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Indu streams introduction
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Indu streams introduction



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  • 1. INDUSTREAMS   WHO  WE  ARE  AND  WHAT  WE  DO     June  2012    contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 2. The  backdrop   InduStreams  was  established  with  the   Industry  background…   PURPOSE  to  allow  a  wider  network  to  tap   The  founders  and  the  wider   into  the  extensive  knowledge,  skill  and   associate  network  come  with   value  that  infrastructure  industry  sectors   extensive  execu9ve  experience   have  all  around  the  world.   from  infrastructure     conglomerates  such  as  APM   Terminals  (A.  P.  Moller  –  Maersk).   Our  ini>al  services  are  focused  around     sourcing  investments  for  investors  and   …with  a  touch  of  finance   investors  and  strategic  partners  for   Having  invested  for  industrials   project/asset  owners.   and  developing  markets  the     InduStreams  team  has  developed   We  hope  this  will  contribute  to  providing   an  extensive  network  within  the   greater  opportuni>es  for  our  wider  and   funds  sector  and  an  ability  to   understand  investments  both   growing  network  as  well  as  help  create   from  an  owner  and  and  investor   much  needed  infrastructure  in  developing   perspec9ve   as  well  as  developed  na>ons.  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 3. The  model   We  operate  with  a  3  sided  market   Associates plaCorm.     Project  and  asset  owners  engage   us  to  source  investors  and   strategic  partners.     Investors  engage  us  to  source   InduStreams   projects  and  acquisi>on   opportuni>es.     We  provide  our  associates  with   the  needed  process,  sector  insight   and  network  to  execute  deals.  Our   associates  in  turn  provide  each   Owners Investors other  and  our  clients  with  local   rela>ons  and  market  insight.  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 4. The  services   Sourcing   Fundraising   Advisory   •  Iden>fying   •  Offering  private   •  Advising  on   infrastructure   placement   sourcing  in  the   investments  for   opportuni>es  to   port  and   investors   investors  that   infrastructure   •  Iden>fying   might  not   markets   investors  for   otherwise  have   •  Assis>ng  in  the   project/asset   access   development  of   owners   •  Helping  funds   investor  and   •  Facilita>ng  on   source  LP  funds   owner  rela>ons   both  sides  to   and  strategic   and  projects   secure   partners  in   •  Providing  input   agreement   China  and  other   to  assess  and   key  geographies   close  the  deal  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 5. The  network   Most in the network are executives with industry or investment •  100,000+   Community   background. •  Rela>ons  reachable  in   our  network   Within each field the network spans across a broad range of of •  1,000+   sectors and functions Rela>ons   •  Direct  personal   rela>ons   from port operation, through shipping lines to mining companies. •  10+   Associates   •  Collabora>ng  to   facilitate  investments   This allows our associates to access constituents from all aspects of the eco systems that our clients look to invest in or source from.contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 6. The  associates   ExisCng   Developing   China   Australia   Denmark   Brazil   Holland   Canada   Italy   India   Nigeria   Indonesia   Spain   Panama     Peru   Singapore   South  Africa   Turkey   Associates  are  execu>ves  from  the  industry  with   All  with  associa>on  to  InduStreams  that  collaborate   access  to  the  InduStreams  plaCorm  and  network.   on  specific  business  are  remunerated  on  100%   There  are  two  levels  of  associates:   variable  basis.         a)  Collabora>ng  on  development  and  deals   This  focuses  all  effort  towards  progressing  business   b)    Close  rela>ons  of  InduStreams  that  follow   for  our  clients  (not  pushing  paper  around)  and  it   what  we  do  and  are  invited  to  par>cipate  or   creates  flexibility  in  structure  to  scale  as  and  when   refer  business  as  and  when  relevant   needed.  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 7. The  plaEorm   + + InduStreams  is  building  a  simple  plaNorm  to  enable  associates  and  others  to  create  value   for  investors,  owners  and  themselves.     The  star9ng  point  is  the  needs  of  investors  on  the  one  side  and  owners  on  the  other   combined  with  InduStreams  copyrighted  process  and  tools  and  finally  leveraged  over  the   wider  InduStreams  network.  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 8. Port-­‐Investor.com   Port-­‐Investor.com  is  the   InduStreams  show  case  (and   blog)  for  how  industry  eco-­‐ systems  are  tremendously   important  to  understand  but  also   very  valuable  when  they  can  be   brought  together  to  collaborate.     We  have  deep  roots  in  the  ports   sector  and  know  all  major   cons9tuents  and  their  different   OPERATORS   CARGO  OWNERS   Container  terminal   Container    shipping   roles  within  the  sector.  We  will   Oil  and  liquid  terminal   Oil  shipping,  Bulk  shipping   con9nue  to  develop  content  and   Bulk  terminal   Mineral  companies   Free/logis>c/property  zones   Energy  companies   the  network  of  Port  Investor  with   Agriculture  companies   DEVELOPERS   an  aim  to  provide  value  to  the   Construc>on   wider  community  inside  and   Marine  infrastructure   PARTNERS   Economic  zones   South  American,  Asian,       outside  of  the  ports  sector.     Port  industry/logis>c  zones   Middle  Eastern  port  groups  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 9. Risk  free  engagement   We  talk  to  new  funds,  investors  and  industrials  every  week  and  as  policy  are   commi`ed  to  listening  to  anyone  who  wishes  to  further  explore  the  possibility   to  invest  in  or  seek  investors  for  the  infrastructure  market  –  no  strings   a`ached!     Our  primary  objec>ve  is  to  provide  access  to  opportuni>es  that  might   otherwise  not  be  available  to  you  and  your  company.     If  advisory  or  facilita>on  might  be  relevant  to  you  or  your  company  we   encourage  you  to  reach  out  to  any  of  our  representa>ves  or  on:       contact@industreams.com  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com
  • 10. Disclaimer   This  presenta>on  is  issued  for  informa>on  purposes  only  and  does  not  cons>tute  an   agreement,  offer,  obliga>on  or  invita>on  to  enter  into  transac>ons  or  investment   business.       With  this  presenta>on,  INDUSTREAMS  LIMITED  does  not  act  in  any  way  as  your   advisor.  This  presenta>on  is  not  intended  as,  nor  should  it  be,  a  subs>tute  for   consul>ng  with  INDUSTREAMS  LIMITED.     Whilst  this  presenta>on  has  been  produced  from  sources  believed  to  be  reliable,  the   informa>on,  views  and  opinions  expressed  in  this  presenta>on  are  provided  as  of  the   date  of  this  presenta>on  and  remain  subject  to  verifica>on,  comple>on  and  change   without  no>ce.  No  representa>on  or  warranty  whatsoever  (whether  express  or   implied)  is  or  will  be  made  as  to,  or  in  rela>on  to,  the  accuracy,  reliability  or   completeness  of  the  informa>on  contained  herein  or  in  the  appendices  to  this   presenta>on.     INDUSTREAMS  LIMITED  will  not  be  liable  towards  you  or  any  third  party  for  any   eventual  damage  you  may  incur,  caused  by  the  informa>on  contained  in  this   presenta>on  and  its  appendices.  contact@industreams.comwww.industreams.com