A story like no others


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A story like no others

  1. 1. A Story like No Others By: PookeyThis story is a story me or you well never forget about, well maybe me morelikely to keep remembering this story that’s why I’m writing this story, so here’show it starts.It was a beautiful night, it was my winter concert for 4th grade, and we’ve beenpracticing for a month now, what a hard work it was, practicing so hard to get itso perfect.Before the concert I was sitting in my 4th grade homeroom waiting for the concertto start but of course we weren’t the only one in the concert, there were little kidswho were in kindergarten through 3rd grade, well they seem small to me at least.When we were waiting for our turn on stage we were so bored nothing we coulddo, except to read a book but to me sitting in that room sounded more fun butsome girls thought that reading would help them forget that they were sitting ina room full of 4th grade girls that are so bored, oh did I mention that this school isonly school for girls, well if I didn’t I did now, anyways lets keep moving alongwith this story, as I sat there waiting for the time to pass by every other girls satplaying with there Nintendo DS some played with there iPods, I forgot all thoseentertaining items, So there I was in the middle of the room doing nothing butwaiting for the time to pass by but before the time could even pass by, theteacher that was watching us yelled out “ who wants to hear a scary story ?”I thought sure why not it be fun but some girls said “too boring” most said “Iwould” or “ I like too” I said “I would” but that made no difference whethertheir answer was “yes” or “no” he was going to tell the story even if they didn’twant to hear the story, he was probably bored too.So he begun, as he started to tell the story I got cold, but before he got to evenfinish it was time for us to go on the stage. The one sentence that made me socold was “A girl sat still in her room reading and she knew someone orsomething was behind her.”I couldn’t move even when the lights were on, when I did I shoved all the girlsout of my way and squeezed in the middle, it felt like there was someone orsomething behind me my friend said “Ghost aren’t real !” I shivered and goosebumps landed upon me I did not trust my friend cause she was not me.