Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)

                    PREMIER TEAM - 2009
Ponsonby District
Rugby Football Club (Inc.)


PATRON:                       Mr P L Tetzlaff

VICE PATRONS:                 M E Scott, P J Adrian,...

Notice is hereby given that:

The Annual General Meeting
Of the
Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (...

PRESENT: The President Dr. P. K. Harwood, Life Members:             MINUTES OF...
Chairman Peter Thorp presents Ben Bacon with the Jack Nicholson Memorial Cup for 2009 Premier best Team Man.


N.J.G.Bowden.                                    ...
OBITUARIES                                                      groomed his successor and we all know what a good job

I am extremely honoured and proud to serve you and the club        I would like to make a special...

What a year. To win the Gallaher Shield for the sixth year in a row      unexpected level of risk ...



                                            STATEMENT OF MOVEMENTS IN EQUITY

For the Year ended 30 September 2009

The financial ...


Report of the Ponies Trustees for the year               come out of our relationship with Vestar,...

SIXPEAT! What a magnificent effort from the Premier team. They             and Dami...

Coaches Of The Year             Simon Scott / Grant Hansen   Best Team Man                   Tamiana K...
Under 21 Championship Winners

City Under 12 Open Championship Winners

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                        17
Premier Reserves   Senior 1

Under 85kg         Senior 2 EP’s

Senior 2 Black     Premier Women (Fillies)

18    ...
Under 19                         City Under 13 Restricted

City Under 12 Restricted         City Under 11 Restricted Bl...
Kelston Under 11 Restricted       Kelston Under 11 Open

City Under 10 Restricted Ponies   City Under 10 Restricted Bla...
City Under 9 Restricted Ponies   City Under 9 Open

City Under 9 Restricted Blue     City Under 9 Restricted Black

City Under 8 Restricted Black   Kelston Under 8 Open

City Under 7 White              City Under 7 Ponies

City Unde...
Kelston Under 7 Blue   Kelston Under 7 Black

City Under 6 White     City Under 6 Ponies

City Under 6 City      Cit...
City Under 6 Black                          Kelston Under 6 Ponies

Kelston Under 6 Blue                        Sunia M...

Senior Representatives
NZ SEVENS                           Chad Tuoro, Jordan Puleatua

The 2009 season actually kicked off in December 2008 for the bulk        Tamaki on a wet and col...
the Under 21 team and were impressed with their commitment and           •   The players’, coaches’ and managers’ wives, p...

                                             FOR                  AGAINST
Date  ...

  Name               Tries Conv. Pen. DG   Total
  B. Williams         12   24   12    1  ...

                                                                                     after half time an...
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report
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Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report


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Financial Report

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Pdrfc 2009 Financial Report

  1. 1. 2009 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.) PREMIER TEAM - 2009 WINNERS: AUCKLAND RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION PREMIER CHAMPIONSHIP, GALLAHER SHIELD FRED ALLEN CHALLENGE TROPHY, ALAN McEVOY SHIELD, WAKA NATHAN TROPHY Proudly Sponsored by: Urgent Couriers, Powerade, Debit Success, Multitrans, Inshape Games Points Played 20 Won 20 Undefeated For 693 Against 162 Back row: Willie UILI • DANIEL NAMOA (Gear Technician) • Tyrone NGALUAFE • Richard TONGA • Sam FIFITA • Jordan PULEATUA 4th row: Chay RAUI • Paul WILLIAMS • Ben BACON • Chris LOWREY • Jay WILLIAMS • Sam ANANIA • Brad TAUWHARE • Pom SIMONA 3rd row: Dennis MANSFIELD (Statistician) • Tevita HUFANGA • Iosefo PASINA • Sione MAU • Roger TUAMOHELOA • Bryan WILLIAMS (Director of Rugby) • Benson STANLEY • Sam LAWRENCE • Doug TAUSILI • Taylor MOSEN • Scott TURNER (Assistant Manager) 2nd row: Chad TUORO • Jordan STEVENS (Physiotherapist) • Winston STANLEY • Danny ELIA • Leo TALIU • Daniel BOWDEN • Matiu WALTERS • Ciarun OVERTON (Gear Technician) • Randell KAMEA • Monique SELL (Assistant Manager) • Greg EDMONDS (Manager) Front row: Adam SIDDALL • Lio KAIHAU • Simon SCOTT (Head Coach) • Tevita FINAU • Mark HOOPER (Captain) • Brett WILLIAMS (Vice Captain) • Grant HANSEN (Assistant Coach) • Viliama KINAHOI • Ricky McCAMISH Absent: Tom WILEY • Josh BROWN • Johnny MEREDITH • Danny VAKAWATI (Masseur)
  3. 3. Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.) 2009 ANNUAL REPORT
  4. 4. OFFICERS OF THE CLUB PATRON: Mr P L Tetzlaff VICE PATRONS: M E Scott, P J Adrian, K A Nelson, M H Mains, R W Paterson, P K Harwood and A W Rickard PRESIDENT: Mr B G Williams VICE PRESIDENTS: T Aitken, N Bowden, J Campbell, M Cleary, B J Craies, M J Dick, A M Haden, B C Lough, B J Murray, G Penney, M W Trapp, B R Wentworth, R Whetton, J White, P J Whiting and G M Willoughby CHAIRMAN: Mr P H Thorp LIFE MEMBERS: M E Scott, D F Johnston, Dr L Drake, J Bourke, R W Paterson, B G Williams, T E Paterson, P J Adrian, K A Nelson, M H Mains, A Tupu, N Wolfgram, D F J Ward, P K Harwood, C Williams, C T Partridge TRUSTEES: Mr G McCurrach (Chairman) Mr P H Thorp Mr B G Williams Mr B R Wentworth Mr A White HON SOLICITORS: K McDonald, A Roberts and B G Williams HON BARRISTER Mr P H Thorp HON TREASURER: Mr M Lomas HON AUDITOR: Ronald Yee HON DOCTORS: Dr L Drake and Dr S Kara HON DENTIST: Mr K Nelson HON PHYSIO: Tanya Browne MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: P Thorp (Chairman), D Atkins, B Banks, C Clews, M Darin, M Froggatt, H Heeney, J Huch, S Ioane, M Lomas, D Mansfield, B Matchett, K Olliver, C Partridge, S Thomas, C Watt, B Williams, C Williams, I Derbidge (Secretary / Manager) 2 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  5. 5. NOTICE OF MEETING Notice is hereby given that: The Annual General Meeting Of the Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc) Will take place on Wednesday, 18 November 2009 at 7.30 p.m. In the Clubrooms, Western Springs Stadium, Stadium Road, Western Springs. AGENDA 1. Apologies 2. Obituaries 3. Address by the ARFU Representative 4. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2008 AGM 5. Adoption if thought fit of the Annual Report and Financial Statement for the year ended 30 September 2009 6. Report from Trustees 7. Appointment of Auditor 8. Election of Officers 9. General Business I. C. Derbidge Secretary/Manager Cover: Premiers’ Adam Siddall, Photography courtesy Dennis Mansfield 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 3
  6. 6. MINUTES OF THE 2009 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING PRESENT: The President Dr. P. K. Harwood, Life Members: MINUTES OF THE 2007 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: John Ward, Phil Adrian (Minute Secretary), Craig Partridge, Dr. These had been recorded in the annual report and were approved Lloyd Drake, Ces Williams, Alfred Tupu and 23 members. as a true and correct record. There was no business arising from those minutes. APOLOGIES: were received from Jack Campbell, Bryan Williams, Jack Bourke, Athol Rickard, John Gillies, Keith Nelson, PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Harwood thanked all those who Chris Clews, Garry Barr, Brian Craies, Mike Lomas, Mark Darin, had assisted in the running of the club during his tenure as Don Johnston, Hayd Bennetts, Max Mains, David Atkins, and President. Jack Huch. In particular he thanked Ian Derbidge, Bryan Williams and Peter Thorp for the way they had the club running as a well-oiled OBITUARIES: Phil Adrian spoke about the passing of Bevan machine. Short who played many games for the Senior Team and coached He briefly referred to the economic downturn that had affected after his retirement. the finances of the club both through the reduction of assistance An unbroken run of 41 games during 1985, 86 and 87 by our from the Union and from the failure of finance companies. The Senior Team, coached by Bevan, still stands as a record for the latter had resulted in a write off of $300,000 in the accounts. Auckland Rugby Union. The passing of George Coughlan was noted. George’s family CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Mr. Thorp said he looked forward to had a great affiliation with Ponsonby and George was a member the World Cup in New Zealand in 2011 and wondered what role of the Old Boys and Supporters Association. our club would play at that time. Members stood in silence as a mark of respect. Our lease has been extended to 2012 however there was an interest from the Auckland Cricket Association to come to AUCKLAND RUGBY UNION: Mr. Gary Whetton spoke on Western Springs. He felt that such a move would be detrimental behalf of the Union and advised that after supplying $725,000 to to both Speedway and the club. the various clubs there would only be a small profit. He too paid tribute to the efforts of Ian Derbidge and Bryan The 125-year celebrations had been a great success. Williams. Ponsonby was the first to have a Director of Rugby and this had been a great success. Ian continued to run the club The Blues team had met their budget. A semi-final and or final in all departments. would have made a big financial boost. Eden Park is changing rapidly and there will be some difficulties for the next 2 years. The financial situation was dominated by one item already referred to by Dr. Peter Harwood. He also reported on difficulties The Air New Zealand Cup team showed that there was not with the North South Trust and suggested that we must look for enough depth in Auckland with so many players going overseas alternative finance. and to other provinces. The new club rugby competition was a success and he congratulated Ponsonby on their fifth successive Gallaher Shield TRUSTEES: Mr. Peter Thorp also reported on the Trustees. win. Mr. Richard Endean had resigned and Mr. Alan White elected in Mr. Whetton asked that we support the North South Trust as his stead. they make a big contribution to Auckland rugby. Bryan Williams and Peter Thorp are the representatives of the He thanked the delegates for their work and congratulated the club while Messrs. Grant McCurrach (Chairman), Mr. Brian club on another great season. Wentworth and Alan White are not immediately connected to the club. In response to a question Mr. Whetton replied that as yet there was no coach for the Air NZ team. Peter answered one or two questions related to the failure of investment companies. To another question he answered that the Union were in the process of obtaining a representative on the NZ Union. It was moved by Tom Aitken and seconded by John White that the Annual Report and Financial Statement be adopted. Mr. Whetton had no answer to the question: “How can we stop CARRIED players leaving?” Peter Thorp moved that the Trustees action of the appointment The President, Dr. Peter Harwood thanked Mr. Whetton for his of Alan White be confirmed. Seconded by Peter Harwood. address, which was confirmed by acclamation. CARRIED 4 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  7. 7. Chairman Peter Thorp presents Ben Bacon with the Jack Nicholson Memorial Cup for 2009 Premier best Team Man. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR: Ronald Yee was re-appointed Thomas, R. Banks, B.G. Williams, C. Williams, D. Mansfield, C. on the motion of Peter Thorp seconded by Peter Harwood. Watt, W. Black, K. Olliver and P.Thorp. CARRIED No nomination form had been received for Mr. Chris Clews but he would be co-opted to the Management Committee. ELECTION OF OFFICER: The Patron Mr. Percy Tetzlaff was unanimously re-elected while Dr. Peter Harwood was added to GENERAL BUSINESS: Peter Thorp spoke about the great the Vice Patrons. contribution the outgoing President Peter Harwood had made All Vice Presidents and Honorary Officers as listed were re- during his term. He mentioned in particular the Strategic Plan, elected. the electronic scoreboard and the Letterkenny exchange Dr. Harwood nominated Bryan Williams for the position of programme. President seconded by Phil Adrian. CARRIED Bryan was overseas so Peter Harwood continued as chairman CLOSURE: There being no further business the outgoing of the meeting. President thanked members for their attendance and declared The following were elected to the Management Committee: S. the meeting closed at 8.40pm 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 5
  8. 8. REPORT FROM THE OLD BOYS & SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION N.J.G.Bowden. Legend Luncheon The passing of our President Noel Bowden on the 9th It is many years ago since we organised a reunion of all October still came as a shock even though Noel had not the Ponsonby players who played for the Auckland Rugby been active in our Association for some years. We extend Union. A similar function to honour our All Blacks was held our very sincere condolences to Noel’s family. His obituary in September and a grand occasion it was. will be in another part of this report. Congratulations to the organising committee who did a great job. On the field: Master of Ceremonies, John Campbell did a marvellous job Our famous club keeps on adding glory to its already great in introducing and interviewing our past All Blacks. reputation. Bob Scott almost stole the show with his humour but there Six Gallaher Shields under three different coaches by itself was plenty of time for Bryan Williams, Andy Haden, Joe is an achievement that is unsurpassed in the history of Stanley, Craig Innes, Inga Tuigamala, Keith Nelson, Matthew Auckland rugby. Ridge, Mark Brooke-Cowden, Malcolm Dick and our late Is there a club in New Zealand that has equalled that record? President Noel Bowden. Maybe someone knows. We hope that there will be a DVD available so that the Added to that is the record of the lower grade teams. The occasion will not be forgotten. number of teams that made finals will surely mean that Talking about DVDs, reminds me that the Old Boys are Ponsonby will once again win the Silver Football trophy. endeavouring to get several club finals on DVD as well as a Perhaps the most telling result for the club is that of the video of the old clubrooms in Blake Street. Under 21’s who won their championship at the curtain raiser We are hoping that this venture might become a fundraiser to the final. A narrow win but a win none the less. This bodes for our Association. well for the future. So congratulations to all the players, coaches and managers, Thanks not forgetting the vast number of people who assist with We thank all those who contributed so generously to our the more mundane tasks involved in running a rugby team: funds. the medical staff, the record keeper, the gear man and In the past year we have arranged for the AUT Scholarship many others. While rugby is now a professional game, at to be, now displayed in the clubroom. We have spent money club level we are strictly amateur and totally dependent on on the All Black and Black Ferns photos and had a 1905 volunteers who give up their time for the love of the game. Championship photo retouched and copied. The very sincere thanks from the supporters must go to all The Old Boys also paid for the relaying of the TV cables in who make rugby at Ponsonby possible and make us feel the clubrooms and of course the usual sign writing jobs. proud to be part of it. Last Christmas we distributed 35 boxes of chocolates to The 2009 records will show that Ponsonby collected the our widows and older members. These were donated by following trophies: Pak ’N Save Mt Albert. Please support our sponsor if you Gallaher Shield, Alan McEvoy Shield, Fred Allen Cup, Waka are able. Nathan Cup, Under 21 Championship Winners Cup, Under Lastly our thanks to those who supported the Bonus Number 12 Championship Winners Cup, Under 85kg Speights Bowl, fundraiser. Even without the help of Athol, Craig managed Women’s Plate Final, Jack Cox Memorial Cup, Tom Johns to fill the forty numbers required. Cup and the Kevin Millhouse Cup. We look forward to your support in 2010. More Honours Phil Adrian, Bryan Williams was selected as Vice President of the NZ President Rugby Union and this means that he will be President during the World Cup year. A great and well-deserved honour for Beegee that reflects well on our club. 6 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  9. 9. OBITUARIES groomed his successor and we all know what a good job PERCY TETZLAFF. 30 August 2009. Our Patron, Past Craig Partridge did after Athol stood down. President, Life Member, All Black, Coach, Committee He was a great help to the club in many different ways. He member and general benefactor. served for many years on the Management Committee and Percy was born in Taupiri and educated in the Huntly district when chosen to be President attended as many as games and while this was and is a League stronghold, surprisingly he could squeeze in the day. He was a familiar sight to all Percy played rugby. Probably through the influence of Huntly coaches and managers and knew them all. College, the principal of which I was able to put in touch Athol’s funeral was held in the clubrooms attended by many with Percy and consequently his name was added to the club members, both young and old as well as family and honours board of the school. friends. Percy made his representative debut for Waikato as an 18 year old in 1939 and was chosen as one of the “Five NOEL BOWDEN. Noel was a member of the 1954 team: Promising Players” of the 1939 season. “The team that won everything”. Noel was a teacher and as He moved to Auckland in 1940 and played all of the Auckland such he was posted in different parts of the North Island. He games in that season despite stiff competition from players first represented Waikato then Auckland and also played for such as Doc Paewai and Des Barchard. Taranaki, from which union he was selected for the All Blacks He played for the North Island in 1943 and 44, the last as in 1952. Noel died on the 9th October, the day Auckland captain. He also captained a New Zealand side that played played Taranaki and silence was observed by the players of against NZ Combined Forces. both unions on that day. He played in the first All Black team that travelled by air Noel showed early talent for rugby and after joining Auckland when he was chosen in 1947 for the All Blacks to play two Grammar played 4 years in the 1st XV. During that time he tests in Australia. also set a record for the long-jump which has not been After that tour he retired from representative rugby and bettered to this day. concentrated on Ponsonby. He was captain of that fabulous Noel had great love for several sports but yachting, tennis 1948 team, described on the All Black website as one of the and badminton were favourites. He still played tennis while best Ponsonby sides ever to win the Gallaher Shield. They well into his seventies. scored 103 tries in 18 games. Noel travelled widely and had a special affinity with Canada Percy was an engineer and never failed to produce whatever where he played and coached rugby. was required by the club, always forgetting to send a bill. Noel was President of the Ponsonby Old Boys and When the extensions were built in Blake Street, it became Supporters Association since 1999. necessary to have a fire escape and Percy built and installed that. He also had a lot to do with the manufacture of the JACK NUTTALL. Known to us all as Snow, he was in his beer-lift. 89th year when he died. In the days when the rugby club was the centre of social life He was also a member of that fabulous 1948 team and a Percy was an active part of it. There are many anecdotes good number of his teammates were at his funeral. He served involving Percy from those days and some of these were for a number of years on the Management Committee. related at his funeral. GEORGE COWARD. George was remembered by Max ATHOL RICKARD. To lose two Life Members in one year is Mains as a player of small stature but with a big heart. a real blow. While Percy had not attended the club for quite The NZ Herald carried an obituary: “A much respected player some time, the reverse was the case with Athol. After the of the Ponsonby Rugby Club in the fifties. A staunch front passing of his wife, Gwen, Athol made Western Springs his rower. Pity his body was not as big as his heart.” home. He could be seen there at various times during the week and permanently on the weekends (unless he was ALDYTH NELSON. The wife of our very popular Keith watching a game on another ground). Nelson. Our deepest sympathy to Keith, his daughters and Athol was chairman of the Junior section of the club for many grandchildren. years and would not relinquish that post until after he had 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 7
  10. 10. PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2009 I am extremely honoured and proud to serve you and the club I would like to make a special mention of our chairman, Peter as your President and I am pleased to report to you in the first Thorp. Peter’s chairmanship is decisive and forthright but year of my Presidency. interlaced with humour and humanity. He never gets ruffled and the Club’s success over the last number of years is in no small measure due to him. Sincere thanks, Pete. What a year it has been. To achieve six Gallaher Shield wins in a row is amazing. Congratulations to coaches, Simon Scott, Grant Hansen, Manager, Greg Edmonds, Captain, Mark I would also like to make special mention of Ian Derbidge, our Hooper and your players. You have made us all extremely Club manager. I have had the good fortune to work with him proud. I well recall the barren period we had between 1954 and for close on nine years now and I can vouch for his efficiency, 1976 when the prized trophy eluded us on many occasions honesty, diligence and humour. Ponsonby would not have so narrowly. We have now learned how to win it and to hold achieved the success it has this last decade without Ian on to it: a combination of culture, pride, history and heritage, Claude Derbidge. Thanks, Derbs. hard work, skill, planning, courage, composure under pressure and enjoyment in varying degrees. The formula is difficult to I report to you later in the Annual Report as your Director of define and often the dividing line between success and failure Rugby so before that some special thank yous. These people is so thin. However, our formula has certainly worked for the make our Club tick. past few years. To also win the U/21 title, the U/12 Open title, the Women’s 2nd Division title, U/85kg Bowl competition and to do so well in other grades as well is testament to our My special thanks to : strength across the grades. The Premier team is the apex at 1) Our ARU delegates, Ces Williams (Senior) and Craig Watt the top of our pyramid but it would not succeed without the and Geoff Buchanan (Junior) for all the extra time you put foundation built below. in on our behalf. 2) The club manager Ian Derbidge, and to John Allen, Brent Our Junior Club has again excelled in the way in which teams and Yvonne Holden and other staff for the great service have presented themselves. The Junior Rugby Committee to the Club. It is a pleasure to work with you. under Mark Darin does a great job. This year we ran some 35 (3) Chairman, Peter Thorp and treasurer, Mike Lomas and teams and the way the Juniors are organised from registration the Management and Executive Committees for the wise day, to match day, to Player of the Month functions, to counsel and direction. You guys do a great job and I thank Silverdale and Ruawai field days, to Annual prizegivings is you sincerely. like a well-oiled military operation. (4) All coaches, managers, medical staff and support staff and all the players for upholding the Ponies tradition and The Ponsonby Legends lunch this year epitomized what pride. Ponsonby DRFC is all about. We had so many great (5) Mark Darin, Pam Adams, Craig Watt, Geoff Buchanan, contributors. The organising committee of Peter Thorp, Chris Leon Wijohn and a very hardworking Junior committee Clews, Greg Edmonds, Kent Olliver, Mark Darin and Ian for your untiring efforts. Derbidge did a wonderful job voluntarily with special thanks (6) Our trustees of the Trust Fund who provide time and wise to Chris Clews and his company DE Group for donating the counsel to our Trust Fund, despite some challenging staging, lighting and audio visual display. John Campbell, a circumstances this year. parent, was MC and donated his time and effort . The Junior Committee provided service for the function. So many others (7) Phil Adrian and the Old Boys Association who uphold contributed to what was a magnificent and moving occasion. and maintain the heritage and history of our Club. To have 15 of our All Blacks present, headed by Bob Scott (8) All those responsible for the Ponsonby Legends Lunch and Noel Bowden, together with so many legends of the game held at the Club, which honoured our living All Blacks. made for one of our most memorable occasions ever. (9) All those people who support the Ponies, particularly our sponsors listed elsewhere. The Club is planning for its future. We have had various (10) All those people who have contributed to another meetings with the Auckland City Council in respect of our successful year for the Ponies. tenure of the premises at Western Springs, upgrading of clubrooms and changing facilities and our role in Rugby World Bryan Williams Cup 2011. Those matters are progressing well and we will report progress to you as it happens. President 8 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  11. 11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 2009 What a year. To win the Gallaher Shield for the sixth year in a row unexpected level of risk we found with some of the assets in which and the eighth time in the last nine years is superb. To also win the we invested upon the advice of Vestar. I thank my fellow Trustees Auckland Under 21 championship is phenomenal. The Premiers Alan White, Bryan Wentworth, Bryan Williams and Chairman Grant demolished University in a convincing display and the Under 21s beat McCurrach for another year of service. favoured Marist in the final moments of the game with a remarkable display of determination and passion. As is the mark of our Club, the ideas are flowing. For example, Junior Committee chairman Mark Darin has suggested a membership drive, Our great Club continues to make history and we continue to particularly amongst our Junior section parents, and the services of be privileged indeed to be involved in such an extraordinary Debit Success are to be enlisted to assist in the collection of team unprecedented era. Congratulations to the teams and to their fees from the Senior teams. Sponsorship ideas are being pursued coaches and managers – Simon Scott, Grant Hansen and Greg and our Club website is still being developed to assist. Thanks to an Edmonds for the Premiers and an impressive team of no less than initiative that commenced with the Junior Committee, the site is now seven, led by Prabhu Singh, for the Under 21s. I recognised the run by Allteams and is proving a step ahead of the site generously outstanding efforts of Greg Edmonds by awarding him my annual established for us many years ago by club stalwart Grant Straker and Chairman’s trophy at our 2009 Senior Prizegiving. his company, Straker Interactive. Our Junior section also inspired us all by winning the City Under Our finances are not the only challenge we face. As RWC2011 12 Open championship. Congratulations to the team and coaches looms, it is clear that Western Springs Stadium will be the venue Eddie and Sandra – the Mt Eden Ioanes – for a great achievement. for significant activities that will involve disruption during both 2010, when improvements to the Stadium and its facilities are planned, and 2011. We continue to enjoy a strong relationship with the Auckland It always takes an extraordinary effort to win championships at City Council and have pledged our support to ensuring that Auckland whatever level. It also takes an extraordinary commitment to City’s contribution to the event is worthy. We are determined, however, the ongoing pursuit of excellence by the Club as a whole. We all to make our own contribution to the event and to achieve the best contribute to our Club to a greater or lesser extent, grateful for the outcome long-term from the planned improvements at the Stadium. contributions we do receive and not resentful of those we do not. Included will be the successful negotiation of a new lease beyond Our combined efforts continue to prove that there really is “no easy 2012 pursuant to the “first right to negotiate” provisions of our present Pony”, on and off the field. lease and, hopefully, the long awaited provision of extra changing and shower facilities, concerning which I thank Peter Harwood for An enduring example of the pursuit of excellence is provided by his thorough submissions to Council Officers. Regrettably, we are our legendary Director of Rugby, Bryan Williams. Added to his unlikely to achieve the also long awaited sand carpeting of the Outer responsibilities this year have been the Presidency of the Club and Fields which also featured in Peter’s submissions. the Vice-Presidency of NZRFU, both of which roles he has performed well. As Vice-President now, Bryan will be President of NZRFU I thank those who have served with me upon the Executive and during RWC2011, which we all know to be an inspired choice for Management Committees for another year and I particularly thank that important time in our rugby history. Senior ARU Delegate Ces Williams for another year of immense contribution. I also thank those who have served with Mark Darin A highlight of the year has also been the Ponsonby Legends lunch at on the Junior Committee and pay particular tribute to the strength of which we honoured all our living Ponsonby All Blacks – 26 of a total our Junior Committee. Parents from our Junior section contributed of 53, 15 of whom attended and were interviewed by our MC, TV3’s significantly to the success of the Ponsonby Legends lunch. I also John Campbell whose son played in a Ponsonby Under 6 team this thank our Old Boys section, led again by Phil Adrian, for another year year. A sub-committee of Kent Olliver, Mark Darin, Chris Clews, Greg of faithful service. Edmonds, Ian Derbidge and I, assisted by Liz Fitzgerald of NZRFU in helping us to locate and Bryan Williams in following up our All Thanks to Milton Froggatt and Jack Huch for their tireless work in Black guests, worked hard to achieve a magnificent event for which raising money for and conducting our successful international Sevens the Club will long be remembered. Many others provided support campaigns. The campaigns provide an ideal means of identifying and with product or auction prizes. Particular thanks must go to Chris attracting talent that set us apart from other clubs and will become Clews and his company, DE Group, for the splendid staging, lighting increasingly important now that Sevens is to become an Olympic and audio visual display donated for the event. We win respect and sport. admiration on the field by winning championships and we win respect and admiration off the field by occasions such as the lunch. Last, but certainly not least, I again pay tribute to the outstanding work of Club Manager Ian Derbidge and his staff. Ian has worked The lunch also provided a welcome boost to the Club’s finances, particularly hard this year to maximize our bar, shop and function which continue to be well monitored by Club Treasurer Mike Lomas. returns. He has successfully managed the transition to a new caterer, Our finances do, however, continue to be strained by the difficulty who also contributed to the success of the Ponsonby Legends lunch in the Ponies Trust fund earning the level of income achieved in by providing superb food and service for the 300 who attended. Ian previous years and the uncertainty of the fate of some of the assets continues to display an absolute passion for and commitment to our in which we invested upon the advice of former manager Vestar. The Club and is a Ponsonby legend in his own right. fund is now well managed by Craigs Investment Partners (formerly ABN Amro Craigs) and the Trustees are confident that the assets Peter Thorp in which we now invest upon the advice of Craigs do not carry the Chairman 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 9
  12. 12. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2009 2008 EXPENDITURE NOTE 2009 2008 INCOME 2009 $ ADMINISTRATION $ $ $ $ 1,202 A.C.C. 1,103 89,658 BAR Sales 89,443 3,502 Annual Report 3,841 (37,941) Less Purchases (41,667) 2,723 Audit fees 2,000 (9,587) Less Bar Wages 8,454) 684 Bank charges 1,121 (3,184) Less Oper. Expenses (2,597) 3,763 Cleaning 4,390 38,946 36,725 2,793 Clubroom Amenities 3,160 5,000 Consultancy Fees 5,000 16,895 Depreciation 1&3 16,081 27,090 SHOP Sales 17,969 9,517 General expenses 9,750 (19,531) Less Purchases (12,082) 4,070 Insurance 4,730 7,559 5,887 25,003 Lease 25,003 11,682 Management Fees-Craigs 4,035 7,311 Office supplies incl printing 3,628 RUGBY INCOME 5,529 Repairs & Maintenance 2,489 14,900 T eam Subscriptions 17,978 60,200 Salaries - Admin 63,638 1,604 Touch Rugby 2,547 768 Storage - Memorabillia 2,067 16,504 20,525 8,270 Telephone 7,180 2,280 Trademark - 978 Vehicle & Travel Expenses 1,067 OTHER INCOME 333 Web site expense - 52,477 Grants - ARU 55,476 172,503 TOTAL ADMIN 160,282 2,500 Trophies -Waka Nathan & Fred Allen Cups 5,000 1,168 Grants and sponsorship - team 946 RUGBY 35,466 Grants - club direct 15,000 2,125 Advertising 1,656 15,286 Event - Lunch 21,793 8,397 Ground hire 6,612 25,420 Hire of Facilities 11,525 8,520 Hospitality 9,760 401 Kitchen 26 12,844 Jerseys 10,562 60,726 Interest and Dividends - Craigs 35,264 1,813 Junior rugby 283 24,900 Scholarships - AUT 24,900 2,484 Presentations 4,533 1,395 Subscriptions - Associates 1,919 4,851 Rugby - Management 3,593 947 Sundry Income 1,386 1,720 Rugby Analysis 907 220,685 173,235 34,833 Rugby Director 36,123 3,282 Rugby - Physio - 1,875 Rugby Tournaments (1,816) 24,900 Scholarships - AUT 24,900 4,063 Sundry rugby 4,656 4,585 Training Gear 3,303 116,292 TOTAL RUGBY 105,073 288,794 TOTAL EXPENSES 265,355 283,694 236,372 (5,100) Operating Surplus / (Deficit) (28,983) (300,058) Plus (Less) Investment revaluation (56,495) (305,158) (85,478) These accounts should be read subject to the notes to the accounts. 10 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  13. 13. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CONTINUED STATEMENT OF MOVEMENTS IN EQUITY FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2009 2008 2009 $ $ 1,557,711 Equity at start of Period 1,252,553 (305,158) Net (Deficit) / Surplus (85,478) 1,252,553 1,167,074 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 30 SEPTEMBER 2009 2008 2009 2008 Note 2009 $ CURRENT LIABILITIES $ $ CURRENT ASSETS $ 19,774 Creditors 11,882 1,500 Cash Floats 1,500 14,985 Grant-Advance 14,985 444 Sundry Debtors 2,226 34,759 26,867 70,188 Bank 63,624 64,442 Bank - Craigs 112,209 35,178 Stock 25,780 171,752 205,339 ACCUMULATED FUNDS 1,252,553 Retained Earnings Carried Forward 1,167,074 910,438 INVESTMENTS 2 796,901 BUILDING, PLANT 205,122 FURNITURE 3 191,701 1,287,312 1,193,941 1,287,312 1,193,941 CHAIRMAN TREASURER These accounts should be read subject to the notes to the accounts. 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 11
  14. 14. NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS For the Year ended 30 September 2009 1. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTING POLICIES The financial statements are for the Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club Inc which is incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The financial statements of the Club have been prepared according to generally accepted accounting practice. The accounting principles recognised as appropriate for the measurement and reporting of earnings and financial position on a historical cost basis have been used, with the exception of certain items for which specific accounting policies have been identified. (a) Changes in Accounting Policies There have been no changes in accounting policies. All policies have been applied on bases consistent with those used in the previous year. (b) Fixed Assets and Depreciation All fixed assets are recorded at cost or valuation less accumulated depreciation. Depreciation rates are as those disclosed in note 3. (c) Goods and Services Tax The financial statements have been prepared on a GST exclusive basis. (d) Inventories Inventories are recognised at the lower of cost, determined on a first in first out basis, and net realisable value. (e) Receivables Receivables are stated at their estimated realisable value. 2. INVESTMENTS 2009 2008 $ $ NZ Fixed Interest 505,351 461,035 Australasian Equities 186,027 85,917 International Equities 40,710 149,337 International Fixed interest - 30,633 NZ Property 64,813 178,155 International Speciality - 26,096 International Property - 29,265 TOTAL 796,901 960,438 General Provision 50,000 796,901 910,438 The investments are valued at market value as at 30th September 2009. 3. FIXED ASSETS 2009 2008 Accumulated Closing Accumulated Closing Cost Depreciation Book Value Cost Depreciation Book Value Fixtures & Fittings 21,182 19,608 1,574 21,182 19,214 1,968 Office Equipment 24,685 17,939 6,746 22,026 16,252 5,774 Training Shed 318,437 140,109 178,328 318,437 127,372 191,065 Scoreboard 7,895 2,842 5,053 7,895 1,579 6,316 372,199 180,498 191,701 369,539 164,417 205,122 12 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  16. 16. REPORT OF THE TRUSTEES Report of the Ponies Trustees for the year come out of our relationship with Vestar, into a ended 30th September 2009 separate monitored account and we therefore had The year after the ‘Global Credit Crunch’ created a working portfolio of approx $758,269. We have extreme volatility to asset values and markets. drawn down $40,000 for income requirements However we have recently seen some stability and the portfolio value as at 30th September return to our portfolio. In reaction to the banking was $764,164 which is a weighted return from crisis, interest rates have dropped to levels not seen 25th November 08 of approx 8.84%. This is a since the early 1960s and this has seen a moderate very pleasing result given the tough economic drop in income for our funds. Equity values have environment over the past year. firmed appreciably over the last six months. We continue to receive small capital repayments Our engagement of Craigs Investment Partners from the $217,000 worth of distressed assets and (formerly ABN AMRO Craigs) has worked well. to-date we have received approx 8% from these We have established a Statement of Investment Companies. Policy & Objectives with our Investment Advisors, We believe the move to Craigs Investment Partners Nigel Scott and Simon Coulter, which details a has been a sound decision by the Investment conservative approach to the Club’s investments Committee as we continue to manage the Clubs going forward, with a specific focus on income long-term capital for the benefit of generations to and capital preservation; 70% to fixed income and come. 30% to growth assets. Nigel and Simon continually monitor our portfolio and the Investment Committee Grant McCurrach meet with them quarterly to discuss the portfolio Chairman of Trustees and ensure our objectives are being met. We have moved the distressed assets, which have Ponsonby City and Kelston Under 10 Restricted teams 14 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  17. 17. REPORT FROM THE DIRECTOR OF RUGBY 2009 SIXPEAT! What a magnificent effort from the Premier team. They and Damian Mahutonga and managers, Hugh Munro and Tony White have repeated their clean sweep of last year by winning the Gallaher and their support staff deserve credit. Shield, in addition to the Alan McEvoy Trophy (1st Round) and also achieved the unprecedented feat of six Gallaher Shield victories in a The Under 85kg team, under Rob Jones and Daniel Kull struggled row. This has never been achieved before. Not only that, they also for form early and did not qualify for the championship but made retained the Fred Allen Trophy and defended it right through the the Bowl competition and succeeded in winning it. The grade is season. Congratulations to the coaches, Simon Scott and Grant very even and competitive and their scores were frequently close Hansen, captain Mark Hooper and his players, the management and tight. They developed a really good spirit which should serve team of Greg Edmonds, Scott Turner, Monique Sell, Ciaran Overton, them well next year. Thanks, also to Daniel Kull for his managerial Danny Vakawati, the statistician Dennis Mansfield and to the medical assistance. team, physio Jordan Stevens with special thanks to Tanya Browne for the great medical care, not only for the team but for the club at The Fillies this year had a mixed season. They missed out on the large. You have made us all tremendously proud. Simon Scott went championship round but then went through undefeated to win the on to become assistant coach of the Auckland Colts and Grant 2nd Division competition. Great effort, girls. Thanks to coaches, Linda Hansen also was assistant coach of the Black Ferns. They are both Itunu, Ces Williams and Jimmy Clayton and their support staff. destined for higher honours. The Social team, the Legion again had a good season although The team paced itself well through the season, starting by winning they lost their unbeaten run this season under coach Mike Leroy- the Waka Nathan knockout tournament. The team gradually built Dyson. momentum and consistency and by the end of the season were playing with great confidence and composure. The team again had Our President’s grade Puritans continue to have fun and to contribute to rebuild from the previous year after losing a number of key players. towards the Club. Eddie and Sandra Ioane helped ‘Judge’ Phil They were bolstered by some new players and by the return of Recordon with the organisation this year. Thanks to all concerned prominent players who had been playing overseas. So great credit with those teams. again to the coaches for some astute coaching and providing the direction to enable them to again come out on top. The work ethic For the Junior Club, it was another busy and enjoyable season for and team spirit were always evident. The final against University the committee and some 36 teams, coaches, managers, players, (won 31-5) was a lesson in composure, structure and teamwork. parents and supporters. Pam Adams did a great job as Junior The victory crowned an exceptional and historic season. Great Administrator and the committee under the Chairmanship of Mark effort, guys. Darin was extremely well organised and productive. The Under 12 Open team won their championship under coaches Eddie Ioane The Premier Reserves under Mike Brough and Warrick Black, again and Manu Faiva. supported the Premier team well and went through the season with only one loss. They were favoured to win the final against Waitemata The Junior Prizegiving was again held at Mt Albert Grammar School but because Waitemata had been eliminated from the Premier comp and the spirit and atmosphere said it all. Sincere thanks to Sam the week before, they were able to bolster their ranks and won the Lawrence, Brad Tauwhare, Willie Uili, Sam Fifita and Sione Mau for final 18-8. The team had a committed and experienced management presenting the prizes and having photos with all the prizewinners team. Thanks to Graeme Brough, Graham McGarvey and Nathan Tao on the day and for Greg Edmond’s organisation. Ponsonby’s future for operating so efficiently. Mike and Warrick must be congratulated is in safe hands. for bringing the team through to the final. Special thanks to : The Senior 1s under Heath Hooper, Chris Koneferenisi and Phil 1) Our ARFU delegates, Ces Williams (Senior) and Craig Watt and Bell-Booth as coaches and Damien Green as manager had a good Geoff Buchanan (Junior) for all the extra time you put in on our season and came through to make the semi-finals, losing 23-25 to behalf. Waiheke. Their preparation was first rate and the team spirit was a 2) The club manager, Ian Derbidge, and to John Allen, Brent and joy to behold. Congratulations. Yvonne Holden and other staff for the great service to the Club. It is a pleasure to work with you. The Senior 2 EPs did well to make the top 4 in Senior 1 Grade. Steve (3) Chairman, Peter Thorp and treasurer, Mike Lomas and the Ioane organised the team and Herati Matapo continued to play for committee for the wise counsel and direction. You guys do a this team. They have a great team spirit and are a credit to the club. great job and I thank you sincerely. They continued their philosophy of not training as a team. It sounds (4) All coaches, managers, medical staff and support staff and all as if a number of the older players may be calling it a day (have we the players for upholding the Ponies tradition and pride. heard that before?). (5) Mark Darin, Pam Adams, Craig Watt, Geoff Buchanan, Leon Wijohn and a very hardworking Junior committee for their untiring The Senior 2 Black team ended up making the championship round efforts. You do a great job. of Senior 1 giving us three teams in the top seven. They could not (6) Our trustees of the Trust Fund who provide time and wise counsel quite keep pace with the leading teams. Special thanks to John Tetini to our Trust Fund, despite some challenging circumstances this (who also coaches a junior team), Liam Afitu and JP Fa’amausili for year. their organisation and leadership. (7) Phil Adrian and the Old Boys Association who uphold the heritage and history of our Club. The Under 21 team had a very good season and peaked at the right (8) All those responsible for the Ponsonby Legends Lunch held at time to take out the Championship with a last gasp 47 metre penalty the Club, which honoured our living All Blacks. by Tyrone Ngaluafe against Marist. Prabhu Singh and Nico Nomani, (9) All those people who support the Ponies, particularly our the coaches, along with TAs, Kristien Ah Young, Ricky George and sponsors listed elsewhere. Phil Mackie did a great job. Kim Kwok and Terrence McQuoid as (10) All those people who have contributed to another successful managers handled the management duties very efficiently. Scott year for the Ponies. Wills did a fine job as physio. Great effort, guys. In closing, it has been another outstanding year for our beloved Club. The Under 19 team had a pretty good season. They performed Let’s see if we can better it. well at the start of the season and comfortably made the top six championship round. They played well enough here but ultimately Bryan Williams they finished up third, missing out on the final. Coaches Hugh Heeney, Director of Rugby 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 15
  18. 18. 2009 PRIZE WINNERS Coaches Of The Year Simon Scott / Grant Hansen Best Team Man Tamiana Konrote Owen Donaldson Trophy Andrew Lancaster Most Improved Player Tristan Tahata Best All Round Sportsman Most Promising Player Naki Melino Jim Steen Old Boys Cup Mark Hooper / Taylor Mosen Player of The Year Ethane Afitu-Roache Best And Fairest Player Under 21 Team Ernie Taylor Memorial Shield Premiers Doug Tawhiti Memorial Cup Alex Samoa Best Performed Team Most Outstanding Back Club Captains Cup John Tetini Fred Lucas Cup Tyrone Ngaluafe Special Services Most Promising Player Old Boys Shield Restricted Under 85 Kg Buster Gibbons Trophy Puppy Farrell Team Displaying Best Standard Of Conduct And Sportsmanship Best Team Man Chairman’s Trophy Greg Edmonds Old Boys Jersey Taylor Mosen Player of The Year Special Services Non Playing Junior Sportsman of The Year Tino Ape Lin Colling Memorial Cup Prabhu Singh / Nico Nomani Under 19 Team Most Promising Coach Most Improved Player Ken Tupuola Athol Rickard Memorial Cup Premier Reserves Most Consistent Back Albert Scott Team with Best Try Scoring Average (Ave. 6.12 per game) Most Consistent Forward Chris Pusi Premier Team Player of The Year Josh Simpson Beegee Williams Cup Chay Raui Player of The Year Harlequin Bar & Café Cup David Hoeft In Pursuit of Excellence Jack Nicholson Memorial Cup Ben Bacon Restricted Under 85kg Team Best Team Man Best And Fairest Player Chris Metcalfe Rookie of The Year Cup Sione Mau Best Defensive Player Jeremy Botha Thomas Aitken Shield Lio Kaihau Most Consistent Senior Player Most Promising Player Andrew John Premiers Cup Chay Raui Walter Stokes Memorial Shield Darin Middleton Best All Round Player Most Tries Greg Chapman Memorial Cup Jeremy Botha Premier Reserves Player of The Year Best Forward AJ Heijns / Alfred Veikoso Presidents Grade Best Back Sione Kite Margaret Ward Memorial Cup Junior Samuela Best Team Man Chanel Vito Best Team Man Rookie of The Year Jason Lemalu Player of The Year Matthew Pert Most Improved Player James Hantz Social Legion Ponsonby Trophy Mark Ama Most Improved Player Sharif Joyce Most Consistent Player Player of The Year Rob Poupouare Senior 1 Team Fillies Best Forward Alan Goodwin Best Forward Eloise Blackwell Best Back Jonathan Covich Best Back Nora Maaka Most Improved Player Jason Terzieff Most Improved Player Jezena Gilmour Most Promising Player Alofa Mika Best First Year Player Eloise Blackwell Best Team Man Masato Ohbayashi Most Promising Player Aldora Itunu McNeilage/Sigley Trophy Semu Poliko Player of The Year Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate Most Valuable Player Massa Johnston Cup Sam Donaldson Player of the Year Senior 2 EPs Team Best Forward Alex Matapo Best Back Ray Hira Best Tackler Herati Matapo Most Promising Player Brad Dowson Player of The Year Cup Joe Turua Senior 2 Black Team PROUD SPONSORS OF PONSONBY DISTRICT Image Centre Limited Best Forward Junior Yandall Best Back Charles Manarangi-Trott RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 34 Westmoreland St West PO Box 78070 Grey Lynn Auckland NZ T +64 9 360 5700 F +64 9 360 5702 E info@image-centre.com www.image-centre.com 16 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  19. 19. Under 21 Championship Winners City Under 12 Open Championship Winners 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 17
  20. 20. Premier Reserves Senior 1 Under 85kg Senior 2 EP’s Senior 2 Black Premier Women (Fillies) 18 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  21. 21. Under 19 City Under 13 Restricted City Under 12 Restricted City Under 11 Restricted Blue City Under 11 Restricted Black City Under 11 Open 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 19
  22. 22. Kelston Under 11 Restricted Kelston Under 11 Open City Under 10 Restricted Ponies City Under 10 Restricted Black City Under 10 Restricted Blue Kelston Under 10 Restricted 20 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  23. 23. City Under 9 Restricted Ponies City Under 9 Open City Under 9 Restricted Blue City Under 9 Restricted Black Kelston Under 9 Open City Under 8 Restricted Blue 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 21
  24. 24. City Under 8 Restricted Black Kelston Under 8 Open City Under 7 White City Under 7 Ponies City Under 7 Blue City Under 7 Black 22 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  25. 25. Kelston Under 7 Blue Kelston Under 7 Black City Under 6 White City Under 6 Ponies City Under 6 City City Under 6 Blue 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 23
  26. 26. City Under 6 Black Kelston Under 6 Ponies Kelston Under 6 Blue Sunia Makasini receiving the Arthur Williams Cup for Junior Sportsman of the Year A try by Reiko Ioane in the Under 12 final James Campbell and Luka Clayton receiving their trophies from the Premier Presenters 24 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  27. 27. REPRESENTATIVE HONOURS Senior Representatives NZ SEVENS Chad Tuoro, Jordan Puleatua NZ BLACK FERNS Linda Itunu BLACK FERN SEVENS Linda Itunu FIJI Sean Morrell BLUES SUPER 14 Chris Lowrey, Benson Stanley, Winston Stanley, Jay Williams, Paul Williams HIGHLANDERS SUPER 14 Daniel Bowden AUCKLAND NPC Daniel Bowden, Chris Lowrey, Chay Raui, Benson Stanley, Winston Stanley, Jay Williams, Paul Williams EAST COAST HEARTLAND Randell Kamea AUCKLAND DEVELOPMENT Lio Kaihau, Viliami Kinahoi, Chay Raui, Adam Siddall, Ben Bacon, Leo Taliu, Doug Tausili, Brett Williams, Pom Simona AUCKLAND UNDER 20 COLTS Niko Ratumaitavuki, Tyrone Ngaluafe, Jordan Puleatua, Taylor Mosen AUCKLAND EMERGING PLAYERS Tevita Finau, Paula Fakautoki AUCKLAND STORM Linda Itunu, Eloise Blackwell, Nora Maaka AUCKLAND SECONDARY SCHOOLS Aldora Itunu, Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate, Tessa Wright, Sia Kolomatagi AUCKLAND MAORI WOMEN Eloise Blackwell, Nora Maaka Junior Representatives WALTER DICKSON Reiko Ioane, Mark Gordon, Tai Ruha, James Halley, Stephen Perofeta, Sunia Makasini, Geoff Viligia, Theo Gow, Jack Adams, Nick Oldfield, Karomatangi Arthur, Kati Levi, Toso Junior Latu, Isikele Fukofuka, Kahn Moir, Henry Fomai, George Darin, Shane Moe, Edward Mulitalo UNDER 45KG AUCKLAND George Darin, Charles Booth, Max Christie, Willie Gillette, James Halley, Jordan King, Harry Spath, Elliot Wilks ROLLER MILLS Reiko Ioane, Theo Gow, Mark Gordon, Sunia Makasini, Tai Ruha, Geoff Viligia, Shane Moe, Stephen Perofeta BILL McLAREN Taina Fox-Matamua, Luteru Tolai AUCKLAND UNDER 14 Vince Aso, Jonathon Sa’u, Paul Tofae AUCKLAND UNDER 16 Eugene Teauraki, Patrick Tuipulotu AUCKLAND SECONDARY SCHOOL GIRLS Theresa Fitzpatrick 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 25
  28. 28. PREMIER TEAM REPORT 2009 The 2009 season actually kicked off in December 2008 for the bulk Tamaki on a wet and cold day at their home ground. While the final of the team with our traditional pre Christmas Monday night trainings score of 13 – 0 would appear close the atrocious weather conditions and end of year BBQ. Turn-out was as always very good and we levelled the playing field. However we were never in doubt of losing could see before the new year even commenced that the team would with many of the team remembering the loss to ET in 2006. This again be competitive in 2009. tough game in challenging conditions provided just the right build up to our game the next week against arch rivals Marist which also Simon Scott returned as Head Coach after two successive doubled as the final of the Waka Nathan Cup. championship wins and last year’s Technical Advisor Grant Hansen took up the role of Assistant Coach. Greg Edmonds and Scott Marist started the game extremely strongly and put our scrum under Turner returned as managers and were joined by Monique Sell so significant pressure. In the first 20 minutes the Marist loose forwards the majority of the management team returning meant consistency dominated the loose ball and made considerable metres with several for the players and team overall. charging runs around the ruck and maul. However the experienced Ponies team maintained their composure, for which we have become Early in January we were extremely pleased that three of our key famous, and they gradually wore down the spirited Marist team until sponsors confirmed that they would support the team again: Urgent they could no longer compete. After leading 10 – 7 at halftime we Couriers as our principal sponsor and Powerade and Multi-Trans as completely dominated the second half and deserved our 41 – 7 win supporting sponsors. Given the financial and economic downturn and Waka Nathan Cup Championship. in late 2008 this was a real boost to the management team and we were extremely grateful that these organisations in such tough The rest of the Alan McEvoy Shield round went without any losses economic times chose to continue to support us. We also secured and with a number of our Super 14 players returning to club rugby. new sponsors this year in Debit Success and Inshape nutrition It is always pleasing to see that our representative players are always products. prepared (and indeed enjoy) turning out for the Blue and Blacks. This commitment by these rep players boosts the motivation of our Preseason training commenced fully in late January with good turn- younger players and is a key part of our unique Ponsonby culture. outs particularly from the U21 grade players. This was encouraging as we need to continue to build this team as feeder players to the Our last two games in the round robin were against University, who Premier team. Due to Super 14 commitments we were without Jay put us under reasonable pressure and resulted in the only game of Williams, Benson Stanley, Winston Stanley, Chris Lowrey (Blues) the season where we were unable to score a try (winning 6 – 0), and and Daniel Bowden (Highlanders) for the early part of the season. In Papatoetoe with a 15 – 6 win on a ground that was far below what addition Julien Palmer who had been outstanding at openside flanker should be acceptable for Premier level rugby in Auckland. in 2008 elected to stay in Portugal along with Pete Leulusoo. David We now turned our attention to the business end of the season Smith also decided to play in the Wellington competition in 2009 and – the Gallaher Shield. outstanding halfback Wayne Ngaluafe was unavailable. Aside from these players the rest of the 2008 team returned for another year. Our quarter final game against Teachers Eastern went exactly to plan with the Ponies scoring five tries to one to run out convincing The team however was bolstered by a number of quality players winners 33 – 11. Despite being now without all of our Air New Zealand either coming to the club for the first time or returning from overseas Cup players the team dynamics were excellent and everyone was including stalwart Sam Anania, Lio Kaihau, Josh Brown, Doug focused on the task before us. Next up was our semi final against Tausili, Leo Taliu and Sefo Pasina. In addition outstanding halfback Waitemata. The team was fortunate to have outstanding mid fielder and New Zealand Sevens player Chad Tuoro returned to the club Benson Stanley return from injury for this game as part of his recovery early in the season. for Auckland A. The team completely dominated this game and took Our first scheduled game ended up as a bye as a result of Grammar a 20 – 0 lead at half time before running out convincing winners 46 Carlton deciding to withdraw from the Waka Nathan Cup series. This – 19. was disappointing as they had won the Waka Nathan competition in Finals time and we continued with our proven formula of finals rugby 2008 and meant that we had to wait a further week to play our first to play University at Eden Park. Our experience against a relatively game against Teachers Eastern which we incidentally made hard young University team was clearly evident as we controlled the game work of to win 22 – 18. We then played Otahuhu and managed right from the kick off. Referee Ben Skeen ensured a free flowing a 17 – 13 hard fought win at Fearon Park to progress to the final game and at half time we lead 13 – 5. The second half again was against Marist. This final was played during the round robin of the dominated by the Ponies with fullback Chay Raui showing absolute Alan McEvoy Shield round. class by scoring a fabulous try himself (after a sensational break by Our early games in the Alan McEvoy Shield round saw the team Leo Taliu) and then setting up the final try for veteran Sefo Pasina begin to show promise with wins over Waitemata 26 – 20, Teachers to run out convincing winners 30 – 5. This win cemented our 6th Eastern 39 – 13, Waitakere City 59 – 3 and Eden Roskill 57 – 7 before consecutive Championship and Gallaher Shield win in the Auckland coming up against rivals Grammar Carlton. This was to be a great Rugby Union Premier competition. Another outstanding year! To game of rugby with the Ponies controlling large periods of the game top off a great Ponsonby day our Under 21 team played the curtain and running out deserved winners 27 – 14. This win provided the raiser and defeated Marist in the final minutes to take out their team with a confidence boost and we went on to easily beat College Championship. The Premier team were extremely proud of these Rifles, Te Papa, Mt Wellington and Pakuranga before meeting East young players as during the season we had trained with and against 26 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  29. 29. the Under 21 team and were impressed with their commitment and • The players’, coaches’ and managers’ wives, partners, children attitude. and supporters who supported the team week in week out. During the year we “blooded” a number of rookie players including • The management team of Scott Turner and Monique Sell Under 21 Captain Taylor Mosen, open side flanker Matiu Walters, whose contribution ensured our management programme was centre Tyrone Ngaluafe, wing Jordan Puletua and promising prop implemented as planned. Sione Mau. All of these players demonstrated that they have the ability to be great Ponies players of the future. • Our physiotherapist Jordan Stevens who joined the team this Players to play their 40th blazer games during the season were Sefo season and immediately made a significant impact in keeping Pasina, Chad Tuoro, Ben Bacon and Tevita Hufanga. In addition the players match fit each week. Tevita Finau achieved the significant milestone of a century of Premier • Our support staff – Statistician Dennis Mansfield, Gear games and veteran Brett Williams played his 150th Premier game Technicians Ciaran Overton and Daniel Namoa and Masseur for the club. The experience that these players bring to the team Danny Vakawati. are a key part of our success and they should be congratulated for their contributions. • Club Manager Ian Derbidge for his support and Garry Barr The quality of our players and the success of our team resulted from Teamwear Apparel who ensured we had everything we in 19 of our players making representative honours in 2009 with needed. either Auckland A, Auckland Development, Auckland Emerging • Director of Rugby and Club President Bryan Williams for his Players or Auckland U20. Congratulations to all of these players. In guidance and support and ARFU COD Ces Williams for his addition Simon Scott was appointed by the ARFU to the position of Assistant Coach of the Auckland Under 20 and Grant Hansen was advice. appointed by the NZRFU to the position of Assistant Coach of the Of special mention are our sponsors. It would not be possible for New Zealand Black Ferns to take them to the RWC in 2010. Both this team to achieve the outstanding results that we do with out the of these appointments are a fantastic endorsement of the coaching generous support of our sponsors. Urgent Couriers as our principal qualities of Simon and Grant. sponsor has provided much needed funding for the second year Players to receive club awards in 2009 were as follows: Best Team and this is appreciated. Powerade and Multi-Trans have been loyal Man – Ben Bacon, Most Consistent Player – Lio Kaihau, Rookie of sponsors now for over 5 years and this loyalty is appreciated by the Year – Sione Mau, Top Try Scorer and Player of the Year – Chay the team. Many thanks to Debit Success and Inshape for having Raui. the confidence to support us – I hope you have received value for Chay Raui and Adam Siddall were two outstanding players in 2009 your investment. and deserved higher representative honours than they have received. Both players were consistently outstanding all season and by far the The team results are undisputable – an outstanding undefeated best club players in their respective positions. season – 20 games, 20 wins, 693 points for, 162 against and every piece of silverware in the trophy cabinet! In closing there are a number of people who deserve acknowledgement: Greg Edmonds – Team Manager Premiers Brad Tauwhare at Home against Pakuranga 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 27
  30. 30. PREMIER TEAM COMPETITION STATISTICS 2009 FOR AGAINST Date Against Score Tries Conv Pen D.G. Total Tries Conv Pen D.G. Total Alan McEvoy Shield 4-Apr Waitemata 26-20 3 1 3 26 1 5 20 11-Apr Teachers Eastern 39-13 5 4 2 39 1 1 2 13 18-Apr Waitakere 59-3 9 4 2 59 1 3 25-Apr Eden.Roskill 57-7 8 7 1 57 1 1 7 2-May Gramm.Carlton 27-14 2 1 5 27 1 3 14 9-May College Rifles 24-3 3 3 1 24 1 3 16-May Te Papa.Mt.Well 34-12 5 3 1 34 2 1 12 23-May Pakuranga 39-3 6 3 1 39 1 3 30-May East Tamaki 13-0 2 1 13 0 6-Jun Marist 41-7 5 5 2 41 1 1 7 13-Jun Manukau Rovers 60-5 10 5 60 1 5 20-Jun Suburbs 72-0 11 7 1 72 0 27-Jun Otahuhu 33-3 4 2 2 1 33 1 3 4-Jul University 6-0 2 6 0 11-Jul Papatoetoe 15-6 2 1 1 15 2 6 75 46 25 1 545 8 4 16 96 Gallaher Shield 18-Jul Teachers Eastern 33-11 5 1 2 33 1 2 11 25-Jul Waitemata 46-19 6 5 2 46 3 2 19 1-Aug University 30-5 4 2 2 30 1 5 15 8 6 109 5 2 2 35 Total 90 54 31 1 654 13 6 18 131 PROUD SPONSORS OF PONSONBY DISTRICT RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB PROUD SPONSORS OF Pand KeithNBY DISTRICT RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB Bob Scott ONSO Nelson at Ponies Legends Lunch 28 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)
  31. 31. PREMIER TEAM INDIVIDUAL SCORES Name Tries Conv. Pen. DG Total B. Williams 12 24 12 1 147 A. Siddall 8 25 18 144 C. Raui 14 3 76 T. Wiley 6 30 N. Ratumaitavuki 5 25 S. Lawrence 5 25 S. Mau 4 20 T. Finau 4 20 PROUDLY SUPPORTING L. Taliu 4 20 PONSONBY P. Williams 4 20 RUGBY M. Po’oi 3 15 The Club appreciates the generous support of: L. Kaihau 2 10 Auckland Rugby Football Union S. Morrell 2 10 Buckingham Electrical R. Taumoheloa 2 10 Hirepool Image Centre Limited R. Kamea 2 10 Hynds Group of Companies T. Hufanga 2 10 Keith Nelson & Associates Lion Breweries B. Bacon 2 10 Lion Foundation S. Pasina 2 10 Mt Hobson Group Multitrans D. Tausili 1 1 8 NZ Community Trust Pub Charities B. Tauwhare 1 5 Nautilus Foundation D. Elia 1 5 Wijohn Chartered Accountants Urgent Couriers J. Puleatua 1 5 Powerade J. Williams 1 5 Debit Success Inshape W. Uili 1 5 Perry Foundation P.S imona 1 5 D. Bowden 2 4 The Club wishes to acknowledge the co-operation and support of: TOTALS 90 54 31 1 654 Auckland City City Parks Springs Promotions Ltd Waitakere City 2009 ANNUAL REPORT 29
  32. 32. TEAM REPORTS 2009 after half time and with the rain hitting harder we struggled to get back into the Premier Reserves game losing 8-18. It was a very disappointing end as we had all worked so hard The Reserves team enjoyed another successful season with a finals appearance to win the George Nicholson Cup this year. However on the day they were too which was an improvement on last season. good in the conditions and of their side they only had 1 player under 30. Most of We started the pre-season games as a squad against Pukekohe and North Shore their 22 had never won a championship so we can’t be bitter towards a side like (North Harbour Senior 1 champions under Buck Shelford) and we came away that – they played good, clean rugby all year and had beaten the top 2 sides in with a draw and a win but with some excitement about the young side and depth consecutive weekends so deserved their win. We will take this disappointment at the club, which had improved significantly from last season. We had worked with us and being a young side it will strengthen our players, many of whom hard on getting some former colts players back and they will ultimately step up will eventually go on to play Premiers and remember this hurt when they play to being Premiers in the next few years. future championship games. The Premier and Reserves sides then split and we had a game against Massey Some players who really stood out during the season were forwards James Hantz, since Grammar-Carlton had pulled out of the Waka Nathan. We played a strong Willie Uili (who went up to Prems with 5 weeks to go), Richard Tonga (who also Massey side which in the second half contained a backline of Chris Smylie, Nafi went up with 5 weeks to go), AJ Heijns, Jason Lemalu, Alfred Veikoso, Chanel Tuitavake, George and Ken Pisi. We came back from 14-29 with 15 mins to go Vito and in the backs Sione Kite, Danny Elia, our inspirational captain Sailor, Rick to win 35-29 right on fulltime. This was the first sign that we had a side that McCamish and Richard Ault. Some of these players assisted me in the retention could lift in the last 20 mins of a game. of some younger players in this club – and for a club to stay strong we need to ensure the future gets retained. Onto the Waka Nathan pre-season and we started with a solid win over Teachers- Eastern 36-10 whose Premiers had new coaches and their style of play had Special thanks to our management team – Backs coach Warrick Black; our changed from last season (we were to see their Premiers finish in the top 8). Then Managers Graeme Brough, Graham McGarvey and Nathan Tao; Bud Dickman who came Otahuhu who were under new coaches also and we narrowly won 20-17 also assisted us; and our Physio Ryan Leyland. We want to thank our sponsors but it was a good solid workout before the start of the competition. Hirepool and Ray White Kingsland for their continued support. Thanks also to Beegee, Ian and John for their countless hours of help to the team and the club The Competition round robin started with a sensational win over Waitemata 48-8 including the awesome field we get to play on. And thanks to those club stalwarts who had a new team which saw us reverse our result from last season’s semi who always offer much needed advice and tell us how it really is. A special thanks final. We continued on in the season, beating Teachers-Eastern 82-0 where we to the families and supporters from the club who supported us each week and blew them off the park, then Waitakere 75-5 again blowing them off the park, who came out to watch us play as it motivated us to do better. before coming up against a determined Eden-Roskill side winning 47-7. The next game was supposed to be the highlight in the season but we came up against a Personally, I enjoyed the season and the development of this club is in good Grammar Carlton who remembered us beating them last year (their only loss) and hands. I am extremely proud of the way this team performed. we didn’t turn up until the last 20 mins losing 17-23. We then dispatched College Our record for the 2009 season: Rifles 32-3, Te Papapa-Mt Wellington 43-3 (0-0 at half time – it was a bizarre • Round robin – Played 15, won 14, lost 1. Points for 630, against 92. game), before destroying Pakuranga 73-0 and gave them something to moan Placed 2nd about (which is one of their strengths). We then started a tough 7 week stretch to end the round but we had found we had superior fitness so could compete in • Quarter Final - Beat Marist 60-3 the last 20 mins. We beat East Tamaki (out there) 30-11, Marist 38-16, Manukau • Semi Final - Beat Otahuhu 19-13 (out there) 32-6 before having an unfortunate default win over Suburbs, which • Championship Final - Lost to Waitemata 9-11 is shocking at this level of rugby – their reserves went up to their Prem side for 2 weeks after a mass walk out. We then played probably our 2nd best 80 mins Top Point scorer: Sione Kite 115 of rugby all season with a win over Otahuhu 45-0, where we dominated them Top Try scorer: Jordan Larsen 12 at all stages of the game. Next up was University on a poor field and in torrential Squad: Mark Ama (c), Richard Ault, Alex Baker, Josh Brown, Hayden Cameron, rain winning 18-10, before finishing the round with an excellent win (again in Fou Crichton, Sam Donaldson, Daniel Elia, Paula Fakautoki, Eli Farnum, John appalling weather and disgraceful field conditions) over Papatoetoe 50-0. Fotu, James Hantz, A.J. Heijns, Tevita Hufanga, Gerry Jacobs, Derek Jannings, The Quarter Final saw our best 80 mins of rugby beating Marist 60-3. Yes 60 Randell Kamea, Sione Kite, Andrew Lancaster, Jordan Larsen, Jason Lemalu, points against Marist! We had scored 4 tries by half time and the skills shown by John Levis, Chris Lowrey, Joe MacManus, Richard Mailei, Sione Mau, Rick the team in racking up 10 tries is something we will remember for a long time. It McCamish, Jon Meredith, Christian Opetaia, Mike Paea, Jon Paine, Mark Paulo, also saw our backline General Sione Kite’s season finish as he had commitments Silaumua Potifele, Neli Sasulu, Adrian Sionepulu, Antonio Stanley, Leo Taliu, Matt in Australia. This was to be a telling blow. Thomas, Richard Tonga, Zinzan Tusialofa, Willie Uili (vc), Alfred Veikoso, Chanel The Semi Final was a great game of rugby and Otahuhu really gave it to us. They Vito (vc), Matiu Walters. came to Western Springs with the hurt from the 45-0 drubbing and had the half time lead of 10-0 as we struggled with our kicking game. We fought back winning Mike Brough – Coach 19-13 but a disallowed try would have made the win more comfortable. Onto the Final where everyone had expected to see Ponies v GC. However like their Premiers a week before Waitemata decided everyone’s favourite club Senior 2 EP’s weren’t going anywhere and booked themselves a final at Western Springs. What an up and down season this was. We started off with a hiss and a roar! Unfortunately for us though, their Premier side went out the same day and our Our first game against Papatoetoe, was won 102 - 5 and we had enough notes from our sideline spy were worthless as that team didn’t come to play the players that day to field two teams. Then slowly but surely things went from final (12 of their Prem side did). The weather packed it in right on kick-off so bad to worse - players got injured (this is to be expected), commitment from our game plan had to change and while we attacked them in that first half we some was shocking and once the rain, wind and cold settled in it was a lucky couldn’t get past their monster pack containing 6 Prems. Losing Chris Lowrey dip as to who would be there on Saturday. But besides that ‘09 was another to a broken hand after 15 mins was also a big blow. They scored 2 tries straight enjoyable season for the EPs. 30 Ponsonby District Rugby Football Club (Inc.)