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  1. 1. A book on Life Quotes - By POSITIVE RISHIKUMAR
  2. 2. life of needy being a responsible citizen of our country. In past two years, I have had this opportunity to reach out thousands of youth and inspire their life to have their equal participation in societal development. My experience while counseling & inspiring their life always made me write those precious feelings in form of quotes and today it has become a treasure of my life, which I believe should reach out to the millions of people across the world as they are not just words, they are experienced feelings by hundreds of youth whose life is today full with peace, love & positivity  Special thanks to Positive Viraj, Positive Tapan, Positive Aarsh, Positive Nachiket, Bhaskar Sagar, Jyotika Singh and my mother Prem Kumari & Jyotsna Devi Mardaraj for inspiring me to write these quotes in form of a small book to share with the world. Blessings of my GURU PINAKIN BAROT & My father Lokendra Singh is the key motivation of my life to STAY POSITIVE!
  3. 3. Life Experience by Ms. Fatima, “Something inspired me when I heard my friends talking about teaching kids at slum rather than gossiping in college. I believed that children at slum would be ill-mannered & naughty, teaching ABC & 123 would be a easy task, and doing good is a social service. One day after visiting the Weekend School Project (WSP) all my belief changed and I realized its true meaning in life. Children were really cute, charming, disciplined and adorable. But it took some time to build rapport with them. Initially it was a tough part on my side to make them understand what I want to teach them. My first student was Vaishali and I was teaching her hand- writing. Even after making efforts for half an hour she was not able to write properly, I scolded her and she left for her home without uttering a word. They all are the king of their own world; this was the biggest learning I got from WSP. “Be the king of yourself and forget rest of world.” They make us realize the reality of life and also it makes us learn how we should manage our own life. I learnt more than what I taught them. My biggest achievement is I got a Guru “POSITIVE RISHIKUMAR” who can direct me in all face of life. He is the person who made Fatima, “Positive Fatima”. His words are the inspiration behind my every step in life today, and I learnt to inspire the life of others being a responsible citizen. “One who gives up a little bit of oneself for others finds entire universe theirs” I personally experienced, learned, and achieved these golden words of Swami Vivekananda through WSP.
  4. 4. “I am born alone but will never walk alone” - Positive Guru
  5. 5. “My Aim of Life is to streamline my dreams with your dream.” - Positive Guru
  6. 6. “Practicing "I AM POSITIVE" to make it your success mantra and YOU CAN BE highly self-motivated.” - Positive Guru
  7. 7. “I can give you an opportunity, not my life, it is for my country!” - Positive Guru
  8. 8. “I am positive because I am honest to my friends, family, teachers, boss, neighbour, and to my country! ” - Positive Guru
  9. 9. “What you do make yourself known for it! Life is Good!” - Positive Guru
  10. 10. be the outcome of your experiences not always influenced from books as they will not remain part of your life, unless they are experienced.” - Positive Guru
  11. 11. “The moment you come out from your comfort zone, every decision that you take becomes right.” - Positive Guru
  12. 12. plays a role of becoming a bridge between two ends. Only God has the Power, who lives in every heart.” - Positive Guru
  13. 13. “Practice to Think Positive, leads you to become Positive.” - Positive Guru
  14. 14. “If you practice daily to make everyone happy around, you start living happily every moment of your life.” - Positive Guru
  15. 15. tasted the real Success, they don't sit at their home, they are always on next journey of life to taste another success” - Positive Guru
  16. 16. “Guru is someone who instil peace in everyone's life by kindling the flame of knowledge. ” - Positive Guru
  17. 17. “LISTEN MORE, SPEAK LESS.” - Positive Guru
  18. 18. “Cheers to all who lives everyday with passion inside to reach at the extreme level of excellence & perfection with their devotion & honesty in everything they do” - Positive Guru
  19. 19. “PRACTICE TO BECOME A SOUND LISTENER" to listen and understand the silence, to listen unspoken words, feelings of your beloved and friends.” - Positive Guru
  20. 20. “Never miss out to "LISTEN" accurately, open your ears, open your mind.....because when you miss out to listen properly, peace goes away from your life.” - Positive Guru
  21. 21. “ You never know which eyes at you getting inspired.” - Positive Guru
  22. 22. “'I wanted to do' is a past, 'I Can do' is a present. Believe in your present strength of What *You CAN* not in What You Could. ” - Positive Guru
  23. 23. “ God smiles at me and says, I love you Positive.” - Positive Guru
  24. 24. Rishikumar, born in a princely chief royal family of past central India, Jamnia State. He is having inborn passion to help people with a smile on face. Motivated, counselled & empowered thousands of youth with a motive of societal development and became known as Positive Guru. He is a personal Growth Educator, a Life Coach and also does motivational writing & quotes. He is a self-directed highly efficient person and have experience in Life Counselling, Societal Development Service, Education, Medical, New Business Startups, Telecom Operations, International Business, Marketting and Hospitatlity Industry. He has been given “Target 3 Billion” book as an award signed by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India for empowering youth. He speaks on positive mind-mapping and developing an ability in next generation to spread positivity around the world with the power of words and positive actions. ​ He is Bachelors in English Literature and MBA.
  25. 25. https://twitter.com/PositiveRishi http://in.linkedin.com/in/rishikumart http://www.slideshare.net/PositiveRishikumar https://www.facebook.com/rishikumar.jamnia http://www.youtube.com/user/PositiveRishiku mar http://positiverishikumar.wix.com/positive- rishikumar