When Digital Platforms Meet Their Readers


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When Digital Platforms Meet Their Readers

  1. 1. When Digital Platforms Meet Their Readers~The emergence of New Reader Profiles {Theebookmarketisunderconstruction. Hereare14platformswhichallowdifferentwaystoaccessebook:subscription,downloadingandcombinationof bothtypeof access.} {Platformsarestillsearchingfortheirbusinessmarket.Editorsarenotalwayswillingtogivetheircatalogstothiskindof platformsbecausetheyareafraidtheywon’tbeenoughpaid,andsoaretheirauthors. However,itisareallyinterestingtopicbecausethismarketismaybethefutureof ebookselling:therearenotalotof platformsbuttheyallhavedifferentoffersof ebooks. Platformshavetoguaranteeaudienceandremunerationtoestablishgoodpartnershipswithpublishers,butusersarewaitingforpublishersandtheirinputtothebouquetquality. } Streaming Downloading Streaming + Downloading Variety of prices If you want to consult a book you can have it for free, you can buy it or pay every month. The prices can go from very low one to higher ones. Platforms propose free access to ebooks to attract readers, consequently finding other sources of profit in publicity. Diversity of services In order to distinguish themselves from competitors, plat- forms develop more and more services. There is a strong will to attract readers by intensifying the innovation of services. Features of bouquets Books catalogs have differents features, the main characteristics are relating to the volume and literary forms. The difficulty for platforms is to find good patnership with editors in order to propose a large catalog and meet with their readers’ needs. Classic services Exceptional services Social services Public domain Digital literature Specialized catalogs Abundant offer Fee-for-service More than 10€ Less than 10€ Free Nowadays, none of these platforms control the distribution of cultural goods, but all of them strongly position themselves within the market in order to achieve growth. This competition can only lead to an increased innovation in the customers services fiels. For example, Youboox has a partnership with the entreprise SNCF (french railway), they allow you to access at Youboox’s catalog while you are on the train. Possible ways to access ebooks Because the French families’ overall expenses on cultural goods are decreasing, the expenses concerning the access to cultural content are increasing. (Hadopi’s rapport) In the future, will readers spend more on the access to contents than on content itself? Freemium ereader Homo Connexus Ebook collector Hard-to-please person Best-seller lover Lost in books Social reader Classicus Digital seeker Comicphil Bookworm Pay-per-click person Overpremium man Premium man Representation of bouquet’s volume: Methodology and Sources on : Anne Baudin, Carole Bernabé, Diana-Stefana Bolohan, Emma Pagan, Violaine Rebouillat 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Both Downloading Streaming Type of access from all cultural industries January 2014
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