5 Content Marketing Strategies for 2014


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5 Content Marketing Strategies for 2014

  1. 1. 5 Content marketing strategies for 2014 with LISA HARRISON, DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST
  2. 2. a little about Lisa... Passionate about media + internet + relationships = DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST! MY Mission “Create safe, supportive and structured social communities online.” @_lisa_harrison #smm
  3. 3. this morning we are going to discover... 5 Content marketing strategies for 2014 @_lisa_harrison #smm
  4. 4. connect FACEBOOK www.fb.com/Secretstosocialmediamastery www.fb.com/pomocreative TWITTER @_lisa_harrison #smm BLOG www.pomo.com.au/blog @_lisa_harrison #smm
  5. 5. CULTURE. The success of brands is due to the PEOPLE behind an engaging brand. It’s everyone from senior leadership to the most junior staff, and even the consumers. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  6. 6. TIP: Think of the strongest brands you know. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  7. 7. Top five brands on FACEBOOK. 1 2 3 4 5 @_lisa_harrison #smm
  8. 8. What do they have in common? They deliver well on VALUE PROPOSITION. That is, they do what they say they will, and most likely do it better than others in their industries. @_lisa_harrison
  9. 9. Social Media and Content marketing will drive more traffic to your website than SEO. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  10. 10. examples of content marketing • EDM – electronic direct mail, email newsletters and email alerts • e books • podcasts • websites • social media • publishing - blogging • podcasting • video content @_lisa_harrison #smm
  11. 11. CLARITY Build relationships first, promote your content later . @_lisa_harrison #smm
  12. 12. Focus on Your Benefits, Not Your Feature. What problem do you help to solve? What critical service do you provide? Ask yourself the same question 5 times: Why do you do what you do? why? why? And so on. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  13. 13. Know your target. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  14. 14. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  15. 15. Demographics Gender Age Education level Income level Marital status Occupation Religion Size of a family Geographic etc. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  16. 16. Psychographics @_lisa_harrison #smm
  17. 17. TIP: CREATE COMMUNITY with Social Media strategies. Ultimately its about your audience feeling connected to you and wanting to spread your brand story. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  18. 18. 1. Personalisation @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  19. 19. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  20. 20. 2. Entertain and Compel @_lisa_harrison #smm
  21. 21. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  22. 22. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  23. 23. 3. Credibility @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  24. 24. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  25. 25. 4. Value @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  26. 26. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  27. 27. 5. Ideas / Solve a problem @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  28. 28. @_lisa_harrison #smm
  29. 29. bonus tip: Become An Influencer TIP: the 80/20 80% useful, relevant and informative content 20% bragging about your achievements (establish yourself as an expert and/or boost your credibility) @_lisa_harrison #smm
  30. 30. TAKEAWAY THE “AGE OF STRATEGY” Communication now needs to be an interactive dialogue ENGAGE @_lisa_harrison #smm
  31. 31. Where a lot of companies fall over in implementing digital marketing and engagement strategies. Who is responsible for this stuff? Do we have the “know how” (education)? What are our priorities? @_lisa_harrison #smm
  32. 32. Learn More... Brisbane North Sydney For further information on Social Media Mastery or to book please call 1300 572 349, or visit www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au
  33. 33. Become an Accredited SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Join me at Social Media Mastery Certificate IV in Business BSB40207 The training is fully accredited Session One, 2 days (Prerequisite for remaining Sessions) Establish networks (BSBREL401A) Advanced online business networking using social networking tools (Building Client Relationships and business networks, BSBREL402A) Session Two, 2 days E-commerce (Conducting e-marketing communications, BSBMKG412A) @secretstomedia #smm @_lisa_harrison #smm
  34. 34. THANK YOU! MORE INFORMATION Email: lisa@pomo.com.au www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au www.pomo.com.au Subscribe to my newsletter at www.lisaharrison.com.au www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au Blog: www.pomo.com.au/blog/ @_lisa_harrison #smm