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Social SEO - Drive More Traffic with Customer Conversations
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Social SEO - Drive More Traffic with Customer Conversations


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Webinar: Social SEODrive More Traffic with Customer ConversationsDecember 15, 2011
  • 2. Webinar Agenda 1. Search Overview 2. Social SEO Audit 3. Social SEO Live Demo 4. Q&A To join the conversation or ask questions on Twitter, use: #SocialSEO #SocialSEO 2
  • 3. World’s Largest Social Commerce Network -More than 5,500 Client Sites #SocialSEO 3
  • 4. How Google Works 21 3 4 #SocialSEO 4
  • 5. Google Traffic Defined Paid (SEM) Search results that appear through the use of paid placement and contextual advertising. Organic (SEO) Non-paid search results that appear because of their target page’s relevance to the search terms. Shopping Price comparison service launched by Google that includes product info and links to source e-commerce sites collected from across the web. #SocialSEO 5
  • 6. Organic Traffic is King Shopping PaidOrganic On average, organic traffic represents 50-70% on traffic on large e-commerce sites. #SocialSEO 6
  • 7. How can you stand out? #SocialSEO 7
  • 8. Google is Looking Out for the Consumer Google’s goal is to deliver the most relevant search results. 1. Content 2. Usability 3. Site Speed“We feel relevancy is one of the most important factors that influenceour users’ experience. In determining what results to serve and how to rank them, a number of factors are used.” - Google #SocialSEO 8
  • 9. Customer-generated Content Promotes Relevancy UGC provides additional UGC is constantly updated whichinformation about the page that it is favored by Google over stale lives on content UGC increases relevant keyword UGC produces valuable longtail density on the page keywords written in user syntax #SocialSEO 9
  • 10. Many Types of Customer-generatedContent Valued by Google • Customer Reviews • Google Plus • Q&A • Facebook • Discussion Forums • YouTube • Twitter • Flickr • LinkedIn • Wiki Entries #SocialSEO 10
  • 11. Reviews are the Product Page Customer-generated Content • The highest converting SEO traffic is traffic that lands directly on the product page • The UGC on the product page is customer reviews - consumers #1 social tool in the buying process1 • Indexable customer reviews directly on your product page are required for search optimization 1 The E-tailing Group 2010 Social Shopping Study #SocialSEO 11
  • 12. Reviews Indexed Directly on the ProductPage #SocialSEO #SocialSEO 12
  • 13. Reviews Indexed Directly on the ProductPage #SocialSEO 13
  • 14. How Google Worksof the Top 20 e-commerce sites are missing the boat. #SocialSEO 14
  • 15. 55% of the Top 20 e-commerce sites DO NOT have indexable reviews on the product page ✓ ✓Best Buy Co. Source: PowerReviews SEO Audit based on IR Top 20 (June, 2011 #SocialSEO 15
  • 16. Customer Reviews NOT Indexed Directlyon the Product Page  #SocialSEO 16
  • 17. Lost Revenue without Social SEO $10,000,000 in missed revenue Actual Traffic 10% Improvement Site Visits 92,000,000* Product Page Visits (55%) 50,600,000 Natural search product page 12,650,00 13,915,00 visits (25%) Completed Checkouts 759,000 834,000 Average Order Value $132 $132 Sales from Natural Search $100,188,000 $110,206,800 Sales from Improved SEO $10,018,800 * Based on traffic data from #SocialSEO 17
  • 18. Social SEO Audit: Live Demo #SocialSEO 18
  • 19. Why Can’t Google See Your Reviews? Customer reviews not hosted directly on the product page cannot be seen by Google. Reviews are rendered in an iFrame cannot be seen by search engines. #SocialSEO 19
  • 20. How iFrames Work  UGC hosted off-pageGoogle View User View #SocialSEO 20
  • 21. Social SEO Audit 1. Choose a product on your site with customer reviews 2. Find the search result in Google linking to that product page 3. In the bottom right of the search result, click the link that says “Cached” #SocialSEO 21
  • 22. 3 Tips to Improve Social SEO Today At least one source of keyword-rich customer- generated content available on your product page Substantial customer-generated content volume and a process to ensure that it’s constantly updated and fresh Customer-generated content that can be seen and indexed by Google, directly on your product page #SocialSEO 22
  • 23. Social SEO Solution – In-Line SEO"The SEO value of user-generated content is essential to our business.PowerReviews technology allows us to drive more traffic directly to ourproduct pages and increase sales.” - Kim Ruthenbeck Only PowerReviews In-Line SEO: • Places fresh, relevant Customer- generated content directly on the product page • Built standard into the core PowerReviews solution • Proven in the market to drive more traffic Contact us: or call (866) 345-1461 #SocialSEO 23
  • 24. Q&A – 10 Minutes Thank you. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey at the end of the Q&A to receive your Free Social SEO Audit. Contact us: or call (866) 345-1461 #SocialSEO 24