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Ib&cc chandradeep mitra

  1. 1. Winning Share-of-Heart : Turning Employees into Brand Advocates Chandradeep (CD) Mitra PipalMajik / IIM Calcutta© PipalMajik
  2. 2. What is Share-of-Heart Marketing? Why is it important for us today?© PipalMajik
  3. 3. Recent Research proves that almost all human decisions, including Brand Choices, are largely emotion-led© PipalMajik
  4. 4. With increasing clutter, competitive choice & complexity, brand choices are increasingly being driven by emotional heuristics© PipalMajik
  5. 5. So today the only path to win Share-of-Market, Share-of-Wallet, & Share-of-Mind is through… Share of Heart!© PipalMajik
  6. 6. This is even more important in the Service & Experience economies!© PipalMajik
  7. 7. The not-so-secret powerful weapon to win Share-of-Heart is… Your own employees!© PipalMajik
  8. 8. By turning employees into Brand Advocates© PipalMajik
  9. 9. Learnings from marketing guru Sergio Zyman Ex-CMO of Coca Cola Author of ‘End of Marketing as we know it’ & ‘End of Advertising as we know it’© PipalMajik
  10. 10. “Everything Communicates. Every brand contact with the customer. Even what you don’t do and don’t say.”© PipalMajik
  11. 11. “Customer Service & Relationship Management are becoming the biggest brand-building tools.”© PipalMajik
  12. 12. “How your employees behave with your customers hugely impacts your brand. And how you treat & train your employees impacts their behaviour with customers.”© PipalMajik
  13. 13. A Few Relevant Questions • What are the external benefits of having Employees as Brand Advocates? • What are the internal benefits of having Employees as Brand Advocates? • How do we convert Employees to Brand Advocates? • Any real-life examples and learnings?© PipalMajik
  14. 14. The External Benefits of having Employees as Brand Advocates© PipalMajik
  15. 15. “While many companies recognize the value of a powerful brand, they often overlook the critical roleemployees play in shaping relationships with customers and instead focus solely on external communications such as advertising, direct mail, and the like.” Michael Dunn© PipalMajik
  16. 16. “Employees can make or break a customer’s experience with your brand.” Scott M. Davis© PipalMajik
  17. 17. “Focusing efforts on marketing communications alone is failing to fully capitalize on the knowledge & enthusiasm resident within organizations, and also setting up for brand and business challenges ranging from disenfranchised customers to loss of shareholder value.” Michael Dunn© PipalMajik
  18. 18. On-Brand Employee Behaviour Meaningful Long-term Customer Relationships Sustainable Organisational Profitability© PipalMajik
  19. 19. Employee Alignment vs. Corporate Profitability • Fortune article (2002) – high correlation between employee alignment with Brand & company profitability • Most of “Best companies to work for” enjoy stock returns well above industry averages • Companies like Apple, Harley Davidson, Lowe, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks… • University of Michigan study (2001) – annual loss to McDonald’s due to demotivated employees  poor service  customer defections = $ 750 Mn© PipalMajik
  20. 20. The Internal Benefits of having Employees as Brand Advocates© PipalMajik
  21. 21. Employees as Brand Advocates – Internal Benefits • Provides tangible reasons for employees to believe in a company, keeping them motivated and energized • Shows each employee how he or she can help deliver the brand promise to customers and their effect on business goals • Develops pride of fulfilling the brand’s promise • Facilitates recruitment as well as retention • Confirms that the customer & brand are the key focus© PipalMajik
  22. 22. How to turn Employees into Brand Advocates© PipalMajik
  23. 23. “Making the brand the central focus of the organization clarifies for any employee what is ‘on-brand’ and what is ‘off-brand’.” David Aaker© PipalMajik
  24. 24. Prerequisites for turning Employees into Brand Advocates • Not about creating short-term buzz • Needs long-term top-level commitment • You cannot ‘market’ false claims to your own employees • Seniors have to ‘walk the talk’ • Genuine ongoing commitment to organization’s brand(s) • Alignment with company’s vision, mission & values • Organisational Culture has to reflect Brand Promise© PipalMajik
  25. 25. What is required to turn Employees into Brand advocates? • Employees have to understand the brand meaning & its translation into observable actionable behaviour • Deeper brand understanding creates ownership & satisfaction trickling down to customer experience • They need to buy into, believe and own the Brand Promise • Leverage the power of true stories • Identify Brand Champions – recognize, motivate, empower them • Need to ‘live’ the brand – every employee, every day • Track & manage employees’ Brand Advocacy intent & behaviour • Sustain & refresh drive for ongoing alignment with brand© PipalMajik
  26. 26. © PipalMajik
  27. 27. An example of turning Employees into Brand Advocates© PipalMajik
  28. 28. © PipalMajik
  29. 29. © PipalMajik
  30. 30. © PipalMajik
  31. 31. © PipalMajik
  32. 32. © PipalMajik
  33. 33. © PipalMajik
  34. 34. The Servant’s Heart© PipalMajik
  35. 35. The Warrior Spirit© PipalMajik
  36. 36. Winning Share-of-Heart© PipalMajik
  37. 37. Employee as Hero…© PipalMajik
  38. 38. Or Else?© PipalMajik
  39. 39. United Airlines’ ‘Rising’ Campaign© PipalMajik
  40. 40. United Breaks Guitars!© PipalMajik
  41. 41. United Breaks Guitars! • Super Hit song • Crossed 5 million Youtube views in 1.5 months • # 7 viral video of 2009 • No. 1 hit in iTunes within a week • 2 free guitars from Taylor guitars • Second super hit song • HBR article • Marketing case study • 10% ($180Mn) loss of shareholder value! • Dave Caroll : Country singer  Customer Service Guru!© PipalMajik
  42. 42. Thank you  cd.mitra@gmail.com© PipalMajik