Just wanted peanut butter


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Just wanted peanut butter

  1. 1. Just Wanted Peanut butter By: PookeyOnce upon a time or should I say, one day there lived three little pigs or maybe just thethree pigs. They lived in a small house together; they hated living with each other, so theyset off into the forest.The first brother exclaimed “oh look the perfect spot just for me!”So he stopped and built his house out of leaves, you might think how on earth that’spossible but eventually it was possible for this guy.He was surrounded by trees every where you look you would see trees, he probablydidn’t want to cut down the tree or was too lazy to cut them down.He built his house on and on as his bothers went along into the deep forest.The second brother found the perfect spot for himself.So he built his house out of wood this guy is a little smarter but still who would buildtheir house out of wood?So, he built and built and the third brother was the smartest. He walked all the way downand found the brightest open place there was. There it was the pile of bricks just waitingto get built, since the third brother was the smartest he built for weeks and again there itwas the bricks are now built they were the best looking house a pig could build.When you walked inside you would not believe your eyes, its like a dream, the floorsparkled like the stars , the dining table, the stair way, the living room it was all sounique, it was also so fanciful.Back to the story, of course all fairy tales have an evil guy ours doesn’t; the three pigsjust thought that he was.They called him the big bad bear, he was named after his grandfather, his grandfatherwas in the army and he was the badest, meanest, bear possible to be discovered.But his grandson wasn’t mean or bad, tho he had a bad cough and wanted peanut butter.He loves peanut butter, I guess you can consider him as Winnie the pooh but that guyloves honey. Anyways as I was saying he was walking down the street he spotted a houseand in the bears mind “what a dumbo!” But he didn’t want to be rude he just wantedpeanut butter.So he knocked on the door and in no time the door fell right over. So before the bearcould ask him if he had any peanut butter the first pig ran off.The little pig went to his second brother’s house.There was the second brother lazy in bed as always.So the brother ran I and warned his brother.“Brother, brother there’s a bear coming to get us!”The brother woke as fast as he could. The bear came and knocked on the door,“Little pigs, little pigs do u have any……..”Before they knew it they were off. They ran to the third brothers house anmd of coursethe third brother was cleaning up as usual.They ran in as fast as they could and said“Brother, brother there’s a bear coming to get us!”
  2. 2. The third brother tried to calm them down by saying“Have no fear he can’t get through here!”Then the bear came running and yelled out“Little pigs, little pigs do you have any peanut butter?”The two pigs were too tired to be mad, so instead of being mad they needed a rest so theyfell on the cough just like a leaf falls on the ground. And they lived happily ever after, soof course the bear got his happy ending too he got a closet full of peanut butter, so I guesseverybody lived happily ever after.