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business & biodiversity. Short business case for including biodiversity in general corporate (sustainability) strategy.

business & biodiversity. Short business case for including biodiversity in general corporate (sustainability) strategy.



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Business to biodiversity Business to biodiversity Presentation Transcript

  • Business to Biodiversity
    B2BIO-Strategy Tool
  • What is Biodiversity?
    What are we talking about?
  • What is Biodiversity?
    What are we talking about?
    Ecosystem Services
    the variability among all living organisms within species, between species and within and between ecosystems
    An interacting complex system of different organisms (including plants, animals, micro-organisms) and their nonliving environment: examples are: forests, coral reefs, deserts and cultivated farmlands
    Ecosystem Services:
    Benefits that people obtain from ecosystems. Examples are freshwater, timber, food, climate regulation, protection from floods, erosion control and recreation
  • Why is Biodiversity relevant to Business?
    Why is Biodiversity Relevant to Business?
    Enormous decline in Biodiversity [the 6th great extinction trend in history of the earth, the first caused by humans] and degradation of ecosystems
    Increasing understanding of direct economic importance of ecosystems and biodiversity
    Increased quantification of economic value: e.g. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, TEEB
    New biodiversity markets are on the rise: REDD, Biodiversity Compensation, Bio-prospecting etc.
    Economy & Ecology are interwoven…relevant to all
  • Business to Biodiversity
    Biodiversity Hotspots, not all the value, buthighestconcentration of ecologicalvalue
  • Biodiversity Strategy Business Benefits
    Business to Biodiversity
    Although monetizing and translating ecosystems into economic value/ & business propositions is complex
    Ecosystem destruction and decline in biodiversity is often irreversible…..not for the coming years, but for the coming millions of years
    Many businesses are directly dependent on a range of ecosystem services, all businesses are indirectly dependent on range of ecosystem services
    Biodiversity and ecosystems offer services that are becoming scarce, and this scarcity will grow thus the market will adjust itself to value it: first mover can achieve competitive advantage, refusal to act will lead to cost and missed opportunity
    • A Biodiversity strategy is indispensible in any viable business strategy in the long run
  • And advantageous in the short run
    Wat levert t nu op?
  • And advantageous in the short run
    Wat levert t nu op?
  • Making Biodiversity manageable for companies
    Making Biodiversity Manageable for companies
    Although measurement of value of and impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services is complex, there is a indispensable connection to businesses throughout their operations.
    To assist companies in the development of a Biodiversity Strategy, and to integrate this strategy (amongst other sustainability strategies) in their general business strategy , Symbeyond developed the B2BIO tool
    Sustainability is not a one dimensional issue, as all business considerations it needs an integral strategy
  • Business to Biodiversity
    Biodiversity & your business
    You want to prepare your company for a viable future while improving its current operations
    And are wondering what biodiversity means to your business.
    Contact us to hear more:
    Rokin 44, 1012 KV, Amsterdam