Stem cell treatment in india


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29 year old Shareef Ebrahim Danish can never fail to remember 7th April, 2009, when he met with a car accident and broke his Spinal Cord and was paralyzed from below the waist with complete numbness

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Stem cell treatment in india

  1. 1. Stem Cell Treatment in India29 year old Shareef Ebrahim Danish can never fail to remember 7th April, 2009,when he met with a car accident and broke his Spinal Cord and was paralyzed frombelow the waist with complete numbness. Little did he know that he would land upin India for Stem Cell Treatment and from there on would start treading on his roadto complete recovery? Yes, that was and is still possible because of thisbreakthrough, Stem Cell Therapy. Stem Cell treatment has a competence tocure multitude of universally rampant diseases ranging from the ordinary, harmlessand non-serious to serious, lethal and life-threatening. It has become one of themost stimulating areas of medicine, encircling all areas of current medical science.What are Stem Cells?These are the cells found in all the multicellular organisms and are capable of selfrenewal, excessive division and segregation into several other types of specificcells. These are different from all other cells in the sense that they are capable ofrenewing themselves even after a long interval and secondly, under certainconditions, they can become tissue or organ specific.Various diseases treated with Stem Cell Therapy in IndiaStem Cells are now used to treat a lot of diseases and conditions, few of whichare: Diabetes Heart Damage Spinal Cord Injury Arthritis Cirrhosis Ageing Alzheimers Cancer Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  2. 2. AutismWhy Stem Cell Therapy from India?India has a distinct chance to whoosh ahead of other nations in stem cell therapybecause: Government of India and the Department of Biotechnology has allocated more than Rs. 300 crores in the last few years towards basic and applied research in stem cell technology. As opposed to other nations, in India, a patient doesn’t have to wait for months to get an appointment. A lot of leading business houses are investing big time on stem cell tourism, taking care of all the health and travel needs of a patient with even allied service assistance (visa, interpreters, phone etc.)Success rate of Stem Cell Therapy in IndiaThe quantifiable results of stem cell therapy depend on a range of aspects, forinstance the disease being treated, stage of the disease, age of the patient and theperiod between the commencement of the illness and the treatment. In a numberof conditions such as muscular dystrophy there are outstanding clinical results withmore than 90% of the patients showing a satisfactory clinical improvement.Alternatively in the diseases like motor neuron abnormality, merely 20% of thepatients show a reasonable end result. It is also being observed that children reacta great deal to this therapy than older people By and large hit rate in most set upsacross the world as well as in India ranges between 60-80% .Wellwishers Discover provides complete package for medical tourism in India whichfacilitate cost effective and quality, medical treatments and Procedures in India,Stem Cells Treatment, health advice and medical care for travelers in best hospitalsof India. Like a vacation we will make your treatment a memorable experience.