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3.5 – "Natural gas as a transportation fuel international perspective" – Karol Wieczorek [EN]
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3.5 – "Natural gas as a transportation fuel international perspective" – Karol Wieczorek [EN]






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3.5 – "Natural gas as a transportation fuel international perspective" – Karol Wieczorek [EN] 3.5 – "Natural gas as a transportation fuel international perspective" – Karol Wieczorek [EN] Presentation Transcript

  • Natural gas as a transportation fuel international perspective Based on European and global case studies South Baltic Gas Forum Gdańsk, 7th September 2011
  • Organizations concern on Polish NGV market
    • NGV Polska Association
    • Association of market players concern on Polish CNG market
    • Established in 2001
    • On 2010 changes in governing body and associations charter
    South Baltic Gas Forum
    • cng.auto.pl – Portal & Community
    • The biggest Internet Portal about CNG in Poland
    • Promotion of CNG in massmedia and on events
    • Creating of positive image of CNG in Poland
    • 700 permanent users
  • Natural Gas for transport Different states – different opportunities South Baltic Gas Forum
    • CNG
    • Simple technology
    • Ideal for urban transport
    • Fast track to hydrogen in transport
    • LNG
    • Low cost of fuel
    • Ideal for transit transport
    • Increasing popularity
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  • European perspectives South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Reduction of emission in urban areas
    • Use of biogas produced in cities
    • Reduce of CO2 emission in transport
    • Successor of diesel engines
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  • European perspectives Demand on development in urban areas South Baltic Gas Forum
    • The best results of implementation CNG
    • Among reduction of CO2 emission, important role in reduction of NOx and PM
    • Ready to EURO VI standards without expensive and complicated technology
    Phot . Scania CNG bus in Słupsk , Poland Source: cng.auto.pl
  • European perspectives Raising share of biomethane South Baltic Gas Forum
    • The most ecological biofuel for urban transport
    • Support by EU Commission
    • European programs: GasHighWay, BalticBiogasBus, Biomaster
    • Good examples:
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Lille, France
    Phot . Bus powered by biomethane Source: cng.auto.pl
  • European perspectives Reduction of CO2 emission South Baltic Gas Forum Phot . High pollution is still a problem Source: cng.auto.pl
    • Less emission of CO2
    • 40% less than petrol
    • 20 % less than Diesel
    • Better effect in case of biometan – even up to 80%
    • Part of EU program – 3x20
    Phot . Clear exhaust pipes of NGV’s Source: cng.auto.pl
  • European perspectives Ending era of Diesel engines South Baltic Gas Forum Phot . Volvo truck powered by mix of bioLNG and bioDiesel Source: cng.auto.pl
    • Change in EU taxation for Diesel fuel
    • New problems with engines due to complicated technology
    • Demand of use AdBlue in EURO VI engines
    • Natural gas
    • Simple technology of engines
    • Bridge to hydrogen fuel
    • Opportunity of creating mix of natural gas and hydrogen, biometan, biodiesel
  • European perspectives Polish market South Baltic Gas Forum Phot . GasHighWay stand on GasShow 2011 Source: cng.auto.pl
    • Short prescription
    • Main l y implemented in city buses
    • Growing amount of CNG taxis
    • Municipal services – great potential
    • ( Iveco, Irisbus technology)
    • Main players
    • PGNiG SA
    • NGV Autogas
    • EU Programms
    • GasHighWay – subject: PIMOT
    • BalticBiogasBus – subject: ITS
    • BioMaster – subject AGH
  • Global perspectives South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Convenience for NGV’s
    • Implementation due to international events (sport, EXPO)
    • Increasing role of natural gas in energy balance
    Phot . TEDOM buses powered by CNG Source: cng.auto.pl
  • Global perspectives Convenience for NGV’s South Baltic Gas Forum
    • FACTS
    • Quick reduction of emission
    • Development of ecological vehicles
    • Well impact on image (!)
    • USA – access to HOV lanes
    • Italy - free entrance to low emission area
    • Austria – free parking in city centers
    Phot . High occupancy vehicle lane (HOV), USA Source: cng.auto.pl
  • Global perspectives Stimulation by international events South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Big scale of future investments for many years
    • High volume of investments
    • Well impact on image (!)
    • 197 2 – Munchen, Germany
    • 2008 - Beijing, China
    • 2012 – Londong, GB
    • 2014 & 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    Phot . New bus powered by CNG in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Source: cng.auto.pl
  • Global perspectives Increasing role of natural gas South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Increasing role of natural gas in energy balance
    • Connection between general volume of NG market and NG for transport
    Phot . World consumption of natural gas in bcm Source: BP Statistical Review 2011
  • Global perspectives United States South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Cheap fuel – shale gas
    • Domestic origin – improvement of energy security
    • Support from government
    • Important role of LNG
    • High technology
    Phot . US CNG school buses during fueling Source: cng.auto.pl
  • Global perspectives Asia South Baltic Gas Forum
    • Reduction of emission – even in very simple vehicles without use of hi-technology
    • No demand of refinement process
    • Support from strong position of LNG (South Korea)
    Phot . Rickshaw Taxi in India powered by CNG Source: cng.auto.pl
  • Thank You for attention!
    • Karol Wieczorek
    • Member of governing body - NGV Polska Association
    • Administrator - cng.auto.pl Portal & Community
    • E-mail: [email_address]
    • Mobile: 0048 883 244 021
    South Baltic Gas Forum For more information, please visit: www.cng.auto.pl