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Geocities poems



GeoCities is closing Oct 26th so I put a few of the poems that were sent to me years ago onto powerpoint for your viewing pleausre. ...

GeoCities is closing Oct 26th so I put a few of the poems that were sent to me years ago onto powerpoint for your viewing pleausre.

A shorter version of "Tonys Cafe" has been moved to www.PowerLegacy.Com



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Geocities poems Geocities poems Presentation Transcript

    • I Can Take It I sort through King-sized obstacles, Desiring triumph for a new dawn. I see I chose these games of life, That bring feelings of a Pawn. Yet I’ll grasp and wield inspiring thoughts, While planning out my dreams. For times I’ve truly lived I’ve learned, A Pawn can take a King. Written by Vito DeLiso Copyright © 2004
    • The Sea   The ocean is so pure, so bright, so light The water stays blue as darkness turns to night The air is calm, crisp, and cool when the world is cruel the sea is my soul’s fuel Water and sand--that’s you and me. For, I am the sand and you are the sea Come, my sweet, and bring your love to me Let me soak in your love, bask in your light I am thirsty for only you. I want to soak in your love -- and drink until I am full. Let your love wash over me Water and sand--that’s you and me. For I am the sand and you are the sea. - -Nicole Luongo Written Dec. 1999 (12 /5 or 12/ 12) Copyright © 2002
  • Life's Questions Would life stop throwing me punches every time I turn around? Can I come out now? I don’t want to frown. Life shouldn’t be so difficult to handle this way How can I live for tomorrow if I can’t live today? How can I roll with the punches if I can’t deal with stress? Why must I be what you want me to be? Why should I impress? Why can’t I live my life the way that I want? It’s not who I am or what I was taught. It’s stupid questions like these that make me want to shout; And throw my hands up in the air and even sit and pout. How come I must go through hell to learn a lesson in life? Why must I even go through all this strife? Who can answer my questions? Who can hold my hand? Who can teach me these things and help me understand? Why is life’s question so difficult to find? All I want are answers to call all mine. By Beth Wildstein May 2004
    • Hello Joker
    • Hello Joker as in Jeer Mr. Jeer you seem to fleer You cannot feel another's honor You just cannot be sincere Hello Jocular Mr. Jocular You do not know how to tell a joke Only know how to jest which, one detests Who makes you an adjucator? Hello Justice Mr. Jive You need not jargon to be wise You need not tell a joke or try If you have jumbled emotions inside Those who judge, judge themselves Need not lower your own self esteem Live a little Be sincere Or find a happy in between Those who jest too much too soon Find the jokes on them And never judge a jester, or you might hear the jests from the joker within By: Jennifer Siller
    • Feelings As the world turns, my heart skips a beat. The anxiousness of seeing the one I love The intense moment, the vibes that are given off. My mind runs 100 miles just thinking of your sensitivity. Is it love or lust? Is it infatuation or a crush? The answer is none of the above. It’s the feelings I have inside for my Nubian prize.  M.S. Bloom 7-22-00
    • The Scent of a Man As I step into the elevator my mind goes back in time to a place when you were mine. Flashbacks of late night talks and witty remarks put a smile on my face even distance cannot erase. Your voice haunts me as the scent overpowers my body, I try not to think of you. But the force of the fragrance will not let me forget the mix of memories elation, frustration pleasure and pain. The smell that was once masculine and musky strong and sexy now makes me sick. The cheap odor is more than I can take I step off the elevator and come face to face with the coward you now make. The smell of your cologne reminds me of days gone by. --Written By:  Nicole Luongo March 11, 2001.
    • LADY LIBERTY I don't think I've ever felt so small As when the Towers began to fall And death rode roughshod through canyons tall In sight of Lady Liberty My birth took place not far from there Where freedom flavored carefree air Breathed deep by diverse colors where They frolicked for Lady Liberty What reaosn for to cause such pain To make the steel and concrete rain Upon the streets its dark murrain Offending Lady Liberty Twas hatred cloaked in Allah's name That scorched the innocent in evil's flame And bathed the righteous in eternal shame O see her weep, Lady Liberty Her torch aloft her beacon bright Still proclaiming through the night That terror does not have the might To bring down Lady Liberty Make tall the towers again to see The American brand of majesty Our Brotherhood from sea to sea You've taught us well Lady Liberty! Written By:  Harvey Frelich
    • PENSAMIENTO" Que tan ansioso te escabulles por los rincones del universo... Que caprichoso te comportas a pesar de saber que tu hogar reside en el cielo. Que pasajero extrano eres en el jardin de los recuerdos. Que extremadamente humano te crees, si tu infancia ha permanecido millones de anos, millones de momentos. Que soberano, ermitano e independiente y peregrino, con pasos lentos pero ciertos... Que humilde eres cuando avistas el sentimiento, lo tomas con hilos de oro, te bordas como un sello en la memoria infatigable del tiempo. Conversas amablemente con los suenos, te provees de verdady sabiduria para jamas perderlos. Haces miles de kilometros para dar calor en el invierno, para darle tu luz al ser incierto, para demostrar la fuerza del amor verdadero.,para susurrar con delicadeza "te quiero", para abrazar en la lejania de otras tierras a ese amor, a ese amigo, a un afecto... Eres una fuente inagotable de sorpresas, de tanto misterio.. Por momentos te asustas de las luces, escapas sin palabras. Es entonces cuando te dejo libre, para que me busques y me lleves justo al lugar del encuentro... maria jose dambolena
    • YOU CAN BECOME ALL THAT YOU BELIEVE One single step begins the march, One single thought begins the plan. One single movement and dance begins, One single goal is all we need to be all we can. We can do it all and have it all if we just try, And refuse to lie down and refuse to die. And refuse to fail so that we must succeed, Only one small step is all we ever need......... One small step...one small dream...one small goal, Is all mankind will ever need to win the gold. It's all we ever need to start anew my friend, And so I wish you that small step and in the end ~ ~ You'll achieve your dreams, reach your goals, Grow with every day and feel more whole...... And with a single goal and the perseverance you need, You really can become all that you believe....... Love and Light, Donna Wallace a.k.a.  Gentle-Daydreamer
    • Climbing High by Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel
    • Like a monument rising high above is a marvelous dry creekbed awaiting my presence. The path is rugged, rocks of all shapes and sizes inviting me to climb. Fallen trees and rotting branches lay among the freshly fallen leaves now decaying. Carefully, I place one foot here and there, watching my footing closely. As I vigorously assend the trail, I marvel at the beauty in this place. Listen to the wind...it sounds like a waterfall as it increases in intensity. Leaves are gently floating to the earth, one lands on my shoulder. Time and again, I am abruptly greated by a spider or her web. Butterflies are flitting about looking for a speck of moisture. Numerous birds join a chorus of welcome into their santuary.
    • The sun is casting a variety of shadows in the woods adding an enchanted feeling. Some timy delicate white wildflowers with yellow centers adorn the embankment. Rocks as large as I and ones just the size of my foot seem as if fallen from the sky. They are piled in irratic patterns, some tipping precariously, others jutting skyward.
    • Gingerly I find my path upward amid the cascade of stones.
    • Dead branches and fallen trees clutter the pathway and criscross the embankment. Some I climb over, others ducking under, while one I tetter along as a bridge. Those fallen ages ago are rotting and adding new growth to this place of beauty. Moss and damp leaves hide the irregular footing beneath. Occasionally I fall through the debris with a jolt and surprise. I step cautiously forward...Ready to move ahead...Looking upward... As I climb this pathway in this enchanted woods, peace and tranquility fill my soul. God takes my hand and leads me safely upward and onward...At peace. October 6, 2002 (c) * Note: This creek is at Mary Greene's farm on Dry Branch Rd., Fayette Co., Ky. This poem is dedicated to Mary Greene for her efforts in bringing peace and tranquility into the lives of others by sharing her beautiful place with those needing solitude.