Our online ecommerce selling expertise & specialization

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Our Offerings eCommerce consultancy, eCommerce selling training, eCommerce mentoring, e commerce shop creation, eCommerce store

Our Offerings eCommerce consultancy, eCommerce selling training, eCommerce mentoring, e commerce shop creation, eCommerce store

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  • 1. Do You Want to Get Rich, Earn in spare time & Have Happy relations? www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 2. Growth Statistics Source: U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, ComScore, www.prabhjotsood.co.in Year 2012 (Q1) 2011 2010 2009 Year 2011 2010 eCommerce U.S. Online Sales $50,270,000,000 $255,600,000,000 $172,900,000,000 $155,200,000,000 eCommerce Global Online Sales $763,200,000,000 $680,600,000,000 Top Consumer Reasons For Shopping Online Percent of Survey Citing Reason Time Saving More Variety Easy to Compare Prices No Crowd Lower Prices Spend Less on Gas Less Taxes Other Online Shopping Statistics Percent of online user who have made an internet purchase Percent of online user who have made a purchase multiple times 73 % 67 % 59 % 58 % 55 % 40 % 30 % 3% Percent Percent of retail sales that are made online 8% 83 % 56 %
  • 3. Our online ecommerce selling expertise & specialization … Women’s Accessories Home Décor Men’s Accessories Beverages/Herbal Women’s Apparels Media-Publishing/Entertainment Men’s Apparels IT/Telecom www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 4. 1) Women’s Accessories Gold/Silver Jewelry, Ornaments, Gemstones, Pearls, earrings, Rings, Bracelet, Pendant, Designer Chains, Costume Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, Perfumes www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 5. 2) Men’s Accesories Cuff Links, Tie Pin, Bracelet, Ring, Wallet, Belt, Deodorant, Eau-de-Cologne, Fragrance www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 6. 3) Women’s Apparels Kurtis, Denim-Jeans, Slacks, Jackets, Wrap, Stoll www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 7. 4) Men’s Apparels Formal & Casual Shirts, Tie, Handkerchief, Trousers, Denim-Jeans, Decorative Turban www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 8. 5) Home Décor Wooden Furniture & Items, Figurines, Paintings, Hangings, Antique Replicas, Metal-Brass Items, Marble figurines, Coasters, Religious Items, Decorative Lamps, Handicrafts, Rugs, Carpets, Bedsheet, Curtains, Drapes, Wall Decor www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 9. 6) Media-Publishing/ Entertaintment Books, Tutorials, Magazines, Periodicals, Journals, DVD-CD, Audio Books, eBooks, Games, Activity Packs, DIY-Do-It-Yourself Activity Kits, Customized search & advisory™ for book/activity/games/audio www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 10. 7) IT/Telecom Mobile Phone, Speakers, Laptop, Tablet, Cameras, Projector, LED & IT Peripherals www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 11. 8) Beverages/Herbal Products Tea; Green, Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, First Flush, Second Flush, Orange Pekoe, White, Rare Vintage, Kashmiri Kahwa, Mango, Jasmine, Earl Grey, Masala, Chocolate, Herbal & Ayurvedic Preparations, Medicines, Aromatherapy www.prabhjotsood.co.in
  • 12. Thanks for Viewing !! Good Day For more details Mail: prabhjotsood@gmail.com Mobile: +91 85-1004-2055 Skype: prabhjot.sood www.prabhjotsood.co.in