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  • 1. 5-VARIOUS DEPARTMENTSPurchase departmentStores departmentEngineering departmentProduction departmentQuality departmentMarketing departmentSales departmentFinance departmentAccounts departmentHR & Personnel departmentResearch & Development department 9
  • 2. 5.1 PURCHASE DEPARTMENTRequisition stage All the important departments shall be provided with material requisition notes. Theycontinuously develop alternative solve of supply and investigate they assibilated of attentive typeof material reduce last or to improve upon the effectiveness of the material. The purchasing of all products ensures optimum cost / benefits performance as well as toensure minimum transaction and warehouses costs. They maintain and develop a qualifiedpurchasing including evaluation and control. The department should clearly indicate the detailed specifications of the item / itemrequiring purchase in the requisition.Preserving requisition On receipt of the requisition for a particular item, the purchase in charger shall verify thequantity available in store. Purchase in charger shall also take into consideration the item that isalready ordered and are in pipe line. They maintain and improve warehouses control to ensure an optimum flow in logisticswith balance between turn ones rate and size of stow as well as minimizing waste, scrapping andtransactions costs.Other details The purchase department is responsible of raw materials and spare parts. A new supplier is requester in the “supplier‟s assessment form” and send to the prospective suppliers. The capabilities are evaluated and approved by the information provided by the head of purchase department. Processing enquiries and raising purchase order related to purchasing. Registering a new into the approved list. Requirement is forwarded to purchasing authority though “purchase indent” approved by appropriate section in charge of machine shop. 10
  • 3. The store department verifies the raw materials in stock, rises indents forwarded to thepurchase departments.Purchase order is checked for adequacy of data provided and signed by approvingauthority.The purchase specification is taken from the document “purchase specification of basicraw materials” and “list of critical spare spares” and enquires.The purchasing authority selects a supplier‟s form the approved list and process thepurchase order.Purchasing regulation is printed in the purchase order. 11
  • 4. 5.2 STORES DEPARTMENT The storage of different materials is in one particular location. The store keeper maintainsevery records of purchase. All materials are stored in the room. The store keeper maintains aregister like store material receipt book. In this book each and every activity of enter and exit ofthe product are entered in an effective way. This book contains name, particular, delivery andnote numbers. This book gives effective information about movement of goods and gives aboutits process.Stores Department Process MATERIALS RECEIPT BOOK MATERIALS ISSUE REGISTER STOCK REGISTERMaterial issue book The material should be issued from stores immediately and after requisition, materialssupply is taken into this register. According to the production pattern, i.e., count of yarn in thiscase, they issue the materials. Store keepers gets copy of material, individual card has beenallotted. 12
  • 5. Stock register Stock register was also maintained by the storekeeper and the stocks have also beenmaintained in effective manner. The stocks have been entered in separate book in detailedaccount by the store keeper, in this register it shows the records of remaining stocks, requiredstock in an accurate way prepared by the store keeper. 13
  • 6. 5.3 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTThe engineering department review whether the customer technical requirements canbe met in the “contract review sheet for enquiry” taking guidance from “foundrycapability document”.If the customer requirements are within the capability and decided as feasible byengineering department.The engineering department and machine shop conducts a technical review to find outif there are any differing requirements.The observations are recorded in contract review sheet.Control plan is prepared by the engineering department and issued to the quality controldimensional, quality control lab, melting section, molding section, service sourcing andsales department.The copies of the revised / new drawing are stored in the “visual source safe” softwareby engineering department.The old drawing is kept in “absolute drawing file” by the department for futurereference or return to the customers.The revised or new drawing number is entered into the “drawing control register “.The department sends an advice to the production department asking to stop theproduction if the drawing revision affects the product. 14
  • 7. 5.4 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Production is a process through which raw materials are covered into semi finished goodswhich in turn is converted into finished goods. The sales department prepares the monthlyschedule based on the customer schedule and one copy is passed by the production planningdepartment for execution. The estimation of the raw material is authorized by the head of thisdepartment. The moulds and cores requirement is checked for sufficiency. If any shortage ofcapacity is noticed, action is taken to augment the production capacity. The service sourcingdepartment verifies the adequacy of the capacity supplied and issues the monthly schedule forthe in-housing. In case of the shortage of capacity alternate arrangements are decided by the headof the production and service sourcing department. The machine capacity is studied against therequirement s and the extant of outsourcing is decided. All the implementation of productionprocess during labor shortage is done by the production heads of the department. The monthlyschedule is sent to production planning department of respective unit.Names and uses of products Some of the products produced in the company are,Rocker liver This product is used as an engine components and it has 25 to 30 products.Cam shaft It is used in the engines of two wheeler vehicle and has 25 to 30 types of products.Crank shaft This is used in the three wheeler for the rotation herd while runningCam follower This is used an engine components in the vehicle like truck, marine etc.Hydraulic housing cast It is a hydraulic application used in solenoid valves and control valves. 15
  • 8. Distributor block It is used as the hydraulic motor application.Control cover It is a earth moving application used for fork lift.Filter head It is a hydraulic application used in the filter head.Housing brake lever It is used as engine components and for the efficient working of the brake lever.Piston It is used in the refrigerator for the compression. The most frequent customer is GodrejLtd.Product and process: It is continually improved by reducing the variation of their characteristics. They have a strong metallurgic base and experience. Metallurgical quality of the product is S.G.Iron and it has been acclaimed by their overseas customers. The basic requirement of process is taken up for capability measurement. The priorities are based on the importance of customers, economical feasibility, technical constrains etc… The advanced testing equipments like microscope attached with image analyzer software melt lab and endoscope spectra meter, ultrasonic magna flux and trimos vertical measuring equipments are used. They have 400 product productions in their company. These products has 400 varieties. All the products are used only for the vehicles. 16
  • 9. 5.5 QUALITY DEPARTMENT The main aim of the quality department is to maintain the quality of the product. Thefoundry has formulated a quality systems and assurance to bring about improvement in all areas. All the products which directly affect the quality of parts shall be subject to inspectionand for testing by authorized company inspection perusal.Procedures1. Raw material inspection In a foundry the inspection for raw material are taken.2. In process inspection The parts produced or procured by the company shall be inspected and tested as requiredthought out their intermediate stages of manufacture by authorized company inspectionpersonnel.3. Final inspection The final inspection and testing shall be performed is approved ITP and qualityassurance procedure QA poof. All works operations, including those sub contracted and non conformance correctionhave been completed and all acceptance. All products observed during final inspection to be non-confirming shall be identified and processed in accordance with quality assurance procedure.Objectives Controlling the quality of products throughout various stages. Interaction with customers regularly to understand their needs and to incorporate their requirements. Continuous up gradation of human resource through training programmers. 17
  • 10. Other details Indo shell cast private limited is strongly committed to retain the supremacy in our segment of business by achieving “total customer delight” The company achieved by the supplying casting of customer requirements at right cost on time and every time. Effective team work. Providing a clean and safe work environment. Optimizing the inventory turnover. Improving people productivity by good production capacity. Reducing the cost of poor quality. Promoting the concept of defect prevent. Carry out socio-environment.ControlAt Indo- Shell Cast, quality starts right from the selection of the resources. Aided by stringentquality checks and controls in every stage of the process, the Process drastically reduces the riskof final inspection, enabling mitigation of the quality costs. The head of each functional area identifies the various quality records to be generated and maintained by this functional area against each of the applicable procedure for this functional area. These identified records are listed down at the end of each procedure. All the quality records are retained generally for a period of one year. The various records formats are approved and controlled as per documents control procedures. The calibration related records are maintained for the lifetime of the equipment. The pattern and Cirebon related records PPAP records and APQP records and product plus one year. The sale department takes the responsibility of informing the various departments concerned well in advance account such contractual requirement. 18
  • 11. 19
  • 12. 5.6 MARKETING DEPARTMENT The marketing activity is associated with buying and selling a product or service. Itincludes advertising selling and advertising products to people. People who work in marketing department of companies try to get the attention of targetaudience by using slogans, packaging design celebrity endorsement and general media exposure.The four „Ps‟ of marketing all Product, Price, Place and Promotion.ProceduresMarket operation It is a common practice for an entire organization marketing activities such as advertising sales and market research to be grouped together is a marketing department. The organization that develops and performs its product and marketing activities with aim of satisfying the needs of its customers is oriented. Marketing removes the imbalance of supply the surplus of deficit arras, through better transport facilities.Market details Enquiries are received and registered in the “entry register” by the marketing department. Based on the cost estimation sheet the quotation is prepared and send to customers. The marketing department verities and amended the price master. If order is not received in three months duration, a reminder letter is send to the customer by the marketing department. Quotations are sending by the marketing department. The entire requirement is done by this department to the customer. 20
  • 13. Customer Communication Sale executives / sales representative shall meet the consignee agents / distributors / stoutest / dealers on the regular basis to canvas order. Order taken or received shall be communicated to marketing manager / market development manager as well as to office manager. Necessary documentation shall be done. The office manager shall write down the order details in the order from available in the office. The procedure details data of order taken, order number, name of sales representative / executive etc. shall be filled in the order from. 21
  • 14. 5.7 SALES DEPARTMENT Sale department is basically is service oriented department. It deals with thedealers, customers and manager. Their proceedings are receiving the order and distributethe materials according to the customer‟s requirement.Responsibilities of sales manager To ensure a clear sale strategy is in place for demand and that it is communicated to the sales term efficiency and reviewed regularly. To constantly review and maintain confirmed provisional and offered business in line will all turn down to ensure the right business has been taken at the right line for the right price. Analysis and reporting of actual performance venues competitors. To work with the head of sales and marketing and the senor sales manager to compile and implement the sales and marketing strategy and be active in 5 years planning process. To support the development of the sales and event terms ensure consistent and professional sales practices through the development. Due to the sales operation flexibility is a key requirement for this role. The role will in volume working line weekends and evening in order to fulfill appointments and customer requirements.Sale details New orders are received by the sales department and register in the “order entry register”. The result of contract review is sati‟s factory and order acknowledgement letter is sent to the customers by this department. Whenever customer requirement are received by verbal means the sales department writes a confirmation letter to the customer. Stock in head and work in progress stock is informed by the sales department. 22
  • 15. PackingAt Indo Shell Cast, Superior Products, Sound Quality Control Process matches with ExcellentDelivery Systems. Packaging is custom designed to suit the specific requirements of thedomestic and international supplies. Many crucial factors like Seaworthiness, Shelf life, RustPrevention, Pest Control, Termite Control, Size of the package, handling systems at customerend are considered to ensure proper delivery.Delivery The delivery is made after the package of each product. The machined casting are applied with preventive coating and stored under covered area. Approved list is maintained for the delivery of the products. The product is delivered throughout the world. The company using the airways from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. It also uses waterways from Trivandrum, Tuticurin, and Chennai.ClientsOur service ensures a long-term customer relationship; our list of satisfied clientele proves ourquality service.Domestic customers: Bajaj Auto Limited Volvo Maruti Ashok Leyland Hindustan Transmissions Godrej Tempo Rexroth Bosch group Vickers Autotech SAI hydraulic motors 23
  • 16. International customers Italy Steprava Gnutti Carlo Italy Minigears FMC Energy Systems Drell Borg Automating-Italy,UK Jackup vehicle system,USA Catterpilor Poclaine Hydraulics Parker Hannifin Hydraulics Bosch Raxroth Indo Autoshell America 24
  • 17. 5.8 FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance is the life blood of every business. The head of the finance department isMr. Ganesh Kumar. The cashier prepares the budget for every month and presented to themanaging director for approval and the amount is drawn from the state bank of Indiaaccordingly. Business finance refers to money and credit employed in business. It involvesprocurement utilization of funds so that business firms may be able to carry out their operationseffectively and efficiency. It includes all types of funds and it is important to all type oforganizations. It involves estimation of funds. It is also concerned with raising funds fromdifferent sources as investment of funds for different purposes. Finance is requiring to each and every department, also it is required in each and everystage in the production process. The cashier is in charge for this department. He is responsible for need of working capitalfunds. The finance department arranges funds to meet the financial commitment of thedepartment in the organization.Creditors For the credit purchase of stores materials and consumables the payments are made oncein 30 days and other raw materials. The payments are made according to the arrival as per theterms and conditions.Debtors The outstanding is collected from debtors against delivery or after days as per the salescontract and the amount is remitted to the bank. 25
  • 18. Purpose To take care of responsible for all accounting and financial activities of the project are including receivables/payables. To drive and upgrade process and system to give the best of functional support in project to meet financial and business objectives on sustained basis. The bank balance of each and every day is maintained. The bank balance statements and the gain stock statement is maintained a submitted to the director on every day. The accounts of the company are fully computerized. The daily transaction vouchers and bills are verified and signed by anyone of the director of the company. Then the signed voucher and bills are entered in company records. The transaction which occurs daily are recorded in their respective books of original entries are maintained.Annual reports The cash is maintained by the cashier all the amounts received and spend are entered in this cash book. The bank book is also maintained in the company, it is the amount received from the customer or order and it‟s recorded in the bank book. All the purchase transactions are recorded is the purchase book. In this organization only the cash purchase book is maintained. All the sales transaction re-recorded in the sales book. Ledger is prepared once is a year regarding assets and liabilities expenses and incomes and expenditure and balance sheet. 26
  • 19. 5.9 ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT Accounting reports are maintained by the accounts manager, with the help of clerkassistance. All the financial information is recorded in this department. Every week the salesmanager use to submit the sales information and accounts to the accounts clerk. The materialpurchase information and accounts are also given to the accounts clerk. The material purchase in charger also inform about the purchase for positioning them toprepare ledger. Separate accounts are cash and credit dealings are maintained.Function Finance planning Working capital management Day to pay management of funds Negotiation with banks and others Purchase bill passing Internal dataThe concern maintains various kinds of accounting books in the company.They are as follows, Day book Subsidiary book VoucherDay book Day-to-day transactions are recorded in day book and it is used for future verification. Purchase record Mixing Production Stores ledger Sales Cash book 27
  • 20. 1. Purchase record  From whom the raw material has been purchase.  Quality and quantity of variety of product.  Date purchase.2. Mixing  Date of mixing  Quantity of variety  Variety of product3. Productions In this production book the details about day to day production activity such as of production, the type of manufacturing produced etc., are entered.4. Sales In sales book the details entered are data of sales, quantity of sales, rate of sales and also entering the name of the receiving party, details of any given etc….5. Cash book Cash book is maintained for recording the cash receipts and cash payments.6. Attendance register It is the book, which is maintained by the company for attendance of the labor per shift. 28
  • 21. 5.10 HR & PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT The head of the human resource and personnel department is Mr. N. Devaraj. The humanresource personnel department is concerned with the most effective use of people to achieveorganization and industrial goals. It is the way of managing of people at people at work. So thatthey give their best of times capability to the organization. The human resource and personnelmanager solves if any problem arising between the management and workers group. The humanresource department acts as intermediaries between the both. The various credit and incentiveplan are given by human resource and personnel department. The credit facilities are arranged bythe help of various banks, according to the type of loan. A separate file is being maintained for each worker and the activities of each worker issuch as attendance, application for leave, casual leave, sick leave, any notice to the worker arenoted in the file on the respective workers. This department which carries employee oriented activities such as maintaining ESI, PF,etc.., in the organization. They strive to good productivity by motivating employees.Functions: Calculation of working time with recruitments. Selection and placement. The wages andsalary administration is controlled by this management. It involves job evaluation and employeesbenefit measures for training and development.Recruitment The employees are recruited on the basis of certain conditions like educationalqualification; technical know-how etc. training will be given to employees who are not familiarwith their job.Attendance For attendance, a card is maintained, and is inserted into a machine while an employeeentered the company. Attendance allowance is given to motivate the regular workers for theirfull attendance. 29
  • 22. Salary Salary for every employee is given on this 5th day of every month. Two copies of salaryslip are prepared, one copy is given to employee and another one is within the office for furtherreference. Salary is calculated along with basic pay. Dearness allowance, house rental allowanceconveyance allow, production bonus etc...Bonus Bonus is the amount which is given by the employee according to the profit and loss ofthe company. It is given 8.33% of profit is shared among the employee.Over time Over time allowance is given to the employees for his work over the actual work time. Itis given double the pay for only workers. It is given on the day of 15th every month.Shift timings  1st shift (morning) 8.15 AM to 4.15 PM  2nd shift (half-night) 4.15 PM to 12.15 AM  3rd shift (night) 12.15 AM to 8.15 AMNo of employees Total permanent employees are 231, Department Employees Sales - 2 Marketing - 2 Purchase - 3 Development - 12 Production - 21 Quality control - 12 Maintenance - 3 30
  • 23. HRM - 27 Finance - 6 IT - 1 Top management - 3 Engineers - 48 Commercial staff - 41 Operators & inspection - 139Salary details of the employees Department Salary Sales - 5000 to 25000 Marketing - 8000 to 20000 Purchase - 7000 to 35000 Development - 12000 to 20000 Production - 5000 to 39000 Quality control - 10000 to 39000 Maintenance - 3000 to 32000 HRM - 10000 to 39000 Finance - 6000 to 35000 IT - 8000 to 32000 Top management - 20000 to 70000 Engineers - 8000 to 40000 Commercial staff - 4000 to 20000 Operators & inspection - 10000 to 25000 31
  • 24. Employee Motivation Programme Indoshell Cast believes in constantly upgrading skills of its employees, driving perfectionat work. There are many programs for employees to develop both curricular and non-curricularactivities. Indoshell constantly identify individuals / teams with exceptional performance getthem to share ideas with the rest. The company ensures through frequent meetings a fairexchange of ideas of development in each of the fields.Employees are constant updated ontechnology, market, and the latest developments in the field. All these make the employees getinvolved in work thereby giving better productivity. Dedication of the Indo Shell Cast team andits unity create a synergic work environment. Indo Shell Cast is running various schemes and adopting various beneficial measures tomotivate its workforce. Some are given below. In addition to the statuary welfare measures like,ESI, Provident fund etc, they are doing the following measures:1. Meeting the first month educational expenses of the children of employees every year and liberal assistance for higher education.2. Meeting the specialized medical treatment for deserving employees.3. Free medical insurance scheme for the employees who are not covered under ESI4. Helping the employees to overcome any emergency personal problem.5. Blood test and grouping for all employees.6. Eye test for all employees and provision of corrective treatment and spectacles.7. Arrangement of blood donation for employees and their relatives in case of any emergency.8. Arranging for soft loans through co-operative bank to the employees.9. Provision of uniforms, shoes etc. 32
  • 25. The employees of Indo Shell Cast undergo vigorous training through programs conductedwithin the Campus. Various steps are taken to ensure that every employee is quality conscious atevery stage with latest technical know-how and technological advancements. Special emphasis ison personality development and building healthy co-employee relationship.Welfare Activities 1. Three sets of uniform dresses are being issued for once in 2 years for all employees. 2. One pair of shoes for all employees. 3. Medical facilities are being extended to all employees at our factory dispensary. 4. Provided rest shed for employees. 5. Lockers provided to all employees. 6. Bonus payment is adopted for all employees under productivity linked bonus scheme and performance bonus scheme. 7. Festival advances for all employees. 8. Company picnic scheme. 9. Incentives scheme. 10. Insurance for all employees. 11. Provident fund scheme for all employees. 12. Education advance for employees son/daughter. 13. Group personal accident policy – 24 hours coverage for all employees. 14. Sick leaves are introduced for the employees. 15. Moped loan scheme to employees. 33
  • 26. 5.11 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Indoshell cast has a R&D facility with latest testing and measuring instruments formaking advanced researches in metallurgical aspects such as Gating system design, failureanalysis and foundry process with the involvement of rich knowledgeable professionals.With the aid of R&D activities, Indoshell Cast has developed and fine-tuned the followingprocess.  Magnesium treatment for nodularizaion with cored-wire for ductile iron production  Producing impeccable compacted graphite iron economically  Developed ADI treatment methods to achieve desired properties without adding any expensive alloying elements  Effective gating system has been developed to produce safety critical parts  Developed various core making techniques suitable for hydraulic parts  Developed new method for automatic inoculation  Designed & developed indigenous mould making machines suitable for parts up to 50 kgs  Develop various customer specific grades like Ductile Iron 900-5 etc  Exploring various avenues in various cost saving projects with enhanced quality of the products in various manufacturing process such as thermal reclamation of resin coated sand, hot coating process, application of producer gas etc. 34
  • 27. 6-SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis acts as a tool for enhancing the company‟s growth through its strength &opportunity and further helps to identify the challenges in order to draft its strategic plans.Strength  The location of the plant is situated at sidco industrial estate.  Creates lot of employment opportunities.  Strong market position.  Clients all over the world.Weakness  Takes lot of time to get the government approval.  Lot of procedures and rules for getting job done.Opportunity  Unexpected rural market.  Growing domestic demand.Threat  Thread of competitors.  Iron prices are rising invariably.  Global economic slow down. 35
  • 28. 7-OBSERVATIONS Every employee in the organization got their respective roles and responsibilities from their HR manager. It is also agreed by majority of the employees. Motivation and support are regularly provided to the employees by the HR manager and the top authority. Due to the training program provided by the organization, the organization‟s productivity has also increased. It is also provided at a free of cost. The biggest achievement of the HR manager is wages and bonus settlement to the employees and providing sufficient manpower to the production. The training programs conducted by the HR department are: 5S awareness, Kaizen method, Model machine concept, Why-Why analysis, presentation skills and TS 16949 awareness. 36
  • 29. 8-CONCLUSION I conclude that training in Indoshell Cast Private Limited was of great use to me andbenefited a lot from the practices study of the subjects. My study period very useful and will helpa great in my future career. This Company works with efficient staff and workers. Therelationship between the management is cordial. I once again thank my professors andmanagement staff members of Indoshell Cast Private Limited. I understood the functions of each and every department and it is also know that all thetransactions are recorded in a proper way, which is useful for the management for furtherverification each of the department is interrelated to the other, yet having its own autonomy. The training was just a preview of what is in store for me when I step into the industry.This institutional training has immensely helped me in study of the organizational structure. Ithas enabled me in successful fulfillment of the objective of my training program. 37
  • 30. 9-BIBLIOGRAPHYBooks1. M.Y.Khan and P.K. Jain,(2001),Third edition, Financial Management, Tata McGraw HillPublishing Company Limited, New Delhi.2. VSP Rao,(2009) Second edition „Human Resource Management‟, Excel Books3. Dr S N Maheshwari, Dr S K Maheshwari and Sharad K Maheshwari, “A Textbook ofAccounting for management”, VIKAS Publishing house Private Ltd, Noida, Second Edition(2010).Websites3. http://www.indoshellcast.com/4. http://www.foundryinfo-india.org/ 38