Room & Board Links On and Offline Conversations to Increase Sales
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Room & Board Links On and Offline Conversations to Increase Sales



Do you know what your customers are saying about your products? How about off line and online?...

Do you know what your customers are saying about your products? How about off line and online?

Room & Board has been designing contemporary home furnishings for more than 30 years. With only 11 retail locations across the US, the company depends on word-of-mouth recommendations to drive sales. It was very important to Room & Board that their customers were able to share their experiences regardless of whether they shopped in-store, online, or over the phone.

Please join Kimberly Ruthenbeck, Director of Web Experience for Room & Board on Wednesday, May 23 where she will highlight the success Room & Board has seen from implementing a cross-channel reviews solution.

Some of the results include:

- 21% higher average order value
- 68% of onlines sales come from products with reviews
- 3x Increase in conversion for customers who read reviews



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  • If you have questions during the webinar, please type them into the GOTOWebinar module.We will get to as many as we can at the end. And now, I will turn it over to Dave . . . .
  • Room & Board has been designing contemporary home furnishings for more than 30 years. In every piece of furniture they offer, you’ll see the principles that have guided Room & Board from the very beginning: passion for design, natural materials, and American craftsmanship designed for life.
  • Room & Board operates in only 11 retail locations nationwide. They needed a way capture in-store customer experiences to communicate the company’s modern, American-made designs to customers shopping online.Take customer feedback and use ti to drive material improvements in product designIncrease Sales with authentic conversations that give customers’ the confidence to purchase
  • Why PowerReviewsSpeed and ease of integrationPros, Cons, and best uses improve product-level analyticsThe rich, relevant keywords found in Customer Reviews can be indexed to improve SEO
  • Room & Board encourages reviews with post-transactional follow-up emails from all three of their channels: in-store, online, and call centers80-90% of entire customer base receive follow-up email
  • Over 60% of their reviews coming from in-store buyersEnsures that they have a comprehensive view of their customers’ buying experiencesThe average order value is 21% higher for visitors who have read an online review
  • The average order value is 21% higher for visitors who have read an online reviewRoom & Board discovered that products with three or more reviews account for 68% of the company’s online salesCustomers who read reviews convert at 3x more than people who don’t.
  • Manufacturers had an inkling that customer were not happy with cushions for a particular sofa. Customer Reviews confirmed this. Used customer feedback to redesign sofa cushionsGlobal communication effort to spread word about improvements
  • Rugs shed too much.By the look of things from the high star rating and the volume of sales on this item, Room & Board would have not know there was a problem. Many customers wrote in the review that the rug sheds far too much. as this customer puts it “sheds like a dog!”.Room & Board took this feed back and added additional product description to let customers know that it is customary for real wool rugs to shed.
  • Ten occurrences of the word bed in just one review. Imagine how many there are in 10 reviews! Customer generated content in the form of customer reviews and Q&A is what Google looks for when delivering search results to shoppers.
  • User uploaded content. Look at this happy customer on his new bed!
  • Increased SalesIncreased average order valueImproved customer experiences across channelsEnhanced product developments
  • If you have questions during the webinar, please type them into the GOTOWebinar module.We will get to as many as we can at the end. And now, I will turn it over to Dave . . . .
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  • PowerReviews integrates gamification and social content creation to align customers’ social activities with you site’s goalsBadging is the first step in the rewards systems, where your can provide customized badges to reward customers for taking action that increase content or engagement.Integrated site messaging will encourage further engagement will messages such as “Be the first to write a review for more points,” and “Be the first to answer a question for a distinct badge” As customers gain more points and badges, their accomplishments will be reflected on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will also encourage others to want to compete to move to the top of the list. The more your customers gain achievements, the more content your site gains.
  • PowerReviews easy-to-use, dashboard-driven management of Loyalty gives you the flexibility to determine points, badges, and incentivesAs it is integrated with Customer Reviews and Social Answers, you can quickly and easily make changes that drive better performance (i.e. engagement, content creation and ultimately sales)
  • On average, PowerReviews clients create 3x more content This results in 10 to 50% more organic traffic to your product pagesOur reviews also create the confidence that turns browsers into buyers.
  • Closely behind reviews, Q&A is the second most powerful influencer of conversion.When customers get answers to their key questions, they convert at a higher rate.PowerReviews Social Answers converts more customers by answering questions within 24 hours, the crucial time period that determines the success of turning browsers into buyersOur customers are seeing that answers are coming to customers on an average of 3 hours, during the crucial purchase decision period.
  • PowerReviews sophisticated work flow allows you create question queues that ensure you can triage question based on multiple parametersYou can route questions quickly to internal customer service or subject matter experts You can route by product, category or brandPowerReviews supports 3 ways to get products answeredInternal subject matter experts Ask product owners enables you to engage verified buyers to answer questionsCrowdsourced answers leverages cutting-edge technology to let individuals answer basic questions
  • Its well known that adding the “like button” to you site can increase Facebook referral traffic significantly.  According to Facebook, retailers that integrate see 2.4x in increase in referred traffic.With Social Discovery, your site will enable customers with an easy way to broadcast their social content and sharesto the social web, pushing your message to new audiencesYour site will enable customers to share reviews and ask their friends for advice through FacebookThis amplification of your content drives qualified traffic from the Social web to your site, but the benefits don’t stop there...
  • With Social Discovery, your customers will also self-select into targeted social campaigns covering topics in which they have expressed interestYour site will enable customers to follow reviewers and products, allowing you personalize content customers get in their Facebook streamAs their favorite reviewers post new content or new content is posted about preferred products, your customers will get this new content in their facebook feedThe high relevancy of the content ensures more clicks back to you site.
  • With PowerReviews follow a category feature, your customers can also choose to get daily updates on new and/or trending products Your high impact products, will be pushed out to a new audience, enabling you to push “hot,” products out to those who are most likely to want to learn more, ensuring more traffic back to your siteThis highly relevant social content is powered by our proprietary algorithm that chooses the most relevant message based on volume and recentness of social content createdPowerReviews flexible, sophisticated algorithm is customizable based on multiple client inputs and overrides, ensuring that your content is fresh and relevant, while giving you the ability to select the parameters to control the experience
  • PowerReviews Social Measurement Platform enables you, for the first time, to precisely measure the sales impact of social activity on your site. You will measure social traffic, engagement, and content generation and determine how they drive traffic, conversion, and sales on your site.Our powerful analytics engine, deeply integrated into social content and engagement layers, answers key questions such as: “Which type of social content creates the most organic traffic,”“Which type of engagement is most likely to drive a conversion?”A single, integrated platform means that social activity on your site can be measured and then optimized to drive traffic, conversion and revenue.
  • Basically, this bar chart illustrates that 8-12% of users post a review to Facebook.  The red line indicates the amount of revenue that these posts will generate by other users via Facebook traffic.  The x-axis is broken down by week.  The data table shows more details and illustrates the drop off at each funnel step. The Post to Facebook Revenue funnel shows the impact of posting a review to Facebook.  Starting with 2,000 reviews created per month, an average for PowerReviews clients, 10% of those get posted to Facebook.  On Facebook, the reviews receive on average 70x impressions per post, with a 3% click through rate to the product page and 3% of those purchase creating 12 orders @ $100 AOV, or $1,200 monthly.  Here's a quick overview of the math: 2000 reviews – 10% posted to Facebook – 70x impressions on Facebook - 3% click through rate to the product page - 3% convert creating 12 orders @ $100 AOV = $1200 monthly.   
  • PowerReviews expertise is developed over six years across 5500 brands, and our integrated suite enables our customers to outperform their competition. our 96% renewal rate, award winning technology, our proof of the performance that we provide to our customers everyday.
  • If you have questions during the webinar, please type them into the GOTOWebinar module.We will get to as many as we can at the end. And now, I will turn it over to Dave . . . .
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Room & Board Links On and Offline Conversations to Increase Sales Room & Board Links On and Offline Conversations to Increase Sales Presentation Transcript

  • Room & Board Links On andOffline Conversations to Increase Sales
  • Today’s SpeakersModerator: Don DavisEditorKimberly RuthenbeckDirector of Web ExperienceDave HawleyProduct Marketing #SocialSales 2
  • Today’s Webinar Agenda1. Room & Board E-Commerce Goals2. Why PowerReviews3. Live Demo RoomandBoard.com4. Social Commerce Success Story5. Q&A #SocialSales 3
  • Enter your questions intothe GoToWebinar ModuleFollow along on #SocialSales #SocialSales 4
  • For more than 30 years, AmericanMade Modern Home Furnishings
  • Goals• Improve customer experiences on and offline• Engage our customer• Enhance product development• Increase sales
  • Why PowerReviews?• Speed and ease of integration• Enhance product development• Rich, relevant, and recent keywords supercharges SEO“ Between the increase in the average order value and the ability to adjust and improve our customer experience, we can draw distinct connections between Customer ReviewsTM and our business growth. - Kimberly Ruthenbeck Director of Web Experience #SocialSales 7
  • The Game Plan80-90% Of entire customer base receive follow-up email #SocialSales 8
  • Customer Reviews Sources Online In-storeCall Centers 60% Of online reviews come from in-store purchase #SocialSales 9
  • Online In-store Demo #SocialSales 10
  • The Results21% Higher average order value for customers who read a review.57% Conversion rate for visitors who read a review 3X Increase in conversion for customers who read reviews compared to those who don’t. #SocialSales 11
  • Reviews Improve Product Design Used customer feedback to redesign sofa cushions #SocialSales 12
  • Reviews Improve Product Descriptions #SocialSales 13
  • Reviews Bring Keyword Density #SocialSales 14
  • Valuable User Generated ContentFollow-up with 1-star reviews #SocialSales 15
  • A Win for Room & Board & Their Customers• Increasing Sales and Average Order Value• Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences Off-Line and Online“• Enhancing Product Development Our online sales are growing steadily month after month, and our in-store customers come much more prepared having - Kimberly Ruthenbeck done extensive research using Director of Web Experience Customer Reviews. Visit: #SocialSales 16
  • Enter your questions intothe GoToWebinar ModuleFollow along on #SocialSales #SocialSales 17
  • Turn Social into Sales with PowerReviews’ Essential Social Suite™The only solution tointegrate the 3 keycomponents of socialsuccess:• Social content• Social engagement• Social measurementUse proven socialtechniques to drivesales where it matters. #SocialSales 18
  • Social Loyalty Amplifies Content Creation Through Gamification Social Content #SocialSales 19
  • Integrated Gamification & Content Drives PerformanceThank you for your review Thank you for answer You earned 10 points! You’ve earned the Life Saver badge. #SocialSales 20
  • Integrated Social Loyalty That’s Easy to Manage Social Loyalty Customer Social Reviews Answers #SocialSales 21
  • Customer Reviews Attract & Convert Customers3X 10-50% 14% Social more increase inContent organic site traffic conversion #SocialSales 22
  • Fast Social Answers Drive Conversions Does this shoe Yes, all shoes come in kids’ are available sizes? kids’ sizes. Asked on 12/20/2011 Answered on 12/20/2011 8:31 am 11:15 am Checkout #SocialSales 23
  • Flexible Work Flow Queues Ensure Answers are Created Quickly Expert Verified A: Yes, allQ: Does this Buyer shoes areshoe come in available inkids’ sizes? kids’ sizes. Crowdsource #SocialSales 24
  • Social Discovery Amplifies Product Content to Create Traffic YOUR SITE Nikon is a Should I buy great camera! this Nikon Camera from Staples? #SocialSales 25
  • Social Discovery Increases Content Relevancy and Engagement #SocialSales 26
  • Trending Product Updates Keep Social Users Engaged & Clicking #SocialSales 27
  • Integrated Social Measurement™ Provides Actionable Analysis Optimize Social To Drive Sales Measure the increase in traffic from social activity Track the impact of social activity on conversion #SocialSales 28
  • Link Social Activity To Sales #SocialSales 29
  • PowerReviews is the Social Performance Company 5,500 Brands 96% Renewal Rate 27M Pieces of Social Content Award Winning Technology #SocialSales 30
  • Q&AThank you for attending.For a live demo,please call: (866) 345-1461or email: info@powerreviews.comFor more information on PowerReviewsEssential Social Suite, please visit: #SocialSales 31
  • Enter your questions into the GoToWebinar ModuleFollow along on #SocialSales #SocialSales 32
  • Q&A 20% off ESS through the end of MayThank you for attending.For a live demo,please call: (866) 345-1461or email: info@powerreviews.comFor more information on PowerReviewsEssential Social Suite, please visit: #SocialSales 33