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  1. 1. By SylviaDedicated to MereanaMade in POPTROPICA
  2. 2. There were two girls called Claire and Victoriawho slaved and worked for their cruel Aunt Dumb and Uncle Stupid. They got abused every day if they didn’t do what their Aunt and Uncle wanted. They longed for a better life… so heaven sent a miracle down to earth….
  3. 3. DINGDONG!
  4. 4. The postman rung thedoorbell…. “Victoria! Get the mail!” yelled Uncle Stupid. Most people called him Stew…. Stew was aselfish man who only cared about himself. He was a archer andhe always threatened to shoot the girls if they misbehaved….They tried calling the police but they just earned themselves abig slap in the face….
  5. 5. “Yes Uncle.” said Victoria. Victoria was a kind girl who wouldnever hurt anyone. Shebelieved that everyone deserved a good life full of joy and happiness. Her life wasn’t full of that stuff. It was filled ofpain and heartlessness. The only thing that made her smile wasseeing her sister Claire.
  6. 6. Victoriawalked over to the door and got the mail…“Thank you Mr Adams.” she said. “Your welcome Victoria.” the postman said. She looked at the letters….
  7. 7. To Victoria and Claire Most of them were 336 Reana Road (Personal note, forVictoria and Claire’s eyes only) bills but one was a letter addressed to Claire and Victoria.
  8. 8. “Victoria! Where is my mail!” yelled Stew. He stuffed bacon into his mouth like a pig would do. Hestarted to turn red because Victoria didn’t hear him. “Victoria! Get me my mail!” yelledStew as he banged his fist on thetable. Steam burst out of his ears.
  9. 9. “Oh, sorryUncle.” said Victoria. She saidgoodbye to the postmanand walkedover to her Uncle.
  10. 10. “SorryUncle, they’r e all bills.”she said with her head down. His face turned even more red with anger.
  11. 11. “What did I say about bills! Toss them in theshredder! You stupid brat.”shouted Stew.Victoria hung her head lowand took them to the shredder room. She shredded everything except the note for her and Claire.
  12. 12. She walked into herroom thatshe shared with Claire with the note hidden in her pocket.
  13. 13. “Hey Claire, I have a note.” saysVictoria.“For both of us.”
  14. 14. Claire was just like Victoria, shewas very kind and hated itwhen people got hurt, especiallyVictoria. “Hey Vicky, what does it say?”asked Claire.
  15. 15. Dear Victoria and Claire, I have sensed that you have a horrible life. We would like you to come to Evennava Dusk school for creatures to attend classes and capture your destiny. Go into anyforest. Tap on the largest tree threetimes then go down the hole. Look around and two boys will lead you from there. Please come. To prove this is real, here is The Queen’s autograph. Queen From Miss Progger Principal of Evennava Dusk school….
  16. 16. They both agreed togo. The tie up pieces ofcloth and made a rope. They jumped out ofthe window and ran tothe forest. They heardshouting coming from behind them….
  17. 17. It was their AuntDumb! “Come back here you selfish little rats!” hissed Aunt Dumb. She had her umbrellathat she uses to hitthem. She jumped down from the window and ran after them withUncle Stupid close behind.
  18. 18. Claire tapped on the biggest treethree times and a mysterious hole appeared in the ground. She and Victoria jumped down the hole.
  19. 19. Two hourslater……
  20. 20. They landed on Evennava. It was beautiful. Greengrass, clear blue sky and different coloured flowers… “Wow, this place is amazing.” saidVictoria. Claire and Victoria walked around thenaccidentally stepped on a button….
  21. 21. The Buttons:Victoria Claire
  22. 22. They got struck by a blinding light that made them fall to the ground.
  23. 23. Amazingchangesbegan…..
  24. 24. ClaireBefore After
  25. 25. V I C T O RBefore After I A
  26. 26. “Why doyou havewings, ahalo and harp?” asksVictoria.
  27. 27. “I don’t know,but why do you have a tail?”asked Claire. “I don’t know either.” says Victoria. Someone Taps them on the shoulder.
  28. 28. “Hey, I’m Marc. And you two must be Claire and Victoria.” says Marc. “Yeah, how did you know.” asked Claire. “Our principal sent the letter.” says Logan. “Oh, this is my best friend Logan. We’re both werewolves.” says Marc. “Werewolves?” asked Victoria. “Yeah.” said Marc. “You’re amermaid Victoria and Claire’s anangel.” said Marc. “How can you tell.” asked Claire. “The scent.” says Logan tapping his nose. “What is this place?” askedVictoria. “Evennava.” says Marc.“The note says we have to attend special classes…” says Claire. “Yup.” said Logan. “We’ll take you to your rooms. You’ll be staying with us for the whole year in our dorm until schools finished.” says Marc. They take Claire and Victoria’s hand and race off to the dorms…
  29. 29. The 2 W E R E W O L VLogan Marc E S
  30. 30. “This is the café where we can travelthrough the tunnels to the school dorms.” said Marc.
  31. 31. “Do we go down here?” asked Victoria.“Yeah.” says Logan. “So do we have to stay with you until school is finished.” askedClaire. “Yup.’ says Logan. Marc and Logan step into the tunnel and lift Victoria and Claire inside.
  32. 32. “What is this stuff?” asked Claire walking over to some boxes. “Oh,that’s some stuff we got for you like beds, bedside tables and stuff like that.” says Logan. “Cool!” says Victoria. They continue walking.
  33. 33. “We need to go this way and then wewill enter our dorm.”said Logan pointing to a door. “Ok, lets go.” says Claire.
  34. 34. THEDORM
  35. 35. Speaker: All students must come to the café for dinner…. Mermaids have fish in chips with chocolate fish and a glass of seawater. Angels have salad and a slice of cloud cake with a drink of water. Werewolves will have steak and a BQQ sause with a drink ofwater. Vampires have steak and Sanga so does the devils. All foods are recorded on the menu. Please come to the café now. All students come to the café now. Have a nice night!
  36. 36. “Lets go.” says Marc. “But it will take for ever to get outof the tunnels.” says Victoria. “We can turninto wolves andyou and hop on our backs and we’ll take you there.” saysLogan. “Umm…ok.” says Claire.
  37. 37. Marc’s TransformationBefore After
  38. 38. Logan’s TransformationBefore After
  39. 39. FewMinutes Later
  40. 40. “Man, I’m thirsty, itmust be because I’m a mermaid. OH! Ineed a drink!” says Victoria running over to some drinks. “But Victoria-” says Marc. “Can’t talk now, must get water.” she says running.
  41. 41. She got some seawater and had a drink…..
  42. 42. Suddenly….
  43. 43. “My beautiful hair its all green!” criesVictoria. “Well you should have read the sign.” says Claire. “What sign?” asksVictoria. “Theone above your head.” says Marc.
  44. 44. “How do I getmy hair back to normal?”asks Victoria.“Well you can always do it the same way…” says Marc. “Ok.”says Victoria mixing colours to make a brown…
  45. 45. “My hair is back to normal!!!! YAY!” says Victoriajumping up and down with joy…. The others laughed.
  46. 46. Afterdinner…..
  47. 47. “Man I’m tired..” says Victoria yawning. “Come, lets go.” says Marc. “But we have nobathroom things.” says Claire. “We have somestuff specially designedfor both of you in your own little bag with make up too.” said Logan. “Cool!” cried Claire and Victoria.Then they went back to the dorm.
  48. 48. In the girlstoilets…..
  49. 49. Claire washes her face and appliescloud cream to her skin and adds golden spray to her halo. She combed her hairand put down her harp.
  50. 50. Victoria smeared her face withseaweed creamand sprayed her tail withseawater spray and then took off her necklace….
  51. 51. Suddenly...
  52. 52. Victoriaturned back to human and was in a nighty! She decided to go to bed a human. They both went to bed.
  53. 53. The next day…..
  54. 54. After getting ready they all took asubway to school…. The girls were dressed in there new school clothes…..
  55. 55. When they got toschool the girls hadto read a book on aguide on how to be a mermaid or angel.
  56. 56. How to be a mermaid: Step 1: Always eat fish and sea food. for evil. Step 2: Always drink seawater Step 11: Use your mermaid song over three times a day to keep for good but never on other skin moisturized. mermaids. Step 3: Never go onto the bad Step 12: Be punctual.side, bad people hurt mermaids. Step 13: Be organised (make sure Step 4: Swim at least one time a you have your seaweed and day to keep from burning. scrub and stuff like that). Step 5: Always apply seaweed Step4: Never eat live animals scrub to tail. only fish... Step 6: Always add seawater Step 15: Stay away from octopuscream to face before going to bed and sharks. and going to school. Step 7: Never turn bad. Step 8: Be loyal to your friends. Step 9: Control your powers. Step 10: Never use your powers
  57. 57. How to be an angel: Step 1: Never go onto the bad Step 8: Always be side, devils hate angels and punctual and on tend to flip them over and time. onto their backs. Step 9: Always be Step 2: Never use your looks organised and to get what you want from have your special other angels. stuff like golden Step 3: Control your powers. halo spray and Step 4: Always shine your cloud cream.angel and harp cause they are Step 10: If the source of your powers. someone is hurtStep 5: Always use your cloud use your powers cream. to heal. Step 6: Always use your powers for good not evil.Step 7: Always be kind to your friends.
  58. 58. They both practisedtheir newpowers……
  59. 59. Back at thedorm after dinner…
  60. 60. And after gettingdressed….
  61. 61. “Wanna play truth or dare?” asked Victoria.“Yup.” agreed Marc. “Ok.” says Claire. “Sure.” says Logan.
  62. 62. After fewtruth and dares….
  63. 63. “ Truth or dare?” asks Victoria. “Dare.” says Marc. “Me and Claire dare you and Logan to tell uswho you have a crush on.”says Victoria. Marc looked at Logan. “TRUTH!” said Marc quickly. “No… you chose dare, cant back out of it.” says Claire. “Noway…” says Marc. “We can make you.” says Victoria.“Ok, try then.” says Logan. “Ok.” says Claire.
  64. 64. “I like Claire.” says Logan. “I likeVictoria.” says Marc. They were under a trance but the things they were saying was true…
  65. 65. When they wake up from the trance they were confused about what they said. “We like youtoo.” Claire and Victoriasaid. They all hugged and they lived happily on Evennava….
  66. 66. THEEND……
  67. 67. ISLANDS USED:CONTERFIET ISLAND: outside and tunnels TWISTED THICKET: construction sight 24 CARROT ISLAND: carrot king dinerSUPER POWER ISLAND: bathroom, subway MYTHOLOGY ISLAND: immortality tree SHRINKRAY ISLAND: bedroom
  68. 68. BASED ONA GAME…..