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Travelling in fictional works

for intuitive, user-centred and sustainable organ...
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Travelling in Fictional Works


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this poster won the Best Poster Award Bobcatsss 2014

Marine Peotta (PBD 2, 2013-2014), Solenne Billard-Nichele (DCB 22, 2013-2014), Morgane Desard (DCB22, 2013-2014)

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Travelling in Fictional Works

  1. 1. 22/01/2014 11:12:22 Travelling in fictional works for intuitive, user-centred and sustainable organisations in public libraries’ physical collections The digital world give people the opportunity to access to information by various means and, furthermore, in a customised way. Yet, most of the time, libraries organise their fictional works in alphabetical order or by literary genre. These filings are not sustainable because they are fixed, non-evolutive and inadapted to readers in their individual and public practices . Being aware of people’s new practices, we argue that only evolving, intuitive and user-centred filings can ensure a sustainable to find and to access to fictional collections in library. way What I'm going to read tonight? How do libraries answer to this question? How can they improve their services? I'd like a thrilling love story in some future world of robots - novels in A-Z order - a few literary genre I'd like a book in harmony with my current mood Library Library - arduous catalogues - keywords - no human help What can libraries do? CM MJ CJ CMJ N - literary genre filings - bibliographies - thematic display tables DOK website ( Example of a space dedicated to the romantic literature at the DOK library (Delft, Netherlands) I'd like another reader's advice! Few exchange and expression spaces Library What can libraries do? - return books trolleys - reading circles - catalogues enriched by readers' commentaries What can libraries do? - remote customised advice - indexing according to quality criteria website webpage ( Two French innovative online services: "Je ne sais pas quoi lire" (Lorient), and CultureWok, a sensitive search engine I'd like a library by myself, like myself, easy to get into Libraries made and organised by librarians Library What can libraries do? - users councils - participative workshops by 27Région J @The Shifted Librarian by Flickr M ( C Babelthèque website ( Toulouse library (France): "do it yourself" tables and a catalogue enriched by the social network Babelio project's presentation ( Lezoux (France): co-construction of the future library with the inhabitants Our utopian library To make user-centred access to fictional collections, we have to experiment some hybrid solutions including digital and physical means. Shall we imagine a library where each book could move according to its readers' steps and could be found through a system of geolocation? A free space in library, why not ? Solenne Billard-Nichele Morgane Desard Marine Peotta (Lyon, France) Bobcatsss 2014-01-29 to 31 Barcelona Design and layout: the poster's authors