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Andrew goodwin

  1. 1. By Peter Lockett
  2. 2. Relationship between lyrics and video  With is this song the most you will have that the lyrics will relate to the video is when they say I found out and it comes to the part were they have the twitter link on the screen. Because of the use of twitter it can easily make the video very successful.  This is there to help you as a viewer understand what the song is about and will let you imagine the images that should be on the screen.
  3. 3. Relationship between music and visuals  The music video is very good at keeping the video to the beat of the song. This is good as it will draw the people in to the music. Also this will help them keep the audience exited. This is very amplified music video as the images don’t have much to do with the song but they amplify the song with the twitter links on the screen thought-out the video.
  4. 4. Relationship between music and visuals  The other two that are not in this music video I believe is:  Illustrated this is when the music video will use a se of images to illustrate the lyrics or genre. This is done a little with the performance part of the song but I don't fell it dose this a lot.  The other is disjuncture which is where the song is completely ignored and the video is random.
  5. 5. Genre characteristics  As you can see with this genre you can notice that is seams to be mostly performance based. This is because they are more concentrating on the fact that they want the audience to feel like they are actually there watching them perform. This is because they are very close to the camera so you can see all of them. As well as this they have little clips thought-out the video to brake up the performance as it might not be for everyone.
  6. 6. Star image  As you can see thought-out this music video there are lots of close ups this is to try and make the singing the main attraction of the video. And this is also done thought the use of when the whole band in on show she is stood in the middle of the shot. This is good a it will allow the audience to feel closer to them and this will help improve the star image.
  7. 7. Voyeurism  There is not much if any voyeurism thought this video but from the shot below you could tell that the female is putting her self in a sexual prospect as she is on the bed undressing. Voyeurism is when they are showing you thought something thought a different image such as thought a camera or cctv.
  8. 8. Inetertextual  Thought-out this video there is some images that show the use of twitter this shows us that they are using twitter to maybe advertise there band. And this can also tell us that you as the audience could use the twitter to communicate with them. So you can see that the use of twitter is also a way to bond with audience as it is the 2nd most used social network site of 2012.