Free tools to help small businesses think big


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Small businesses can take advantage of free levels of several online services. Freemiums let small businesses level the playing field with online meetings, customer relationship management tools, project management and more.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (5/15/12 16:51) -----
  • For 35 years, I worked in the newspaper industry. The last 25 I worked for this company – Gannett – which owns USA Today and, among others, the Greenville News. I also worked for a very large private media company – Conde Nast – at their flagship newspaper in NYC.Before I started my own business in the fall of 2009, I never really concerned myself with how much it cost to put software tools on everyone’’s desktop, private sales software, accounting mangement, CRM and other key tools to our staff. If we needed another license for Office or InDesgn or Sales Force – we just got it.
  • Bilo , Virgin American, jagjuar
  • Used by PC World, The Economist magazine, Time Magazine and Fox Business
  • Free tools to help small businesses think big

    1. 1. Freebies Software tools and services for small businessesStravolo Wealth ManagementMay 18, 2012
    2. 2. What, me worry?
    3. 3. Times do change Accountant Sales Operations IT Senior Management Janitorial Services
    4. 4. Things are looking up Cloud Computing, Software as a Service
    5. 5. What is cloud computing? Browser-based Data stored online. Examples: Dropbox, Box.Net, Amazon Cloud Services, Gmail, Microsoft’s SkyDrive
    6. 6. What is Software as a Service? Also browser-based Fees are based on usage needs or size. Data stored online.Examples:, Mail Chimp, Google Apps, NetSuite, Microsoft’s Office 365
    7. 7. The online app market
    8. 8. Desktop Productivity software including documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Meeting Management Web and video conferencing Project Management Forms, surveys and databases Online storage and ftp Email marketing
    9. 9. Desktop Productivity Google Apps Zoho Open Office
    10. 10. A full suite with docs, spreadsheets, presentations Branded with your own domainIndividual gmail accounts, shared contacts and tasksAdd intranet-style sites for training, communications, projects Google Apps
    11. 11. A larger suite of applications including CRM, invoicing, online notebooks, web conferencing The spreadsheet app supports many advanced data functions of Excel including macros and pivot tables. Integration with popular programs like Quickbooks, Outlook, Mail Chimp. Zoho
    12. 12. Installed software, local to each user’s desktop No online componentIncludes database software, spreadsheets, presentationbuilding, a scientific math calc program, documents and drawing. Open office
    13. 13. Meeting management
    14. 14. Meeting management Timebridge Schedule Once
    15. 15. CONFERENCING
    16. 16. ConferencingSmall number of attendees - meeting generally under 5; some only 2 Needs are limited to basic desktop or presentation sharing. Don’t need immediate support Can handle some occasional bumps in the road.
    17. 17. Conferencing Audio conferencing – freeconferencecall.comWeb conferencing - (ads), Google+ Hangouts, Yugma
    18. 18. For a little bit more Adobe Connect Go To Meeting WebEx Fuze
    19. 19. Video conferencing Skype Oovoo Google+ Hangouts
    20. 20. Skype Free one-to-one$5/month group calling for up to 10
    21. 21. Oovoo Free for two participantsPrices escalate based on how many users you want in your meeting. Clarity and quality. Display options in the meeting are a plus
    22. 22. Project management Basecamp Zoho 5 pm
    23. 23. Project management differences
    24. 24. Forms, surveys and dbs Wufoo Zoho Creator Google Docs
    25. 25. File transfer Send Big Files Transfer Big Files
    26. 26. Email Marketing Mail Chimp
    27. 27. Considerations Security Accessibility Import/Export capabilities Hidden costs
    28. 28. The bottom line Save money Extend your capabilitiesReduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) Offer more to your customer
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Questions?