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Mobile trends for 2011

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  • The Mobile Ecosystem - Webrazzi'11

    1. 1. The Mobile Ecosystem Follow on twitter @isbecer @Pozitron_Mobile
    2. 2. The Mobile Ecosystem Networks Carriers Platforms/Operating Systems Mobile Users Handset Manufacturers DevelopersEnterprises
    3. 3. Change in Power Dynamics • Satisfying user expectations is the main goal. • Platform providers and developers are acquiring more power over networks and carriers day by day.
    4. 4. Types of Mobile Users Mobile Professional Basic Planners Mobirati Social Connector Pragmatic Adapter Uses complex phones with extra features Basic mobile package users First generation to have grown up with mobile phones Uses social networking features and texting the most Just starting to use other features besides voice calls
    5. 5. Segmentation of Mobile Consumers in United States
    6. 6. Mobile Trends 2011 Apps taking over web Mobile Fragmentation Mobile Communities Internet of Things
    7. 7. Mobile Ecosystem Life Spans • 16 mobile platforms since 1996 • 3 platforms are terminated and 3 platforms had replacements 1997 2001 2005 2009 2012
    8. 8. Smartphone Operating System Share in United States Since 2009, Android’s share skyrocketed, while Apple remained the status quo and BlackBerry has lost majority of its share
    9. 9. Worldwide Smartphone Sales 2011 18% 43% 22 % 10% 7% Smartphones are dominating the mobile world and Android becomes the market leader, leaving both Symbian and iOS behind
    10. 10. Ecosystem Feature Summary Devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Strengths Weaknesses Dell, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola and Samsung BlackBerry Phones, Playbook Dell, HTC, HP, LG, Nokia and Samsung High quality apps, Simple Purchase, Great UI, Strong Developer Communıty Open Platform, Growing fast, attracting more developers Highest Developer Pay out, easy payment options for apps Large existing developer community, app trial period, strong marketing by Microsoft Troublesome app approval procedure and limitations, restricted development tools Lower UI Quality, Weak marketing, Difficulty in App Purchase Not many app options and high prices Limiting market place for many successful apps, no HTML 5 and multi tasking support
    11. 11. Noteworthy Platforms Open Platform Flexible / Experimental platform for developers Limited options in business apps Incresing fragmentation Web-dev friendlyClosed Platform More flexibility and room for creativity for brands and agencies Various entertainment and business app options Suitable for multi screen development Implementation of CMS tools Limited APIs Penetration 100M+ Penetration 120M+ Mass Consumption Inequality among apps
    12. 12. App Development Process Picking Relevant Platforms Developing Product Forming the idea Distributing and Delivering Product Creating Hype Application development is not just about programming any more. It’s about bringing an idea into life and being able to market it.
    13. 13. User-Experience is Everything! Device Design Simple and Slick OS Usability Easy to navigate and perform tasks App User Experience -Simplified Design -Task focused -Emphasis on the most important tasks -Rich set of capabilities
    14. 14. 2011 Worldwide Tablet Sales 68.7% 19.9% 5.6% 5.7% Just like the mobile phone market, Android is expected to obtain major market share in the tablet world. Apple is expected to remain as the market leader in the next five years
    15. 15. Manufacturers s/dell.jpg Leaders New product experiences Innovators Incremental Innovation Assemblers Razor-thin margins Performance Pressure Price Pressure
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