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The modern day educator needs to question whether what he brings to the class is of value to the student? what is the ROI for the student as they can learn anything, anytime and anywhere? so, why......

The modern day educator needs to question whether what he brings to the class is of value to the student? what is the ROI for the student as they can learn anything, anytime and anywhere? so, why should they sit through your class. Is there a need to redefine the role of the educator as we know. It warrants the teacher to facilitate, moderate, guide, coach.. They need to Ignite, Empower and Inspire.... to define the role and guide the students a new way in the world, to mould, guide and mark their place in history

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  • An inspirational Insight. Appreciate the thoughts.

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  • Let me give you a small example from my experience as an teacher/ educator; The recent spate of atrocities against women has been a daily feature in our news. One of the papers in end July published under the heading “July Jitters” and how in each day of July there was some news or the other about the subject. It required its readers to raise their voice and should they have any suggestions/ views write a mail to ‘speakout@soandsonews.com’. Since I was addressing their Business Communication then; as their assignment I told them that their assignment was to pen to the editor and write whatever they felt like – pour out their angst, give suggestions, so on and so forth. I had brought sheets of paper (recycled) and told them that this was their internal test. Now understand this is a class which is predominantly boys; part of the discovery was to find the pen and then to write – in this age where they are only on sms; let me ask you all, how many times have you all picked up a pen and paper to write? Well, anyway.... they started to write... After sometime one boy very meekly asked, “sir can I have another sheet?” and this was the ignition. Each one of them thereafter picked up sheet after sheet pouring out their feelings. One student wrote 9 pages... And the minimum was three. All these were subsequently mailed to the editor and each one of them today feels more inspired having taken up some cause.
  • A very small example is our attitude towards ‘Tattoo’. Some of us from old school still wince when we see a tattoo on a student. I am not subscribing or supporting it. But his peer pressure, his acceptance in his group, circle of friends may have required him to have that. Whatever... It is imperative that we are non-judgemental about certain things which maybe with empathy we could understand better. At other times entrust him with responsibility and give him greater visibility. They surprise you with their delivery. Get them interested in something which they should therefore look forward to come to your next class. What is the ROI?
  • Each one of them have some very special quality and if you are the one able to ignite that passion. Throughout their life they shall remember you as THE teacher who was able to ignite them; ignite their curiosity; get them to believe and had belief in them and their capabilities. It will do wonders.... Be prepared as the results will astound you.


  • 1. Teaching in 21st Century Col (Retd) Prabir Sengupta, VSM
  • 3. 21st Century Landscape  Technology  Online resources  Means of communication  Students  Background  Interests  Knowledge sharing
  • 4. 21st Century Landscape Insert a video clip “Do You Know” from You Tube
  • 6. Am I Obsolete?
  • 7. with access to modern technology the studentcan The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates by Reid Hoffman
  • 8. LEARN anywhere...The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates by Reid Hoffman
  • 9. & tugging at the Heart Strings - Nielsen Research Nothing helps consumers feel connected to an ad like a Good Laugh LEARN anything...Source: Jesse Desjardins
  • 10. LEARN anytime...Source: Jesse Desjardins
  • 11. is there a different ROLE that I need to play Source: Dave Gray
  • 13. a modern day educator should
  • 14. nspire EI
  • 15. Inspire 1. To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. 2. To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion: hymns that inspirethe congregation; 3. To stimulate to action; motivate: a sales force that was inspired by the prospectof a bonus. 4. To affect or touch: The falling leaves inspired her with sadness. 5. To draw forth; elicit or arouse: a teacher who inspired admiration and respect. 6. To be the cause or source of; bring about: an invention that inspiredmany imitations. 7. To breathe life into. v.intr.1. To stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence: a leader who inspires by example.
  • 16. inspire stature knowledge persona aura
  • 17. people TRUST information from authoritySource: Jesse Desjardins
  • 18. mpower II
  • 19. Empower 1. To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority. See Synonyms at authorize. 2. To equip or supply with an ability; enable: "Computers ... empower students to become intellectual explorers" (Edward B. Fiske). 3. To give or delegate power or authority to; authorize 4. To give ability to; enable or permit
  • 20. empower trust non interest responsible judgmental
  • 21. evoke their INTEREST in new thingsSource: Jesse Desjardins
  • 22. gniteIE
  • 23. Ignite 1. To cause to burn. 2. To set fire to. 3. To subject to great heat, especially to make luminous by heat. 4. To arouse the passions of; excite: The insults ignited my anger. 5. To begin to glow. 6. To stimulate or provoke the case has ignited a nationwide debate
  • 24. ignite interest belief passion curiosity
  • 25. each one needs to IGNITE their passion Source: Jesse Desjardins
  • 26. so, remember these letters inspire empower ignite
  • 28. Insert a video clip “ABC News” from You Tube
  • 29. AWE inject AWE in your each interaction
  • 30. as a FACILITATOR AWE
  • 31. as a MOTIVATOR AWE
  • 32. as a PHILOSOPHER AWE
  • 33. as a GUIDE AWE
  • 34. being ENTHUSIASTIC AWE
  • 35. being PASSIONATE AWE
  • 36. being FRIENDLY AWE
  • 37. being CHARMING AWE
  • 38. being CHEERFUL AWE
  • 39. being LIVELY AWE
  • 40. but there are certain BARRIERS
  • 41. barriers iknowall ego ignorance disconnect
  • 43. Insert a video clip “Teachers of 21st Century” from You Tube
  • 44. Any Questions???
  • 45. I would request for your or sengupta.col@gmail.com facebook.com/colsengupta