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NMIMS Defence 12 brochure
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NMIMS Defence 12 brochure


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  • 1. th7 PGCBMPost Graduate Certificate in Business ManagementUncovering Latent Talent Combat Uniforms to Business Suits Business Management Program For Armed Forces Officers 2012
  • 2. SVKM’sNarsee Monjee Institute ofManagement Studies SVKMs NMIMS is a centre par excellence for learning and nurturing excellent talents in management, technology, science and other emerging areas of higher education. NMIMS is an academic fraternity dedicated to the motto of “Transcending Horizons”, which believes in continuous raising of standards in its pursuits of excellence. The mission of the institute is to be a global, socially conscious and integrated school of management, contributing towards management development, both in India and aboard. NMIMS’s stress on keeping the curriculum concurrent with the dynamics of ever evolving global business environment and economic realities makes it a truly distinguished, educational center benchmarked with the best in the world. The Institute undertakes a diverse range of academic activities aimed at creation, dissemination and application of management knowledge and practices. The Institute has state-of-the-art computing and class- room facilities, supported by an extensive library of books, journals, films and databases. Besides the focus on developing managerial competence among the students through acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, the Institute emphasizes the importance of developing the values of discipline, dedication and commitment amongst all participants.
  • 3. Message fromVice ChancellorEvery year a number of officers leave theArmed Forces to begin a new life out ofuniform. As much as officers eagerly awaitthis transformation, the transition is not easy.There are social and cultural changes to benegotiated and the officer needs to learn anew set of skills that will prepare him for thefresh challenges that he or she must face.Indeed his entire persona has to undergo asubtle shift before he is ready to step into anew life.Officers in the defence forces are selectedthrough a rigorous process designed toseparate the grain from the chaff. The toughtraining and regimen that follows thereafterimbibes certain qualities for a lifetime.NMIMS has recognized the inherentstrengths of defence officers and hasdesigned a course that leverages thesequalities to create a free and frank learningplatform that takes them through theessentials of management. It is my firm beliefthat the training imparted by this institution,when built upon the bedrock of discipline and Dr. Rajan Saxenaother qualities inherent in armed forces Vice Chancellor, NMIMS, Mumbaipersonnel, makes for a winning combinationthat will stand the participants of the SeventhDefence Batch in good stead in their futurecareers.I wish all course participants the very best intheir endeavours. 03
  • 4. Message from Dean - SBM NMIMS Mumbai has been a consistent performer, securing high ranking in any survey of B schools in India. This prestigious listing is the result of hard work put in not only by the enthusiastic students, but also due to the untiring and focused efforts of a dedicated faculty. Indeed our people have been our strengths, for while we have not the sprawling campuses and elaborate facilities of other Indian B schools, this drive to excellence has been underpinned by the strong ethics and values that we have striven to impart in all our students. In recognition of this enviable record, NMIMS has been chosen year on year for the last nine years to conduct a Certificate Program in Business Management for Defence Officers. In turn, we at NMIMS recognize the stellar contribution of the Armed Forces in maintaining the territorial integrity of India. We appreciate the disciplined and leadership qualities ingrained in every officer to perform this difficult task in inhospitable conditions. Indeed, those same skill sets that Dr. Debashis Sanyal are essential for a soldier in the desert or on Dean SBM, NMIMS, Mumbai the high seas, can be moulded to suit the needs of the corporate world, and, it is towards this goal that this institute has been working. Having observed the seventh batch closely over the last few months, I am convinced that their energy, grasp and desire to learn the nuances of management have made our task easier and more enjoyable. The programme has been aimed at exposing these officers to all the functional areas of management that are essential for any corporate. The learnings at NMIMS provide a springboard for the officers to enter into the corporate world with confidence. I wish the course participants all the very best in their second innings.04 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 5. Message fromAssociate DeanOfficers from the defense forces who join thisprestigious institute come equipped with awide range of skills that include not only theirtechnical verticals, but also a range ofmanagement disciplines. A typical batch ofthe defense officers program contains skillsas diverse as helicopter pilots, logisticians,air traffic controllers, naval architects andeven veterinarians besides engineers fromnearly every field – marine, civil, electronicsand aircraft, to name a few. NMIMS has longrecognized this latent talent and hasdesigned a management course aimed atexposing them to various aspects ofmanagement that are less visible in theForces, to enable these officers to blend withthe corporate world.Given the vibrancy of defense personnel,they have easily grasped new subjects likemarketing and entrepreneurshipmanagement, costing & managementaccounting, while relating other learnings totheir past experiences. The success of thisexperiment carried out over the last six Dr. M.C. Agarwalbatches can be borne out by the fact that all Associate Dean – Executive Educationex-defense alumni of this institute have been SBM, NMIMS Mumbairapidly absorbed by prominent names in thecorporate world on completion of the course,and are presently holding senior positions invarious organizations.This batch of 38 officers like theirpredecessors too has an eclectic blend ofyouthful energy and maturity, with serviceperiods ranging from 10 to 30 years alongwith wide ranging skills. This has not onlyhelped them to acquire the best that thisinstitute has to offer, but has also providedthe faculty of this institute with an enrichingexperience while teaching and interactingwith these bright officers.I wish them all success in their futurecareers. 05
  • 6. Messages from Faculty I have been associated with the Defence Program for seven years now and I never cease to be impressed by the enthusiasm and positive energy with which Defence Officers of all ages and backgrounds approach subjects new to them. They have attained understanding of management concepts through the same curiosity as young MBA aspirants. I have also observed these officers to work in teams and learn from each other, despite wide disparities in age, experience and qualifications, and, the fact that they come from organizations with strong hierarchy. Dr. Chandan Das Gupta The pedagogy has been designed in order to bring MA, MBS (Finance), AICWA, CAIIB out their inherent qualities and skills, while imparting management training in order to equip them to approach the corporate world with the same confidence as before. I am certain that the skills gained by them during their years in uniform, coupled with, their learning from this institute will stand them in good stead. This institute has been an enabler in the transition of uniformed officers to the corporate world. The institute provides them a platform to explore the nuances of management that they were not exposed to earlier and learn from the immense reservoir of collective knowledge of the faculty resident here. The free and vibrant atmosphere of the institute also helps them to blend easily into civilian life. The response of the course to lectures and assignments has been most encouraging, with learning being underpinned by free and frank discussions and dissection of all points of view. This has helped the faculty gain further insight into the workings of the Dr. Mala Srivastav defence forces, thereby enabling fine-tuning of the Programme Chairperson, MBA Core course pedagogy. I wish the Seventh Defence Batch all the best.06 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 7. Faculty ProfileNarsee Monjee Institute of ManagementSciences has exceptional faculty who haverepeatedly distinguished themselves asteachers, researchers and consultants. Thepresence of brilliant academicians,successful entrepreneurs & experiencedconsultants is an invaluable source ofinspiration. These legendary gurus who blendacademic expertise with credibility gainedfrom current business, professional &consultancy activities have transformedthese officers into corporate warriors. Theirinvolvement with each and every student hasbeen commendable. This is whatdifferentiates NMIMS from other B-Schools. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, ENTERPRISE ECONOMICS Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy RISK MANAGEMENT Dr. Sangita Kamdar Area Chairperson - Business Dr. Chandan Dasgupta Area Chairperson – Economic B.A., Environment & Strategy, Area Chairperson - Finance M.A., Ph.D. M.A. (Social Work), P.G.D., Planning, M.A, M.B.A (Finance) FICWA, CAIIB, Ph.D.(JBIMS), AMT, CMA (Australia), Ph.D Fulbright IAELP Fellow MARKETING BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS COMPUTERS & INFORMATION Dr. Mala Srivastava Mrs. Shailaja Rego SYSTEM Programme Chairperson – MBA, B.Sc., Area Chairperson – Operations & Prof. J. M. Shah, M.B.A., Ph.D. Decision Sciences, M. Sc (Stats), MBA Faculty In charge – Black Board, B.E (IT) (Mechanical), DSM Prof. Hari Kumar T.S. Iyer , B.Sc.; M.M.M. (JBIMS) HR MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATIONAL LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT Dr Seema Khanvilkar Dr. M. C. Agarwal Dr. P N. Mukherjee . M.A. (Eng. Lit.) and Ph.D. Associate Dean,M.A, PGDRM, Ph.D. Programme Chairperson - Executive MBA, B.E.(Mechanical), MMS, Ph.D (TQM), FIE, Chartered Engineer PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TQM & SIX SIGMA Prof. Pradeep Owalekar, Prof. C. D. Sreedharan, Dr. Mita Ruprel B. Text., PGDBM, MMM B. Sc, M.A, CAIIB Director, Aum Meditec BE Biomedical, PGD(EXIM), PGD (HHCM), Six Sigma Black Belt MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM LEGAL & BUSINESS LAW CSR Mr. Parag Naik Mr. A. G. Amdekar Ms. Anita Chauhan, Business Analyst, GE India Industrial (P) Proprietor, Anant Amdekar and Director, MIMS Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Ltd., B.Com, ACS, AICWA, LLB Associates, LL.B, CS B.Sc., B.Ed, DBM 07
  • 8. Roles of a Defence Officer An officer in the Defence Forces inherits a As an Air Traffic Control Officer, besides the Naval Marine Engineers: The mechanical Naval Architects: Naval architects specialize in glorious heritage and timeless traditions, blended duties of an Administrative Officer, the core engineers of the ship take pride in operation and warship construction and undergo a post perfectly with the latest technologies in the fields responsibility is Airspace management. They maintenance of a very wide array of mechanical graduate course in naval architecture at IIT, of management, engineering and medical enable civil and military aircraft operations in safe equipment and systems such as Gas turbines, Delhi. A Naval Architect is trained in design, sciences. As an Officer, one holds a position of and efficient environment by maintaining an Diesel engines, steam turbines, power construction, quality control and repair of naval authority. To be able to lead and control requires orderly flow of air traffic and provide control and generation equipment, air-conditioning and vessels. With the Navys urge in sponsoring the ability to motivate one self, inspire others and advisory services. refrigeration equipment, distillation plants, air indigenous ship building, the Naval Architect make decisions efficiently. To be congruent with compressors, hydraulic systems, electro- cadre offers excellent opportunities to keep the stringent and complex requirement of the As a Logistics Officer one undertakes hydraulic and electro-pneumatic control systems abreast of the advancement in ship building Armed Forces, these officers are chosen through management of material and resource etc. technology. a rigorous selection process. The stringent management with the objective of making right selection emphasises on their intrinsic traits of item available to right person at the right time. Naval Electrical Engineers: The electrical As members of elite organisation, these officers integrity, leadership, punctuality, physical and Provisioning critically needed items at remote engineers of the navy can also be subdivided into have made the nation proud. They shall continue moral courage as well as team work. These core locations across the country and at sea, speaks the surface, submarine and the aviation cadre. to do so in their new avatar as business leaders, values get further embedded in their persona about the efficiency of a Logistics Officer. The These engineers are proficient in operation and corporate executives and new age during their military careers and manifest as important functions include Forecasting, Material maintenance of the electrical and electronic entrepreneurs. habits that are the hallmark of servicemen and Management, Inventory Planning and control in systems and equipment of the navy. They form women. an e-environment, Purchase and Vendor the backbone of the navigation and weapon Development, Contract Negotiations and capabilities of any warship, submarine or aircraft. During their military tenure other than lessons administration, Packaging and Warehouse Like the mechanical engineers, the electrical from real life perilous situations, they also management, Budgeting and Financial Control, engineers too lead the electrical department of undergo specialised training that sharpen their Transportation and Distribution. the ship and perform the critical role of operation, professional as well as soft skills that are well planning, controlling and execution of suited for a career in corporate organisations. Aeronautical Engineers: Both, the Navy and maintenance of various electrical equipment They serve as an invaluable talent pool with the Air Force, require Aeronautical Engineers such as, navigation equipment, weapon diverse portfolios having rich pan-Indian, as well who are divided into the Mechanical Branch -AE equipment, power generation and distribution as, global exposure. (M) and Aeronautical Engineers in Electronic systems, radar and sonar systems etc. Branch - AE (L). The AE (M) is utilized to keep Core competencies aircraft operationally ready in any situation, while As an Administrative Officer one is responsible the AE (L) are required to maintain sophisticated for efficient management of all human resource electronic networks of communications from functions like recruitment, resource ground to ground, ground to air and vice versa; management, performance management, install, maintain, operate defence radar systems ; maintenance of disciplined work environment, operate other electronic gadgets, sophisticated grievance redressal, harmonisation of cross- computers ; maintain and operate other ground cultural work environment by organising various defence electronics equipments. events, team building, learning and development, Movement of resources for Officers typically lead teams of 100 to 300 operational requirement, work services, legal technicians to maintain the complex systems. He advisor and confidential officer for the or she is responsible to execute large size organisation & custodian of personnel records technical projects, conduct trials & technical and their maintenance. Other functions of an evaluation and provide professional advice. Administrative Officer include procurement and Further technical Officers head the Cyber and IT maintenance of office equipment, budgetary and security of the division and implement the financial control, and security and facility security policies. management.08 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management 09
  • 9. The Participants The Seventh Defence Batch comprises 38 motivated and dynamic professionals from the Indian Armed Our leadership and team building skills that have been honed during our service careers, coupled with Forces, each possessing rich operational and technical experience in diverse fields and equipped with a the corporate management skills we have now acquired, will undoubtedly add value to any organization wide variety of skill sets. Eager to enter into the corporate world after a successful innings in the Forces, that affords us the opportunity. we have come together at NMIMS, Indias top ranked Business School, to re-orient and re-align our skills to meet the challenges of the corporate sector. The past six batches of the Defence Programme that have passed through the portals of NMIMS have already made their mark in corporate sector. Driven by our desire to excel, we promise to set new We are versatile and level-headed individuals, ready to prove our unfailing ability to deliver under benchmarks in the days to come. challenging conditions. Our extensive hands-on experience and exposure to decision making under difficult conditions, often in the face of extreme adversity and uncertainty, make us a desired and valued asset for any organization.10 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management 11
  • 10. Course Structure The Ministry of Defence has initiated a Resettlement Policy with the objective of providing a smooth “Career Transition” to Armed Forces Officers who are either short services officers, seeking premature retirement or leave on superannuation. Amongst the top B Schools of the country, NMIMS is one of the major contributors in achieving the objective of career transition. After successful conduct and 100% placement of the first five batches, the Seventh batch is in progress with 38 Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force. A person from the Defence Forces is trained to handle any situation envisaged in the management philosophy. They are disciplined, have a sense of integrity and excellent leadership qualities that can fit well within any organisational structure. These Officers are cohesive, self starters, enthusiastic learners and have an extremely steep learning curve. Working in teams and leadership comes quite naturally to them. The metamorphosis from their battle fatigues to business suits seems incredibly so simple, progressing rapidly towards becoming tech centric, and has resulted in these officers being extremely comfortable with emerging concepts and latest trends. These individuals have consistently proved to be high achievers. Direction and objectives were only needed to be defined and the results were outstanding. 1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term • Marketing management • Quantitative Techniques • Legal Aspects of Business & • Individual & Organization • Human Resource Management Labour Laws Behaviors • Financial Management • Logistics & Supply Chain • Micro & Macro Business Management • Corporate Strategy Environment • Management Control System • Services & Retail Management • Cost & Management • Communication Accounting • International Business • Entrepreneurship Management 4th Term Other Activities Methodology • Project Management • Guest Lecture • Lecture • TQM & Six Sigma • Industrial Visits • Case Study • Corporate Social Responsibility • Group Presentations • Role Play • Risk Management • Management Games • Management Information • Group Discussions System • Personality Development Instruments12 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 11. Batch ProfileAge Profile 1 7 Less than 30 years 4 30 - 34 35 - 39 40 - 44 2 45 Plus 24Education Profile 3 1 1 1 Arts Commerce Engineering Medicine Science 32Experience Profile 2 2 1 7 5-9 10 - 14 15 - 19 20 - 24 2 25 - 29 30 - 35 24 13
  • 13. Skills A competent professional with major experience in Procurement Planning, Material Management, Vendor Management, Human Capital Management, Technical administration with excellent organizational, liaison, communication and negotiating skills, strong leadership and managerial skills tested under high pressure situations. Areas of Interest HRM, Project Management, SCM/Logistics, Operations and Administration Career Synopsis As HR Manager • Managed a team of more than 100 HR professionals based out of multiple locations. • Prepared HR related policies in close consultation with the Sumukhi Misri core management. +91 9819522503 • Strategized the HR function and work closely with functional heads to improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure optimum utilization of minimum resources. Age: 29 Years As Project Manager Experience: 06 Years • Supervised the development and tracking of integrated project plans. • Established and maintained project communications. • Planed project estimations. As Logistic Manager • Managed operations to ensure client service levels and financial targets (costs, budgets, demand of funds) are achieved. • Provided direction and guidance for continuous quality improvements, operation changes to reduce costs and improving efficiency. • Material procurement & purchase planning of spare parts, machines, equipments and ensure continuous supply at optimum costs. Was responsible to ensure JIT inventory at all times in accordance to the quality of conformance. Awards & Accomplishments • Was appreciated for commendable work in RECOVERY AND RESCUE OPERATION of Sep 2011 Sikkim Earthquake. • Awarded Bronze Medal in cross country marathon at Officers Training Academy. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Post Graduate Diploma course in Personnel Management Administration Symbiosis, Pune (SIMS). • B.E. (Mechanical), University of Pune. LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 14. SkillsGeneral Administration, HR Management, Security andIntelligence, Training and Organizational Skills, Crossfunctional Administration, Interpersonal and Communicationskills.Areas of InterestHR- Admin, Pharma, Hospital Administration, FacilityManagement, Security, SCMCareer Synopsis• Experienced and innovative manpower management with excellent interpersonal and operational skills honed to perfection under the exacting standards of the Indian Army. Kishor Kallingal• Proven expertise in policy and procedure formulation, +91 9769124479 personnel development, legal compliance issues, +91 8943624686 managerial support, labor relations, negotiations and general administration. Age: 31 Years• Hands on experience in Operations, Security and Human Experience: 05 Years Resource management for efficient functioning of mid-sized manpower organizations as a Second in Command of Army Mobile Vet Hospital 2007-09.• Led highly motivated group of Soldiers near Indo-China Border for Logistic operation in a hard terrain of an altitude above 14000 ft from 2007 to 2009.• Successfully completed Logistic Operation in supply of Meat Group items in entire Gujarat Area from 2009-2011.• Successfully completed the tenure as Accounts officer and Admin Officer of Army Supply Depot Ahmedabad with a monthly transaction of more than Rs.50 Lacs from 2009 to 2011.Awards & Accomplishments• Received Service Medals for High Altitude Area and Field Service in 2008-09.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• MBA (HR) SMU DE (Pursuing).• BVSc from Kerala Agri University.LinkedIn : 17
  • 15. Skills • Accomplished Manager with a verifiable track record of managing small / medium sized Projects exceeding expectations. • Extensive experience in the field of Projects, Operations, HR management and Supply chain management. • Energetic initiator, self motivated and easily adaptable with excellent team development, conflict resolution and negotiation skills. Areas of Interest Power sector, Shipyards, Engineering and Manufacturing sector, Operations, Projects, HR and Supply chain management. Career Synopsis • Successfully completed various major Refit Projects M Mathialagan (Electrical) of Ships and Submarines under severe time, cost 09819648029, 08870529939 & resource constraints and stressful working conditions in the ship repair yard. As an accomplished Manager in the repair yard, employed best HR polices to maintain high degree of balance between management, employees and Age: 31 Years workers union with prime drive to achieve Organizations Experience: 10 Years Goals and Objectives. • Headed the operations part of a Naval training establishment involving facilities and infrastructure management through effective contract management and administrative control ensuring discipline and welfare of personnel. • Headed the key Navigation, Direction and Communication section of a major Destroyer class of warship. Operated and maintained highly complex and critical Electrical and Electronics equipments under severe conditions at sea. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by Chief of the Naval Staff in Aug 12 while heading the Operations part of a Naval training establishment. • On-the spot Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Naval Command in Apr 07, for rectifying a highly significant defect onboard a submarine in 02 months, otherwise would have resulted the submarine to enter refit (18 Months) much ahead of its schedule. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • MBA (Technology Management), Anna University, Chennai. • BE (Electronics and Instrumentation), Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu. LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 16. SkillsIntrapreneurship, Product Innovation, Research andDevelopment, Operations and Maintenance Management andProject Management.Areas of InterestTechnology Product companies.Career Synopsis• A Defence and Aerospace professional with 10 years of Project Management / R & D experience in Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and in Indian Navy with Avionics Specialization.• Professionally competent and result-oriented Senior Manager(Avionics) expertise in heading 4 workshops with the role and responsibility of innovative in-house repair and Narayan Subhash Cherukupalli turn-around of avionics components/spares at Naval Aircraft 09769735642,09741240520 Yard (Kochi) for a period of 1 year.• Served as a Project Manager of three sub-systems of AEW&C (Airborne Early warning and Control system) project Age: 31 Years at Center for Airborne Systems (CABS), DRDO, Bangalore Experience: 10 Years for a period of 3 years with domain skills of FPGA, DSP & Airborne Radar.• Served as maintenance operations manager at a helicopter squadron at Kochi for 4 years. Specialized in Flight Data Recorder based helicopter health monitoring.Awards & Accomplishments• Received Directors innovation award for implementing LVDS technology in the backplane of beam steering controller towards the contribution of AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) project at DRDO.• Received technology group award for RF-Digital system integration from Dr S.Christopher, Director, Center for Airborne Systems, DRDO.• Received Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief commendation for the innovative implementation of milking Flight data recorder data for helicopter predictive health monitoring.• Founded Tennis India Magazine Publishing Business (• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Certificate course on “Strategic persuasion and negotiations skills” and “Finance for entrepreneurs” from NSRCEL at IIM, Bangalore.• B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from JNTU, Hyderabad.LinkedIn : 19
  • 17. Skills Business Technology with extensive IT Management experience. Strong interpersonal skills aimed at fostering Team work and Result orientation. Quick adaptability and effective communication skills towards leading cross- functional teams. Areas of Interest Business Technology Management, Project & Operations Management, Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Career Synopsis • Electronics engineer, adept in IT Management; has 04 years of extensive experience in setting up, design, administration, configuration and troubleshooting of Critical Networks as Gokul D +91 9969527274 head of Network Centric Operations (NCO) of Western Region of Navy. Achieved implementation of secure networks between Naval and Remote Strategic locations. Achieved enhanced situational awareness in Operations Age: 31 Years Centers by leveraging IT, Satellite and RF technologies. Experience: 10 Years • As Deputy Electrical Officer onboard a Major Naval Warship, led a team of 35 highly skilled technicians towards maintaining combat readiness of Power Generation & Distribution (PGD), Communications / Electronic Warfare systems, Weapons/ Sensors and IT infrastructure. As Manager, Planning of Naval Ship Repair Yard, Port Blair, was responsible for planning and execution of major refits of six warships. Ensured timely completion of projects by implementing optimum in-house resource management and sub-contracting. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command for effectively leveraging IT and Communication technologies towards enhanced Coastal Security and Naval operations. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • MBA in Information Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai • Certification in Advanced Networking, IIT Kharagpur • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Instrumentation), Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 18. SkillsProject Management, Contract Negotiation & Implementation,Strategy Development & Implementation, TechnologyManagement, Operations Management, Excellent Analyticalability & People skill.Areas of InterestDefence & Aerospace / Aeronautics, Information Technology,Offset Consulting, Business Development and OperationsManagement.Career Synopsis• Controller of Technical Services – At Materiel Organisation, Goa I am responsible for seamless supply / repair chain of the mission critical spares for multi-national make-type of aircraft and helicopters, operating from INS Hansa - Indias strategic naval sword-arm, to ensure maximum operational Dinkar Arora efficiency and wartime reliability. +91 9819074271 / 9423532105• Deputy Station Air Engineer Officer – Have been responsible for technical operations of the air-station, various workshops for aircraft equipment, such as Rolls Royce Engine, Guns Age: 31 Years etc. Have also been responsible for the quality assurance Experience: 10 Years across the fleet of various aircraft types ensuring least downtime and higher degree of reliability and air-worthiness of all stated flying assets. With a strong team of 160 enlisted men and 35 non combatants.• Project Manager - Have very successfully coordinated and managed various strategic projects such as - "Limited Upgrade of Sea Harrier", "Series Modification of fleet" and "Structural Integrity of Sea Harrier", in collaboration with subsidiaries of "Israel Aircraft Industries", "British Aerospace Systems" and "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" and other globally dispersed vendor community.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Chief of The Naval Staff for successful completion of the Upgrade of Sea Harrier project before time schedule and within financial constraints.• Successfully implemented measures towards maximising operational efficiency of repair chain of mission critical spares.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Goa Institute of Management, Goa• M.Tech. (Aeronautics), from Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Kochi• B.Engg. (Mechanical), Ranked 1st in Department.LinkedIn : 21
  • 19. Skills Decisive leadership ability, Solution oriented approach, Sound Techno-Managerial skills, Experience in project management, Risk Management, Procurement and Contract Management, Vendor Management / Negotiation, Team Building, Flair for organizing, Staff Training and Development, Effective Communication Skill, Interpersonal Skills, Quick Adaptability. Areas of Interest Project management, Operation and maintenance management, Business Development, Marketing & Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management. Career Synopsis • As Chief Engineer Officer / Electrical Officer of a warship, built and headed a dynamic 20 men technical crew for smooth operation and maintenance of the ageing ships machineries. Shodhan K • As Chief Engineer Officer ensured a facelift for the ship +919619742262, + 91 9449820780 during refit to enhance its life span and sea worthiness considerably. • As Officer in Charge of a critical Shiplift Transfer System, being one of its kind in India, successfully planned and Age: 31 Years undertook about 130 ship transfer operations on land, Experience: 10 Years resulting in extremely rapid docking / undocking of ships. • Headed a young and inexperienced workforce of 200 members as Deputy Manager towards swift maintenance/installation of major equipments onboard seagoing vessels in Naval Ship Repair Yard. • Planned, coordinated, controlled, executed and contracted with major national/international firms/PSUs for maintenance, retro-fitment of major ship machineries, on stringent trials schedules and quality checks. • Planned, liaised and executed various projects involving modernization, acquisition, commissioning and improvement of infrastructure and facilities at Naval Ship Repair Yard. • Spares/Inventory and equipment management encompassing activities pertinent from planning till utilization • As Deputy Manager Engineering Projects, formulated and established annual rate contracts for equipments/systems of ships/ yard assets for expeditious maintenance. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief for dedication, solution oriented approach and professional competence as Assistant Manager (Engineering) at a premier Naval Ship Repair Yard in 2008. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Marine Engineering Specialization Course from INS Shivaji • BE in Industrial & Production Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. LinkedIn : http://in.linkedin/pub/shodhan-k/55/78a/b0b22 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 20. SkillsFocussed leader, Proficient in handling operations for militaryaviation. Adaptable, Flexible team player endowed withadmirable interpersonal, analytical and negotiation skills.Conflict-Resolution Abilities & Great Relation managementSkills. Qualified on Six Sigma improvement techniques.Areas of InterestSeeking challenging position and a leadership role in the areasof Operations, Strategy, Logistics, Project ManagementInvolving Aviation, Logistics and Business Development.Career Synopsis• Effectively coordinated technical / logistic / operational support for approx. 45 aircrafts operating from seven different theatres including the asset management for cross Karan Chadda deck deployments of the fleet during President’s Fleet +91 9930417816 Review 2011.• Deft at Resource Optimization and coordinating large scale events. As Project Manager for the year 2009, 2010 and Age: 31 Years 2011, have planned and executed the Beating Retreat and Experience: 10 Years Tattoo Ceremony event held at the Gateway of India. Wide exposure in building strong rapport with Civil Agencies and Govt. Authorities.• Managed planning, scheduling through forecasting and complete control of supply chain to ensure in-time positioning of aero engines, flight critical spares, breakdown spares, and mandatory replacement spares across afloat and ashore platforms.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by Chief of the Naval Staff on 15 Aug 2010.• Commendation by Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command on 04 Dec 2007.• Organized events of national significance attended by Dignitaries / VVIPs.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Master of Technology (Aeronautics - Mechanical) - Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology, CUSAT, Kochi - 2004.• Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical) - SUSCET, Mohali / Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar - 2002.LinkedIn : 23
  • 21. Skills Sound Techno-Managerial skills, experience in product development, contract management, vendor management, Effective Communication skill, Good influencing and persuasion skills, Quick adaptability to new challenging environment/job profiles, Highly self motivated, User level knowledge in SAP, ERP (MM module). Areas of Interest Project management, Operation and maintenance management, Supply Chain Management & Human Resource Management. Career Synopsis • Served Indian Navy as Electrical Officer and gained valuable experience in the fields of Projects, Product Development, Operations & Maintenance and Human Resource Management. • As Project Manager at Ship Building Centre, supervised R Karthikeyan Navys one of its kind unique Project. Managed Cross +91 9866510211 functional teams in monitoring and controlling of all Ship Building activities as per Overall build plan. • Administered effective resource management for Ship Building activities by establishing robust procedures and Age: 31 Years processes for sourcing, procurement and logistics Experience: 10 Years management. • Hands-on experience in various critical installations and trials of Electrical equipment as Production Manger, Ship Building Centre. Managed important repairs of major equipment through executing tenders and also with in-house facility. • As Project Officer in a Design & Development Establishment developed products through indigenous OEMs by finalizing technical requirement, process document, QAPs, test/trials procedures. • Product development also entailed evaluating technical and budgetary proposals, monitoring/tracking requirements and adherence to quality standards. • As Technical officer on-board Naval Ship ensured maintenance and operational status of wide range of indigenous and non-indigenous Electrical, Electronics and Weapon Equipment, for critical Naval Operations. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command for carrying out in-situ defect rectification of a major machinery onboard ship, under stringent conditions in minimum possible time which otherwise had huge cost and time impact in Project Schedule. • Gained 35 PDUs (Professional Development Units) in PMP Preparation program. Aspiring to attain PMP certification shortly. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • B.E. (Electronics and Communication) Madurai Kamaraj University - First Class with Distinction LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 22. SkillsProject and Operation Management, Maintenance and VendorManagement, Leading cross functional team.Areas of InterestProject Planning, Business Technology Management, HeavyEngineering, Aviation/Automobile Production.Career Synopsis• Result-oriented professional offering 10 years of experience in Technical management with Indian Navy. Cyril Simon• Officer-in-charge MRO and Avionics, Naval Air Station 91- 9769791284, 9048058930 Garuda, Kochi since 2008 with a team of 90 members.• Spearheaded as Chief Engineer of premier Naval Air Squadron, Mumbai and on ship borne flight, Mumbai. Age: 32 Years Experience: 11 Years• Junior Design Engineer for technology startup at M/s. Albretal Technologies,Kochi.Awards & Accomplishments• Ideated and implemented, formulation and assessment of advanced underwater Naval equipment in association with Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratoy, first of its kind in Naval Aviation.• Led the technical team of Seaking Helicopter squadron which was awarded the best Naval Air Squadron for the year 2006.• Coordinated the Pan India implementation of encrypted speech secrecy and Link-II systems on Naval helicopters for secure communications.• Coordinator for Indian Navy Ball 2011, Southern Naval Command operations committee.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• M. Tech. (Aeronautical Electrical), CUSAT, Kochi.• B.E. (Electronics & Instrumentation), TCE, Coimbatore.LinkedIn : 25
  • 23. Skills Project Management, Operations Management, Material Management, Contract Management, HR Management and Development, Excellent Communication skills, General Administration and quick Decision Making by adaptation, innovation and improvisation. Areas of Interest Project Manager, Oil & Gas, Operations Manager, Technology Manager, Shipbuilding, Offshore Oil Rigs and HR Career Synopsis • Asst Director Indigenization - Submarine Projects ( Oct 2011 to date), Hyderabad, responsible for Indigenization of Equipment and Contract Management as per Defence Procurement Manual Ravinder K • Chief Engineer Officer – Indian Naval Submarines (Oct 2009 +91 9819069363, 9618687878 – Oct 2011), Visakhapatnam, as Technical Head responsible for Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Material Management, Damage Control, HR Management and Development, Building rapport and Liaise with various Age: 32 Years centers of Dockyard and Ops Authority Experience: 10 Years • Project Manager, Defence Missile Projects (May 2006 – Oct 2009), Defence Research & Development Laboratories, Hyderabad, responsible for Project Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, HR Management and Contract Management • Deputy Chief Engineer– Indian Naval Submarines (Feb 2003 – Apr 2006), Mumbai, Advisory role in Decision Making, Material Manager, HR Management and Development, Maintenance Manager and Deputy Damage Control Officer Awards & Accomplishments • Successful Test firing of 03 Underwater launched missiles • First timers in the Indian Navy (i) Defect Identification and Rectification of Main Diesel Speed Governor at sea making optimum utilization of spares and resources (ii) Safe undocking of submarine after removal of 40 percent of the weight from various positions requiring complex calculations and balancing using counter weights at designated positions with one third the regular compliment of manning plan • Ensured 100 percent availability of the submarine by safe and sound exploitation of 32 complex technical systems Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • B. E. (Mechanical), University College of Engineering, Osmania University LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 24. SkillsManagement of technologically intensive programmes &operations, policy formulation, SCM and generaladministration, leading multi-functional expert groups, adept atpeople management, change & conflict management,maintaining healthy employer-employee relations andhandling grievances. Calm & decisive goal-oriented approachin stressful & dynamically evolving situations.Areas of InterestBusiness Development, Project Management, StrategicPlanning, Process Implementation, Risk and QualityManagement, Policy Formulation, Technological Initiatives,Human Resource ManagementCareer Synopsis• Multifunctional expertise in Operational Management, Prabhudatta Chand +91 9403960433 Project Management, Logistics, Indigenization of aviation equipment, Administration and Training during 10 years of experience in Navy• Senior Air Technical Officer for 06 and half years at pioneer Age: 33 Years Naval Airbases in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron and Experience: 10 Years second line unit. Successfully operations of the UAV from onboard Naval ships, Army Launch pad and DRDO test range in close liaison with multiple agencies• Chief Technical Officer at Naval Servicing Development Organisation, Goa for 02 years. Detailed analysis of servicing development data base of all Naval Aircraft and Forecasting and Resource Optimization, Planned and executed Aircraft and aviation equipment upgradation projects involving close coordination with several agencies.• Contract/ Tender preparation, evaluation, negotiation, implementation and monitoring.• Key member of a critical project for SCM and operations management of Naval Aviation assets.• Inventory control of Oil/Lubricant/Grease (180 variant) and wide range of aviation spare(25000 by type) for Naval Aircrafts.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command for outstanding contribution for recovery of defective sophisticated electronics equipment post flash flood.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• M.Tech. (Aeronautics), CUSAT, Kochi.• B.E. (Mechanical), Utkal University, Odisha.LinkedIn : 27
  • 25. Skills Proactive initiation, planning, guiding and coordination abilities, Mentoring, motivating and leading skills to drive cross functional teams, Process evaluation and trouble shooting, Good communication skills, Diligent Project, Human Resource, Inventory management, Prompt and transparent contract management capabilities. Areas of Interest Project Management, Technical operations in Electrical & Electronics industries, Ship Building. Career Synopsis • A committed professional of the Indian Navy with high Techno Managerial acumen. • A decisive and action-oriented Project Planner & R. Premkumar Coordinator, with last four years focused on initiation, +91 7382611465 planning, guiding and coordination of processes and +91 9290724815 procedures in strategic ship building project. • Production Manager (Electrical) for one year, handling outfitting of equipment and cable laying onboard submarine. Age: 32 Years • Coordinated critical activities during launch of Vessel viz. Experience: 10 Years installation of Decoy and Noise Measurement System, documentation of details and procedures for maneuvering of diver under salvage operations, planning and executing optimal stowage of spares onboard. • Effectively led a professional team of sailors onboard Indian Naval Ship for two years, in preventive maintenance, operation and defect rectification of electrical equipment and systems. Awards & Accomplishments • Commended by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval command (2009) for his outstanding efforts in planning and coordination of outfitting, setting to work and trials activities for timely launch of Project Vessel. • Appreciated for his judicious sequencing of work packages and persistent coordination of production / repair activities during maiden docking-undocking operations of Project Vessel. • Ensured timely completion of Survey Instructions of national importance at Port Blair, Sethusamudram and Maldives. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 26. SkillsTechnical Administration, wide exposure to Technology,Contract negotiation and Vendor Management, outstandingOrganizing, Planning and Administrative ability, HRdevelopment, Training and ability to adapt quickly.Areas of InterestShipbuilding, Business Development in Marine Engineeringindustries, Maintenance Management, Administration, HR,Training.Career Synopsis• Indian Naval Marine Engineer Officer with experience in the areas of Operations, Maintenance Management,Training and Human Resource Planning and Development.• Served in Indian Naval Warship as Chief Engineer Officer & Sachin Nikam Electrical Officer, wherein gained a valuable experience of 91- 9881527340 over 04 years in the field of Operations and Maintenance Management of wide-ranging Ship equipment.• In capacity of Chief Engineer Officer ensured completion of major refits and repairs in record time. Age: 32 Years• Led a ship maintenance support facility with responsibility Experience: 10 Years ranging from planning, scheduling and executing/contracting repair maintenance programs including major repairs for a wide variety of ship .• Served as Staff Officer (Technical) in the Regional Naval Headquarters, Tamil Nadu and was responsible for key policy matters on Repairs of Ships and co-ordination with multiple Private/Defence PSU/Foreign ship repair agencies.• Served as Staff Officer (Admin) of one of the largest and Premier Training Establishment of Indian Navy. Undertook several key infrastructure up-gradation projects and conclusion of various conservancy contracts.• Performed the duties of instructor for Diesel Propulsion and Auxiliaries of Marine Engineering branch.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief for utmost dedication, commitment and professional competence as Staff Officer (Administration) at premier technical training establishment in 2011.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Marine Engineering Specialisation Course.• B.E. (Production)LinkedIn : 29
  • 27. Skills Techno-Commercial Managerial skills, Technical Infrastructure Projects Management, Quality & Risk Management, Procurement & Contract Management, Vendor Management & Negotiation, Process Improvement. Areas of Interest Project management, Infrastructure Development, Operation & Maintenance Management, Consultancy, Ship Building & Repairs, Quality Management & Control, Human Resource Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Career Synopsis • Conceptualised, planned & closely monitored execution of complex technical infrastructure projects and facilities involving modernization, acquisition, and up-gradation, within set constraints of cost, time, quality and resources. V Suresh Kumar • Designed Naval Infrastructure projects layout envisaged for +91 9619326153; +91 9550336678 next 15 years worth Rs. 4 Bn taking into consideration future expansion, acquisition and berthing plans of ships in Navy. • As a Contract Officer, concluded contracts with commercial shipyards/firms for undertaking major repairs of Ships & Age: 32 Years concluded numerous sub-contracts, repair rate contracts Experience: 10 Years and annual maintenance contracts for ship repair activities. • Involved in Commercial and Techno-managerial pursuit in procurement of equipments and machinery in accordance with Defence Procurement Manual & CVC guidelines. Successfully concluded AMC and repair rate contracts for repair/maintenance of Dockyard shop-floor equipments. • Formulation of Quality Assurance Plans for repairs/overhauls of Engineering/Electrical/Hull equipments/systems and concluded contracts for hiring of IRS qualified Quality Control Inspectors. • Budget Controller - Achieved 100 % economic utilization of defense budget allocation for Naval Dockyard for Two Financial Years (FY 08-09 & FY 09-10). • Ensured planning, scheduling and executing overhauls / capital repairs of marine gas turbines and gas turbines generators of IN Ships. • In-depth knowledge of repair and maintenance of plant machinery, tools, equipments and mechanical systems & services. Awards & Accomplishments • Awarded Commendation by the Commander In Chief, Southern Naval Command in 2006 for displaying Highest Standards of Professionalism, Leadership, Dedication & Commitment whilst carrying out the duties of Senior Engineer Officer, on-board IN Warship. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • MBA (Project Management), Sikkim Manipal University through Distance Education. • Marine Engineering Specialization, Indian Naval Ship (INS), Shivaji, Indian Navy. • B.E. (Mechanical) – VTU (Belgaum). LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 28. SkillsDecisive leadership ability, Solution oriented approach, SoundTechno-Managerial skills, Procurement & ContractManagement, Vendor management, Team building, Effectivecommunication & Negotiations skills, Cross-Functional TeamLeadership, Analytical AbilityAreas of InterestProject Management, Operation & Maintenance Management,Supply Chain Management, Business / Vendor Development,Human Resource Management, Administration.Career Synopsis• As Project Manager, spearheaded a team and successfully completed 17 projects related to various mechanical equipments of foreign origin worth 35 Crores via Indian Vijay Krishna K Firms through detailed planning, execution & monitoring +919619754368, + 91 9502148193 within the cost, time & quality parameters.• As Chief Engineer Officer of a Warship for 3 years: - Member of a team which successfully completed the arduous task of rebuilding a ship (damaged during Age: 31 Years operations) undertaken for the first time by Indian Naval Experience: 10 Years Dockyard in the history of Indian Navy within the stipulated time frame through coordination with multiple agencies - Responsible for preparation of comprehensive technical documentation of ship fitted equipments spares that are required till the ship is decommissioned from naval service. - Headed a team of 40 men and effectively performed troubleshooting & preventive / breakdown maintenance to ensure 100% readiness to meet the requirements.• As Asst Engineer Officer of a 35 year old warship, completed the arduous task of de-commissioning procedures which included accounting of entire mechanical equipments/spares fitted onboard and merging them back to store depot.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief for utmost dedication, commitment and professional competence for expediting repair of a warship as Chief Engineer Officer - Aug 2008Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, SCDL, Pune, 2012.• Marine Engineering Specialisation Course , Indian Naval Training Base, Lonavla, Pune - 2004.• Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), University of Madras, Chennai - 1998.LinkedIn : 31
  • 29. Skills Entrepreneurial approach oriented, efficient and effective control over Organizing, Planning, Technical administration, Facility Administration, Vendor Management, Training Capability, HR development and ability to adapt quickly. Areas of Interest Project Manager, Operations Manager, HRM, Facility Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Career Synopsis • Professionally competent and result-oriented Indian Naval Aeronautical Engineer Officer with 10 years of exposure across Aircraft maintenance & repair management and Naval Aviation Logistics Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management. Anand Naamdhar +91 9769735646 / +91 8086599637 • Possess experience in maintenance of Augusta Westland Seaking Helicopter Specialist (42 Series) in various capacities and active experience in the field of operations and maintenance of Helicopter equipments. Age: 33 Years Experience: 10 Years • Effectively handled the aviation logistics chain supply management in association with repair feasibility to large scale capacities. • Demonstrated professional excellence in developing and implementing maintenance support facility with over 600 workers and managed planning, scheduling and executing of repair maintenance programs for a wide variety of Naval Version Aircrafts. • Key competencies are in the areas of Operations and Maintenance Management, Project anagement, Research and Development, Logistics & SCM, Training, Human Resource Management and General Administration. Awards & Accomplishments • Successfully achieved 90 percent readiness of Frontline Seaking aircrafts during frontline tenure in all security states of the country and appreciated by Headquarters, Western Naval Command, Mumbai. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Master of Technology, Aeronautical Engineering CUSAT, Cochin • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) VTU, Karnataka, India LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 30. SkillsA technical professional with strong managerial, interpersonaland communication skills with exposure to a wide variety offunctions, seeking senior level assignments to constantlyutilize and multiply professional ability for the attainment oforganizational goals and career heights in a growth orientedcompany.Areas of InterestProject and Operation Management, Administration, IT &Telecom, Human Resource, Shipbuilding, Supply ChainManagement, SecurityCareer Synopsis• Public Relation Officer, Karnataka Region, Naval Base, Karwar Basavaraj Marad +91 9757140120• Deputy Manager (Electrical & Weapons), Naval Ship Repair Yard, Karwar• Assistant Electrical Officer (Navigation, Direction & Age: 33 Years Communication), Indian Naval Warship Experience: 10 YearsAwards & Accomplishments• Accomplished the up-gradation and refit of 03 seagoing vessels worth 50 crores well before projected deadline.• Up gradation of Repair Yard infrastructure and productivity of organization by timely procurement of assets worth 08 crores. Adeptly managed ships operational assets worth INR 500 crores over a period of 04 years by assessing defects and implementing solutions to avoid recurrence.• Conducted technical and price negotiation, implemented competitive procurement benchmarks and minimized spending cost to a tune of INR 03 crores.• Facilitated and started State Transport service for defence civilians from city to Naval Base.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Advanced course in Media Management from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, 2010• Certified course in EMI/EMC from Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, 2008• M.Sc (Electronics & Telecommunication), Cochin University, Kerala, 2006• Naval Weapon & Missile Technology Course, Institute of Armament Technology (DRDO), Pune, 2003• B.E (Electronics & Communication), Karnataka University, 2001LinkedIn : LinkedIn: 33
  • 31. Skills Project Management, Business Development, Contract &Cost Management ,SCM, Procurement, Inventory Management, MIS,ERP /SAP Handling Areas of Interest Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Projects, IT, Telecom Sector, Consultancy, Logistic & Retail Career Synopsis • An electrical engineer by profession with sound experience in field of Techno Commercial Projects. As Naval Project and Contract Overseer, steered multi-disciplinary engineering projects at Garden Reach Shipbuilders, Kolkata and Hindustan Shipyard Ltd, Vizag (project ranging from 55-1500 Crs). Supervised projects with respect to cost, resource deployment, inventory, time over-runs and quality control. Headed Cost and Contract Management cell and carried out Puspak Roy budgeting and expenditure auditing on SAP based NAVY FIS +91 8820165945; +91 8879035816 (Financial Information System) • Adroit in carrying out Analytical Assessment for strengthening supply chain effectiveness. As Manager Procurement and Planning at Indian Navy Western Region Age: 33 Years Procurement Depot managed complete Supply Chain Experience: 10 Years Operations, employing effective Sourcing Strategies. Identified and arranged indigenous vendors for machinery spare parts; handled local and overseas procurement in tune of 600 Crs.Contributed significantly in development and migration of Sybase based Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS) to SAP based 2nd generation ILMS 2. Served as in-charge Management Information Systems (MIS). • An effective leader with Strong inter-personal Skills and distinguished abilities in end-to-end operations management, motivating team members to maintain deliverable as per SLA. Adept at handling productivity, as well as HR issues within domain of Industrial Dispute Act and Factory Act. Managed team of 160 highly skilled and skilled workers in a unionized environment. Sensitive to global work/cultural ethos. Proven track record of achievement; consistently progressed to the positions of increasing responsibility Awards & Accomplishments • Has been commended by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command for Inventory Rationalization, Vendor Development and Cost Optimization. • Cited for trouble shooting and design modification, incorporating user/customer feedback onboard Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJFAC) Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration(Operations), Symbiosis, Pune (SCDL) • Certification in Cost and Contract Management, ICWAI ,New Delhi • Bachelor of Engineering(Electrical & Electronics), Manipal Engineering Collage, Sikkim LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 32. SkillsPublic speaking, presentation and communication skills, abilityto take quick decisions, Building teams and developingindividuals at various levels of hierarchy and ensuringcohesion, interpersonal relations and high motivation levels ofteam members simultaneously driving the team towardsachievement of organisational goals in stressful conditionswithin stipulated dead lines.Areas of InterestTraining and development, HR, Admin, Operations in Aviation/Airline Industry, CSR / NGO, Part time lecturer at College andTeacher at International School. Vibhuti Agarwal +91 9930862948Career Synopsis• Air Traffic Management for 10 years in the Navy• Part time lecturer at a BBA College for 3 months in 2003 Age: 33 Years Experience: 10 Years• Customer Care Executive for 3 months at Convergys Call Centre in 2002Awards & Accomplishments• Was a part of the Commentary Team during Review of the Fleet by the President of India in 2011.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• MBA Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra• B. Sc. GMN College, Ambala Cantt. HaryanaLinkedIn : 35
  • 33. Skills Project Management, Operations Management, Material Management, Contract Management, HR Management and Development, Excellent Communication skills, General Administration and quick Decision Making by adaptation, innovation and improvisation. Areas of Interest Project Planning, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Ship Building, Rig Management, Supply Chain, Trans National Purchase & Contract Management. Career Synopsis • Chief Engineer – Indian Naval Submarine P. Vithal • Manager Engineering - M/s Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. +919833569735, 8096616699 • Manager Shore Facilities - Submarine Headquarters,Vizag • Project Engineer- Naval Dockyard, Vizag Age: 34 Years Experience: 11 Years • Works Manager- Piaggio Greaves Vehicles Ltd, Vizag Awards & Accomplishments • Letter of Appreciation from General Manager (Refit) – Naval Dockyard (Visakhapatnam) in May 2012 for displaying admirable professional competence during a typical undocking of Submarine. • Undertook Technical Analysis and Practical Implementation of Indian make Thermostatic Expansion Valve to replace Russian valve onboard refrigeration plants of EKM class submarines. • Awarded Scholarship from Ministry of Renewable Energy during M-Tech • Obtained All India Rank of 372 in GATE 2001 Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • M.Tech. (Energy Management) from National Institute of Technology- Calicut • B.Tech. (Mechanical) from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 34. SkillsS o u n d Te c h n o - M a n a g e r i a l s k i l l s , I m p l e m e n t i n gship/submarine construction projects, contract management,Effective Communication skills, Quick adaptability to newchallenging environment/job profiles, Highly self-motivated,and User level knowledge in SAP, ERP (MM & PP module).Areas of InterestProject Management, Operations& MaintenanceManagement, Ship Building, Human Resource Managementand Rig Management.Career Synopsis• Served Indian Navy as an Electrical Officer and gained valuable experience in the fields of Projects, Product Development, Operations & Maintenance and Human Resource Management.• As Project Manager at Ship Building Centre, overseen P. V. Narasimha Kumar Navys one of its kind unique Project. Managed Cross +91 9246619876 functional teams in monitoring and controlling of all Ship Building activities as per Overall build plan. Forecasting, planning, finalizing and execution of rate contracts worth of Rs 60Cr. Age: 34 Years• Trend setter in developing a production process for the first of Experience: 10 Years its kind projects in submarine construction (Electrical) and constant evaluation of the same to bring changes for better output.• Hands-on experience in various critical installations and trials of Electrical equipment as Production Manger, Ship Building Centre. Managed vital repairs of major equipment through executing contracts and also with in-house facility.• Preparation of Quality Assurance Plans for commissioning of various systems. Quality inspector for testing the cables and cable sealing compounds for use in marine environment.• As a Deputy Electrical officer on-board Indian Naval Ship ensured maintenance and operational availability of wide range of indigenous and non-indigenous Electrical, Electronics and Weapon Equipment, for critical Naval Operations. Hands-on experiences in undertaking major refit / repair cycle of an Indian Naval Ship.Awards & Accomplishments• As a Project Manager (Electrical), effectively lead the production team and successfully completed multiple submarine construction projects under stringent time schedules, there by meeting the project deadlines. The dedication and commitment displayed by my team was duly recognized with “Award of best Production Department of Ship building Centre in 2011”.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• B.E. (Instrumentation) from Pune UniversityLinkedIn : 37
  • 35. Skills Eleven years of rich and varied experience in the field of procurement and supply chain management in operational and challenging environment with cross-cultural workforce using excellent interpersonal and managerial skills. Areas of Interest Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management. Career Synopsis • Inventory Planning and Control of approximately 80,000 items using ERP • Procurement considering EOQ, Vendor Development and Management • Planning and management of large procurement contracts and SLAs • Management of long term as well as Just-in-Time (JIT) Anuradha Thakur procurement of spares +91 9764328688 • Warehouse Management with modern storage and handling tools • Budgeting in view of the operational commitments, resources and economy Age: 32 Years • Cost reduction, customer service and TQM in supporting Experience: 11 Years production • Meeting customers expectation from E2E perspective in supply chain • Minimisation of inventory loss and auction of scrap and salvage • Selection, Training and Performance Management of employees Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief in 2009 for exemplary work in the area of e-auction Procurement and Vendor Management. • First in Order of merit in courses: - Advanced Logistics Officers Course - Basic Material Management Course - Professional knowledge Course at Air Force • Process improvement and TQM contributed in ISO certification for the Depot. • Led a committed and motivated logistics team to win the Best Depot award and Presidents colour. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management, IIMM. • Advanced Logistics Officers Course at Air Force Admin College. • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Symbiosis(SCDL) Pune with distinction. • Basic Material Management Course in 2002. • Bachelor of Commerce, Elphinstone College, Mumbai with distinction in 2000. LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 36. SkillsHR functions, outstanding administrative, public speaking andpresentation skills, effective communicator with stronginterpersonal and motivational skills, ability to take quickdecisions, organizing abilities and personnel management.Areas of InterestHR management, Operations and General administration,Quality management, Event Management and Supply ChainmanagementCareer Synopsis• Served as a Flight Commander Human Resource Flight and Administrative officer in diverse units of the IAF including the largest Air Force Hospital (800 beds). Nidhi Juyal +91 9321479892• Handled assignments which included: - Planning and implementation of policies and procedures. - Crisis and conflict management - HR functions like training and development, performance Age: 35 Years appraisal, grievance handling, documentation, facilities Experience: 11 Years management and staffing - Budgetary and financial control - Vendor management and cost effective procurement of office equipment - Liaison with Government and Civilian agenciesAwards & Accomplishments• Awarded the Chief of Air Staff Commendation for dedication in work.• Appreciated for involvement and responsibilities undertaken while in the administration team of Indo- US Defence Cooperation Exercise “Tempest Express- 7”.• Worked as a Management Representative and Internal Auditor for award of ISO 9000:2001 certificate to Air Force Central Medical Establishment• Worked as Assistant Administrator for Television series called “Mission Udaan” made by the National Geographic Channel on IAF.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai• Intermediate Staff Officers Course, Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore.LinkedIn : 39
  • 37. Skills Human Resource Management, Project Execution, Training and Development, Logistics, General Administration, Safety Management, Site Management, Customer Relationship Management Areas of Interest Manufacturing Operations, IT Operations, HR, Business Development & Planning, Supply Chain Operations, Cross Management Training Operations Career Synopsis • A competent professional with over 12 years of experience in HR Functions, Operations, Project Management, Administration and Security. • As Senior HR in Country South Zone Selection Centre of Ministry of Defense (Navy), Hands of experience in Managing & Directing various HR activities like manpower Deepash Singh Katal +91 9442279479 planning, recruitment, Selection, performance management. • As Logistics Officer & Navigating Officer, Hand full of experience in conceptualizing, execution and controlling various Logistics & Supply Chain Strategic operations with Age: 32 Years efficiency and producing results in time. Experience: 12 Years • As Training Coordinator & Training Head, adept at ensuring overall safety of personnel & inventory, providing excellent and effective safety services including training of Indian and International Defense Staff. • A prolific relations builder and a coordinator, apt in maintaining productive liaison with all interest groups, ability to work patiently and confidently under the most extreme stressful situations while motivating other staff as well, being passionate for learning and achieving perfection are my notable qualities. • Management of technologically lead operations, leadership & social skills, good Communication skills, Organizing ability, Interviewing and HRM, general administration are my unbreakable Strengths. Awards & Accomplishments • Awarded with the qualification of Professional Personality Assessment Specialist for recruitment of Naval Officers by Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), DRDO – Delhi • Headed Canteen Stores Department facility at Coimbatore as Canteen Officer and turned Breakeven Facility into fully automated profit making system with an increased annual turnover of Rs 4.5 Crores in 13 months. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • PGDBA. (HR & MKTG) -2012, Symbiosis College of Distance Learning, Pune • B. E. (Civil) – 2001, Bangalore University LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 38. SkillsProject management, Strategy & offset consulting, aviationtechnical advisory, quality assurance services and air logisticsservices to real-time air operations. Extensive exposure tostartups and establishing incubator projects. Qualified on SixSigma improvement techniques.Areas of InterestAerospace and defence, Business Development, Operations,Project Management, Quality Assurance, Logistics and SupplyChain Management.Career Synopsis• 2010 - To present: Senior Air Technical Officer – Western Naval Fleet Air Support Squadron, Mumbai.• Technical & Logistics Incharge of SAR, Communication, Anti-piracy of the entire fleet air operations.• 2009 - 2010: Deputy Ships Air Engineer Officer – Aircraft T Prabahar carrier, Mumbai. Spearheaded carrier and support fleet air +91 9833171785 operations.• 2008 - 2009: Joint Controller of Air Stores – Material Organisation, Kochi. Controlling, monitoring & provisioning of air stores for entire western / indigenous aircrafts of Indian Age: 33 Years Navy. Experience: 12 Years• 2008: Air Technical lead, P8i project, New Delhi. Technical lead & logistics member.• 2005 - 2008: Squadron Air technical Officer, Helicopter squadron, Goa. Established and sustained multi engine helicopter operations as technical leader.• 2004 - 2005: Flight Trials and Testing Engineer, Intensive flying & Trials unit(Advanced light helicopter), Kochi. Air maintenance support in data generation of a new induction aircraft and integration into fleet.• 2004: Deputy Air Engineer Officer, INS Garuda, Kochi. Air technical member.• 2001 - 2002: Associate consultant, BFL software, Bangalore. Software Developer on C++ platform.• 2000 - 2001: Management trainee, BEML , KGF. General Management Development Programme.Awards & Accomplishments• Commissioning of Nations first indigenous helicopter’s first operational squadron and consolidation.• Senior air technical member of Boeing contracts team.• Restructuring of air logistics management and development of integrated management tool (NAMS)• Authored and presented several technical papers at seminars.• Managed several JPSG and commanders conferences attended by VIPs from tri-services and defence production houses.• Certified green belt in Six sigma quality practices.• Skipper of fleet football team and led to victory against US, French and Malaysian navies.• Qualified mountaineering instructor grading from HMI, Darjeeling.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Master of Technology (Aeronautics – Mechanical) from CUSAT, Cochin.• Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from National Institute of Technology, Trichy.LinkedIn : 41
  • 39. Skills • Strategic Human Resource and Performance Management • Efficient and Safe ground operations in Aviation • Proficient in Operations, Training & Development • Professional and analytical Decision making skills • Professionally trained in Leadership, Team building, Effective Communication and Interpersonal skills • Vast experience in Event Management • Prompt and precise decisions in Managing Crisis and Conflict situations. Areas of Interest Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Bank Management of Aviation Related Operations, Training , Project management and Operations. Navdeep Parmar Career Synopsis +91 9969209287 • 2006 - 2011 - Worked at the position of senior manager in Air Traffic Services of two premier Air Force bases. During this period conceptualized, planned & implemented policies & procedures. Age: 39 Years • 2001 - 2005 - Worked at the position of joint director in Experience: 15 Years Administration and Air Traffic Services at various Air Bases. Managed flying operations as well as human resource involving training & development, performance review, appraisal, grievance handling, documentation, facilities management and general Administration. • 1996 - 2000 - Worked as assistant manager in Air Traffic Services of Air Force bases involving management of more than 150 Air Warriors. Looked after operations of different types of aircraft of IAF, leading airlines of Indian and of foreign origin. Awards & Accomplishments • Awarded Aerospace Safety Award twice for recovering aircraft in emergency in 1998 and 2005. • Instrumental in Operation Vijay for launch and recovery of varied type of aircraft. This involved high motivation, involvement and discipline associated with long- stretched working hours. • Held post of Honorary Joint Secretary of Air Force Family Welfare Association for two years. • Led team of officers and airmen for publicity campaigns to join IAF for three years. • Instrumental in holding seminars, facilitating various shows and events throughout the service career. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Ground Control Approach Course from Air Traffic Control Officers Training Establishment, Air Force Academy for 10 weeks from Sep 07 to Dec 07. • Advanced Professional Knowledge Course from A F Administrative College, Coimbatore • Junior Commanders Course from Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore • Basic Air Traffic Controllers Course from Air Traffic Control Officers Training Establishment, Hyderabad.42 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 40. SkillsNaval Architect with experience from design to construction todelivery acceptance of marine platforms and thereafterdocking, hull repair and finally ensure float worthiness whichalso includes contract negotiation and management.Areas of InterestShipbuilding, Ship Owners Reps, Classification Societies,Operations, product implementation, resource, logistics, HRManagement.Career Synopsis• Result-oriented Senior Manager at Naval Dockyard with 2 years of expertise across 350 + docking/undocking operations in 6 docks/slipway, work force planning (500+ personnel) and mentoring teams. Aniruddha Chattopadhyay• Possess 2+ years of experience as Chief Surveyor (Hull) with +91 9930404619 Eastern Naval Command whereby issued more than 250 float worthiness certificates for ships/submarines.• Designed a project schedule having linkage from design to production with more than 10,000 activities having human Age: 43 Years resource allocation of 300 design personnel, budgeting etc in Experience: 18 Years Primavera of a Rs 9000 Crs project.• Surveyor/Overseer for Rs 1500 Crs project involving the construction of 2 large tonnage ships including one Tanker and 04 Fast Attack Crafts at various stages from keel laying, fabrication, launching, outfitting, equipment installation and trials to commissioning.• Oversee, formulate and co-ordinate the conduct of various pre-commissioning hull trials such as Harbour Acceptance Trials, Sea Acceptance Trials, Full Power Trials, Inclining Experiment, Maneuverability Trials and System Functional Trials.• Possess 4+ years of experience as In-charge of the Steel Fabrication Shop having capacity 400T per annum in Naval Dockyard.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by Chief of Naval Staff.• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command.• Presented paper on maintenance of HVAC system to Eastern Naval Command.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• B.Tech.(Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding), Department of Ship Technology, Kochi, - Dec 1991.• Diploma in Naval Construction from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Jun 1994.LinkedIn : 43
  • 41. Skills Project Management (infrastructure), Gas Turbine overhaul, operations, Ship Construction, Retrofits, Refits, Administrative, Contract Negotiation and Management, Training . Areas of Interest Shipbuilding, Gas turbine industry, Power generation, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Business Development in Gas turbine, Automobile, Project related industries. Career Synopsis • Planning and development of Rs 3000 Crore New Naval Base Project. • Overhaul, Test Bed Trials and Maintenance of Gas Turbines and Diesels Engines. • Execution of Ship Refits / equipment retrofits. • Construction, trials, testing and commissioning of Naval Vessels and Tugs (2200 Crore). Anup Dulani • Operation and maintenance of marine equipment as Chief +91 9869787910 Engineer. • Installation and commissioning of Gas Turbines & Generators onboard ship/ submarines. Present Assignment Age: 43 Years • Contract Management, Ensure functioning of shipyards as per regulations Experience: 20 Years • Oversee the ships construction & delivery in time, Design analysis of projects • Interaction with Shipyard for technical compliance and also price negotiation • Trials, Testing and commissioning of the Vessel. Achievements • Responsible for planning and execution setting up a New Naval Base as “Deputy General Manager • Construction of three break waters of 5.1Km length, dredging of Naval Harbour upto 14 m depth, construction of 600m long jetty and walk-through service tunnel with Marpol & PCB norms • Installation, trials and commissioning of 10,000 tons capacity Ship-lift and transfer system (first of its kind in Asia) along with associated systems • Setting up and commissioning of Naval ship repair workshops for hull, outfitting, mechanical, electrical, weapon equipment, Boat & GRP and associated facilities • Preparation of production planning schedule and Execution as “Production Manager” for repairs/ overhaul of Marine Gas Turbine & Gas Turbine generators at Vishakhapatnam, India, first of its kind in Asia. • Responsible for preparation of documentation for ISO 9001 certification. • As “Production Manager NAVAL Dockyard handled, workforce of 400 technical person towards organizational production targets. • Managed operations and maintenance of gas turbines / diesel engines and inventory management on board two warships as Chief Engineer. • Imparted theoretical/ practical training for construction, operation and maintenance of Gas Turbine and Diesel Engines. to Senior Engineering Officers and Commanding Officers • Implemented ISO 9001 as management rep and passed subsequent surveillance audit. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • BE (Mech) Amaravati University, Maharashtra • MBA (Marketing),Institute of Management Education, Pune , Maharashtra LinkedIn : 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 42. SkillsOperations and Maintenance Management, planning andproduction control, expertise in multi-objective optimizationtechniques, leadership and managerial skills, administration ofuniformed and civil personnel, analytical skills, excellentcommunication skills, HR management and developmentskills.Areas of InterestMaintenance management, reliability engineering, resourceoptimization, and HRCareer Synopsis• Indian Naval Marine Engineer Officer with senior level experience in the areas of project management, operations & maintenance management and human resource planning, training and development• Senior manager of a key ship maintenance support facility with over 350 civilian industrial workers responsible for Dr Anil Rana planning, scheduling and executing repair maintenance +919757284337 programs for a wide variety of ships and submarine systems. Responsible for HR management, training and development of the workers.• Decision maker for key policy matters on selection and Age: 45 Years indigenization of fuels and lubricants, co-ordination of R&D Experience: 20 Years programs and selection of gear boxes for marine propulsion plants• Prolonged sea experience in the field of operations and maintenance management of various ship systems and equipment viz gas turbines, diesel engines, hydraulic systems, rotary equipment, air conditioning plants etc.• Senior Manager(Production Engineering) in Ship Building Centre, Vizag responsible for planning and execution of several key construction and repair assignments in close co-ordination with engineers of L&T.• Engineering instructor and training coordinator for officers and sailors of engineering branch for a state of the art warship.• Reliability engineer with special expertise in modeling of failure and wear processes of mechanical equipment and evaluation of optimum maintenance plan for platforms with a complex machinery mix.Awards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief for utmost dedication, commitment and professional competence as senior maintenance manager of a ship repair centre Dec 2006• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief for excellence as the Training coordinator for Engineers Aug 2003• Recipient of the “Society for Reliability Engineering, Quality and Operation Management” (SREQOM- 2010) award in Dec 2010 for leadership and research excellence in Maintenance of Complex Engineering Systems. Publication and presentation of 16 papers in international and national journals on the subject.Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• PhD in Reliability Engineering, IIT, Mumbai• M. Tech. (Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Management), IIT Delhi• MDBA (Finance) , Symbiosis, PuneLinkedIn : 45
  • 43. Skills Project Execution, Project Procurement, Contract Management, Administration / Training. Areas of Interest Project Management in EPCM industry related to power, heavy engg, infrastructure, water treatment & environment engineering; Project procurement & Materials management, Contracts management, Consultancy, Business development Career Synopsis • Concluded strategic & operationally sourcing contracts of capital equipment, spares, and balance of plant for engineering project oriented industry on deliverable metrics through the project life cycle. • Developed vendors & finalised contracts related heavy engineering projects/ programmes for complex engineering components as per ASME, BS, SAE & MIL specifications A Krishniah Naidu including import substitution & seamless integration with +91 9869043007 project phases. • Demonstrated financial acumen in capital & revenue procurement by effective cost cutting measures, techno- commercial negotiations, price bench-marking, loss Age: 41 Years prevention & arbitration. Experience: 21 Years • Finalised PO and QAP adhering to guidelines of CAG, CVC, Public/Defence procurement, Sales tax Acts & Labour laws for project-procurement, new-component development, AMC & rate contracts including documentation as per SOR through tendering procedure including e-procurement. • Undertook detailed vendor/sub-contractor capability assessment, process validation (for OEM & shipyards in public & private sectors) vendor ratings for long term alliance formations. • Facilitated internal & external audits, budget forecast & management, MIS reports using defence FIS for costing / variance analysis of cost centre. • Steered committees related to review of inventory levels for spares, procurement planning & policies, arbitration & indigenisation. • Undertook detailed analysis on time delays & cost escalation in EPCM industry and formulated implementable business model for collaboration with sub-contractors in complex project phases. • Executed value linked project phases, resource allocation and executed EPCM projects related to heavy engineering industry for Power plant, utilities and environment treatment amounting to Rs 2500 crores. Awards & Accomplishments • Awarded Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding in Chief for rationalisation of spares parts inventory & also vendor development for import substitution thereby resulting in savings of 1200 crores per annum to the exchequer. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management(PGCBM) - Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai • Fellowship in Management (Materials), Indian Instt of Social Welfare & Business Management, Kolkata • Executive Programme in Business Management, IIM Calcutta, Kolkata • Masters in Business Administration (Materials), MP Bhoj University • Masters in Engg (Mechanical-Marine), Pune University46 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 44. SkillsManagement of technologically intensive programmes &operations, leading multi-functional expert groups, robustleadership, outstanding communication abilities, flair fororganizing, policy formulation and general administration.Areas of InterestBusiness Development, Project Management, StrategicPlanning, Process Implementation, Risk and QualityManagement, Policy Formulation, Technological Initiatives,Human Resource ManagementCareer Synopsis• Steered department formulating Quality Audit Procedures for Naval Electrical and Weapons Systems Ajit Arora +91 9869708050• Deft contract management with Defence PSU and foreign vendor pertaining to installation, second line maintenance and repairs of Electronic Warfare Systems, PAN India Age: 43 Years• Led Cross functional teams in technical and price Experience: 22 Years negotiations for procurement of equipment from Indian vendors• Conceptualized and developed a Weapons Simulator for Officer Trainees, Naval Training Establishment, Jamnagar• Trainer for the staff of electrical branch for a particular Russian class of ships• Delivery Head for multi-functional and multi-cultural teams ensuring 24 X 7 operational availability of mission critical combat and communication systems in Russia and in India• Head of Department, Deputy Head and Section Head on various Operational UnitsAwards & Accomplishments• Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command for outstanding contribution for formulating weapon alignment procedures• Organized an international level seminar on technical documentation for Naval WarshipsEducation• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Diplomas in Human Resources Management & Financial Management, Welingkar Institute of Management, Development and Research (WE School), Mumbai• B. Tech. (Electrical Engineering), JNU University, New Delhi 47
  • 45. Skills Decisive leadership ability, Solution oriented approach, Sound Techno-Managerial skills, Procurement & Contract Management, Vendor management, Team building, Effective communication & Negotiations skills, Cross-Functional Team Leadership , Analytical Ability Areas of Interest Project Management, Operation & Maintenance Management, Supply Chain Management, Business/ Vendor Development, Human Resource Management, Administration. Career Synopsis • An Electronics/ Electrical Engineer with experience in Indian Air force of Operation and techno-managerial roles. • Exposure in cross–functional Operations, Commissioning, Mobility, training and maintenance of Electrical and Electronic equipment. • Experience in steering department formulating Maintenance and operations standards for Weapons Systems. Vivek katti • Project management of induction of Radar, EMI/EMC Lab +91 9342054544 and operation projects. • Contract management with PSU and foreign vendor pertaining to installation, second line maintenance and repairs of UAV, Electronic Surveillance Systems. Age: 45 Years • Leading Cross functional teams in technical evaluation and Experience: 23 Years price negotiations for procurement of equipment from Indian and foreign vendors. • Administration of IT / communication infrastructure/ networking security, implementing IT security polices, cyber security, IT security audit. IT assets managed by planning, budgeting and procurement of IT assets. Installation, testing and operation of communication infrastructure. • As Program coordinator Training, conducted courses, workshops on Aviation technologies, project management at Air force technical college Bangalore. • Hands on experience in managing facilities, demonstrated excellence in managing 300 Suite Officers mess and conducting mega events. • Chief engineer communication: Operation of communication facilities both data and voice. Technical evaluation, RFP preparation, Risk analysis and recommending the Communication sets for procurement by MOD. Customer interaction for evaluation of Equipment under test. • Member of Inspection team for inspecting and guiding correct maintenance practices and operation. • Conducted field trials of weapon system. Awards & Accomplishments • Commended by the Chief of Air staff, for Project op-center. • Commended by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command for outstanding contribution for Repairing of power generating sets in extreme condition. • Participated in mountaineering expedition and relief operations. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • PGDHR from IGNOU 2003 • BE(Electronics and Instrumentation) SATI Bhopal University-198948 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 46. SkillsAbility of multi tasking & coordination of various activities.Ability to withstand any kind of stress and strain. Analytical &conceptual approach towards problem solving. Go-getterattitude with sound planning and social skills.Areas of InterestHR, Administration and Logistics.Career Synopsis• Over 02 decades of experience in leadership and management. Vinod CH +918379874746• As Second in Command of a unit, supervised training, welfare, task allocation, counseling and performance enhancement of 450 soldiers for a span of 5 years. Age: 48 Years• Led number of Military Operations resulting in elimination Experience: 23 Years and apprehension of militants.• Being a Psychological Counselor, ensured Soldiers are relieved of stress by frequent counseling.• Worked as a coordinator with the Russian team for introduction of a new Missile System in the Army.• Handled legal cases of encroachment of Army land of cantonment.Awards & Accomplishments• Honored with Chief of Army Staff Commendation. (Gallantry).• Honored with Army Commanders Commendation (Gallantry).Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• BA, JNU Delhi.LinkedIn : 49
  • 47. Skills Shipbuilding, Ship repair, Ship design, Docking, TQM,MR in ISO 9001,14001&OHSAS, Welding, GRP &Paint technology, Technical administration, public speaking, presentation and communication skills, contract negotiation and management, project management, HR development, training, interviewing, interpersonal skills. Areas of Interest Shipbuilding/repair , TQM, Project Management, HR , Training Career Synopsis • Senior Manager Technical ,Naval Ship Repair Yard Kochi. Thomas George +91 9757437820/+919387493060 • Joint Director(Naval Construction),Modernization Monitoring Team, Vizag • Senior Naval Constructor Overseer, Warship Overseeing Age: 46 Years Team, Kochi Experience: 24 Years • Training Commander, Shipwright School, Vizag • Deputy Officer in Charge Hull Inspection &Trials Unit Kochi& Staff Officer Naval Construction in Headquarters Southern Naval Command. • Deputy Manager Construction and dock master, Naval Ship repair Yard Kochi. • Naval Constructor Overseer, Warship Overseeing Team Kochi. Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command • Authored and presented several technical papers at seminars and articles for journals. Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • Post Graduate Diploma in Naval Construction from IIT(Delhi) • B. Tech. (Naval Architecture& Shipbuilding),First Rank in Cochin University50 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 48. SkillsA strategic thinker, planner and cross functional professional inGeneral administration, wide exposure to Supply Chainenterprise resource planning application, HR development,Aviation Exhibition Management, Air Cargo and Industrial LossPrevention & Protection, Project Management, Contract andnegotiation.Areas of InterestSupply Chain, Warehousing, Inventory management, lossprevention & protection, Training and Development, AviationTransport & Security and Exhibition Dr Alok Chandra +91 9869999946Career Synopsis• Senior Operation & Training Officer - Largest Equipment Depot of Indian Air Force• Executive Staff Adviser, Command Headquarters Indian Air Age: 48 Years Force Experience: 24 Years• Commanding Officer, Movement Control Unit, Mumbai international Airport• Chief Logistics Officer, Air Stores Park• Senior Logistics officer of 800 Bedded Hospital and many flying units.Awards & Accomplishments• Twice Commended by Chief of Air Staff for outstanding work (Year 2003 & 2009)• Actively involved in conduct of International Level Air Show Aero India (Year 2005 & 2011)• Authored many papers and articles on Supply Chain and training.• Accomplished amateur Golfer, Organized numerous services and corporate golf tournament• Manager Air Force Golf Team 2009, Jury Inter Defence Servicers Golf tournament 2010• Won numerous awards in various Defence, Corporate Golf tournament.• Conducted various Training program on Logistics, supply Chain , ISO 9000Education• Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.• Doctor of Philosophy Lucknow University• Master of Commerce Lucknow University• Executive General Management Program me Indian Institute of Management Bangalore IIMB.• DALE CARNEGIE ® certified Train The Trainer 51
  • 49. Skills Technical administration, wide exposure to technology, outstanding administrative, public speaking, presentation and communication skills, ability to take quick decisions, contract negotiation and management, HR development, training, interviewing, adapt quickly and think out of the box. Areas of Interest Telecom, Shipbuilding, HR, Business Development in Electrical, Electronics, Defence Industries, Real Estate & Training. Career Synopsis • Chief Technology Officer – Offshore Security and Surveillance Organization, Mumbai Sanjay Kris Tewari • GM (Human Resource), Naval Dockyard, Mumbai +91 9833857188 • Director, EMI/EMC Centre (Technical Unit), Mumbai • Project Director, Offshore Technical Facility, Goa • Head of Electrical, Electronics & Weapons Division, Operational Wing, Western Region Age: 53 Years • Deputy Head, Electrical, Electronics & Weapons Division, Experience: 28 Years Western Region Headquarters • Section Head, Electronic Warfare and EMI/EMC, National Headquarters • Instructor & Trainer for Officer Trainees, Naval Training Establishment, Jamnagar • Section Head, Electrical Department, Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam • Head of Department, Deputy Head and Section Head on various Naval Operational Units Awards & Accomplishments • Commendation by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command • Author of two books on Naval history • Organised national level seminars, exhibitions, social and cultural functions attended by VVIPs • Nominated for best Dissertation during MMS • Authored and presented several technical papers at seminars and articles for journals & newspapers • Organised several outward bound training sessions, camps and expeditions Education • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. • MMS (Osmania), First Class with Distinction • B. Tech. (Electronics & Telecom) LinkedIn : Blog : http://www.krisandcharu.blogspot.com52 7th Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management
  • 50. SkillsAdministration, Training, Liaisoning, Lecturing &,Writing.Areas of InterestHuman Resources Management, logistics, Sales&Marketing, Training, Teaching and Supervision ofmaintenance of infra-structural construction works.Career Synopsis• Over 32 years of experience in leadership ,troops material and equipment & construction management . Col (Dr) Ravinder Singh (Retd) +919833417899• As a Commanding Officer of three units, supervised training, welfare, tasks allocation, counseling and performance enhancement of 1000 soldiers for a span of over 10 years from 2000 to 2010. Age: 54 Years Experience: 32 Years• Executed number of technical construction projects in MES and Border Roads Organization.• Handled legal cases and arbitration cases of Army/MES besides construction management in the capacity of an Additional Chief Engineer of a Chief Engineer Zone Of Military Engineer Services from May2010 to Jul 2012.Awards & Accomplishments• Honored with Army Commanders Commendation card for flood relief activities in Assam in 2003.• Ranvir Thapar Memorial Silver Medal for all round best passing out student of Engg college in 1981.Education• B.E. (Civil), Thapar Engg. College Patiala, PGDM(IT), PGDM (Dual) HRM &Sales Mktg, PGDM (DUAL) Int Business & Production & Material Management, Senior level Diploma in Defence Management, Ph.D. (HRM) and Ph.D. (Brand Management) from ex-IMSR Mumbai and ex-Northeast Virginia University.• Army Qualification: One year Technical Staff College Course Equivalent to M Sc (Armament & Weapon Technology), Earth Moving Plants and constructions Equipment course, Black Cat Commando course(NSG) and Chief Engineer s Orientation course (Military Engineers Service) MES. 53
  • 51. Past Recruiters @ NMIMS Corporates have become increasingly aware of the unique ‘Value Proposition’ offered by ex- service personnel. Some of the organisations which have benefitted from this valuable resource have been included here. The above representation is only indicative and not all-inclusive. Many other businesses (not represented here) also have former defence officers on their rolls and are appreciative of their significant contributions.
  • 52. Business Management ProgramFor Armed Forces Officers 2012 The 38 Winning Proposals Placement Process commences November, 2012 To set up interviews, send an email to or Corporate Interaction Committee Vivek Katti Sumukhi D. Gokul Karan Chadda 09342054544 09769395093 09969527274 09930417816 Puspak Roy Dinkar Arora Prabahar 08879035816 09819074271 09833171785 Associate Dean: Dr. M.C. Agarwal ( Program Chairperson: Prof. Amit Bhadra ( SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Declared as Deemed-to-be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956) V. L. Mehta Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400 056 INDIA. T. 91-22-26134577 / 42355555 F. 91-22-26114512 E. W.