor, Station Road,P: 02637 - 652300; NEW DELHI: 609,6th Floor, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 Kasturba Gandhi (K.G) Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi: 110 001 Tel:- 011-23739628; Vserve Management Private Limited, 701, Rohit House 3, Tolstoy Marg Connaught Place 110001, P: P.: 9810186081; Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 2Nd Flr Indra Karan Plaza 12-B N Ghai Lane 120/1Lal Bagh 226001, P: P.: 0542-, 2615615; Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited,517, Indraprakash Building, 5Th Floor, 21, Barakhamba Road Connaught Place 110001, P: P.: 011-30481213; Eastern Financiers Ltd, B 102 A Ground Floor Kalkaji 110019, P: 011-26451127; Ifci Financial Services Ltd, Ifci Towers 15Th Floor Nehru Place 110019, P: 26433207; Ifci Financial Services Ltd, 212, 213, 2Nd Floor, Naurang HouseB Block, 21 K G Marg 110001, P: 43588620; Aum Capital Market Private Limited, Dlf Tower – B, Suite- 808 8Th Floor Jasola District Centre, Jasola 110025, P: 9811015143; Bay Securities Private Limited, 4 Floor, Jeevan Vihar, Parliment Street 110001, P: 9873300726; Arihant Capital Markets Limited, 101 1St Floor Sagar Plaza Laxmi Nagar Dist Centre 110092, P: , Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 114 Himalya House 23 K G Marg 110001, P: 41305000;Reliance Securities Limited, 1001, Faiz Road, Above Federal Bank, Near Jhandel Wala Metro Station, Karol Bagh 110005, P: 30926331; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, E-2/27 Ground Floor Main Link Road Jhandewalan Near Jhandewalan Metro Stn Gate No 2 110055, P: 43293200; Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 159 Aggarwal Citi Plaza Plot No. 17 Manngalam Place Sector 3 Rohini 110085, P: 47090181; Standard Charterd Securites(India) Limited, 52-53 Malviya Smriti Bhawan Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg 110002, P: 41514821; Shri Parasram Holdings Pvt Ltd, Sph House B-7 Nimri Shopping Centre Bharat Nagar 110052, P: 9899453453; Bharat Bhushan & Company, 304, 3Rd Floor, Rohit House, 3, Tolstoy Marg Connaught Place 110001, P: 9810106000; Dalal & Brocha Stok Broking Pvt Ltd, 18/17 Wea Dakha House Karol Bagh 110005, P: 28756444; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, M - 39, IindFloor, Outeer Circle, Opp Super Bazar, Connaught Palace 110001, P: 49811200; Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited, Flat No.120, New Delhi House, 27 Barakhamba Road, North, P: 43603961; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Anand Rathi, 911/912, 9Th Flr, Ansal Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Cannought Place North, P: 011 – 43559000; Vogue Associates Pvt Ltd, Vista Wealth Consultants P Ltd C-3-313 Janakpuri 110058, P: 1145005000;Vogue Associates Pvt Ltd, Hexagon Consultants 1/14 Double Storey Jangpura Near Dav School 110014, P: 24374121; Vogue Associates Pvt Ltd, Kjh Financial Services Pvt Ltd 106 Vardhman City Centre-I Near Shakti Nagar Subway 110052, P: 9971159090; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, A-1/291 Safdarjung Enclave 110029, P: 9818774181; D B International Stock Brokers Limited, 402, New Delhi House, 27 Barakhanba Road 110001, P: 9312212421; Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, 8Th Floor Prakash Deep Building 7 Tolstoy Building 700017, P: 9810254874; Bonanza Portfolio Limted, 4353/4C, Madan Mohan Street, Ansari Road 110002, P: , Centrum Wealth Management Limited, Modex International 1003-1004 10Th Flr Surya Kiran Bldg. K G Marg C P 110001, P: 011-47217040; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, 8-33 1St Floor Connaught Place Inner Circle 110001, P: 9582230104; Tata Securities Limited, C/O Tmf 4Th Flr Kanchenjunga Bldg Barakhamba Road 110001, P: 9250001110; Master Capital Services Ltd, 801, 8Th Floor Arunachal Building 19, Barakhamba Road 110001, P: 9312887435; Prabhudas Lilladhar Pvt Ltd, 3Rd Floor 54/D-1 Rama Road Kirti Nagar Ind Area 110015, P: 011-42900500; Emkay GlobalFinancial Services Ltd, 3 E / 10, 3Rd Floor, Nav Durga Hawanjhandewalan North, P: 9833522839; Religare Securities Ltd, G 36 Marina Arcade Inner Circle Connaught Place 11001, P: 9166201412; Religare Securities Ltd, Shop No. S-20, Green Park Extension 11001, P: 9501221155; Sharekhan Ltd, 39, First Floor, Samyak Tower, Near Metro Pillor No. 120, Pusa Road, P: 011-45117000; Sharekhan Ltd, 94 Darya Ganj, Ground Floor, P: 011-23243131; NOIDA:Vogue Associates Pvt Ltd, Money Options Services P Ltd 321 Block Ii (First Floor) Ganga Shopping Complex Sector-29 201303, P: 1202450921; Religare Securities Ltd, Gys Global A3/4/5 Sector 125 201301, P: 9999512299; Sharekhan Ltd, P-12A, 3Rd Floor, Bhs Liberty, Sector-18, P: 0120 - 4646200; PANAJI: Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, 15 16 & 17 Haroons Arcade Magnum Center 1St Floor M. G. Road 403001, P: 2232173; Sharekhan Ltd,F49/F50, 1St Floor, ‘B’ Block, Alfran Plaza, M.G. Road, P: 0832- 2421460; PANIPAT: Arihant Capital Markets Limited, 1St Floor Shri Radhe Krishna Complex Near Uco Bank G T Troad 132103, P: PATNA: Bonanza Portfolio Limted, Panchsheel House 23, Telegraph Colony North To Income Tax Golamber 800001, P: 9835015328; Sharekhan Ltd, 406-407 B, Ashiana Plaza, Budh Marg, P: 0612-2213112; Eastern Financiers Ltd, 203 Ashian Hari Niwas New DakBunglow 800001, P: 0612-6451521; PONDICHERRY: Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, No 40 A Aurobindo Street Between M.G.Road & Mission Street 605001, P: P.: 2222155; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, Hindocha Investment & Fin. Services 335, 1St Flr. Mission Street 605001, P: 9092078595; PUNE: Spa Securities Limited, 5, Shankar Smruti 2Nd Floor Next To Kaka Halwai Prabhat Rd Lane No-9/3, 39/25 Erandwana Off Karve Road 411004,P: P.: 982246651; Systematix Shares And Stocks (India) Limited, 1271 Mansingh Manor Near-Hotel Purab Opp Central Bank Shambhaji Bridge Deccan Gymkhana 411004, P: P.: 020-30277600; Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd, Arthbodh Shares & Investments P.Ltd , 1 St Floor, 8/15 Ambika Apartment , Behind Kurve Road Tel.Exchange, Arendvana 411004, P: 9850566310; Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd, 10, Ashish Akshaya Society Sahu College Road Par-vati 411009, P: 9422031919; Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd, Growever Invt Pvt Ltd 219 Patil Plaza Mitra Mandal 411009, P: 9822093595; Money Honey Financial Services Private Limited, Flat No 11, Dhore Bhavan Building, Near Mahadev Mandir, Old Sanghvi, 400027, P: 9830004055; Arihant Capital Markets , Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 205 Business Guild Opp. Krishna Dining Hall Law College Road Erandawane 411004, P: 39871601; Reliance Securities Limited, Unit No 3, Ground Floor, Commerspace Gigaspace Lohegaon Viman Nagar -411017, P: , Standard Charterd Securites (India) Limited, A/2 1St Floor Deccan Chambers C.T. Survey No. 33/40 ErandwaneKarve Road 411004, P: 25453436; Dalal & Brocha Stok Broking Pvt Ltd, 111 Akshay Complex Off Dhole Patil Road 411001, P: 66010930; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, 101 & 102, Silver Prestige, 1St Floor, Opp Mica, Tilak Road, Seargate 411002, P: 30205492; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, 1248 A , Asmani Plaza, Good Luck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Shivaji Nagar, 411004, P: 25521606; Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers Limited, Anand Rathi, 2Nd Floor, IndrayaniC.T.S. No.58/1, Plot No.92/1, Above Barishta Cafe.Law College Road, Nr.Krishna Dining Hall, Erandwane West, P: 020-25657401; Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, Lohia Jain Centre 1St Floor 893/6 Near Goodluck Chowk Opp Oakwood Hotel Nr Iipm Inst Bhandarkar Road Deccan Gymkhana 411004, P: 9167364912; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, 401 B & C, City Point, 17 Boat Club Road 411001, P: 020-30547233; Tata Securities Limited, Gr Floor, FC Annex Building F C Road Bhamburda 411005, P: 9028000928; Religare Securities Ltd, Amar Calibre, Ground Floor, C.T.S No. 911, Bmc Collage Road, Opp. Hotel Hill View, Deccan Gymkhana, 411004, P: , Sharekhan Ltd, 301, Millenium Plaza, 3Rd Floor, Opp Fergusson College Main Gate, Fergusson College Road, Shivaji Nagar,P: 020 - 66021301; RAIPUR: Indo Thai Securities Limited, Flat No. 203 Kanchan Complex Chaudi Line Near Shani Mandir 492001, P: 4039474; Sharekhan Ltd, 2Nd Floor, Laxmi Bhawan, Opposite Sun & Sun Jewelers, Main Road Sadar Bazaar, P: 0771- 4217777; RAJKOT: Asset Alliance Securities Pvt Ltd, Krish Corner Amin Marg 360005, P: 9825677399; Ifci Financial Services Ltd, 2Nd Floor, Aradhana Complex Near Bank Of Baroda Opp Nutan NagarCommunity Hall Kotecha Chowk Kalawad Road 365005, P: 9824201302; Ans Private Limited, Arham Financial Center, Opp Star Chamber, Harihar Chowk Dr Rajendra Prasad Road 360001, P: 9825072372; Jm Financial Services Private Limited, 202 Solitaire 2Nd Floor Swami Vivekanand Marg Near Municipal Commissioner Bunglow Ramkrishna Nagar 360007, P: 3984101; Marwadi Shares And Finance Limited, Marwadi Financial Plaza Nana Mava Main RoadOff 150 Feet Ring Road 360005, P: 9727724629; Enam Securities Pvt Ltd, 308, 3Rd Fl;Oor, Towar Commercial Complex, Jawahar Complex, Near Galaxy Hotel 360001, P: 2226383; Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, Sf-01, Shreemad Bhavan 3Rd Floor Kanta Stri Vikas Gruh Road Gujarat, P: 9429952599; Centrum Wealth Management Limited, A 301 Viraj Vatika Flats Behind Swami Narayan Mandir Kalawad Road 360005, P: 9825300447; Emkay GlobalFinancial Services Ltd, 304, Shivam Complex Serveshvar Chowk Dr. Yagnik Road Gujarat, P: 9833522839; Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd, 304, Shivam Complex Serveshvar Chowk Dr. Yagnik Road Gujarat, P: 9833522839; Sharekhan Ltd, 102/103, Hem Arcade, Opp Vivekanand Statue, Dr Yagnik Road, P: 0281-2482483; RANCHI: Eastern Financiers Ltd, Uppal Plaza, 1St Floor Main Road Near Overbridge 834001, P: 0651-2330484; Bonanza PortfolioLimted, 301, Sri Ram Neotia Arcade, Lalpura Chowk, 3Rd Floor H.B.Road 834001, P: 9825303389; Indo Thai Securities Limited, 21 Adarsh Nagar Tati Silvai 835103, P: 9835726620; Sharekhan Ltd, Shree Gopal Complex, 4Th Floor, Room No I, Court Road, P: 0651-2208205; SALEM: Sharekhan Ltd, Sri Ganesh Tower, 561, 2Nd Floor, Saradha College Main Road, P: 0427 - 6454864; SHIMLA: Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt Ltd, Global Marketing CompanySco 227 Block-23 Sda Complex North, P: SILIGURI: Eastern Financiers Ltd, Niladri S ICICI SECURITIES LIMITED 2 NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA
  • 3. ICICI SECURITIES LIMITED (CONTD.)C, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, 15A, Everest House, Kolkata-700071,; ICICI Sec,Victoria Plaza,385 ,Garia Main Road, Kolkata - 700084; JM Financial, Mr. Bharskar Chatopadyay, Kankaria Estate, 8th Flr,6th Little Russell Street, Ph: 033-3987 0330; Karvy, 49, Jatin Das Road,Near Deshpriya Park,Kolkata - 700029, Tel - 24647231,32, 24644891; RR Equity,704,Krishna Bldg.,224,AJC Bose Road, Kolkata- 700017 033-22802963/22806878; SMC Global, 18,RabindraSarani Podder Court Gate No 4, 5Th Floor Kolkatta -700001 Ph no 09933664479; Standard Chartered Sec,Mangalam Bldg., 24 & 26, Gr Floor, Hemanta Basu Sarani, Dalhousie, Kolkata - 700001. ,Tel.: 033 - 22137028 - 33 ; Standard Chartered Sec,Shree Manjiri, 1st Floor, 8/1, Sir William Jones Sarani, Kolkata - 700071. ,Tel.: 91-33-2227 6521 / 23 ; KOCHI :Road, North End,,KOCHI - 682035; ICICI Sec,44/2102-C,Deshabhimani Junction,Kaloor,,KOCHI - 682017; Karvy, KOCHI,G 39, Panampally Nagar, Kochi - 682036, Tel - 2322724 / 726 / 152 /2310884;Standard Chartered Sec,1st Floor, Sana Tower, 39/2579C, M.G. Road, Ernakulam, Cochin - 682016. ,Tel.: 0484 - 2372669 / 70 / 73 ; KOTA : Hem Sec,20-A, Talwandi, Kota - 324005; SMC Global, 4-a-6 Talwandi Kota Rajasthan Ph no 09829116982; LUCKNOW :ICICI Sec., Mr. Imran Khan, Ground Floor, Landmark Arcade2 Badshah Nagar Crossing Faizabad Road, Lucknow-226006, Tel 0522-4047519; ICICI Sec., Mr. Anuj Rastogi, Raj Palace, A1/15 Sector H, Purania Chauraha, Aliganj, Lucknow-226024, Tel 0522 - 4048855; ICICI Sec., Mr. Vikram Singh, S/268, E Block Market Awasthi Complex, Rajajipuram, Lucknow-226017, Tel 0522-4046306; ICICI Sec., Mr. Nitesh Tiwari, First And Second Floor, Speed Building, 3,Shahnajaf Road, Lucknow-226001;Karvy, 94, Mahatma Gandhi Marg,Opp: Governor House, Hazratganj,Lucknow - 226001, Tel - 2236819-28, 3817001; RR Equity, G-32,Shriram Tower,13- A,Ashok Marg, Lucknow- 226001 0522- 4057612; SMC Global, Radha Krishna Bhawan, Plot No. 3/A, 5 Park Road, Lucknow Ph no 9839826932; LUDHIANA : ICICI Sec., Mr. Gurpreet Mangat, Sayal Complex, Gill Road, Ludhiana-141001;Karvy, Ludhiana,Sco 136, 1StFloor,Feroze Gandhi Market,Ludhiana - 141001, Tel - 44680050 / 4680062-63; MADURAI : ICICI Sec., Mr. PRABHU N, 1St Floor, No. 466, 467 A.R. Complex K.K. Nagar, Madurai 625020 Tamilnadu , K. K. Nagar, Madurai-625020; Karvy, Madurai - Bye Pass Road,Rakesh Towers, No.30, By Pass Road,,Madurai - 625010, Tel - 2600851 - 854; MUMBAI : ICICI Sec, Gr. Floor, H.T Parekh Marg, Back Bay Reclamation,Churchgate,,MUMBAI - 400020; ICICI Sec,Shree Sawan Knowledge Park, Gr. Floor, Plot No. D-507, T.T.C Industrial Area, M.I.D.C, Turbhe, Near Juinagar Railway Station, 400705; ICICI Sec., Mr. Ajay Singh, 1st Floor, Gopi Cinema Mall, Dombivali-421202 , Tel ; ICICI Sec., Mr. Mehul Shah, Shop no 11, Megh Apartment Junction of factory lanes & LT road, Megh Apt -Boriwali(W), Mumbai-400092, Tel ; ICICI Sec., Mr. Dhruv Mehta, Jaya Apartments, R B Mehta road, Ghatkopar (E) Mumbai-400075, Tel022-65972581; ICICI Sec., Mr. Sankalp Kumar, Shop no. 9,10 Meriline Corner, Sion, Mumbai-400022, Tel 022 65972877; ICICI Sec, Shop No. 1 & 2, Dilkush Bungalow J. P. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai-400058; ICICI Sec., Mr. , 56/57, Saraf Choudhari Nagar Co. Thakur Complex Kandivali East, Mumbai-400101, Tel 022-65972165; ICICI Sec., Mr. Umesh Gupta, Shop No. 26, 27 & 51, Gr.Floor, Ashoka Shopping Centre LT Marg, GT Hospital Compound MarineLines, Mumbai-400002, Tel 022-65972151; ICICI Sec., Mr. Rahul Jain, 1A&2, Balaji Arcade S.V Road Kandivili (W), Mumbai-400067, Tel 022-67252026; ICICI Sec., Mr. , Ground Floor Jayshree Plaza L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai-400078 , Tel 022-67252071; ICICI Sec., Mr. Sahana Shetty, Gr.Floor,Shop No.7,8,9, Anand Vatika Siddharth Nagar, S V Road Goregaon (W), Mumbai-400062 , Tel 022-65145413; ICICI Sec., Mr. , Gr Floor, Devraj Mall, KrishnaKunj Hsg Soc. Harishankar Joshi Road, Dahisar (E), Mumbai-400068 , Tel 022 65973037; ICICI Sec., Mr. R SHASTRI, 1St Floor Sai Kiran,Central Avenue 11Th Road Junction Chembur, Mumbai-400074 , Tel 022 67706455; ICICI Sec., Mr. Arvind Tiwari, Radha Kunj, Azadnagar, Vile Parle West , Mumbai-400056 , Tel 022 66712660; ICICI Sec., Mr. Amit Beri, Gr. Floor, Vardhaman Apt., 40, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai-400057 , Tel ; ICICI Sec., Mr.Pawan Bali, Gr. Floor, Shop No. 2, Grace Chamber, Amrit Nagar, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400093 , Tel ; ICICI Sec., Mr. , 227, Gr. Floor, G-2A, Nariman Bhavan, Mumbai-400021 , Tel ; ICICI Sec., Mr. Rajesh Singh, Shop No. 1,2,3,4, Shagun Mall, Dindoshi, Gokul Dham, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400063 ;ICICI Sec., Mr. Kshitij Sharma, Shop No 4,5,6,7 Roop Maya Co-Op Hsg.Soc., Sector 6 Airoli, Navi Mumbai-400708 , Tel 022 65143243; ICICI Sec,Shop No.1, Bhomi Tower,Sec - 4, Plot No. 28,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - 410210; ICICI Sec., Mr. ANUP KUMAR, Shop No.6,7 & 8,Ground Flr. Vaishnavi Tower,Sector-44 Nerul (W), Sec-44, Navi Mumbai-400706 , Tel 022 65143650; ICICI Sec,Gr. Floor,Tulsi Pooja Shopping Center,New Panvel (E).,Navi Mumbai - 410206; ICICI Sec., Mr. VIKAS SHARMA, Apsara Building Shop No. 4, Sector - 17, Vashi., VASHI, SECTOR 17, Navi Mumbai-400702 , Tel 022 67124805; ICICI(West) -400602 ; Amit Jasani, 301, Hind Rajasthan Chambers, 6, Oak Lane, Fort, Mumbai – 400023; Edelweiss Broking Limited : 104, 1st Floor, P J Towers, BSE Bldg, Fort, Mumbai – 01 Tel: 022 - 67471345 ; Enam Sec,Khatau Building, 2Nd Floor, 44 Bank Street, Fort, Pin- 400023, Ph:022- 22677901; Enam Securities Direct Pvt Ltd,201-A, Laxmi Towers, BKC, Bandra (E), Pin- 400051, Ph:022- 66803600; Enam Sec,Hari Chamber, Ground Floor, 58/64, ShahidBhagat Singh Road, Fort, Pin- 400001, Ph:022- 22677901; DSP Merrill, 8th Floor, Mafatlal Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021, Tel – 66328000; Geojit BNP,22 - B, Rajabahadur Mansion, Ambalal Doshi Marg,Fort, Mumbai – 400023,Tel; 66368911/ 9322302143; Hitesh Shah, Perin Nariman Street, Fort, Mumbai - Hem Sec,14/15, Khatau , Tel - Building, 1st Floor, 40 Bank Street, Fort,Mumbai-400023;JM Financial, Mr Ashit Vora, 1st Floor, Patel House, M GRoad, Vileparle (East), Ph:022-2613 5202-03/67077440-43.JM Financial, Mr. Sahil Shah, Palm Court, M- Wing, 4th Floor, Goregaon Link Road,Malad (West), Ph:022-30877000/67617000.JM Financial, Mr.Nilesh Gavle, Ground Floor, Anushka, New Link Rd,Andheri (West), Ph:022- 66191600/612. JM Financial, Mr R Mukundan/Ms Armin Irani, 2,3,4 Kamanwala Chambers,P M Road, Fort, Ph:022-3021 3500/2266 5577 - 80, JM Financial, Ms Jyotsna Solanki/MrC V George, Shop No 6, Dattani Trade Center,Chandra Varkar Road, Borivali (West), Ph:022- 3021 5400/6695 9120 - 23 JM Financial, . Ms Charulata Mehta/Mr. Tilak Sanil, 424/425 Kalidas Plaza, V B Lane,Ghatkopar (East), Ph:022-3097 8700/6710 4738; Kaushik N Shah, 101, Chandan Chamber, 1st Floor, 138, Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai – 400001, Tel – 22621315; Karvy, Mumbai - Andheri - KSBL,Fourt Foundation Building 26/30, Nagindas Master lane, FortMumbai - 400023,,MUMBAI - 400023 ; LKP Sec, Bank of Maharashtra Building, 45/47, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400001, Tel – 22660171; Nirmal Bang, 38-B, Khatau Building, 2nd Floor, Alkesh Dinesh Mody marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400001, Tel – 22641234; RR Equity,18 First Floor,105 BS Marg.,Fort, Mumbai- 400023 022-40544201/224; RR Equity,133A, Mittal Tower, A Wing, 13th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021 9324804084; SMC Global,Chartered Sec,Work Station - 1016, Standard Chartered Tower, 201-B/1,1st Floor, Western Express Highway,Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400063,Tel.: (022) 6755 Standard Chartered Sec,Sai Plaza, Ground Floor, Jawahar Road, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai - 400077. ,Tel.: 022 - 25028540 - 45 ; Standard Chartered Sec,Shop No. 1&2, Shroff Towers, Sodawala Cross Lane, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400092. ,Tel.: (022) 66982772 / 73 / 74 / 75 ; Standard CharteredSec,Dheeraj Arma, 1st Floor, Anant Kanekar Marg, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400051. ,Tel.: (91-22) 6751 5999 ; MEERUT : ICICI Sec,P P Plaza, Plot No. 177/1,Mangal Pandey Nagar,MEERUT - 250005; SMC Global, C/O Ksb Capital Services Ltd Shop No-1,First Floor,Hari Laxmi Road,P K Road,Crossing Meerut Ph no 9837024084, KAVERI COMPLEX, P.L. Sharma Road Meerut Ph no 9837101412; MYSORE : ICICI Sec., Mr. ANIL MN, D. No. 86/3A, PanabvatiCircle, Kalidasa Road, Jayalakshmipuram,, Kalidasa Road, Mysore-570012; MANGALORE : RR Equity, F 2 1st Floor Adithi Arcade Karangalpay mangalore 575003,Tel - 9845288557; NAGPUR : ICICI Sec., Mr. Ravindra Akhare, First Floor,Shop No. 138 To 140 Shree Ram Shyam Towers, , Sadar - Hub, Nagpur-440001 , Tel 0712-6631608; ICICI Sec., Mr. Amit Gondewar, Ganesh Heights Kotwal Nagar Ring Road, Khamla, Nagpur-440015 , Tel 0712 - 6452494;Karvy, 3Rd Floor, Shreeram Tower,Near Nit Building,Sadar,Nagpur - 440001, Tel - 6614146 / 6614145; Standard Chartered Sec,101/102, Shriram Shyam Towers, 1st Floor, Kingsway, Sadar, Nagpur - 440001.,Tel.: 0712 - 3243681 / 3243689 ; NASIK : ICICI Sec., Mr. Kalpesh Solanki, Shop No. 67, 68, Vasant Market, Canada Corner, Nasik-422002 ; ICICI Sec., Mr. , Ground Floor, Plot No. 7, Mahindra Memorial Centre, Rathchakra Chowk, Vadala- Pathardi Road,Indira Nagar, Nasik-422009,Tel 0253 6572116; Standard Cha KOTAK SECURITIES LIMITEDAgra: Kotak Sec., 2/220, Glory Plaza, Suer Sadan Crossing, M.G Rd., P: 5538760; SMC Global. F- 4, Block No 35, Surya Kiran Building Near Metro Bar Sanjay Place Tel-7520787708; RR equity 9, Sbi Colony, 1st Flr, Opp. Subhash Park, M.G.Rd.,; SPA Cap, Shop No. 9, 10, 11, Block No-17 / 2/ 4, Friends Wasan Plaza, Sanjay Place, Ahmedabad: Kotak Sec., 207, 2nd Flr, Sakar-Ii, Ellisbridge Corner, Ashram Rd..; Kotak Sec., 201/A, Amruta Arcade,Nr Maningr Char Rasta, Maningr; Kotak Sec., B/104, 1st Flr, Premium House, Opp Gandhigram Rly stn.; Kotak Sec., B-46, Kamdhenu Complex, Opp.Sahajanand College, Panjara Pole, Ambawadi.P:26308035; Kotak Sec., 201-A Amruta Arcade, Nr ManiNgr Char Rasta, station Rd., ManiNgr, JM Financial, G-10 Chinubhai Centre, Gr. Flr, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram Rd.,; Motilal Oswal., G 678910, Gr. Flr, City Pride Complex, Near Hotel NalandaMithakhali Circle Navrangpura Trust Fin Con., 006, Gr Flr, Sakar-Iv, Opp. Town Hall, Ellis Bridge, Ashram Rd,; Standard Chartered Sec., 101, Popular House, Ashram Rd.,; SMC Global.3rdFlr, Sun City House, Besides Pantaloon, Opp Kotak Bank, Mithakhali Six Rd., Tel- 9427181917; SMC Global.10-A, Kalapurnam, C G Rd., Near Municipal Market, RR equity 401, Abhijit-1, Opp. Bhuj Mercantile Bank, Mithakhali, 6 Rd., Navrangpura,; : SPA Cap, 803, ShivalikBuilding, Near Panchwati Cross Rd. Amdawadi, IDBI Cap., 314, 3rdFlr Crystal Arcade, Beside Bsnl Complex, Near Girish Cold Drink Cross Rd., C G Rd., Nitin Parikh & Co., 101, Akashganga, Nr. Dr. Munshi’s Nursing Home, Gujarat College Rd., Ellisbridge, Ratnakar Securities70, Vasantkunj Society, New Sharda Mandir Oad, Paldi. Pravin Ratilal Share., “Sakar-I”, 5th Flr, Opp. Gandhigram Railway station, Navrangpura. Jyotsana A Shah., G-22, Hemkoot Building.,Nr. Gandhigram Railway station, Ashram Rd.,; Allahabad: Kotak Sec., M-4, Mezzanine Flr, Lda Center, 2, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Line.P: 2561451; Amritsar: Kotak Sec., Unit No.Fuf-7, Central Mall, 32, Mall Rd.; Anand: Kotak Sec., 3rdFlr, “Sanket”, Near Grid.P: 2573311; RR equity, G-1, Silver Oaks, Opp. Swayambar Party Plot V.V.Rd., Bangalore: Kotak Sec., ‘Umiya Landmark’–Ii Flr., No:10/7 -Lavelle Rd.P: 66203601; Kotak Sec., No 201,Soundrya Sampige Complex, Sampige Rd., No 412, 8th Cross, Malleswaram. P: 9900133758; Enam Securities, 10/3, Gr. Flr, No.29, Empire Infantry, Infantry Rd., Pin- 560001, Ph:080- 40333222; JM Financial, 97/4 Residency Rd,; Trust Financial Consultancy ., No.910, 9th Flr, Prestige Meridian1, M.G.Rd., Tel-4262 2111/ 42622112/ 42622113; SMC Global. Premises # 7, 8, 9, 10, Gr. Flr, Gold Tower, #50(Old # 98), Residency Rd., Tel- 09739112254; RRequity S-111, Manipal Centre, 47, Deckenson Rd.,; SPA Cap, 703-704 7th Flr Brigade Tower, 135 Brigade Rd.; IDBI Cap., No. 63, Right Wing, 1st Flr, K. H. Rd., (Double Rd.), Opp. Bmrtc Big Bazaar, Belgaum: Kotak Sec., Shri Laxmi Sankul Complex, T-01, 3rdFlr, Above Cosmos Bank, Maruti Galli, P: 4203033; Bharuch: Kotak Sec., 235-236, Harihar Complex, Zadeshwar Rd..P:570569; Joindre Cap., 1st Flr, Maruti Darshan, Opp. Hanuman Temple,Kasak Rd.,BhavNgr: SMC Global., No. 113, Ist Flr, Shopper’s Plaza, Waghavadi Rd., Rr Equity ., 251 Madhav Darshan, Waghawadi Rd.; IDBI Cap., 108 1st Flr, Shopper’s Point, Parimal Chowk, Waghawadi Rd., Bhopal: Kotak Sec., Third Flr, Alankar Palace, 10-11, Mp Ngr, Zone 2.P: 5248133; SMC Global.313, Iind Flr Jyoti Complex M P Ngr, Zone-I Tel-07828988899; IDBI Cap., Harisons House, Upper Gr. Flr, 6 Malviya Ngr, Nirman Share ,235, Zone-1, M.PNgr. Bhubaneshwar: Kotak Sec., Plot No – 24, 2nd Flr., Scr, Nr Bazaar Kolkata, Bapuji Ngr, Janpath.P: 2597871; SMC Global. House No.5, Janpath, Unit-3,; RR equity 3-4 Anand Plaza, Laxmi Sagar, Square Cuttack Rd., SPA Cap, Badal Niwas, 168 -169 A, 1st Flr (Abovehavela); IDBI Cap., Idbi House, Janpath, Unit Ix,Bldg, Indira Gandhi Rd., Tel:0495-2723715/ 2723716; Chandigarh: Kotak Sec., Sco-14-15, 2nd Flr, Madhya Marg, Sector-8C.P: 5065301; RR equity Sco-222-223, Gr. Flr, Sector-34A,; SPA Cap, 1st Flr, Sco-307 Sector-38-D; IDBI Cap., Sco 86, 1st Flr, Sector 44 C, Chennai: Kotak Sec., Grr Business Center, No.21, Vaidyaraman St, T Ngr.P:66462000; Enam Securities, 11, Vijay Delux Apts., 7/4 First Main Rd., Cit Colony, Mylapore, Pin- 600004, Ph:044-39184335 / 4226; JM Financial, Gee Gee Crystal - 5th Flr, 91-92. Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore,; Trust Financial Consultancy ., K.K.Niwas Bldg., New No.29, Luz Church Rd., Mylapore, Tel-43535856; Standard Chartered Sec., Jamals Santhini, 1/1, Ii nd Main Rd., Seethammal Colony, Alwarpet,; SMC Global. 2nd Flr, ‘A’ Mookambika Complex, No.4, Lady Desikachari Rd., Mylapore, ; RR equity 3rdFlr., Percision Plaza, New -397, Teynampet, Anna Salai,; SPACap, D.No-2, 5th Flr Phase-Ii Kasi Arcade, No-14 Sir Thayagaraya Rd. T.Ngr; IDBI Cap., Flat No. D, 1st Flr, Deve Regency, No. 6/11, 1st Main Rd., Gandhi Ngr, AdyarCoimbatore: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, Red Rose Chamber, 1437, Trichy Rd..P: 6699666; IDBI Cap., 2nd Flr, 16, Sathya Moorthy Rd., Opp. Ayyapaseva Sangam, RamNgr, Cuttack: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, Umang Plaza, Bajrakabati Rd., Nr. Petrol Pump, Dheradun: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, SwarajComplex, 72, Rajpur Rd., Opp Hotel Madhuban, P: 2745870; Joindre Cap., 9, Rajpur Rd., 1st Flr, Opp. Local Bus stand, SMC Global.7, 8, 9&10 Shiva Palace, Second Flr, Rajpur Rd.; RR equity 56, 1st Flr, Rajpur Rd., Opp. Madhuban, Tel-0135-3258181 Dhanbad: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, Commerce House - 2, Above Ashoka Bajaj Showroom, Shastri Ngr, P:2308482; SMC Global.1st Flr D D House Sonapatti P.O Jharia; RR equity 218, Sri Ram Plaza 2nd,Flr Bank More,; Durgapur: RR equity, Banerjee House- Dakshinayan Faridabad: SMC Global, 4th Flr Crown Plaza, Main Mathura Rd. Sec 15 A, Tel- 9811890747; RR equity, Shop No. 55, 1st Flr, Near Flyover, Neelam Chowk, Niit, Faridabad - 121001, Haryana 0129-02427361 Gorakhpur: Rr Equity., Gupta Metal stores, Harbans Gali, Hindi BazarGuwahati: Kotak Sec., Akshay Tower, 4th Flr, Opp. Rupayan Arcade, Fancy Bazar, S.S. Rd.. P: 2732243; SPA Guntur: Kotak Sec., Diamond Plaza, 2nd Flr, 6th Lane, Arundelpet Main Rd., Gurgaon: Kotak Sec.; O - 107 Arjun Shopping Mall; Arjun Ngr; Dlf Phase1; RR equity 101, Apna Bazaar Tel- 0124-5108108, 9212048108 Hissar: SMCGlobal; Mago Securities 104, Scf Gram, 1st Flr Green Square Market Hissar Ph No 09416023332 Hubli: Kotak Sec., V A Kalburgi Complex, Gr. Flr, Besides Vivekanand Corner, Desai Cross, DeshpandeNgr.P: 2357512; Hyderabad: Kotak Sec., 9-1-777, 4th Flr, Beside Itc Bldg, S D Rd, (Lane Opp to Dbr Diagnosis), P:65326394; Enam Securities, 6-3-650/217B & C, Maheshwari Chambers, 2nd Flr., Somajiguda,; JM Financial, 9-10 Uma Chambers,House, D. No. 5-9-89 / 1 & 2, Chapel Rd., P. B. No. 370, Indore: Kotak Sec., 314, Citi Centre, 570, M.G. Rd..P:2537336;A, 1st Scheme No. 54, Opp. Satya Sai School, Vijay Ngr, A. B. Rd., Jabalpur: Kotak Sec., Jain Tower, 3rdFlr, Ruseel Chowk, P: 4085850; RR equity Shop No. 5, Unique Tower, Shashtri Bridge Chowk, Opp. Icici Bank. Tel- 9827066823, 9827066823; Jaipur: Kotak Sec., 305-308, 3rdFlr, Green House, O-15, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme; Prabhat Financial., 205, Navjeevan Complex, 29, station Rd..; JM Financial, G-7 & G-8, Brij Anukamba, Plot No.K-13, Ashoka .401, Fourth Flr Shyam Anukampa Opp Hdfcbank Ashok Marg C Scheme Tel- 9929644402 RR equity 7, Katewa Bhawan, Opp. Ganapati Plaza, Mi Rd., Tel- 0141-3235456; SPA Cap, 26 Gopal Bari Oppsite . Vidhayak Puri Police station Khasakothi; IDBI Cap., 314 3rdFlr, Ganpati Plaza, M. I. Rd., Jalandhar:Kotak Sec., 2nd Flr, 465, Lajpat Ngr Market; Jammu: SMC Global 10 -A, North Block, Bahu Plaza, Jammu, 180001 Ph No 9419191091JamNgr: Kotak Sec., 701, 5th Flr, City Point, station Rd., Near Town Hall.P: 5540355; Jamshedpur: Kotak Sec., Bharat Business Centre, Ho No.2, 2nd Flr, Rm No. 8, Ram Mandir Area Bistupur, P:3090856; Joindre Cap., 6/Ii, Kamani Centre, 2nd Flr, Bistupur, SMC Global. K2-L1 Tiwary Becher Complex, P.O. Bistupur,Tel- 9934399678; SPA Cap, 302 Shreejei Arcade 76 Pennar Raod, Jodhpur: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, Gulab Bhawan, Chopasani Rd., P: 5101956; SMC Global.201, Poonam Complex, Iii-C Rd., Sardapura, Tel-9314712688; RR equity 77, Prem Vihar, Opp-Chopasni School, Chopasni Rd. Tel- 9928388322 Joindre Cap., Sancheti Bhawan, Mahaveer Market, Tripoliya Rd., Mehta Equities., E-37/38, Behind Nasarani Hotel, Kalptaru Shopping Centre, . Kanpur: KotakSec., 312-315, 3rdFlr, 14/113, Kan Chambers, Civil Lines, Near Up stock Exchange.P: 3018114; .Mall, Kochi: Kotak Sec., 40/1400, 11th Flr, Ensign Enclave, Jos Junction, M.G. Rd..P: 2377386;Standard Chartered Sec., 1st Flr, Sana Tower, 39/2579C, M.G. Rd., Ernakulam, Tel.: 0484 - 2372669 / 70 / 73; SPA Cap, Gr. Flr, Pravanavam Tower Sa Rd. Near Welcare Hospital, Vyttila; IDBI Cap., 2nd Flr, Pavana House, K. P. Vallon, K. P. Vallon Rd., Kadavanthra Kolhapur: Joindre Cap., A/12, 1st Flr, Prabjakar Plaza, station Rd., Kolkatta: Kotak Sec., 7thFlr, Apeejay House, Block ‘C’, 15, Park St, P:22273999; Kotak Sec., Govind Bhavan, Gr. Flr, 2, Biplabi Trilokya Maharaj Sarani(Brabourne Rd.), P: 2235 8105; Enam Securities, S-205, Ideal Plaza, 11/1, Sarat Bose Rd., Pin- 700020, Ph:033- 32426310/30588154; JM Financial, Kankaria Estate, 8th Flr, 6th Little Russell St, Ph: 033-3987 0330; Motilal Oswal., 3rdFlr, Constantia Building, Dr. U. N. Bramachari St, Trust Financial Consultancy .;Room No. 64,Chitrakoot, 230/A, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Rd., Tel- 40626077 / 40626070; Standard Chartered Sec., Mangalam Bldg., 24 & 26, Gr Flr, Hemanta Basu Sarani, Dalhousie, Tel: 22137028; SMC Global.18, Rabindra Sarani Podder Court Gate No 4, 5th Flr Tel- 09933664479; RR equity 704, Krishna Bldg., 224, Ajc Bose Rd.tel- 033-22802963/22806878; SPA Cap, Daimound Chamber, Room No.8-0 8th Flr, 4 Chowringhee Lane; IDBI Cap., Suit No 2 B, 228A, Landmark Bldg - Seconf Flr, Mintopark, Ajc Bose Rd. Tarun Sethia., 9, India Exchange Place, 3rdFlr, Room No.5, Kolkatta-700 001.Tel:22204481;Kota: Kotak Sec., D-8 First Flr, Shri Ram Complex, Opposite Multipurpose School, Gumanpura; SMC Global.4-A-6 Talwandi Tel- 09829116982 Lucknow: Kotak Sec., 1-2 Gr. Flr, Commerce House, Habibullah Estate, 11 M.G. Marg.P:3950119; Kotak Sec., A-1; Ashish Palace, Sector E, Aliganj, P:3232285; SMC Global. Radha Krishna Bhawan, Plot No. 3/A, 5 Park Rd., Tel- 9839826932 RR equity G-32, Shriram Tower, 13- A, Ashok Marg, Tel- 0522- 4057612; SPA Cap, 101-B, Saran Chamber-2, 5- Park Rd., IDBI Cap., 1st Flr, Halwasiya House, 11 M. G. Marg, Hazratganj Ludhiana: Kotak Sec., Sco-122, 2nd Flr, Firoz Gandhi Market, P: 5047214; SPA Cap, Sco No. 126 -128, Lgf Fir, Below Idbi Bank, Kalinga Tower, Feroze Gandhi Mkt; Madurai: Kotak RR equity F 2 1st Flr Adithi Arcade Karangalpay Tel- 9845288557, IDBI Cap., 1st Flr, Bridge Square, Balmatta Rd.; Meerut: Kotak Sec.; ShopNo. G – 33; Gr. Flr; Ganga Plaza; Begum Bridge Rd.; SMC Global., C/O Ksb Capital Services Ltd Shop No-1, First Flr, Hari Laxmi Rd., P K Rd., Crossing Meerut Ph No 9837024084, SMC Global., Kaveri Complex, P.L. Sharma Rd. Meerut Ph No 9837101412 Amit Jasani Financial, 301 Hind Rajasthan Chambers, 3rdFlr., 6, Oak Lane, Opp. Gukul Hotel, Fort. Arcadia Share., 328, Ninad Bldg., No.7, Nr. Bhavishya Nidhiu Bhavan, Service Rd., Bandra (E). Enam Securities, Khatau Building, 2nd Flr, 44 Bank St, Off Shahid Bhagatsing Rd., Fort, Pin- 400023,Ph:022- 22677901; Enam Securities, 201-A, Laxmi Towers, Bandra Kurla Compex, Bandra (E), Pin- 400051, Ph:022- 66803600; Enam Securities, Hari Chamber, Gr. Flr, 58/64, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd., Fort, Pin- 400001, Ph:022- 22677901; JM Financial, 1st Flr, Patel House, Next to Bank of Baroda, M G Rd., Vileparle (East), Ph:022-2613 5202-03/67077440-43. JM Financial, Palm Court, M- Wing, 4th Flr, Goregaon Link Rd., Malad (West), Ph:022-30877000/67617000.JM Financial, Gr. Flr, Anushka, New Link Rd, Andheri (West), Ph:022- 66191600/612. JM Financial, 2, 3, 4 Kamanwala Chambers, P M Rd., Fort, Ph:022-3021 3500/2266 5577 - 80, . JM Financial, Shop No 6, Dattani Trade Center, Chandra Varkar Rd., Borivali (West), Ph:022- 3021 5400/6695 9120 - 23. JM Financial, 424/425 Kalidas Plaza, V B Lane, Ghatkopar (East), Ph:022-3097 8700/6710 4738; Motilal Oswal., Queen’s Mension, 2nd Flr, 44 A.K. Naik Marg,Behind Khadi Gramodyog Fort. Trust Financial Consultancy ., 1101, Naman Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),; Standard Chartered Sec., Work station - 1016, standard Chartered Tower, 201-B/1, 1st Flr, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Tel.:; Edelweiss Broking: 104, 1st Flr, P J Towers, Bse Bldg, Fort, ; Nirmal Bang Sec., 201/301, 2nd Flr, B Wing, Khandelwal House, Poddhar Rd., Near Poddhar Park, Malad (East),; SMC Global. 258,Perin Nariman St First Flr Fort Tel- 09821111219; Geojit Bnp Paribas , 22 - B, Rajabahadur Mansion, Ambalal Doshi Marg, Fort, Tel; 66368911/ 9322302143; RR equity 18 First Flr, 105 Bombay Samachar Marg., Fort, RR equity 133A, Mittal Tower, A Wing, 13th Flr, Nariman Point, SPA Cap, Plot No-629 Nayay Sagar Coperative Housing Society Sant Dayaneshwar Marg Kala Ngr Bandra East (Near Guru Nanak Hospital); IDBI Cap. Mafatlal Centre, 3rdFlr, Nariman Mysore: Kotak Sec.,No: 646 - Kiran Mansion - 2 nd Flr, Above Reliance Fresh, Chamaraja Double Rd., P: 4000861; Nagpur: Kotak Sec., Plot No. 5, 3rdFlr, Lotus Gorepeth Layout Whc Rd., Dharampeth, P: 6620278; IDBI Cap., Unit No. 104, Ashish Annexe, Plot J-13 A, Whc Rd., Laxmi Ngr, Joindre Cap., G-16&17, Sai Regency Ravi Ngr Sq, Amravati Rd., ; Prabhat Financial., Shree Nidhi, 201, Yog, Temple Bazar, Sitabuldi. Mehta Equities., S-14, Subh Commercial Comples,210, W H C Rd., Dharampeth. Nashik: Kotak Sec., G-5, Suyojit Avdhoot Tower, Old Gangapur Naka, Gangapur Rd, P: 6609804; Joindre Cap., S-9/10, Suyojit Sankul, Near Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Sharanpur Rd., New Delhi: Kotak Sec., 202-217, 2nd Flr, Ambadeep Building, 14, Kasturba Gandhi Marg.P:66313131; Ss Corporate , Ndm-2, Block – D, 3rdFlr, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura,; Abhipra Capital, Abhipra Complex, A-387, Dilkhush IndustrialArea, G.T. Karnal Rd., Azadpur,; Chugh Securities, 22, New Market, Malviya Ngr, ,; Enam Securities, M-39, Iind Flr, Outer Circle, Opp.Super Bazar, Connaught Place,; Elite stock Management., S-8, Dda Shopping Complex, Mayur Vihar, Ph-1., JM Financial, 114 Himalya House, 23, K G Marg,; Motilal Oswal., 801-806, 8th Flr, Prakash Deep Building, 7 Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place, Trust Financial Consultancy ., 1001- Surya Kiran Building, 19-Kasturba GandhiMarg,; Standard Chartered Sec., 52-53, Malviya Smriti Bhawan, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,; SMC Global.17, Netaji Subhash Marg, Opp. Golcha Cinema Daryaganj, Tel- 9818620470, SMC Global. 6B, First Flr Himalaya House 23, K G Marg Connaught Place; RR equity 47, M.M. Rd., Rani Jhansi Marg, Jhandewalan,; RR equity 105, Anchal Plaza, Nelson Mandela Rd. Vasant Kunj,; RR equity 105, Pratap Bhawan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, RR equity 118,1st Flr, Aggarwal City Plaza, Plot No. 17, Manglam Palace, Sector 3, Rohini Chugh Securities, F-23, Kolhapur Rd., Kamla Ngr. Chugh Securities, Unit No.201, 205, 207, 2nd Flr., Vardhman Crystal, Cd Block, Pitampura, Chugh Securities, B 219, 2, Naraina Ind., Area Phase-1. Chugh Securities, Shop No 22, 2nd Flr, New Mkt, Malviya Ngr; OJ Financial., 231, I.J.S Place, 320, Delhi Gate Bazar, Asaf Ali Rd.. Noida: Kotak Sec, 2nd Flr, Above Kotak MahindraBank, G-31-32, Atta Market, Sector-18, P: 4606911; SMC Global. Panaji: Kotak Sec., 2nd Flr, Gurusai Plaza, Isidoria Baptista Rd., Margao, P: 6624833; Standard Chartered Sec., 15, 16 & 17, Haroons Arcade, Magnum Center, 1st Flr, M. G. Rd., Tel.: 0832 - 2232173 / 2420238 Patiala: Kotak Sec.; 134-Chotti SMC Global.Frontline Financial. 209, 2nd Flr, Pandey Mall Above Vishal Mega Mart Fraser Rd., Tel- 9798981521 Pune: KotakSec., 2 nd Flr, Kumar Business Center, Bund Garden Rd., Opp. Bund Graden, P: 66066129; Enam Securities, 1248A, Asmani Plaza, Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Shivaji Ngr, ; Enam Securities, 101 & 102, Silver Prestige, 1st Flr, Opp. Mccia, Tilak Rd., Swargate, JM Financial, 205 Business Guild, Opp. Krishna Dining Hall, Law College Rd., Erandawane,; Trust Financial Consultancy ., 204, sterling Center, Opp.Hotel Arora Tower, M.G.Rd. Camp,; Raipur: Kotak Sec., Menzanine Fllor, Chawla Complex, Near Vanijya Bhawan, Devendra Ngr Rd., P: 251555; Joindre Cap., 206,Rishabh Complex, 2nd Flr, M G Rd., Rajkot: Kotak Sec., Nath Complex, 2nd Flr, Opp. Jilla Panchayat, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yagnik Rd..P:2459436; Enam Securities, 308, 3rdFlr, Towar Commercial Complex, Jawahar Complex, Near Galaxy Hotel, ; JM Financial, 202 Solitaire, 2nd Flr, Swami Vivekananda Marg, Near Municipal Commissioner Bunglow, Ramkrishna Ngr,; SMC Global.302/B 3rdFlr, Shivalik - 5 | Makkam Chowk | Gondal Rd.. ; IDBICap., 1st Flr, Ankur Bldg., Dr. Radhakrishan Rd., Near Moti Tanki, ; Jobanputra Fiscal., 508, Aalap ‘A’, Subhash Rd.; Jobanputra Fiscal, Adinath Towers, ‘F’ Gr. Flr, Opp. Akashwani; Standard Chartered Sec.,Pratap Market, 1st Flr, Sevoke Rd., Near Payal Cinema, Tel (0353) 2544894 / 95 / 2460749; Surat: Kotak Sec., Kotak House, K G Point, 1st Flr, Nr.Ganga Palace, Opp.Idbi Bank, Ghoddod Rd..P: 2254553; Jm Financial, 407, 4th Flr, 21 Century Business Centre, Near Udhna Char Rasta, Ring Rd., Ph:0261-3984000; Standard Chartered Sec., U-18, Upper Gr. Flr, Jolly Plaza, Athwagate, Tel.: 0261 - 2463101 / 02; RR equity 9-Ravi Raj Society, Behind GayatriMandir, New City Light Rd. Tel- 0261-2265818, 9925233692; IDBI Cap., Unit No. 302, 3rdFlr, Meridian Tower, Nond 2105/2106, Khatodara, Udhana Darwaja, Ring Rd., Trichur: Kotak Sec., No:22 Suharsha Towers, Shornur Rd., Trichy: Kotak Sec., C-56, 1-24-4th Cross, Thillai Ngr, Trivandrum: Kotak Sec., Mahesh Estates, 2nd Flr, T L -15/1805, Vazhuthacadu, P: 2337423; IDBI Cap., Nh Rd., Killipalam, Trivandrum. Udaipur: Kotak Sec., 222/12, IstFlr, Mumal Towers, Saheli Marg, P: 513901; Vadodara: Kotak Sec., 216, Meghdhanush Complex, Race Course Rd. (South), P: 2314455; Enam Securities, Gf 9, Silverline Towers, Opp Bbc Towers, Sayajiganj,; Enam Securities, 642 Fortune Towers, Sayajiganj,; JM Financial, G1Gr. Flr, Shohan, 49 Alkapuri Society, Opp. Hdfc Babk, Alkapuri,; Joindre Cap., 509, Blue Chip Towers, Sayaji Gunj, Baroda, Standard Chartered Sec., F-101, Savoy Complex, OldPadra Rd.,; RR equity 222 Siddharth Complex, Rc Dutta Rd..,; IDBI Cap., G/24 Concorde Bldg., R P Dutta Rd., Near Idbi Bank, B/H Idbi Bank, Alkapuri, Ratnakar Securities, 145, Paradise Complex, Sayaji Gunj. Varanasi: Kotak Sec., 1st Flr, Arihant Complex, D-64127-CH, Sigra, P: 2227305; RR equity Shop No. 38, Gr. Flr Kuber Complex, Rath Yatra 9415201997; SPA Cap, D-64/132 Ka, Anant Complex, Sigra, IDBI Cap., D-58/12, A-7, Iiird , Flr, Gandhi Ngr,Sigra, Vijayawada: Kotak Sec., 40-1-48/1, Labbipet, M.G.Rd., P: 6649061; Visakhapatnam: Kotak Sec., Door No.47-10-15, Vrc Complex, 2nd Flr, Railway station Rd, Dwarka Ngr, P: 6642009; JM Financial, Door No 9-1-224/4/3, 1st Flr, Nandan Nirman, Cbm Comp., Near Rama Talkies Junction, IDBI Cap., 10 / 1 / 44 3rdFlr, T. L. N. Complex, Opp. Idbi Bank, Siripuram. NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA - APPLICATION FORMS CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED AT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING BRANCHES* STATE BANK OF INDIAAhmedabad: Ahmedabad Main Branch Post Bag No. 182, Bhadra, Ahmedabad District: Ahmadabad Gujarat 380001. Allahabad: State Bank Of India Allahabad Branch Allahabad District: Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 211001. Amritsar: Town Hall Asr Pb No. 22 Amritsar Pb District: Amritsar Punjab 143001. Anand: - District: Anand Gujarat 388001. Bangalore: P.B.No. 5310 State Bank Road Bangalore 560 001 District: Bangalore Urban Karnataka 560001.Bareilly (Mc): Civil Lines Near Kuthcery Bareilly District: Bareilly Uttar Pradesh 243001. Bharuch: Station Road, Bharuch District Bharuch State Gujarat District: Bharuch Gujarat 392001. Bhavnagar: Mangal Bhavan Diwanpara Road Bhavnagar District: Bhavnagar Gujarat 364001. Bhilai Nagar: Bhilai Pb No. 5 Sec.I Bhila Distt : Durg District: Durg Chhattisgarh 490001. Bhopal: New Market T.T. Nagar, Bhopal Distt : Bhopal District: Bhopal MadhyaPradesh 462003. Bhubaneswar: Unit-1 Bhubaneswar Khurda District: Khurda Orissa 751009. Bokaro Steel City: P.O.-Bokaro Steel City District: Bokaro Jharkhand 827011. Chandigarh: Sco 43-48, Sector 17-B, Bank Square, Chandigarh District: Chandigarh Chandigarh 160017. Chennai: 2, Prakasam Road T. Nagar Chennai District: Chennai Tamil Nadu 600017. Coimbatore: State Bank Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. District: Coimbatore TamilNadu 641018. Cuttack: Collectoriate Compound P.O-Chandinichowk Cuttack District: Cuttack Orissa 753002. Delhi: C Block 11 Parliament Street New Delhi District: Delhi Delhi 110001. Dhanbad: P.O.-Dhanbad District: Dhanbad Jharkhand 826001. Greater Mumbai: Videocon Heritage, Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort Mumbai District: Mumbai Maharashtra 400001Gwalior:Hyderabad: Sbi Buildings Bank Street, Koti Hyderabad District: Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500095. Jabalpur: Jabalpur Main Branch Pb No. 16 Jbp482001 Distt : Jabalpur District: Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 482001. Jaipur: State Bank Of India Main Branch, Sanganeri Gate, Jaipur District: Jaipur Rajasthan 302001. Jalandhar: Civil Lines, Jalandhar District: Jalandhar Punjab 144001. Jammu: Hari Market Jammu Tawi (J&K) District: Jammu Jammu& Kashmir 180001. Jamnagar: - District: Jamnagar Gujarat 361001. Jamshedpur: P.O.-Jamshedpur District: Purbi Singhbhum Jharkhand 831001Jodhpur: High Cort Campus- Jodhpur Rajasthan District: Jodhpur Rajasthan 342006. Kochi: - District: Ernakulam Kerala 682003. Kolkata: Samriddhi Bhavan 1 . Strand Road Kolkata West Bengal 700001. Kota: Lic Building Kota District: Kota Rajasthan 324001. Lucknow: State Bank Of India Tara WaliKothi, Moti Mah Al Marg Lucknow District: Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 226001. Madurai: Sangam Towers 7 West Veli Street Madurai District: Madurai Tamil Nadu 625001. Meerut: Meerut Roorkee Road Meerut Cantt Meerut District: Meerut Uttar Pradesh 250001. Nagpur: Kingsway, Nagpur Dist. : Nagpur District: Nagpur Maharashtra 440001. Panaji: Panaji Main Branch Opp Mandovi Hotel,Db Marg Panaji , Goa District: North Goa Goa 403001. Patna:West Gandhi Maidan, Patna District: Patna Bihar 800001. Pune: Raipur: Raipur Pb No.29/61,Raipur Distt : Raipur District: Raipur Chhattisgarh 492001. Rajkot: Rajkot District: Rajkot Gujarat 360001. Ranchi: Court Compound, Ranchi District: Ranchi Jharkhand 834001. Salem: - District: Salem Tamil Nadu 636001. Shimla: Shimla-3 District: Simla Himachal Pradesh171001. Surat: - District: Surat Gujarat 395001. Thane: SBI, Thane Branch, Mazda Complex, Parsi Agiary Lane, Thane District: Thane Maharashtra 400601. Thiruvananthapuram: PB No 14 M G Road Trivandrum District: Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 695001. Tirupati: Behind Govindaraja Temple Tirupati District: Chittoor Andhra Pradesh 517501. Trichy: 21, Mcdonald Road, Tiruchirapalli , District Tiruchirapalli Tamilnadu 620001. Udaipur: MainBranch Udaipur, 23-C, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan District: Udaipur Rajasthan 313001. Valsad: - District: Valsad Gujarat 396001Varanasi: State Bank Of India Varanasi Branch Varanasi District: Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 221002Vijayawada: SBI, Patamata Near Auto Nagar Gate Vijayawada District: Krishna Andhra Pradesh 520007. Visakhapatnam: Rednam Gardens, Old Jail Road, Visakhapatnam District: Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 530001 AXIS BANK LIMITEDAgra : Shop No. 1, 3 To 16, Block No 51, Anupam Plaza Ii, Sanjay Place, Agra 282 002, Uttar Pradesh. Ahmedabad : Trishul,OppositeSamartheshwar Temple, Law Garden,,Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad 380 006. AmbalaCity: Haryana Ground & Mezzanine Floor, Khanna Motors Building, ManavVihar, Hissar Road, Ambala. Asansol: Purbasha Banquet Hall, Apurba Complex, ApcarGarden, Sen Raleigh Road, Asansol 713 304, West Bengal,Bangalore: Bangalore MainBranch; No. 9, M. G. Road,BlockA,Bangalore 560001,Bhavnagar: Plot No.4/B, Vasundhara Complex, Opp. Dakshinamurthy School, Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar 364 002, Gujarat. Bhopal: Bhopal,Star Arcade, Plot No.165 A & 166,Zone - I, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal -462 011,Madhya Pradesh. Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneshwar: C.O. ArchbishopSHouse,Satyanagar, ,Bhubaneshwar 751007Chennai : Chennai Main Branch82, Dr.RadhakrishnanSalai, Mylapore,Chennai600004. Dhanbad: Shri Ram Plaza, First Floor, Bank More, Dhanbad 826 001, Jharkhand,Durgapur :No.101/N, SahidKhudiramSarani, City Centre, Durgapur 713 216, District Burdwan, West Bengal,Erode: R.S.No. 418/2, Adjoining Sudha Nursing Home, Perundurai Rd., VeerappanChathiram Panchayat, Erode 638 011, Tamil Nadu,Guwahati: Ground Floor, Chibber House, G.S. Road, Dispur, Guwahati 781 005, AssamGwalior: Ground Floor, Kanwal Complex,ShrimantMadhavrao, ScindiaMarg, Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 474002, Hissar : Sco No/ 177, Commercial Urban Estate,No/ 1, Hissar 125 001, HaryanaHubli : Kalburgi Plaza,163/20A, Main Road, Deshpandenagar, Hubli 580 029, Karnataka. Hyderabad : Hyderabad Main Branch6-3-879/B, G. Pulla Reddy Bldg., First Floor, Begumpet Road, Hyderabad 500 016. Indore: "Kamal Palace", 1, YeshwantColony,YeshwantNiwasRoad,Indore - 452 003. Jamnagar :Jaidev Arcade, Ground Floor, Park Colony Main Road, Near Joggers’ Park, Jamnagar 361008, Gujarat. Jamshedpur: Voltas House, Near Ram Mandir,Bistupur, Jamshedpur 831 001, Jharkhand State Kanpur: Ground & First Floor, 16/104-A, Civil Lines, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208 001 Kolkata: Ground & First Floors, 7, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata 700 071, West Bengal. Kota: 414, Shopping Centre, Kota 324 007, Rajasthan. Ludhiana: Lower Ground Floor,Shop No.AG-01, 02, 03, 3 A, 04, 05,05-A, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11.Unit No. 1 & 2, The Boulevard, Plot No.105, Mall Road,Ludhiana, Punjab, 141001. Mangalore: Essel Towers, Bunts Hostel Circle, Mangalore - 575 003, Karnataka. Mumbai: Universal Insurance Building, GF, Sir PM road,Fort,Mumbai 400001. Navsari: Navsari, Gujarat, Building ‘A’, PremAnand Co-Op Housing Society Ltd, Near LunsikuiGround, NavsariGandevi Road, Navsari, Gujarat 396 445.New Delhi: "Statesman House",148, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110 001. Patna: LokNayak Jay Prakash Bhawan, Dak Bungalow Crossing, Patna 800001, Bihar. Pune :Main Branch, Sterling Plaza, Plot No.1262/B,JangliMaharajRoad,Near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004. Vadodara: Vardhaman Complex, Opp. G.E.B., Near Pizza Hut, Race Course Circle (North),Vadodara 390 007, Gujarat ICICI BANK LIMITEDAhmedabad - JMC House, Opp. Parimal Gardens,Opp Parimal Garden, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 006; Amritsar - 361, M.C International The Mall, Amritsar - 143001, Punjab Bangalore - ICICI Bank Towers, 1, Commissariat Road, Ground Floor, 560025; Belgaum - Shree Krishna Towers, #14, Khanapur Road, RPD Cross, Tilakwadi, Belgaum - 590006; Bharuch - Blue Chip Complex, Sevashram Road, Panchbatti, Bharuch -392001; Bhavnagar - Ground Floor, Plot No. 2569,Ratnadeep, Opp. Central Salt Research Institute,Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar - 364002; Chandigarh - ,SCO 9-10-11, SECTOR 9-D. 160017; Chennai - 110, Prakash Presidium, Uthamar Gandhi Salai, (Nungambakkam High Road), 600034; Cochin - Emgee Square, M.G.Road, Ernakulam, Kochi - 682035 ; Coimbatore - Cheran Plaza, 1090, Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641018;Dehradun - NCR, Plaza,24, New Cantt Road, Hathibarkala, Dehradun, Uttaranchal - 248001; Faridabad - , Booth No. 104-105, District Centre, Sector 16, Faridabad- 121007, Haryana; Ghaziabad - R- 1/88, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. - 201001;Guntur- 5-82-2, PMG Complex, Lakshmipuram Main Road, 522002; Gurgaon - SCO 18 & 19, HUDA Shopping Centre, Sector-14, Market Complex, Gurgaon - 122001; Guwahati- Ground Floor, Shanti Complex, G S Road, Bhangagarh, Guwahati - 781005;Hyderabad - 6-2-1012, TGV Mansions, Opp. Institution of Engineers, Khairatabad, 500004, door no 74 & 75 Vinayak nagar Gachbowli main road Gachibowli, 500032; Indore - 4, Chhoti Khajrani, Malav Parisar, A-B road, Indore, MP Pin 452 008; Jaipur - C-99, Shreeji Towers, Subhash Marg, Near Ahimsa Circle, C Scheme, 302001; Jodhpur - 637-B,Gr. Floor, Bhansali Complex, Residency Road, Jodhpur - 342003; Kanpur- J.S Towers, 208001; Kolhapur - Ground Floor, Vasant Plaza, Rajaram Road, Rajarampuri, 416001; Kolkata - 22, R N Mukherjee Road, 700001; Lucknow - Shalimar Tower, 31/54 M.G. Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow -226001; Mumbai -30,Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort- 400001; Mysore - 2950, Aishwarya Arcade, 9th Cross, Kalidasa Road, V.V. Mohalla,Mysore. - 570002; Nasik - U-1, Crown Commercial Complex, Opp. Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan (NMC), Utility Centre, Sharanpur Road, 422002; New Delhi - 9A, Phelps Building, Inner Circle,Connaught Place, 110001; Noida - K-1, Senior Mall, Sector 18, 201301, Panjim - 65, Sindur Business Centre, Swami Vivekanand Road, 403001, Pondicherry - 47, Mission Street, Pondicherry - 605001; Pune - A-Wing, Shangrila Gardens, BundGarden Road, 411001. Rajkot - Jai Hind Press annexe, Opp. Shardabaug, Babubhai Shah Marg, 360001; Surat - Anjan Shalaka, Lal Bungalow, Athwa Lines, 395007;Vadodara- Landmark Building, Race Course Circle, Alkapuri, 390007. HDFC BANK LIMITEDAgra: First Floor,Pariney Garden,Bhagfarjana, Civil Lines, Agra - 282002.Ahmedabad: HDFC Bank Ltd,Astral Tower, Near Mithakhali Six Raod,Navrnagpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009. Ambala: 6352/11 Nicholson Road First Floor Ambala Cantt. Bangalore: HDFC Bank Ltd.,Cash Management Services “Salco Centre” # 8/24, Richmond Road,Bangalore.Bhhatinda: HDFC Bank Ltd 83/1 Liberty Chowk,Civil Lines Bhatinda. Bhavnagar:Waghawadi Road,Bhavnagar; Bhilwara: HDFC Bank Ltd., WBO, Shop no. 1-2-3-4, “A” Block, First Floor, SK Plaza, Pur Road Bhilwara (Raj.) 311001; Bikaner: HDFC Bank Ltd. Roshan Plaza, Rani Bazar, Bikaner. Burdwan: 45 GT Road/Burdwan-713101. Calicut: HDFC Bank Ltd, III Floor, Simax Towers, Kannur Road, Nadakkave, Calicut. Chandigarh: sco-189-190 Sector 17 c. Chennai: No. 115, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, 2nd Floor, Opp. to CSI KalyaniHospital, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004.Coimbatore Cuttack: HDFC Bank Ltd., Holding No 32, 32/A Bajrakabati Road, Cuttack ,Orissa - 753 001. Dehradun: WBO Deptt, HDFC Bank, 56, Rajpur Road. Gorakhpur: Wholesale Banking Operations,Shreenath Complex, 10, Park Road, Civil Lines,Gorakhpur. Hyderabad: WBO 1-10-60/3, III Floor, Suryodaya,Begumpet. Indore: HDFC Bank Ltd.,1st Floor, Brilliant Avenue, Sch No. 94, Sector -B, Behind Bombay Hospital, Ring Road.Jaipur: HDFC Bank House, 2nd Floor, O-10,Ashok Marg,C-Scheme,Jaipur.Jalandhar: HDFC Bank Ltd., 1st Floor, 911, GT Road, Nr. Narinder Cinema, Jalandhar. Jammu: CB-13, Rail Head Commercial Complex, Gandhi Nagar. Kanpur: Cochin: First Floor, Palarivattom 25. Kolkata: Abhilasha - II, 6 Royd Street (2nd Floor). Kota:13-14, Main Jhalawar Road; Ludhiana: SCO-54, Phase -2 Urban Estate Dugri Madurai: Sri Nithyakalyani Towers, No 34 Krishnarayan Tank Street, North Veli Street. Mumbai: Ground Floor, Maneckji Wadia Building,Nanik Motwani Marg,Near Kala Ghoda,opp Mumbai University,Fort Mumbai- 400 001. Muzaffarnagar: First Floor, 53/4 Janshat Road,New Mandi.Nagpur: 2, “ Mile Stone “ Block No 303 & 304, Near Lokmat Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur - 440010,Maharashtra. Nasik: HDFC Bank Ltd., 3rd Floor , Archit Centre , Opp Sandeep Hotel, Chandak Circle Link Road, Near Mahamarg Bus Stand , Nasik 422 002. Nellore: 17/126, G.V.R. Enclave, G.T. Road, Nellore – 524001. Delhi: Fig-Ops 1st Floor, Kailash Bldg. Patiala: Building No. 11520, 1st Floor Leela bhawan, Near Gopal Sweets. Pondicherry: T.S.No.6, 100Ft Road, Ellaipillaichavady.Raipur : HDFC Bank Ltd., Chawla Towers, Near Bottle House, ShankarNagar , Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492007. Rajahmundry: 46-17-20, 1stFloor, Danavaipet, Rajahmundry.Rajkot: Shivalik - V , 3rd Floor, Gondal Road, Rajkot. Ranchi : 56 Rohini Complex Circular Road Lalpur Ranchi 834001. Shillong: Anders Mansion, Police Bazar,Shillong. Shimoga: HDFC Bank Ltd., W B O, No 447 ,Sharavathi Complex, Savarlane Road, Shimoga. Siliguri: 136/115 Hill Cart Road. Solapur: HDFC Bank Ltd 8516/11 Murarji Peth,Sun PlazaBldg,Lucky Chowk,Solapur – 413007. Surat: 1st Floor , Crossway Mall , Near Ram Chowk, Ghod Dod Road. Surendranagar: Middle Point, A Wing, Nr : Milan Cenama, Main Road, Surendranagar. Tirupati: HDFC Bank Ltd., 19-8-180,Krishna Arcade, Beside IBP Petrol pump, Near Annamaiah Circle. Tirupur: HDFC Bank Ltd,No-169,Chidambaram Complex,Kumaran Road,Tirupur – 641601 Trichur: Third Floor, Suharsha Towers,Shornur Road. Udaipur: Uday . Panipat: 801/4,Opps. Railway Road, G.T Road, Panipat. Moradabad: HDFC Bank Ltd, First Floor, Chaddha Complex, GMD Road; Kottayam: 3rd Floor Unity Buildings , KK Road. UNION BANK OF INDIAAGRA MAIN: Frends Wasan Plaza, Sanjay Place, Dist. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Pin - 282 003. ALLAHABAD MAIN: Hotel Samrat Building, 49/25, M.G. Marg, Civil Dist. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Pin - 211001, AMRITSAR MAIN: BHILWARA: 15/251, Rajendra Marg, Dist. Bhilwara, Rajasthan, Pin - 311 001. BURDWAN: G.T. Road, Post Burdwan, Dist. Burdwan, West Bengal, Pin - 713101. BHOPAL MAIN: P.B. No. 71, Post Jumerati, District Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Pin - 462 001, CHANDIGARH MAIN: SCO 64/65, Bank Square, Sector 17-B, Dist. Chandigarh, U.T.Chandigarh, Pin - 160 017. FARIDABAD MAIN: 58, Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad, Dist. Faridabad, Haryana, Pin - 121001, Haryana. GURGAON MAIN: 548/1, Dayanand Colony, New Railway Road, Gurgaon - 122 001, Haryana; JODHPUR MAIN: Takiya Chand Shah Market,Outside Sojati Gate, Dist. Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Pin - 342 001. KOLHAPUR MAIN: 1411 “C”, Maya Chambers, Laxmipuri, Post Box No. 12, Dist. Kolhapur, Pin - 416 002; MEERUT MAIN: Begum Bridge Road, Opp. Govt.Inter College, P.B. No. 93, Meerut City, Uttar Pradesh, Pin - 250 001; MUZAFFARNAGAR: 167/1, Civil Lines, P.B. No. 40, Dist. Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, Pin - 251 001. MUMBAI SAMACHAR MARG - MUMBAI: 66/80, Mumbai SamacharMarg, Post Bag No.253 & 518, Fort, Mumbai - 400 023. DWARKA - NEW DELHI: Bansal Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot No. 13, Sector 6, Central Market Dwarka, New Delhi; NOIDA COMPLEX (HAROLA) MAIN: Sector 29, Brahmputra complex, Noida, Dist.Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, Pin - 201 303, NASIK CITY: Maratha Mandir, Post Box No. 18, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nasik City, Pin - 422 001, Maharashtra. PATIALA MAIN: 1, Yadvinder Colony, 2412/5,Opp. Malwa Theatre, The Mall Road, Dist. Patiala, Punjab, Pin - 147 001, UDAIPUR MAIN: Opp. Town Hall, Panch Sheel Marg, Dist. Udaipur, Rajasthan, Pin - 313 001. SHILLONG: 2nd Floor, L D B Building, G S Road, Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills, Pin - 793 001. SYNDICATE BANKAurangabad (Maharashtra) Friends Colony; Bangalore (Karnataka),Gandhi Nagar; Calicut (Kerala), Cherooty Road; Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Armenian Street; Erode (Tamil Nadu), Mettur Road. Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Nizamshahi Road (N.S. Road). Kochi/Ernakulum (Kerala), Parry Junction, Thoppumpady; Mumbai (Maharashtra) Homji Street; Mangalore (Karnataka) Hampankatta; Salem (Tamil Nadu), Longley Road Shevapet. Thiruvananthapuram(Kerala), Statue Junction; Trichur (Kerala), Palace Road, Thrissur; Trichy (Tamil Nadu), West Bouleward Road. Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Main Road. Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Daba Grdns. NR A CAN K NG A O M N O BOND N H CA MOD HA UBM H A CA ON A MUMBA D H AHM DABAD H D RABAD CH NNA BANGA OR CHAND GARH AND KOCH NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA 3
  • 4. IN THE NATURE OF ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS (FORM 2A)- MEMORANDUM CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF PROSPECTUS - TRANCHE 1 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSApplicants are advised to read the Shelf Prospectus dated December 13, 2011 (the 6. Deemed Date of Allotment: `“Shelf Prospectus”), Addendum to Shelf Prospectus together with the Tranche 1Prospectus dated December 22, 2011 (the “Prospectus Tranche 1”), shall constitutethe “Prospectus” and the general instructions contained in this Application Form IFSCcarefully and to satisfy themselves of the disclosures before making an application for 7. Subscription: 7.1. Period of Subscription: 11.2.4.subscription. Unless otherwise specified, all the terms used in this Issue Form have National Electronic Fund Transfer (“NEFT”):the same meaning as in the Prospectus. For a copy of the Prospectus the applicantsmay request us and/or the Lead Managers. Further, investors are advised to retain Issue Opens onthe copy of the Prospectus/Abridged prospectus for their future reference. Please fillin the Form in English using BLOCK Letters. Investors should carefully choose the Issue Closes onOption(s) they wish to apply for. Please refer to Terms of the Issue in the Prospectusfor further details.TERMS OF THE ISSUEThe Bonds being offered as part of this Tranche 1 Issue are subject to the provisions of the SEBI Debt public notice of such early closure is published on or before the day of such early date of closure through 11.2.5. Cheques or Demand drafts: 7.2. Underwriting: 7.3. Minimum Subscription: 11.3. Printing of Bank Particulars:1. Authority for the Issue: ` 8. Interest: 8.1. Interest: `2. Issue and Status of Bonds: 2.1. 12. ` 8.2. Day Count Convention: 2.2. 8.3. Interest on Application Money: 8.3.1. Interest on application monies received which are used 13. Taxation: towards allotment of Bonds: 2.3. The Bonds are 14. Security: 15. Events of Default: 16. Bondholder’s Rights, Nomination Etc.: 16.1. Rights of Bondholders: a) The rights, privileges and conditions attached to 8.3.2. Interest on application monies received which are liable to be refunded: b) The registered3. Form, Face Value, Title and Listing etc: 3.1.1. Form of Allotment: c)“Tripartite Agreements” Rejection of Application” at 9. Redemption: 9.1. Depositories Act 9.2. Procedure for Redemption by Bondholders: The procedure 3.1.2. 9.2.1. Bonds held in electronic form: 16.3. 9.2.2. Bonds held in physical form: Succession: 3.1.3. 16.4. Nomination Facility to Bondholder: 16.4.1. 17. Trustee: 17.1. 3.2. Face Value: The face value of each Bond is ` 3.3. Title: 3.3.1. In case of: i) Bonds 10. Payments: 10.1. Payment of Interest on Bonds: 18.Miscellaneous: 18.1.Loan against Bonds: The Bonds can be pledged or hypothecated for obtaining ii) 18.2. Lien:being appearing in the Register of Bondholders as Bondholder, shall be treated as Bondholders for all 18.3. Lien on Pledge of Bonds: pledge of Bond is accepted by any bank, institution or others for any loan provided to the Bondholder 3.3.2. 18.4. Joint-holders: 10.2. Record Date: 18.5. Sharing of Information: Record Date 10.3. Effect of holidays on payments: 18.6. Notices: 3.4. Listing: 18.7. Issue of Duplicate 3.5. 10.4.Market Lot: 3.5.1. Market Lot 3.5.2. Issue Structure 3.6. Procedure forRematerialisation of Bonds: 18.8. Future Borrowings:4. Register of Bondholders: 10.5. 4.2. Transfers: 4.2.1. Transferof Bonds held in dematerialized form: 18.9. Jurisdiction: The Bonds, the Trust Deed, the 11. Manner and Mode of Payment: 11.1. Manner of Payment: 11.1.1. For Bonds applied or held in electronic form: ISSUE PROCEDURE: 4.2.2. Transfer of Bonds in physical form: 11.1.2. For Bonds held in physical form: 11.2. Modes of Payment: 19. Availability of Prospectus and Application Forms: 11.2.1. Direct Credit:4.3. Formalities Free of Charge: 11.2.2. NECS: Through NECS for Applicants having 20. Who can apply: Category MICR I:5. Application Amount: 11.2.3. Real Time Gross Settlement (“RTGS”): Applicants having a bank account 4 NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA
  • 5. IN THE NATURE OF ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS (FORM 2A)- MEMORANDUM CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF PROSPECTUS - TRANCHE 1 Category Colour Of Application Form* provides the Depository Participant details in the Application Form shall be Allotted the Bonds Category II: ` NHAI shall dispatch the Consolidated Bond Category III: ` mutatis mutandis Note: All other category of Investors including eligible NRI applicants, eligible to invest White 37. Applications for Allotment of Bonds in the dematerialised form: As per the provisions of the Applicants 33. Instructions for Completing the Application Form:are advised to ensure that applications made by them do not exceed the investment limits ormaximum number of Bonds that can be held by them under applicable statutory and or regulatoryprovisions. Applicants are advised to ensure that they have obtained the necessary statutory a)and/or regulatory permissions/consents/approvals in connection with applying for, subscribingto, or seeking allotment of Bonds pursuant to the Issue. b) c) d)21. Applications cannot be made by: a) b) c) d) e)22. Applications by Mutual Funds: f) g) h) All Applications by Public Financial Institutions, Statutory Corporations, Commercial Banks, Co-operative Banks and i) The trading of the Regional Rural Banks, Provident Funds, Pension Funds, Superannuation Funds and Gratuity Allottees will have the option to re-materialise the Bonds Fund, Insurance companies registered with the IRDA, National Investment Fund, Mutual Funds so Allotted as per the provisions of the Depositories Act. In addition to the above, certain additional and Foreign Institutional Investors applicants shall be received only by the Lead Managers and Applications for all the Series of Bonds may be made in a single Application Form only. NHAI would allot Tranche 1 Series 2 Bonds to all valid applications, wherein the applicants have not indicated their choice23. Application by Commerical Banks, Co-operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks: of the relevant series of Bonds in their Application Form. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 34. Dos: Check if you are eligible to apply; Read all the instructions carefully and complete PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS the Application Form; 38. Escrow Mechanism:24. Applications by NRIs: NRI Escrow Account 1. In case of NRIs applying under repatriation basis: If it is received FII Escrow Account 39. Method of payment of purchase consideration for FII: Applicant’s Bank 2. In case of NRIs applying under Account Details 40. Payment into Escrow Account: – Applications for Allotment of Bonds in a) the physical form b) c) Applications by NRI in physical form shall be submitted only “Escrow Account NHAI – Tranche - I d)at the Collection Centres located at Mumbai, Delhi, Ahemdabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, e) TheChandigarh and Kochi. The Issuer does not make any representations and does not guaranteeeligibility of any foreign investor, including inter-alia NRIs and FIIs for investment into the Issue Applications under Power of Attorney of “NRI Escrow Account NHAI – Tranche – I” f)either on a repatriation basis or on a non-repatriation basis. All foreign Investors have to verify “FII Escrow Account NHAI – Tranche – I” g)pertaining to their eligibility to invest in the Issue at the stage of investment in every tranche, atthe time of remittance of their investment proceeds as well as at the time of disposal of the Bonds. h)25. Issue and Allotment of Bonds to NRI applicants: Permanent Account Number26. Applications by FII: i) 41. Submission of Application Forms: The Issuer does not make anyrepresentations and does not guarantee eligibility of any foreign investor, including inter-aliaNRIs and FIIs for investment into the Issue either on a repatriation basis or on a non-repatriation Joint Applicationsbasis. All foreign Investors have to verify their eligibility and ensure compliance with all relevant Multiple Applicationsthe stage of investment in every tranche, at the time of remittance of their investment proceeds All applications by Public Financial Institutions, Statutory Corporations, Commercial Banks, Co-operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks, Provident Funds, Pensionsuch investments into the Issue. Funds, Superannuation Funds and Gratuity Fund, Insurance companies registered with the IRDA,27. Investments by FIIs: National Investment Fund, Mutual Funds and Foreign Institutional Investors should be made in the form prescribed for these applicants and shall be received only by the Lead Managers and 42. Online Applications: ” in the Application 35. Don’ts:28. Application by Insurance Companies: 43. Other Instructions: A. Joint Applications: 36. Applications for Allotment of Bonds in the physical form: B. Additional/Muliple Applications: An29. Applications by Trusts: Application Form in all respects, by providing all the information including PAN and demographic details. However, do not provide the Depository Participant details in the Application Form. The C. Depository Arrangements: We have entered30. Applications under Power of Attorney: D. Communications:31. Application Size: An Applicant has the option32. Application Form: NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA 5
  • 6. IN THE NATURE OF ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS (FORM 2A)- MEMORANDUM CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF PROSPECTUS - TRANCHE 144. Rejection of Applications: ` “Overall 46. Allotment Advice/Refund Orders: Issue Size”. 45.2. Allocation Ratio: Particulars Category I Category II Category III* a) 45.3. Basis of Allotment for Bonds: i. Applicants belonging to the b) c) ii. d) iii. Applicants belonging A copy of the tranche 48. Pre-Issue Advertisement: i. ii. iii. Category 49. IMPERSONATION: thereafter case of oversubscription: ” 50. Listing: 51. Utilisation of Application Money:45. Basis of Allotment: i. ii. If the process of rounding off to the nearest integer results in the actual allocation of Bonds being higher than the Issue 52. Undertaking by the Issuer: We undertake that: a) b) c)shall ensure that public notice of such early closure is published on or before the day of such early date preference, iii. d) e) 45.1. Grouping ofApplications and Allocation Ratio: f) i) Applications received g) Category I Portion ii) Category II Portioniii) Category III Portion FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE REFER TO THE PROSPECTUS LEAD MANAGERS TO THE ISSUE* REGISTRAR TO THE ISSUE COMPLIANCE OFFICER Mr. S.K. Chauhan, SBI CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITED A.K. CAPITAL SERVICES LIMITED MCS LIMITED in case of any pre-Issue or post-Issue related problems such as non-receipt account or refund orders, etc. SEBI LEAD MANAGERS TO THE ISSUE DEBENTURE TRUSTEE ICICI SECURITIES LIMITED*** KOTAK MAHINDRA CAPITAL COMPANY LIMITED*** SBICAP TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED# SEBI ESCROW COLLECTION BANKS/BANKERS TO THE ISSUE: Union Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank Limited, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank Limited, HDFC Bank Limited, Legal Advisors to the Issuer Statutory Auditors: Independent Auditors of NHAI: ASP & Co., Bankers to NHAI: Canara Bank Syndicate Bank Refund Bank: Consortium Members for marketing of the Issue SBICAP Securities Limited, A. K. STOCKMART PRIVATE LIMITED KOTAK SECURITIES LIMITED ICICI SECURITIES LIMITED* CREDIT RATING AGENCIES: CRISIL LIMITED CREDIT ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH LIMITED, FITCH RATINGS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, RISK FACTORS “Outstanding Litigation and “Our Business” Material Developments”“Financial Information” Total; 1,97,302.77. Subsidiaries: Total; 14,255.45. 2. Our operations and regulations in the infrastructure industry do not proceed in the desired direction, results of our operations could 3. Our operations may also get affected by an increase in prices of raw materials or plan by the GoI may adversely affect our operations. Our operations are very capital intensive and any reduction shortages of raw materials which will lead to increase in the cost of construction of road projects. Any 4. Our operations may also get affected due to inability to manage our growth which could disrupt our business and adversely affect cost of our project. ` For ` 1.50 out of ` 2.00 of the cess.INTERNAL RISKS1. NHAI and its Subsidiaries are presently involved in a number of civil proceedings, including arbitrationand consumer cases. In the event these cases are decided against us or failure by us to adequately recover The balance cess at the rate ofon our claims against the other parties for payment may increase the construction cost of our projects. ` Any adverse change in theThe Authority is party to various legal proceedings pending at different levels of adjudication before various courts 5. up as individual projects on which NHAI is directly or indirectly collecting Toll/User Fee by way of Toll capital contribution by GoI and consequently our physical execution may be adversely affected. 6 NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA
  • 7. IN THE NATURE OF ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS (FORM 2A)- MEMORANDUM CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF PROSPECTUS - TRANCHE 1 RISK FACTORS ` Any dispute “MCA” “Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments” NHAI Event of Default: default Concessionaire Event of Default: 6. A tertiary risk The toll receipts are “PPP” monitoring 18. Our insurance coverage may not adequately protect us against all losses we incur in our operations or otherwise. Although the “RFQ” “RFP” 7. Fluctuations in interest rate and exchange rate onour external borrowings may adversely affect our operations. ` Financial Indebtedness” 8. We do not own thelogo We may be unable to adequately protect our intellectual property. Furthermore, we may including change in concession period, differential toll rates that are linked to cost of different road structures underbe subject to claims alleging breach of third party intellectual property rights. “Our Business” on page under Insurance liability for the employees of concessionaire inwe do not complete our projects as planned or if our projects experience delay. case of default: iv) Operate,Maintain and Transfer (OMT) contracts: We have also taken There are certain 10. Our business operations will be affected by shortcomings and failures in our internal `processes and systems. 21. Our operations could 25. No Debenture Redemption 22. Any inability to attract, recruit and retain Reserve (“DRR”) for the Bonds is proposed to be maintained for the present issue of Bonds and the The 11. We have certain contingent liabilities that may adversely affect our “ ` “issuer” 23. Opposition from “issuer” but not a “company” Total; 9,35,799.50, local communities and other parties may adversely affect our operations. The construction and operation of ` 12. We are exposed to We have taken our business of contract management which may adversely affect our operations. 26. The fund requirement and deployment i) BOT/DBFOT – Investment by private entities and return through to the section titled “Objects of the Issue” collection and retention of Toll/User Fees 13. Some of our “MCAs” RISKS RELATING TO INVESTMENT IN BONDS: ` S. No.; Names of SPV; Fiscal 2009; Fiscal 2010; Fiscal 2011; Limited Review for `quarter ending June 30, 2011 ii) BOT – Annuity: Investment bid. 14. In the past, certain accounting standards have not the price of the Bonds. ` 29. Any downgrading in credit rating of the Bonds may affect the value of Bonds and thus our Land acquisition risk: ability to raise further debts.has been subject to limited review by independent or statutory auditors, as the case may be and has notbeen audited. Audited performance may be materially different from the present results. The accounts of Force Majeure Risk: 30. the discovery of geological conditions, Exchange Control Regulations NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA 7
  • 8. IN THE NATURE OF ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS (FORM 2A)- MEMORANDUM CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF PROSPECTUS - TRANCHE 1 RISK FACTORS FINANCIAL INFORMATION OF NHAI REFORMATTED STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES `refunds to applicants. Sl. PARTICULARS SCHE- AS AT MARCH 31 DETAILS OF FULL TIME MEMBERS OF THE BOARD: No. DULE* 32. Taking into account the DETAILS OF PART TIME MEMBERS OF THE BOARD: 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 FINANCIAL INDEBTEDNESS: ` ` (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) OUTSTANDING LITIGATIONS AND MATERIAL DEVELOPMENTS: I. SOURCES OF FUNDS OTHER REGULATORY AND STATUTORY DISCLOSURES: Consents: 1. Shareholders Fund No Reservation or Discount: a) Capital 1 55,19,506.28 44,44,809.00 3684,339.00 2,971,192.00 2,261,186.00EXTERNAL RISK FACTORS: Previous Public or Right Issues: b) Reserves & Surplus 2 41,198.84 41,198.84 176,531.44 175,890.94 144,063.43PROMINENT NOTES: Previous Other Issues 2. GrantsGENERAL INFORMATION a) Capital 3 13,67,619.80 13,35,654.30 13,08,687.08 11,57,370.60 9,79,858.93 3. Borrowings 4 6,80,069.34 5,12,315.49 5,59,018.83 5,00,845.37 4,92,324.65 ` Commission or brokerage on TOTAL 76,08,394.26 63,33,977.63 57,28,576.35 48,05,298.91 38,77,433.01 Credit Rating and Rationale: previous outstanding Issue: Change in Statutory Auditors of II. APPLICATION OF FUNDS There is no change in the Statutory Auditors of NHAI during the last 1. Fixed Assets 5 Revaluation of assets: Prohibition a) Gross Block 8,466.66 7,565.79 7,305.90 7,065.01 7,059.49 by SEBI/Eligibility of NHAI to come out with the Issue: NHAI has not been restrained, prohibited or debarred b) Less: Depreciation 4,870.61 4,348.77 4,026.95 3,654.15 3,168.15 c) Net Block 3,596.05 3,217.02 3,278.95 3,410.86 3,891.34 Utilization of Proceeds: d) Less: Assets created out of Grants 612.58 612.58 611.88 611.88 795.02 e) (i) Capital Work- in- Progress 37,84,750.69 34,02,507.67 28,77,443.68 21,85,168.44 15,13,064.81 (ii) Expenditure on completed 41,31,643.65 31,52,033.33 25,15,778.88 21,08,194.47 17,64,216.42 Expert Opinion: Statement by the Members projects awaiting transfer/ of the Board: i) capitalization ii) 79,16,394.34 65,54,541.00 53,93,222.56 42,93,362.91 32,77,281.23 Total 79,19,377.81 65,57,145.44 53,95,889.63 42,96,161.89 32,80,377.55 iii) 2. Investment (At cost) 6 1,07,592.88 1,04,892.88 91,882.00 87,306.00 83,483.51 Issue programme: iv) 3. Current Assets, Loans and 7 Advance a) Inventories - - - - - b) Sundry Debtors - - - - - “NRI Account” c) Deposits, Loans & Advances 3,10,810.19 3,05,869.32 3,07,112.96 3,49,901.17 3,95,062.55that public notice of such early closure is published on or before the day of such early date of closure through d) Interest accrued on deposit 621.41 988.87 5,169.31 3,544.03 8,450.41 e) Cash & Bank Balance 2,86,601.18 2,45,186.17 5,23,637.09 5,41,810.00 4,80,498.49 v) Sub total 598,032.78 5,52,044.36 8,35,919.36 8,95,255.20 8,84,011.45CAPITAL STRUCTURE: Details of Capital of NHAI: NHAI has not issued any shares against Capital and Capital Less: Current Liabilities and Disclaimer clause of NSE: AS REQUIRED, A COPY OF THIS OFFER DOCUMENT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED Provisions Particulars ` in Lacs) a) Liabilities 8 10,15,445.53 8,79,159.84 5,94,341.07 4,72,903.15 3,70,011.32 Capital GIVEN VIDE ITS LETTER REF.:NSE/LIST/152249-M DATED DECEMBER 05, 2011PERMISSION TO THE ISSUER b) Provisions 9 1,163.68 945.21 773.57 521.03 428.18 TO USE THE EXCHANGE’S NAME IN THIS OFFER DOCUMENT AS ONE OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES ON Sub total 10,16,609.21 8,80,105.05 5,95,114.64 4,73,424.18 3,70,439.50 WHICH THIS ISSUER’S SECURITIES ARE PROPOSED TO BE LISTED. THE EXCHANGE HAS SCRUTINIZED Net Current Assets (418,576.43) (3,28,060.69) 2,40,804.72 4,21,831.02 5,13,571.95 THIS DRAFT OFFER DOCUMENT FOR ITS LIMITED INTERNAL PURPOSE OF DECIDING ON THE MATTER OF 4. Misc. Expenditure (to the extent 10 - - - - - GRANTING THE AFORESAID PERMISSION TO THIS ISSUER. IT IS TO BE DISTINCTLY UNDERSTOOD THAT not written off) THE AFORESAID PERMISSION GIVEN BY NSE SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY BE DEEMED OR CONSTRUED 5. - - - - - THAT THE OFFER DOCUMENT HAS BEEN CLEARED OR APPROVED BY NSE; NOR DOES IT IN ANY if any) MANNER WARRANT, CERTIFY OR ENDORSE THE CORRECTNESS OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY OF THE 6. 18 CONTENTS OF THIS OFFER DOCUMENT; NOR DOES IT WARRANT THAT THIS ISSUER’S SECURITIES 7. Notes on Accounts 19 WILL BE LISTED OR WILL CONTINUE TO BE LISTED ON THE EXCHANGE; NOR DOES IT TAKE ANY TOTAL 76,08,394.26 63,33,977.63 57,28,576.35 48,05,298.91 38,77,433.01 RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FINANCIAL OR OTHER SOUNDNESS OF THIS ISSUER, ITS PROMOTERS, ITS REFORMATTED STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT ` MANAGEMENT OR ANY SCHEME OF PROJECT OF THIS ISSUER. EVERY PERSON WHO DESIRES TO APPLY FOR OR OTHERWISE ACQUIRE ANY SECURITIES OF THIS PARTICULARS SCHE- FOR THE YEAR ENDED MARCH 31 ISSUER MAY DO SO PURSUANT TO INDEPENDENT INQUIRY, INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS AND SHALL DULE* 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 Total 57,75,767.75 NOT HAVE ANY CLAIM AGAINST THE EXCHANGE WHATSOEVER BY REASON OF ANY LOSS WHICH MAY BE SUFFERED BY SUCH PERSON CONSEQUENT TO OR IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH SUBSCRIPTION/ (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)OBJECTS OF THE ISSUE ACQUISITION WHETHER BY REASON OF ANYTHING STATED OR OMITTED TO BE STATED HEREIN OR I. INCOME ANY OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER. a) Value of Work done - - - - - ` D b) Other income 11 3,781.39 3,733.18 1,212.96 22,388.62 12,706.86 DECEMBER1, 2011, PERMISSION TO NHAI TO USE THE EXCHANGE’S NAME IN THIS OFFER DOCUMENT c) Interest (Gross) 12 11.12 51.28 44.31 81.74 2.84 AS ONE OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES ON WHICH NHAI’S SECURITIES ARE PROPOSED TO BE LISTED. d) Grant-in-aid for - - - - - THE EXCHANGE HAS SCRUTINUZED THIS OFFER DOCUMENT FOR ITS LIMITED INTERNAL PURPOSE OF maintenance of Highways DECIDING ON THE MATTER OF GRANTING THE AFORESAID PERMISSION TO NHAI. THE EXCHANGE DOES e) Net Increase/Decrease in 13 - - - - - work-in-progress (+)/(-) TOTAL 3,792.51 3,784.46 1,257.27 22,470.36 12,709.70STATEMENT OF TAX BENEFITS: FOR THE FINANCIAL OR OTHER SOUNDNESS OF THIS COMPANY, ITS PROMOTERS, ITS MANAGEMENT II. EXPENDITUREOUR BUSINESS: OVERVIEW: OR ANY SCHEME OR PROJECT OF THIS COMPANY; AND IT SHOULD NOT FOR ANY REASON BE DEEMED a) Construction Stores/ - - - - - OR CONSTRUED THAT THIS OFFER DOCUMENT HAS BEEN CLEARED OR APPROVED BY THE EXCHANGE. Material consumed Other EVERY PERSON WHO DESIRES TO APPLY FOR OF OTHERWISE ACQUIRES ANY SECURITIES OF NHAI MAY stores, spares & tools etc. DO SO PURSUANT TO INDEPENDENT INQUIRY, INVESTIGATIN AND ANALYSIS AND SHALL NOT HAVE ANY consumed CLAIM AGAINST THE EXCHANGE WHATSOEVER BY REASON OF ANY LOSS WHICH MAY BE SUFFERED Work Expenses: 14 BY SUCH PERSON CONSEQUENT TO OR IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH SUBSCRIPTION/ACQUISITION a) Personnel & Administrative 15 14,385.97 11,096.14 10,140.00 6,543.03 6,459.55 WHETHER BY REASON OF ANYTHING STATED OR OMITTED TO BE STATED HEREIN OF FOR ANY OTHER Expenses REASON WHATSOEVER.Jurisdiction: b) Finance Charges 16 11.00 16.61 10.76 9.10 14.59and control plying of vehicles, to develop and provide consultancy and construction services and to collect fees Disclaimer in respect of jurisdiction: c) Depreciation 553.84 327.47 375.50 492.65 806.84 d) Assets of Small Value 32.72 30.78 12.00 11.63 20.21 Charged Off TOTAL 14,983.53 11,471.00 10,538.26 7,056.41 7,301.19 (11,191.02) (7,686.54) (9,280.99) 15,413.95 5,408.51 Add: Prior Period Items net(+/-) 17 (536.64) (643.46) (1,039.84) (309.74) 1,493.77 Less: Net Establishment 11,727.66 8,330.00 10,320.83 - - Less/Add: Provision for - - - - - Taxation - 0.00 0.00 15,104.21 6,902.28 ` Less: Transfer to Capital - - - - -BOT Annuity based contracts valued at ` Reserve - - - - - Reserve/Fund Less/Add: Transfer to/Transfer - - - - - from General Reserve (+/-) Less/Add: Surplus brought 41,198.84 41,198.84 41,198.84 26,094.63 19,192.35 forward from previous yearREGULATIONS AND POLICIES: Surplus carried to Balance 41,198.84 41,198.84 41,198.84 41,198.84 26,094.63HISTORY, MAIN OBJECTS AND CERTAIN CORPORATE MATTERS: Brief Background of NHAI: NHAI is an Sheet Listing: MATERIAL CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTS FOR INSPECTION: DECLARATION:OUR PROMOTER: FULL TIME MEMBERS: Shri A. K. Upadhyay, IAS Shri. Rajiv Yadav, IAS, Dr. J. N. Singh, IAS Shri. Dividend: No dividends are paid by V. L. Patankar, Shri. B. N. Singh, PART TIME MEMBERS: Mechanism for redressal of investor grievances: Shri A. K. Upadhyay, IAS Shri. Sumit Bose, IAS, Shri. R. P. Indoria, DirectorOUR MANAGEMENT: Members of the Board of NHAI: FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE REFER TO THE PROSPECTUS 8 NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA