Meaningful Use Attestation


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Successfully attest to Meaningful Use! Our experts will answer all your questions about attestation.

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Meaningful Use Attestation

  1. 1. Meaningful Use Attestation Webinar Learn how to earn your EHR Incentive Payment
  2. 2. + The process of legally declaring you have achieved Meaningful Use by reporting information to CMS + You will report values for the following:  Core measures  Menu measures  Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) + Attestation is completed on the following websites:  Medicare participants: CMS Registration and Attestation System  Medicaid participants: State Medicaid program website What is attestation?
  3. 3. + Medicare  Deadline to attest for 2014 reporting year: March 20, 2015 + Medicaid  State Medicaid program deadlines may differ  You should attest before February 28, 2015 When is the deadline to attest?
  4. 4. Preparing for attestation
  5. 5. + Maintain more than 80% of your patient records in Practice Fusion during your reporting period + Confirm you achieved OR qualify for an exclusion to ALL the required measures: + Sign notes for all patients seen during your reporting period in order to see those visits reflected on the Meaningful Use Dashboard Confirm you have achieved Meaningful Use Stage 1 Stage 2 13 Core Measures 17 Core Measures 5/9 Menu Measures 3/6 Menu Measures At least 9 CQMs related to 3 NQS Domains At least 9 CQMs related to 3 NQS Domains
  6. 6. + Proof of information exchanges (e.g. email confirmation) for the following measures:  Immunization registry data submission (Stage 1 & 2)  Syndromic surveillance data submission (Stage 1 & 2)  Summary of care electronic exchange using Direct messaging (Stage 2) + Security Risk Analysis (Stage 1 & 2) + Preventive care patient reminders (Stage 1 & 2) + Documentation of any measure(s) for which you are not using the Meaningful Use Dashboard Documentation of Actions Completed Outside EHR
  7. 7. + Keep screenshots of functionality or reports from Practice Fusion that are dated during your reporting period for the following measures:  Drug Formulary Checks (Stage 1)  Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks (Stage 1)  Clinical Decision Support (Stage 1 & 2)  Patient List Report that has PHI blurred (Stage 1 & 2) + These screenshots serve as additional supporting documentation in case of an audit Screenshots for YES/NO measures
  8. 8. + Prepare any documentation needed to prove that you qualify for an exclusion and save it for your records + The Meaningful Use Dashboard denominator values may show that you qualify for an exclusion to a particular measure  E.g. The denominator value for eRx is less than 100 Save Documentation for Exclusions
  9. 9. + The Stage 1 public health measures are:  Menu 8: Immunization registry data submission  Menu 9: Syndromic surveillance data submission + You must report on at least one public health measure during attestation even if you are excluded from both  If you are claiming an exclusion to either public health measure, make sure you have documentation that you are excluded from both + Note: A failed attempt to exchange information counts as completing the measure successfully for Stage 1, and you should attest to achieving whichever public health measure you attempted. Stage 1 Public Health Measure Documentation
  10. 10. Print out your Meaningful Use Dashboard Print out MU Dashboard
  11. 11. + Reporting period start & end dates + Practice Fusion’s 2014 CMS certification ID + Your NPPES credentials + Individual NPI number + Tax Identification Number (TIN) Other Items to Keep Handy
  12. 12. Attesting to CMS
  13. 13. + Medicare: + Medicaid: Contact your individual state Medicaid program Go to the CMS or Medicaid Attestation Portal
  14. 14. + Answer if exclusion applies to you + Choosing “No” will reveal numerator / denominator Core / Menu Measures: Exclusions
  15. 15. + Choose 2nd option if reporting values from the MU Dashboard  This will be an option for some of the patient-based measures Core and Menu Measures: Patient Records
  16. 16. Enter Numerator and Denominator Values
  17. 17. + Choose “Yes” if you have achieved the measure Yes/No Measures
  18. 18. + For Stage 1 only: You must report on at least 1 measure from the public health list, even if you are excluded from both + Remember to keep documentation for your records Stage 1: Public Health Measures
  19. 19. + Option 1: Electronic submission: January 1, 2015 – March 20th, 2015  Medicare EPs have the option to submit a full of data electronically to receive credit for the Incentive Program and the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) if using the PQRS reporting mechanism. + Option 2: Manual submission  Submitting CQMs manually allows you to your attestation  Manual submission via attestation only allows to receive credit for the EHR Incentive Program Reporting Clinical Quality Measures + You will not receive an EHR Incentive payment until your attestation is complete and you have submitted your CQM values. + Providers may choose to submit CQMs manually and electronically
  20. 20. + Requirement: Report at least 9 CQMs that relate to at least 3 National Quality Strategy (NQS) domains: + Practice Fusion’s CQMs cover all 6 NQS domains CQM Requirements in 2014 Patient and Family Engagement Patient Safety Care Coordination Population and Public Health Efficient Use of Healthcare Resources Clinical Processes/Effectiveness
  21. 21. Confirm you have completed all categories
  22. 22. + Read the disclaimer and click on Agree or Disagree + If you choose Agree and you have met all meaningful use objectives and measures, you will receive the “Accepted Attestation” submission receipt Confirm Your Submission
  23. 23. + Keep your documentation for 6 years after you attest in case of an audit + Print your MU Dashboard on the day you attest + Don’t wait until the last minute + Contact the EHR Incentive Program hotline if you have technical difficulty: 888.734.6433 Things to remember