Shark Tooth Island


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Shark Tooth Island

  1. 1. Shark Tooth Island By Sylvia Brough(PoptropicPresentations)
  2. 2. Get The Coconut Milk From The 2nd Man You See
  3. 3. Go Right To The Ancient Ruins
  4. 4. Enter the shark temple
  5. 5. Jump on the swinging platform
  6. 6. Try to fall into the dirty green water at the bottom and climb on the logs Jump on that platform but don’t get hit by the purple bat.
  7. 7. Jump on the logs until you get at the end Jump on that platform above you and keep trying to get to the top ledge on the left
  8. 8. When your at the top ledge on theleft side click on the code/pattern on the wall
  9. 9. Click the buttons that in pressed andpress the big triangle I the middle of the eyes
  10. 10. It will open a door. Go left into the next room
  11. 11. Slide down the rope and watch out for the bat
  12. 12. Jump on the logs until you see a golden statue of ashark. Wait until the caterpillar is out of sight and jump on the ledges to get to the top and jump on another platform above
  13. 13. Jump on the platforms on the left. You will come to a spot where there is a moving platform but don’t hop on it yet. You need to fall down to get the dinosaurs bone.You will land on the ground and there will be a space you need to go down so you can find the bone
  14. 14. Grab the bone from inside the dinosaurs mouth
  15. 15. Go to the left and jump on the ledges to get to the moving platform and jump on it.Get to the other side and go to the left.
  16. 16. Slide down the rope and you will see a wall carving of what you need to put the shark to sleep.
  17. 17. Walk to the left and collect thebowl of powder and then climb up the rope and go up.
  18. 18. You will pop out of the sand. Go backto the ancient ruins and go to Booga Bay and get a free grass skirt
  19. 19. Put the grass skirt on and go back to theancient ruins and push a concrete block over to the giant bamboo tree and climb up
  20. 20. Climb up to the Medicine Man and talk to him and he will take the powder, coconut milk and the bone and mix it and pour the potion into a coconut.
  21. 21. Go back to Booga Bay and go to the next islandwhere you can feed coconuts to the shark. You will shot the potion into the water and the shark will go to sleep.
  22. 22. Go into the water after the shark isasleep and go to the right and onto the little island
  23. 23. Talk to the old man and he and a boy will follow you back to the island
  24. 24. The lady that was crying will thank you for returning her son
  25. 25. The old man will also thank you and give you the island medallion
  26. 26. You have now finished Shark Tooth Island!!!
  27. 27. See More at: PoptropicaHelp.com