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  • Healthcare industry

    1. 1. Healthcare Industryof Sri Lanka
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION Healthcare Industry : An ever growing industry with a huge potential for the future. According to the United Nation’s International Standard Industry Classification (ISIC) the Healthcare industry is categorize into three categories. Hospital Activities Medical and Dental practice activities Other human health activities. It is an industry which employees a vast range of professionals Eg : Physicians and surgeons, dentists, registered nurses, social workers, physicaltherapists, , medical records and health information technicians, diagnostic medicalsonographers, radiologic technologists and technicians, and dental hygienists.
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION Flow of the presentation•Changes in the Global healthcare industry and the impact of these changes on thehealthcare industry of Sri Lanka.•SWOT analysis on the Healthcare Industry of Sri Lanka.•PESTLE analysis on the healthcare industry of the country based on the recentchanges of the Macro economy.•Marketing Mix to Healthcare- 7 P’s approach to marketing which reveals how the SriLankan entities managed to face the changes in the macro environment.•Recommendations on how to face the challenges that might occur in the future.
    4. 4. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTTHE ROLE OF ITClinical Decision Support systems (Security and privacy andReducing errors)THE DIGITIZATION OF HEALTHCARE• Patient records can be quickly accessed at a patients bedside with a PDA or tablet PC.• Pictures of a patients injuries can be forwarded by paramedics from an accident site to help emergency hospital personnel.
    5. 5. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT (CONT) ONGOING EXAMPLES IN GLOBAL ARENA Taiwan connected its health system to give every patient a “pocket” medical record (the IC card)• In Portugal, P’ASMA is a web-based application that helps patients manage their asthma.• In France, the government is making an aggressive attempt to move more care out of the hospital and into homes equipped with electronic devices that monitor patients.
    6. 6. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT(CONT)FUTURE CHANGES IN HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY• Bio sensors for clinical diagnostics industry.• Telemedicine : Emerging e-medicine.• Technological advances in oral drug delivery.• ORBIT (Open-Source Robotic Biorepository and Informatics Technology)• Healthcare industry : career change to hospital administration.FUTURE PREDICTIONS• By 2020, change into patient-centered care.• By 2030, mental health physical healthDRIVING RESEARCHGenomicsmolecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, and targeted therapies.
    7. 7. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT (CONT) MEDICAL TOURISMMedical tourism is the rapidly-growing practice of travelling acrossinternational borders to obtain health care.
    8. 8. PESTLE AnalysisPolitical Factors• Change in drug importing polities• Strikes due to salary anomaliesEconomic Factors• Lack of resources for expansion• High cost of capital• Infrastructural developmentSocial cultural Factors• Aging population• Decreasing rate of fertility• Gender service preferences• Quality before cost preferences• Social Classes• Improving educational level and awareness about personal health• Changing food habits and sleeping patterns
    9. 9. Recommendations.• adhere to the recognized criteria wised for cost cutting, rather than changing the drug importing countries and agent.• Increasing the budgetary allocations for the healthcare industry.• Training geriatricians to undertake the medical care of senior citizens.• Expanding the medical tourism industry while aiming to improve the cosmetic surgery service.
    10. 10. PESTLE Analysis (cont.)Technological Factors• Office automation• Web based channeling services – E channelingEnvironmental Factors• Increasing rate of air pollution• Unorganized disposal of garbage – lead to deceasesLegal Factors• Laws governing the Prescribing of medicine by the Generic name• Legal Disputes about the paternity of tube babies produced using the sperms of the deceased
    11. 11. Recommendations.• Establishing a centralized data base connecting all government and private hospitals.• Carrying out proper awareness programmers regarding the value of environmental cleanliness• Carrying out proper research before implementing laws regarding the prescription of drugs using the generic name.
    12. 12. SWOT AnalysisSTRENGHTS• Commitment to providing quality service.• Good transportation.• Employees dedicated to their communitys needs.• Collaborative relationships among providers.• Healthcare has strong affiliation with tertiary care facility.WEAKNESSES• Low numbers of physician specialists live in our county.• Information technology that needs to be supported by multiple health systems.• Lack of capital reserves.• Lack of team or collaborative approach among community providers.
    13. 13. SWOT Analysis (cont)OPPERTUNITIES.• Develop in technology.• Increased outpatient services.Threats.• Increased in labour union power.• Misinformation.• Too much government intervention.
    14. 14. Marketing Mix.What is Marketing Mix of health care industry? Marketing mix allows you to combine all the marketing tools in order to sell your product.Elements of Marketing Mix
    15. 15. Marketing Mix (cont)Marketing Mix of health care industry PRODUCT• Emergency services• Ambulance services• Diagnostic services• Pharmacy services• Causality services• Master health check up• Executive Health check up• Diabetics health checkups…etc PRICE• Price usually depends on treatment prescribed by the respective consultants and the facilities offered to the patient.
    16. 16. Marketing Mix (cont) PROMOTION• Ethical healthcare service.• Creating a pleasant environment for patients.• Paper & television advertisements.• Web pages & online e channeling facility.• Articles PLACE• Ceylinco Health care hospitals have around 960 beds across 8 hospitals in Sril lanka. It is located in 15 different places across Sri Lanka which includes Colombo, Gampaha, Kurunagala, Dehiwala, Rathmalana, Ja Ela, Hambanthota, Kelaniya. Because of that, Customers can earn higher benefits from their service.
    17. 17. Marketing Mix (Cont). PEOPLE• Motivating employees to be efficient, dedicated and loyal to the organization.• Offering regular on-job training of employees to ensure continuous improvement in health care.• Utilizing services of professional competent medical consultants.• Use of latest technology. PROCESS• The Joining Phase• The Intensive consumption Phase• The detachment Phase• Feedback PHYSICAL EVIDENC• Physical evidence is the environment in which the service• is delivered with physical or tangible commodities and