Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum 2012 - Gastón Bercún


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Gastón Bercún, Co-CEO and founder of HUNT Mobile Ads. Presentation for Portada's 2012 Mobile Marketing Forum in New York City.

Attend Portada's 2013 Latin Content Marketing Forum in Miami this June 4th, 2013.

Learn more at: http://www.portada-online.com/conferences

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Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum 2012 - Gastón Bercún

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style
  2. 2. ClickQuestions to answer 6 to edit Master title style Who is Mobile Web or Why Mobile? speaking? Mobile Apps? How to target What do I need What Mobile US Hispanics to run a Mobilebrings to Digital through Mobile Advertising Advertising? Advertising? Campaign?
  3. 3. Click Who isMaster title style to edit speaking?Gastón Bercún• Co-CEO & Founder of HUNT Mobile Ads.HUNT Mobile Ads• Is the leading mobile advertising company for Spanish and Portuguese Speaking Markets.• We have active offices in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina• We have a Premium and a Blind Network, to run branding and performance campaigns• Overall we represent +10 billion ad impressions every month.
  4. 4. Click to WhyMaster title style edit Mobile?Because the future is… … and in mobile the future is here!
  5. 5. Click to edit Master title style Mobile Web or Apps?
  6. 6. Click to edit Master title style Mobile Web or Apps? DifferencesDevelopment Drive Traffic Speed Availability Monetization for user
  7. 7. What Mobile brings to Digital Advertising? Click to edit Master title style User is on the Hardware is move – relevant Geolocalization Each platform InApp is different and advertising is has its completely new compatibility
  8. 8. How to target Click to edit Master title style Advertising? US Hispanics through Mobile DMA Spanish Content (Designated sites accesed Market Area) from the United targeting States Facebook mobile Spanish ads in sponsored general content stories
  9. 9. What do I need to run a Mobile Advertising Campaign? Click to edit Master title style • MMA standards Ads Specs • Depending the campaignLanding page • ORMMA Rich Media • MRAID • Facebook Social • Twitter
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  11. 11. Click to edit Master title style ConclusionsEffective mobile ads can generate everything from on-device conversionsand purchases to leads, calls, downloads, in-store traffic and offline sales. With smartphone penetration at over 40% in the U.S. and Hispanics leading adoption, mobile has earned its place in the marketing mix.Now is the time to surprise and delight audiences with engaging mobile richmedia ads.
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