National licenses :
stakes and perspectives

So, there are a lot of
advantages but the
number of solutions to
the implemen...
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National licenses : stakes and perspectives


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RENARD A. STEPHAN L. VIDAL A. Master 1 PANIST, Enssib, 2011-2012

Published in: Education
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National licenses : stakes and perspectives

  1. 1. National licenses : stakes and perspectives So, there are a lot of advantages but the number of solutions to the implementation is as varied as the number of concerned countries. The future is maybe in transnational licenses... To be continued ! Documentary equality for research : ● Fair access to all researchers to documentary resources, whatever the Appeared in the 17th century, science journals are an important step in the process of validation of the researchers' discoveries. They are a true scientific heritage since they organise, spread and keep the research works. institution they are associate with. ● Resources, which are often expensive, In future, what would be the values-added for The new landscape of scientific edition : 90 % Only paper publications proposed by national licenses, establishments are urged to draw their value elsewhere than in their documentary resources : . National licenses creation's process : Consortiums Inadequacy between offer and demand : 80% of the looking ups concern 20% of the journals. Increase of the journal's price caused theabandon of numerous suscritpions for the librairies. A necessity : the creation of groups of buyers. They made the offer of license (contract by which the holder of the copyright defines with his co contracting the condition in which this program can be used, spread or modified). ● role of the documentary mediation ● highlighted collections of documents ● ... Economic advantages ● Documentary expenses are optimized National licenses It evolves towards national licenses : contracts taken care by the State for the research and education establishments. ● Numerous purchases of a same resource National licenses in France The main actors of national licenses are : ● Couperin (Consortium Universitaire de Publications Numériques) and a leading committee ● a technical committee ● the ABES (Agence bibliographique de l'enseignement supérieur) ● Publishers ● Higher education and research institutions Here is a simplified view of the way these actors coordinate themselves for digital resources purchase : Alerts, Suggests, Informs Couperin, Leading committee : expertness Technical committee ABES, Operators : Implementation are removed in favor of a single contract signed by the State ● True talks are led with the We have compared and analysed the various systems of national licenses at the world level to highlight their main stakes. activity domestically. In front of the pooling of the resources ● personification of access platforms Package of journals consolidate research research libraries ? ● The building up of stronger and stronger editorial monopolies (Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer...) : negotiations for libraries and research centers are difficult Online and paper publications of science journals ● Most of the paper publications Online and 10% paper are also published publications online. are pooling in the way to publishers Invitation to tender, sign / buy Publishers Invoices, Makes resources available Higer education and research institutions The first contracts were signed in 2011, with regard to retrospective purchases : July 2011 : Springer, worldwide scientific publisher : articles from 1000 electronic journals published before 1996 and more of 7500 electronic books before 2004. November 2011 : Classiques Garnier Numérique (french publisher) : 24 historical french dictionaries. November 2011 : Acces to the EEBO source (Early English Books Online, Proquest publishing) : 125 000 books since 1473 to 1700 In future, to improve visibility and utility : ● the respective roles of the actors should be cleared up ● the french model could be inspired by more accomplished foreign models (Germany, Brazil...) RENARD A. STEPHAN L. VIDAL A. Master 1 PANIST 2012
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