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Awareness to Advocacy: Drive More Sales with Social


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Social networking is a global phenomenon. We all connect and share with our personal and business networks through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And this has huge implications for business …

Social networking is a global phenomenon. We all connect and share with our personal and business networks through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And this has huge implications for business because consumers are now equal partners in shaping the brand conversations.

So you probably have a social media plan with a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan Page. But do you know how to convert those "likes" and "tweets" into dollars?

Join Jeremiah Owyang, Partner at Altimeter Group, and Nadim Hossain, VP of Marketing for PowerReviews, for a 60 minute webinar where they will explore how to turn social into sales.

You will learn:
- the seven step process of the Customer Hourglass Framework
- the three core fundamentals of social commerce
- how to turn social to sales through content generation, engagement, and advocacy

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  • Welcome everyone. Thanks for joining us for today’s Webinar. We invite you to share your live thoughts with us and other members of the audience with the twitter hashtag displayed here. FBXplodes. Today’s speakers are Blake Brysha and myself, Nadim Hossain.Today, we’re here to talk about the remarkable phenomenom that is Facebook. It’s a very popular topic. In fact, today, we have the biggest ever Webinar audience, with over 800 registered.First we’ll see just how this explosion in sharing is happening.Second, we’ll look at the impact on e-commerce – many of you in the audience are eager to here about this.Third, we’ll give you a few examples of companies that are successfully tapping into this trendAnd finally,before we turn to Q&A, we’ll give you 3 valuable tips from our experience and analysis – you won’t want to miss that part, or indeed, any of it.
  • very practical feature that mimics the way people like to buy is that the Best Buy app supports comparison shopping when you’re in the Best Buy store—or at another store. Just activate the scanner right from the product page to display the comparison information for another product side-by-side.
  • Cisco is proud to announce the rollout of Facebook Like buttons on over 180 product pages on You will notice them when browsing Cisco’s Data Center or small business product areas.Why Facebook? Cisco has over 685K fans on Facebook across it’s various Facebook pages and it has seen referral traffic from Facebook increase over 50% in the last year.
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  • Companies continue to build tactics in silos
  • Individual efforts result in an incomplete customer experience
  • into the Intel booth, snap a photo of your favorite part and post to Twitter and foursquare with hashtags #CES and #VisualLife during CES. You could win a new laptop powered by an Intel Core i5!
  • Nov. 16, 2011 (No original case study date given)#retail#facebook #website#socialgraph#advocate#jaimy
  • Conversation: Your baby becomes the social face of Questions, suggestions and humor around being a parent Twitter parties Mommy clubsCommerce:75% orders from repeat customers45-day return metric50% of Facebook users are engaged for an hour/dayUpdated Nov. 16, 2011 (No original case study date given)#retail #moms#ecommerce#advocate #support#facebook#jaimy
  • SOURCE:**Requested update on sales total from Richard Binhammer. Stillwaiting for original date given<tags>#ce<region><country><channel>#support#dialog#commerce<market><research area><person providing the example>
  • Google sidewiki browser plug in and leaves comment on any site.Updated Nov. 16, 2011 (No original case study date given)#retail#ecommerce#community #website#advocate #support#jaimy
  •“As our guests increasingly turn to their mobile phone as a virtual shopping assistant, we recognize the importance of creating innovative solutions that enable them to interact with Target anywhere and anytime.”Barcode Scanning: Guests can scan product barcodes with their iPhone camera to receive product information (pricing, ratings and reviews, and availability) while at home or shopping in a Target store. They can also add items to a TargetList or gift registry.
  • 2010 promotion -- After Facebook users "like" the Sears brand, they can then start "liking" specific deals that are unlocked when a certain number of people follow suit within a pre-determined timeframe.In one example, a Craftsman "Dog Bone" wrench was one of two offers on Wednesday with the original price of $24.99 and a deal price of $9.99. Three-hundred people had to "like" the deal before it would become available to Facebook users. By 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time yesterday, the 300-like threshold had been met and the deal was unlocked.In a 2010 interview, plans were stated by Sears to continue the program indefinitely, but it is now removed from the brand’s Facebook page. (Nov. 14, 2011 update)April 12, 2010 (Updated Nov. 14, 2011)<tags>#retail#facebook#commerce#christine #jaimy
  • http://www.levis.comApril 12, 2010<tags>#fashion#advocate #intention#christine
  • 12, 2010<tags>#fashion#advocate #intention#christine
  • Number One Killer Feature of Facebook Deals: Structured, verified, meaningful demographic and taste data. You think the retailers with whom you redeem a Facebook Deal aren't going to be shown your favorite music, TV show, your education level, some level of details about your friends and much more - at least in aggregate?
  • Number One Killer Feature of Facebook Deals: Structured, verified, meaningful demographic and taste data. You think the retailers with whom you redeem a Facebook Deal aren't going to be shown your favorite music, TV show, your education level, some level of details about your friends and much more - at least in aggregate?
  • 12, 2010<tags>#foodbev#mobile #geo#advocate#christine
  • [1] http://www.redcrossracing.comThe Red Cross blog provides information to help people respond in emergencies. The corporate blog links to local chapter blogs. There are also local chapter twitter accounts. The corporate twitter accounts (@redcross ~480K followers, @safeandwell ~4.5K followers [inactive], @redcrossracing ~1.4K followers) are fairly active. The Facebook page (/redcross) is informative, providing news and information to find a local chapter. Red Cross is also running a campaign with NASCAR, American Red Cross Racing. Users donate blood to gain points towards prizes.August 11, 2011 (Updated Nov. 16, 2011)#health #nonprofit#gamification#innoplat#innovate#jon #jaimy
  • March 28, 2011<tags>#facebook#advocacy#dialog#health#dialog
  • 12, 2010<tags>#fashion#retail#advocate#commerce#christine
  • Hi NadimHossainPowerReviews expertise is developed over six years across 5500 brands, and our integrated suite enables our customers to outperform their competition. our 96% renewal rate, award winning technology, our proof of the performance that we provide to our customers everyday.
  • Consumers are now equal partners in shaping the brand conversations. Customers are providing each other with an avalanche of rich, relevant and real-time recommendations, questions and answers, reviews, and content about your products. And they are doing so on a massive scale; most social content about brands is now created by consumers, not by the brand. In fact, 1 million pieces of social content are created by consumers every 60 seconds.
  • And you have been experimenting.  You’ve been incorporating the “Like” button, creating fan pages, and hiring Social Media managers, because you realize how important this is. But the only things you can measure are Likes. And that’s a start...BUT let’s face it, the end goal is more traffic, conversions and sales. And Likes don’t equal sales. “Likes” don’t tap into any of the social conversations, questions and answers, and recommendations customers are sharing with each other.   To quote Ad Age “There may be no actual engagement at all beyond the fleeting moment of the click.” According to a recent Booz & Company survey, 71% of social networking users said “liking,” a company on Facebook would have no impact on their propensity to buy from that company.  Social is changing the way customers interact, but social isn’t yet driving sales, and business fundamentals haven’t changed just yet.The market is having it’s “Jerry McGuire moment” - SHOW ME THE MONEY
  • "There is a cognitive dissonance between social activity and sales results“ that is why we are happy to introducePowerReviews Essential Social Suite, the only solution to integrate the 3 key components of social success:- Powerful social content generation- Comprehensive social engagement - Robust social performance measurementWith PowerReviews Essential Social Suite, you get the power of integrated social content, engagement and measurement from a single vendor.  This means that content and engagement work together to drive traffic and sales, and that you can optimize social activity on your site with robust analytics. It all starts with the PowerReviews social content engine.  Social content is the fuel that drives the most valuable social benefits for your brand.  With PowerReviews, you can capture massive amounts of social content about your products, increasing both site traffic and revenue.  This social content--through its relevance, freshness, and sheer volume--makes you easier to find than your competition and turns more shoppers into buyers.Next, the PowerReviews social engagement layer enables you to further amplify that social content across the web.  You will encourage your customers to contribute and share more by rewarding helpful behavior and giving them the tools to connect with the community.And -- for the first time ever -- you can precisely measure the dollar impact of this social activity. E-commerce marketers can directly link Social to Sales. This enables you to optimize on-site social activity and drive more of what makes your ecommerce site successful: traffic, engagement and sales. This is how you turn social into sales for your site, not into just “Likes” for Facebook.
  • PowerReviews social content engine, comprised of Customer Reviews and Social Answers, creates three times more social content, powering improved SEO that generates 10% to 50% more organic traffic to your site. But the benefits don’t stop there. Social content is also incredibly effective at driving conversion rates.  Study after study shows reviews are the most trusted source of social content. In fact over 70% of online shoppers trust other customers’ reviews.Closely behind reviews, Q&A is the second most powerful influencer of conversion. When customers get answers quickly, from other customers or product experts, they have higher confidence and are more likely to buy. Our clients see that up to 50% of answered questions result in purchases.  
  • The PowerReviews social engagement layer surfaces your most valuable customers and encourages them to create and share more content by bringing the best of social loyalty, social discovery, community to your site. With Social Discovery you will amplify social content to and from social networks.  For example, your customers will push their product endorsements to social networks, and their friends will click on this content creating more traffic back to your site. Your customers will also follow your products, categories and reviewers and come back to your site as other customers add relevant content to their news feeds. One customer has seen traffic from Facebook quickly grow over 135%, and the revenue from that traffic grew 300%.Social Loyalty applies proven gamification techniques to encourage customers to create more content.  You will encourage customers with points and badges. Your site will gain more reviews, comments and social shares. (beta metric) And once your best customers are on your site and engaged, Community connects them to like-minded shoppers. Advocates will be identified as they gain rewards for engagement and climb the leaderboard.  You will connect them to prospects
  • PowerReviews Social Measurement Platform enables you, for the first time, to precisely measure the sales impact of social activity. A single, integrated platform means that social activity on your site is optimized to drive traffic, conversion and revenue.   Our powerful analytics engine, deeply integrated into social content and engagement layers, answers key questions such as “Which type of shared content creates the most organic traffic,” and  “Which type of engagement is most likely to drive a conversion?”You will understand what social activity drives revenue.Now let’s talk about these in order and where these fall in the awareness funnel as jeremiah discussed.
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  • On average, PowerReviews clients create 3x more content This results in 10 to 50% more organic traffic to your product pagesOur reviews also create the confidence that turns browsers into buyers.
  • Closely behind reviews, Q&A is the second most powerful influencer of conversion.When customers get answers to their key questions, they convert at a higher rate.PowerReviews Social Answers converts more customers by answering questions within 24 hours, the crucial time period that determines the success of turning browsers into buyersOur customers are seeing that answers are coming to customers on an average of 3 hours, during the crucial purchase decision period. Q&A is proven to decrease returns and decrease support center calls. Skechers saw a 30% decrease in call center volume when they implemented Q&A on their site.Give your customers the answers they need to make a confident purchase decision
  • Community connects your advocates to like-minded shopper, driving conversion. Advocates of your product will create more reviews, answer more questions, create more shares and upload more content.As they do, they will be easily identified as they climb the leaderboard.Once identified PowerReviews “Ask a reviewer,” functionality enables you connect these advocates to prospect, increasing product conversion.You will leverage the natural tendency of advocates to talk about how great your brand and products are and to respond to questions, create more reviews and shares.
  • Its well known that adding the “like button” to you site can increase Facebook referral traffic significantly.  According to Facebook, retailers that integrate see 2.4x in increase in referred traffic.With Social Discovery, your site will enable customers with an easy way to broadcast their social content and sharesto the social web, pushing your message to new audiencesYour site will enable customers to share reviews and ask their friends for advice through FacebookThis amplification of your content drives qualified traffic from the Social web to your site, but the benefits don’t stop there...
  • As jeremiah mentioned with the EventBrite Case study, customers are more likely to share after taking a significant action on your site, such as making a purchase. Here we have an example of Step2 showing that customers can verify their review with Facebook, posting the review to their facebook newsfeed and to all their friends. this drives awarness
  • Example of ConsiderationWith PowerReviews follow a category feature, your customers can also choose to get daily updates on new and/or trending products Your high impact products, will be pushed out to a new audience, enabling you to push “hot,” products out to those who are most likely to want to learn more, ensuring more traffic back to your siteThis highly relevant social content is powered by our proprietary algorithm that chooses the most relevant message based on volume and recentness of social content createdPowerReviews flexible, sophisticated algorithm is customizable based on multiple client inputs and overrides, ensuring that your content is fresh and relevant, while giving you the ability to select the parameters to control the experience
  • Example of Intent as the customer drills down to a specific productIf a customer is unsure about their purchase, they can read reviews, subscribe to reviews or follow a popular reviewer to find out more information about the product. With Social Discovery, your customers will also self-select into targeted social campaigns covering topics in which they have expressed interestYour site will enable customers to follow reviewers and products, allowing you personalize content customers get in their Facebook streamAs their favorite reviewers post new content or new content is posted about preferred products, your customers will get this new content in their facebook feedThe high relevancy of the content ensures more clicks back to you site.
  • Constellation Research believes that by 2013, more than 50 percent of all social business initiatives will include an enterprise gamification component.PowerReviews Social Loyalty is designed to drive content creation.Applying gamification will drive customer behavior to create the social content and social shares that drive your site’s goals: traffic, engagement, conversions and sales.You can also drive content where it is needed most, filling coverage gaps and driving performance for under-performing products. You can also engage customers when they are not in the purchasing mode, to keep your brand top of mind.
  • PowerReviews integrates gamification and social content creation to align customers’ social activities with you site’s goalsBadging is the first step in the rewards systems, where your can provide customized badges to reward customers for taking action that increase content or engagement.Integrated site messaging will encourage further engagement will messages such as “Be the first to write a review for more points,” and “Be the first to answer a question for a distinct badge” As customers gain more points and badges, their accomplishments will be reflected on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will also encourage others to want to compete to move to the top of the list. The more your customers gain achievements, the more content your site gains.
  • PowerReviews Social Measurement Platform enables you, for the first time, to precisely measure the sales impact of social activity on your site. You will measure social traffic, engagement, and content generation and determine how they drive traffic, conversion, and sales on your site.Our powerful analytics engine, deeply integrated into social content and engagement layers, answers key questions such as: “Which type of social content creates the most organic traffic,”“Which type of engagement is most likely to drive a conversion?”A single, integrated platform means that social activity on your site can be measured and then optimized to drive traffic, conversion and revenue. Measure every step of the way to know your effect on the funnel.
  • Strong relationship and results Innovative social product suiteEasily plug-in new products No additional resources Save time and moneyPowerReviews customer-orientated culture and peopleStrong relationship and results over years with Customer Reviews“The structure of the products and the integration allows Teleflora to easily plug-in additional products into the underlying infrastructure” “PowerReviews is keeping Teleflora innovative by making social content more relevant and accessible to customers” “PowerReviews keeps on the cutting edge of social technology, in ways that other vendors and internal resources simply can’t” “I can’t remember a time when we had any issues with the service or product” “PowerReviews makes my life easy because we set up Teleflora for social success for years to come” “We need to be as agile as possible, and our own internal development can’t move as quickly.”“PowerReivews saves Teleflora time and Money”“The people at PowerReviews know everything about the social space. I can talk to anyone and have a relevant conversations”“Every time there is something new in the market, PowerReviews has developed something to address it.” “I know that I can engage PowerReviews as I look to expand and know will have a great product ready to help me take our site to the next level” “Working with PowerReviews is exciting and easy. I keep coming back because it’s a pleasure to work with them, which is not something you can always say.” “One of the things I appreciate the most is the open dialogue. PowerReviews genuinely cares about what I have to say and my feedback, which is really exciting.”
  • This year, PowerReviews will continue to make significant investments in Social Loyalty, allowing you to allow you to further amplify engagement, content volume and influence. Our core system will begin to collect points for new areas outside of the PowerReviews applicationYou will be able to give points for using the “Like” button, viewing a video, or creating social shares for exampleYou will also be able to give points for making purchasesPowerReviews will also make points available to your existing programs so that customers online points trigger tangible rewards such as discounts or special offersFor example if customers collect x points, they get free shipping
  • Transcript

    • 1. Awareness to Advocacy: Drive More Sales with SocialCo-hosted by3/15/2012
    • 2. Today’s Speakers Jeremiah Owyang Partner Nadim Hossain Vice President, Marketing© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 3. Today’s Webinar Agenda1. 7 Stages of the Customer Journey2. The Customer Hourglass3. Social Discovery Winners4. 3 Tips to Sell More with Social5. Q&A
    • 4. Image by nggalai used with Attribution as directed by Creative© 2012 Altimeter Group 2011
    • 5. 5 Armed with more information than ever before…© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 6. 6 … Able to trigger word of mouth instantly… After noticing a 50% increase in referral traffic from Facebook, Cisco adds the Facebook Like button to all its Data Center product pages.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 7. 7 … Demanding real-time responses© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 8. 8 Customer JourneyFor PowerReviewsMarch 15, 2012Jeremiah OwyangIndustry Analyst
    • 9. Priorities are Fragmented We asked 140 Corporate Social Strategists: “What three external (go-to- market) social strategy objectives will you focus on most in 2011?” Source: Survey of Corporate Social Strategists, Altimeter Group, November 2010© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 10. Image by Pieter Musterd used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons Strategy: The Customer Hourglass Framework© 2012 Altimeter Group 2011
    • 11. 11 Social media is not just about our friends… Q : People become a member of social networks because they want to stay in touch with friends, family, etc. and/or because they like to play games. Besides the more general reasons, what else has driven you to become a member of the following social networks? 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% get to know things about (new) products / brands come in contact with brands / companies stimulate my career find other users of a certain brand / product find promotions of a certain brand / product become a famous person ● MySpace ● Facebook ● Linkedin become an opinion leader ● Twitter N Europe = 5613 / F = If member of social network(s) Source: Social Media Around the World 2011, InSites Consulting© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 12. 12 Relationships with brands are changing Source: Ask Your Target Market, Base=2000 US Internet Users, 2011© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 13. Image by docsearls used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons 13© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 14. 14© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 15. 15 The traditional purchase funnel is outdated© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 16. 16 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 17. 17 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 18. 18 AmEx’s OPEN Forum surfaces small business owner discussions and networking opportunities© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 19. 19 Intel promoted its CES 2011 booth with location- based “check-ins” from Foursquare Intel promoted its booth and connected with over 2000 attendees at CES based on their location check-ins.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 20. 20 Check-in deals offer a way to connect with consumers and generate awareness© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 21. 21 Sephora triggers social word of mouth with Like buttons Some products on Sephora’s website have garnered up to 3,000 likes, increasing referral traffic from fans’ social graph.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 22. 22 Awareness Key Take-Aways  Expect paid media such as advertising, to fuel this first phase  Often, rely on content at the Lifestyle, or Pain Point to trigger discussion.  Lastly, listen do what customers are already talking about and join the discussions they are already having.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 23. 23 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 24. drives conversation before commerce on Facebook page© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 25. 25 Customers who read reviews show higher conversion rates and AOV POSSIBLY USE Screenshot POWERREVIEWS SLIDE / DATA Data: e.g. Visitors who interacted with reviews had 60% higher conversion rates and 20% higher AOV.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 26. 26 How DellOutlet drives sales with Dialog© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 27. 27 Consideration Key Take-Aways  Repurpose your product inventory information and apply onto the real world  Aggregate 3rd party reviews to your corporate website  Similarly, repurpose your reviews on your corporate site to 3rd party websites and blogs, extend and repurpose.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 28. 28 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 29. 29 Mattel shoppers can shop together, browsing and sharing in real time© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 30. 30 Target shoppers create – and share – wedding and baby shower registry lists via web and mobile© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 31. 31 Sears offers group buying with “wishtogether”© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 32. 32 Levi’s incorporates the “Like” button Shoppers can “Like” and post comments about products straight to their Facebook wall© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 33. 33 Levi’s incorporates the “Like” button Customers see an instant shopping cart based on previous friend’s “Likes”© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 34. 34 Intent Key Take-Aways  While still emerging, social features are fueling sales efforts by adding richer context to the customer experience  Expect next-generation applications to pre- populate wish-lists and shopping carts based on historical and social data© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 35. 35 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 36. 36 Facebook launches group buying deals Point of purchase is easily sharable, plus transactions can be tied to customer social profiles© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 37. 37 Eventbrite found motivation to share is higher and worth more after the purchase is made Eventbrite found that a post- purchase share on Facebook drives 20% more ticket sales than a pre-purchase share© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 38. 38 Point of Purchase Key Take-Aways  Social features allow friends to share point of purchase with others  WOM can be measured and attributed to individuals  Expect in the future that virtual currency or virtual goods will offer consumers discounts or exclusive deals© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 39. 39 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 40. 40 Wells Fargo responds to customers – within business hours Demonstrating both a human voice and setting expectations of how they’ll help customers during office hours, Wells Fargo demonstrates best practices.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 41. 41 EA provides customer support updates and contact options on its dedicate Facebook page© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 42. 42 Support Key Take-Aways  Reduce support costs by giving information to consumers on hand  Use a tiered approach:  Load up most frequented asked questions first  Then follow up by providing the ability for them to conduct peer to peer support  Finally provide them with direct-to-company support when the first two avenues have been exhausted© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 43. 43 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 44. 44 Starbucks partners with Foursquare to offer badges and discounts to loyal “Mayors”© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 45. 45 The Red Cross gamifies blood donations The Red Cross partnered with Best Buy and Nascar to gamify blood donations. Every time someone gave blood, they were eligible for points that could be redeemed for prizes.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 46. 46 TopGuest links loyalty to social media, allowing companies to measure loyalty and influence Hilton HHonors members can give a Facebook friend 25% off a Doubletree Bed & Breakfast reservation once they check in© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 47. 47 Loyalty Key Take-Aways  Loyalty programs of the past are based on long- term commitment and total potential spending value  In the future, companies will factor in game mechanics, badges, and point-based systems to foster longer term loyalty  Allow currency to be interchangable, for example “Checkins from Hilton on Foursquare in hotels can convert to Hilton rewards points” (Andrew validate this)© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 48. 48 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 49. 49 Dialog evolves into Advocacy© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 50. 50 American Eagle rewards customers who refer products in its AE Style Shop© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 51. 51 Shutterfly and AAA use Extole to promote referrals© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 52. 52 Tasti D-Lite rewards brand advocates with points that translate into free products Tasti D-Lite customers earn TastiRewards every time they make a purchase using a rewards card that can automatically trigger updates to Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare accounts.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 53. 53 TurboTax InnerCircle customer advocacy program helps co-create the next iteration  25,000 customer community  Has dedicated Inner Circle Leader  6000 ideas submitted in 2010  Top 200 ideas were referred to appropriate teams and discussed over 10 meetings  40 product concepts tested, 32 implemented in current version of TurboTax  Revenue lift in the millions of dollars attributed to feature developed via Inner Circle Source: TurboTax and Ant’s Eye View© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 54. 54 Microsoft recognizes 4000 MVPs every year – the program is run by 50 dedicated staff Every year 4000 MVPs are nominated by peers, employees, and other MVPs, and selected by an internal panel. The length of service is one year.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 55. 55 Advocacy Key Take-Aways  The holy grail of marketing, this is the lowest cost yet highest trusted form of marketing  Co-creation is the fuel of advocacy, help customers feel ownership and empowerment  When done correctly, this fuels the top of the marketing funnel, growing the program over and over© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 56. 56 The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience Learn and Innovate© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 57. Summary© 2012 Altimeter Group 2011
    • 58. 58 Summary 1. Remember customers are behaving in new ways, in new places, with new expectations 2. Think beyond the silo –customers expect a single, holistic experience • How will marketing, sales, support, and loyalty programs work together? 3. Don’t arbitrarily deploy a strategy –think of the whole customer life process using the customer hourglass© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 59. 59 THANK YOU Jeremiah Owyang Twitter: jowyang Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.© 2012 Altimeter Group
    • 60. PowerReviews is the Social Performance Company 5,500 Brands 96% Renewal Rate 27M Pieces of Social Content Award Winning Technology 60
    • 61. Customers, Not Brands, are Driving the Conversation Customers Recommendations Q&A Reviews Earned Media Brands Advertising Paid Media 61
    • 62. But Likes Don’t Equal Sales 62
    • 63. Recipe for Social SuccessUtilize the three tools todrive Social Success:• Social Content• Social Engagement• Social MeasurementUse proven social techniquesto drive sales where itmatters. 63
    • 64. Social Content Attracts and Converts Customers 1 2 33X More Content 50% More Traffic 10% Higher Conversion Josh Himwich, Vice President 64
    • 65. Social Engagement Amplifies Content & Connects Advocates Love these headphones! 1 2 Checkout Push to Facebook Traffic From Facebook Beats Q&A 3 4 Q? Buy Now A! Gamification Q&A 65
    • 66. Measure The Social Content andEngagement to Track Traffic and Sales Optimize Social To Drive Sales Measure the increase in traffic from social activity Track the impact of social activity on conversion 66
    • 67. Transition
    • 68. Attract and Convert Customers with Social Content3X 10-50% 14% Social more increase in Content organic site traffic conversion 68
    • 69. Give your customers the answers they need to buy Do this shoe Yes, all shoes come in kid’s are available sizes? kid’s sizes. Asked on 12/20/2011 Answered on 12/20/2011 8:31 am 11:15 am Checkout
    • 70. Community Connects Advocates and Prospects and Drives Conversion A: Yes, my Q: Is this 2 year old appropriate loves it. for toddlers? 70
    • 71. Amplifies Product Content to Create Traffic YOUR SITE Nikon is a Should I buy great camera! this Nikon Camera from Staples? 71
    • 72. Step2
    • 73. Trending Product Updates Keep Social Users Engaged & Clicking 73
    • 74. Increase Content Relevancy andEngagement as Customers Shop 74
    • 75. Social Loyalty Amplifies Content Creation Through Gamification Social Content 75
    • 76. Integrated Gamification & Content Drives PerformanceThank you for your review Thank you for answer You earned 10 points! You’ve earned the Life Saver badge. 76
    • 77. Integrated Social Measurement™ Provides Actionable Analysis Optimize Social To Drive Sales Measure the increase in traffic from social activity Track the impact of social activity on conversion 77
    • 78. Three Steps to Drive Awareness to Advocacy 1. Allow your customers to generate social content on your website 2. Broadcast that social content across the social net 3. Measure the impact of the social traffic to see how social is turning into sales 78
    • 79. PowerReviews Essential Social Suite 79
    • 80. Q&AThank you for attending.For a live demo,please call: (866) 345-2461or email: info@powerreviews.comFor more information on PowerReviewsEssential Social Suite, please visit: 80
    • 81. Social Loyalty™ AmplifiesEngagement, Content Volume and Influence 81
    • 82. THENNOW The Web is Shifting Towards Discovery @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce
    • 83. The Like Button was the first step in introducing Facebook in the pre-purchase process Source Image: Altimeter Group
    • 84. With more content to share, FB will play a bigger rolein driving awareness early in the purchase process NOW Source Image: Altimeter Group @NadimAHossain #FBCommerce