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#mystartupstory Antique Bank Smart Systems™ to alleviate poverty and empowering economy by all risk management expanding access to digitally e-witness& wallet based financial tools and microfinance insurances remittances by poverty free commerce live bid services.
World’s largest shelter of all risk adoption innovation we are bringing to gather to all in advanced demand and supply chain by our hand held mobile consumers live bid purchase power (PP) will cover all management and distributing of government rationing , retailers private wholesaler and producer have to adopt our equal insure for all life(from womb) and non-life(from factory) will attached our micro financially secure policy will cover all life and non-life risk management 24/7 micro finance and insurances premiums remittances through our poverty free commerce technology innovation is ready for collaboration with every small(home based rural and city) biggest and giant product firm have to enter/merge/invest or sacrifice with our e-direction of witness and wallet mobile internet devices(MID) application generation next cloud bank will reduce crime ,corruption black marketing , and that movement will pullout poor from poverty. Antique Bank Smart Systems™ empowering economy by all risk management.

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Antique bank smart systems ™#mystartupstory

  1. 1. White Paper
  2. 2.  Note: This is new venture product is waiting to allow by all nation ministry of finance & tax regulatory reserve bank currency designed tie-up with all money, finance deal and life non-life life cycle public, private government have to following our omnipresent cloud systems of wallet & witness will controlled counterfeited monitoring to all cash flow back and forward currency custody lock systems data history will enable in advanced tax deduction be half government banking loan subject to transection with all recovery fake or true currency route detection e-direction with all risk of business adoption policy will cover all life -nonlife data and devices access SQL any ware one hand to another location all commerce deal and currency direction will generate by our 24/7 cloud live bid will generate microfinance and insurance premium refiling will create hand held high purchased power will secured and insured to poor and under poverty line common masses their living standards will improve to saving and importing demand supply chain by poor and under develop country from developed country product and that will demand to high dollar economy will stable in position as largest insurance depositor will create zero poverty and un accounted fund and that will every community will get equal chance to get improving their economic and social life best atmosphere
  3. 3. We invite all parents, next gen ,newly wed couples , corporate giants ,private and home made business owners, who those all are going to baby developing , non-life product launching selling , buying or Merchandise /Business expands/ National governments policy making or WTO/World Bank policy maker. investment or economy recovering national development of future policy plan makers .or non-life product launching concept that all are will fail or collapse if their government policy makers of treasury and finance and commerce departments and their all local mobile unit and services provider company have to e-Merge attached with our all risk adopted e-Merge policy for public, private and government joint venture equity e-Merge cloud ecosystems mobile internet devices content banking application launching of Antique Bank Smart Systems™ (MID) innovation will solicit to all market safe supported to all life non-life public, private and Governments will run expands more safe data of life cycle, business, product and corrupt free e- Governance more secured through ours life and non-life all risk adopted policy for all nations public, private and Government s and all mobile unit and services providers company there all life non-life product users and services provider of public, private and government should be solicited to adopt smart m-Banking technology with trustfully enter invest into no risk factor of antique bank network will all risk adopted by tripartite agreements of our join e-Merge live bid free account at Antique Bank credentials of Azure cloud -banking, mobile court and food banking with end- to- end waste management policy we will enable to all are services and credentials providing to all public, private and Government product users, subscribers and services providers will under terms condition allow us to their all life cycle all commerce deal and e-governance data of (MID) or without devices by fingerprint identification by our or any brand (MID) sybian our Windows phone devices of antique bank outlet and Azure Server Bus SQL-Anyware
  4. 4. Today, 2.7 billion adults, more than half of the world’s working-age population, and under poverty line common masses do not have access to financial secured policy services that our systems will run automatically microfinance and insured by every life non- life data and all commercial live bid and money transaction of every time will secured one hand to another allow them to safe & save money securely, borrow money affordably, make payments knowledgeably, and insure themselves against potential hardships or all risk. adopted life cycle and income sources the importance of advancing mobile devices or without full hand held end to end location and currency route one hand to another data SQL any ware financial inclusion—providing every household with access to valuable, affordable, secure,& insured and comprehensive value added micro financial insurance services.
  5. 5. Access to credit, savings, and insurance refilling by our all risk third party liability adopted third party cloud live bid credentials would allow poor households to raise their standards of living, capitalize on hand held mobile or without devices opportunities, and weather tough times our a larger scale, enterprise cloud e-witness& pre wallet financial inclusion stimulates economic growth and contributes to the creation of more vibrant and stable zero crime and corruption financial systems. Innovations and collaborative solutions are needed to enter/merge invest by all nation and their public, private and government have to adopt our hand held (MID) e-direction comprehensive financial services available to all. Financial Inclusion: Innovative Solutions for Unlocking Access innovations that address barriers to financial inclusion, including unlimited to:
  6. 6. • Physical or other all life non-life data SQL one hand to another hand held entry accessibility barriers that all common masses mobile end user all public ,private , industry and governments communities will asses all kind finance& subject of e-direction forward and back transaction with value added services of currency numbers monetized tracking true or fake identifying cyber custody and route location of one hand to another witness or wallet through our all kind mobile unit e-direction will attached our web and devices or without run function by their government e-ID thematic systems insured and secured from reaching by our third party all risk and third party liability and all tax in advanced deduction policy access by hand held mobile internet devices (MID) financial services,
  7. 7. • The cloud data SQL shortage of affordable financial products tailored to the needs of underserved and excluded communities, and life non-life route and all profit sharing and commerce deal will generate each others third party liability by end to end secure & insured policy for public, private and government • The lack of incentives for financial service providers to continue serving first credentials of live bid bargaining will improving living standard of every low-income, poor, or marginalized communities.
  8. 8. Our largest cloud enterprise application Antique Bank Smart Systems™ innovation is real encompass all life non-life risk adoption by mobile Internet devices (MID)enterprise application cloud web ,devices of all witness& secured wallet cash flow data controlled by SQL ASP .NET application developing will cover all third party liability country economical risk management and that will alert to enabling world’s first largest population underserved financially secured safe systems and excluded all life non-life all industry all communities to participate in the formal financial currency numbers mobile track and all life non-life currency route with all govt. tax &due in advanced deduction and profit sharing to poor and all risk adopted commerce deal will increasing living standard of lower income group purchase power cloud live bid bargaining will generate insured and secured product profit sharing sector has tremendous potential to create every nation economy stable social and economic gains for individuals, private enterprises, and societies as our Antique Bank Smart Systems™ all destination will easy in to no risk financial factor access by hand held with e-governance
  9. 9. Antique Bank Smart Systems™ a zero Carbon, Crime, Corruption and poverty free largest Cloud banking of black- white economy settlement movement with next generation value added hand-held smart systems credentials Our systems innovation for first to be allow to enter as micro -economy stakeholder to poor common masses at 24/7 adoptee micro finance insurances, environments care and value added services viability of lowest cost monthly EMI finance and life non-life health insurance remittances by daily priority selling and buying our third party liability policy even that our(MID) systems will enable to them inexpensive Mobile court, SMS education, transportation & traffic, waste management profit We beginning e-Merge advantage will be get free assess account to poor and under poverty line -savings, credit, insurance, money transfer-are vital yet intangible economic infrastructure. On an individual scale, financial services help people manage some of life's great challenges: they investing in education, softening the financial trauma of illness and death, attaining ownership of a safe home. On a macro scale, Antique banking investment and diversify away no risk. Indeed, after wars, plagues, and natural disasters nothing does more economic damage than a financial crisis. Antique banking system's work on financial and insured services analyses how to strengthen, deepen, and broaden financial systems in poor countries in order to maximize the benefits for poor households and for the broad-gauge processes of economic transformation that we call Green IT. The deliberations will serve to enhance the awareness and understanding about the tremendous potential of mobile, wireless and wired new media technologies in transform the delivery of safe insured deal of whole life cycle commerce data information and all life non-life cycle transaction safeguarding insured services to e-direction for poor and under poverty line common masses credentials to all country in future.
  10. 10. Everyone will be get end-to-end job by our- adult right job policy , every enterprise and home made business will benefitted by our Mobile & desktop E-Commerce today’s e- commerce platform reaches well beyond buying; it must be integrated into the public purchase power buying experience. It must merge in to our Antique Banking of life non-life or commerce deal counterfeited encompass all kind risk adapted to the sell side supply side. It must tie with us enter into your physically data of micro economy job/share/business/ holder and value added facilities, shipping processes, micro finance, mobile court, SMS education and on and on more . And every ecommerce Can it seamlessly moves into new hand held devices markets and geographic regions? Can it effectively reach each of every Antique Bank’s e-Merge account holder, customer & merchandize segments on their terms and target their needs? In this public ,private and government e- Merge policy systems adoption program, leading experts from all nation policy makers with tripartite agreement featured an Ape&SuperApe Entertainment&InfoTech Pvt Ltd and e- commerce platform and technical leaders from all brands Mobile unit and services provider and Microsoft Dynamic Community and others ERP faculty e-commerce platform should truly entail and all product, all industry and government every particular life non life product and money and business risk adoption needs we are ready to enable at 365 days 24/ all nation end to end SQL anyware.
  11. 11. Public: the increasing purchase power by live SMS bid all daily priority commerce deal transaction buying selling merchandise will attach generate all life non-life item micro- finance and insurance premium remittances refill high maturity claimed policy systems. Private and home made business: Antique Bank Smart Systems™ (MID) innovation will enable all industry all products will generate in advanced profit sharing micro-finance insurance with life time costumers, producer and enterprise demand supply chain relation one time all tax deducted and all business risk adopted policy. Government: the corrupt free Government by our hand held Right to information (RTI) of E-Governance data SQL any-ware by cloud server smart systems policy.
  12. 12. Parents control to generation pocket money by our smart e-Wallet Parents control to generation pocket money by our smart e-Wallet, today the majority parents are worried there children’s bad habit to misuse their pocket money access for nuisance like Guthka ,smoking, drinking alcoholic and drug by pick pocket without informed to parents wallet misuses in teen and minor age even this credentials will be provide to all government non-government firm authority their office expensive will control misuse of petty cash same.
  13. 13. No woman should lack Nutritious food .and children’s should fail .prey to malnutrition and death. God has given us enough potential to supply sufficient food to eat .Please join our Mobile food banking and meal supply chain of circle information of your extra edible meal of home kitchen ,hotel, church, temple, wedding ceremony, events, kitty party and government non government’s firm canteen and caterers of ground and flights food deposit and circulations by our mobile food end to end information on every mobile and display on every public, private and government places spots in creating healthy next generation and world without hunger.
  14. 14. Thanking you  Yours truly  Mr.Pradeep Gohil Managing Director  M/s Ape&SuperApe Entertainment &InfoTech (P) Ltd  303, A wing third floor Varun Valley Society  Sheetal Nagar, near Children Academy school Kandivali (E) Mumbai 400101 Duns No: 650375772