Ten essential steps to great employer brand ambassadors- Papirfly


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Ten essential steps to creating a band of loyal and effective Employer Brand Ambassadors for your organisation.

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Ten essential steps to great employer brand ambassadors- Papirfly

  1. 1. 10 Essential Steps to Great Employer Brand Ambassadors
  2. 2. Employer Brand Ambassadors; a highly motivated team of individuals who love working for your organisation and who aren’t afraid to take pride in telling others about how fantastic their job is. Each and every one with a story to tell, a journey they share with the outside world. Fledgling careers and senior executives sharing a laugh and a coffee. They’re happy, high performing and more than anything else, fiercely loyal to your Brand.
  3. 3. If that’s your organisation you can probably stop reading here, if it’s where you’d like to be we’ve compiled a list of 10 key steps to creating a willing band of Brand Ambassadors that will extoll the virtues of your organisation and form the bedrock of your Employer Brand.
  4. 4. Live your organisational values Authenticity. Reliability. Consistency.
  5. 5. Is your organisation congruent with its stated values? If not, do your values have to change to meet the company culture or does behaviour have to change to meet the values. In truth somewhere in between is probably true. Be bold, don’t settle for a list of trite corporate values, and embrace the power that authentic organisational values can deliver.
  6. 6. Conduct a gap analysis The culture you propose versus the culture you have.
  7. 7. There is a gap, there’s always a gap. Start by bridging the gap between the culture you want and the one you have. Be driven by pragmatism while keeping the ultimate goal in mind, a culture that attracts the top talent. As company culture morphs into a new shape, you will lose some people, that’s fine, so long as the people who replace them fit the new culture.
  8. 8. Define your EVPs And what they mean in real terms
  9. 9. It’s not enough to just define your EVPs, your workforce must understand how they relate to their position and the tangible outcomes of the EVPs. For example; if a stated EVP is training and development, what does that actually mean? How many hours? What will it look like? How do they access it? Be specific so your people can recognise the EVP and how it benefits them.
  10. 10. Leaders must embody company culture And your EVPs
  11. 11. Apart from the necessary board level buy-in to your Employer brand strategy your people will be looking to your leaders to lead, and in this case it means leading by example. The sought behaviours and culture must cascade down the organisation as well as at grass roots level.
  12. 12. Practically apply the culture and EVPs And Educate managers at all levels how to.
  13. 13. Nothing shatters the confidence and loyalty of an employee than inconsistent management, the company are saying one thing and the experience of the individual is something completely different. It saps morale and create cynicism. This is often down to manager interpreting guidelines in order to get the results that are required of them. The keys here are transparency and consistency, selecting the right people into managerial roles is important, but supporting them and training them to manage the working environment within cultural thresholds is critical.
  14. 14. Appoint Brand Ambassadors To front Employer Brand campaigns
  15. 15. If you have the previous 5 steps sorted, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find authentic employees willing to step up and proudly represent your company. It will be tempting to cherry pick the best and brightest employees, but before you do, think about what messages you are trying to project. Tie the selection of the ambassadors into your future talent requirements, consider location, diversity and skill sets. It’s a banal statement, but people like people like themselves, use the knowledge wisely.
  16. 16. Build NarrativeBuild you Employer Brand narrative around your Ambassadors
  17. 17. We’ve previously discussed the importance of narrative in your Employer Brand, using the stories and voices of your Employer brand Ambassadors adds a level of authenticity to your brand as a whole. Real stories from real people are far more compelling than anything your agency can create. Yes, you have an ideal candidate, but in truth that person doesn’t exist, so use a real role model.
  18. 18. Activate your Employer Brand Consistently and Accurately everywhere it appears.
  19. 19. Confidence in your Employer brand is only as strong as your brand compliance, and delivering this globally is important. You have gone too all the effort of aligning culture, developing EVPs and selecting Employer Brand Ambassadors, the least you can do is ensure they are backed up by a consistently and accurately applied Employer Brand. Don’t let chinks appear in your armour that can easily be avoided.
  20. 20. Test and Measure your success
  21. 21. Pick your metrics and measure your ROI, ensure the metric matches your organisational goals. The ambassador program might be difficult to measure in isolation therefore should be measured as part of your overall Employer Brand strategy.
  22. 22. Analyse and start again
  23. 23. If you get this perfect first time that’s wonderful, but it’s still a moving feast, so you’ll need to go back and start again. If you find gaps in the program, learn them and take the gaps back to step 1 and start afresh with the new knowledge leading the new program.
  24. 24. Nothing projects your Employer brand better than glowing referrals and recommendations from inside your company and an authentic culture, strong employer brand and real Employer brand ambassadors will achieve this. It doesn’t have to be perfect first time but it should be near the top of your to-do list. Round-up www.papirflybrandcentre.com BRAND ACTIVATION - Our cloud technology makes it simple for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies to deliver their Employer Brand around the world as it was intended, simply, consistently and any language.