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Webinar - Facebook Commerce: 3 Ways to Sell More with Social
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Webinar - Facebook Commerce: 3 Ways to Sell More with Social


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With 800 million total users, Facebook is the #1 social network for consumers, but what does this mean for e-commerce? What place does Facebook hold in your social strategy and how can you leverage …

With 800 million total users, Facebook is the #1 social network for consumers, but what does this mean for e-commerce? What place does Facebook hold in your social strategy and how can you leverage the latest Facebook features to drive traffic and sales?

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Facebook Commerce:3 Ways to Sell More with Social10/19/2011
  • 2. Agenda 1. The Consumer’s Network of Choice 2. New F8 Facebook Features 3. Impact on E-commerce 4. Facebook Commerce Winners 5. 3 Tips to Sell More with Facebook 6. Q&A Follow on Twitter: #FBCommerceToday’s Speakers: @NadimAHossain @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 3. About PowerReviews @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 4. Facebook: The Consumers’ Network of Choice 800M 750M Sep, 2011 @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 5. And Sharing is Growing Even Faster Than Users 800MSource: Facebook announcement livestream, July 6, 2011 @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 6. Zuckerberg’s Law: Sharing Will Double Every Year 4 billion pieces of content shared daily “Next year, people will share twice as much information as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before. ” - Mark Zuckerberg @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 7. New Facebook Features Encourage Sharing 1. Original Friends 2. Photos 9 3. Newsfeed 8 4. Facebook Apps 7 6 4 5 5. Like Comments 3 2 1 6. Like Button 7. Groups 8. Messages 9. New F8 FeaturesSource: Facebook announcement live stream, July 6, 2011 @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 8. New F8 Facebook Features have bigimplications for E-commerce @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 9. Facebook Timeline helps users consumecontent more quickly and easily @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 10. Facebook Ticker provides real-time updatesfrom friends’ actions across the web @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 11. Facebook Gestures utilize the Open Graphto capture actions beyond the Like @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 12. What does this mean for E-commerce?Traffic x Conversion x Average Order Value = Sales @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 13. Facebook Drives Meaningful Referral Traffic @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 14. Facebook Accounts for More Than 15% of Referral Traffic to Etsy and Forever 21Source: Compete Data 2010 @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 15. Received 7.7% of Traffic fromFacebook Facebook referral traffic to Amazon rose 328% year over year. Source: comScore and J.P. Morgan (January 2011). @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 16. Facebook Friend Recommendations Drive Sales Consumers are 68% more likely to buy a product recommended by a Facebook friend. @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 17. THENNOW The Web is Shifting Towards Discovery @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 18. The Like Button was the first step in introducingFacebook in the pre-purchase process Source Image: Altimeter Group @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 19. With more content to share, FB will play a bigger rolein driving awareness early in the purchase process NOW Source Image: Altimeter Group @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
  • 20. Facebook Commerce Winners @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 21. Eventbrite @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 22. Eventbrite @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 23. Eventbrite @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 24. Eventbrite Results Eventbrite Results The Results #1 source of referral traffic was Facebook after only a year of using Facebook Connect 60% of all Facebook shares happened post-purchase 20% more ticket sales were driven from a post-purchase share vs. a pre-purchase share. $2.53 Value of an event shared to Facebook in ticket sales. Source: Facebook Case Study @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 25. Facebook OnSiteStep2 BAB CC @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 26. Facebook OnSiteStep2 @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 27. Step2 Results Step2 Results The Results 7% of Step2’s customers have verified their identity with Facebook OnSite 50% of verified customers share product reviews with their Facebook friends 135% Increase in referral traffic from Facebook over the past year 3X Increase in revenue from Facebook-referred visitors @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 28. Facebook Discovery Advance Auto Parts A B A B C DCD @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 29. Facebook Discovery Advance Auto PartsA @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 30. Facebook Discovery Advance Auto PartsBC @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 31. PowerReviews’ Open Network Results The Results 57% of all verified reviews are shared to Facebook of all reviews shared to spur 70% further engagement through Likes/Comments 5X more reviews are shared with Facebook OnSite vs. traditional methods $15.72 The value of a review shared to Facebook with Facebook OnSite. @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 32. Tip 1: Launch Facebook Connect NowFacebook OnSite Facebook Discovery Facebook Community @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 33. Tip 2: Integrate Sharing ThroughoutShopping Experience @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 34. Tip 3: Experiment with features thatpromote discovery on Facebook @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce
  • 35. Q&A Thank you. Thanks for attending. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey upon leaving the webinar. Today’s Speakers: Nadim Hossain Blake Brysha VP of Marketing Sr. Marketing Manager @NadimAHossain @blakeandwhite #FBCommerce