Maslow's hierarchy of needs 2d powerpoint presentation templates


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Maslow's hierarchy of needs 2d powerpoint presentation templates

  1. 1. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2DYour Text Goes here MENTALPut Text here ESTEEM – CONFIDENCE - RESPECT SOCIALYour Text Goes here BELONGING – FRIENDS - INTIMACY ECONOMICText here RESOURCES – HEALTH - FAMILY PHYSICALYour Text Goes here OXYGEN – FOOD – WATER – SEX - SHELTER Your Logo
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  3. 3. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Transcendence helping others to self-actualize Self-actualization personal growth, self-fulfillment Aesthetic need beauty,balance,from,etc Cognitive needs knowledge,meaning,self-awareness Esteem needs achievement, status, responsibility, reputation Belongingness and Love needs family,affection,relationships,work group,etc Safety needs protection,security,order,law,limits,stability,etc Biological and Physiological needs basic life needs-air,food,drink,shelter,warmth,sex,sleep.etc. Your Logo
  4. 4. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Impact on organizational success organizational measurability of benefits agility innovation culture Cross-org collaboration employee satisfaction customer satisfaction revenue generation cost-savings Your Logo
  5. 5. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D A Sex Player’sYour Text Goes here Need For Self- Actualization Need To Acquire More Home, Mouthpieces, Accessories & Others Put Text here Need To Aquire Further Knowledge Through On-Line Discussion ForumsYour Text Goes here Need To Acquire Mouthpieces In An Effort To Find “The Sound” Your Text Goes here Need To Acquire More Knowledge Thru On-Line Forums & BulletinText here Boards Need To Acquire A Better Saxophone Text here Your Logo
  6. 6. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Transcendence Helping others To self actualise Self-actualisation Personal growth,self-fulfilment Aesthetic needs Beauty,balance,form etc. Cognltlve needs Knowledge.meaning,self-awareness Esteem Needs Achievement,status,responsibility,reputation Belongingness and Love needs Family,affection,relationships,work group,etc. Safety needs Protection,security,order,law,limits,stability,etc. Biological and Physiological needs Basic life needs-air,food,drink,shelter,warmth,sex,sleep,etc. Your Logo
  7. 7. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Morality, Creativity , Spontaneity, Pro blem solving, Lack of prejudice, Accepta nce of facts Self-actualization Self- esteem, Confidence, achievemen Esteem t, Respect of others,respect by others Friendship,family,sexual intimacy Love/Belonging Security of body,of employment,of resources, Safety Of morality,of the family,of health,of property Breathing,food,water,sex,sleep,homeostasis,excretion Physiological Your Logo
  8. 8. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Air,Food Water,sex Your Logo
  9. 9. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Spiritual Put Text here Self Actualization Your text here Your text Ego Needs Social Needs Put text here Security Needs Your text goes here Your text here Body Needs Your Logo
  10. 10. Maslows Hierarchy of needs 2D Self- Fulfillment 1 Accomplishment Mental Growth Esteem Approval Recognition, Self-Confidence Social Friendships,Group Membership, Social Connection Safety Physical Safety Physiological Food, Sheter, Clothing Your Logo
  11. 11. All images are 100% editable in Powerpoint“Change color, size and orientation of any icon to your liking”
  12. 12. Ungrouping the object 2 1 31. Right click the object.2. Choose Group and then Ungroup.3. Click beside the object and drag the arrow over it.
  13. 13. Edit Color 2 3 11. Select the shape to change the color and Right click the object( click any object which you want to change color)2. Choose Format Shape in the dialog box.3. Choose “Fill” in the Format Shape box then “Solid” or “Gradient” depending on the appearance of the object. Change colour as shown in the picture.