Benefits of recycled products


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Polly Products creates park furniture out of 100% recycled plastic. Durable, lasts a lifetime and no maintenance needed. No need to paint or stain, the color is molded right in. Join the Green Revolution. Buy from Polly Products.

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Benefits of recycled products

  1. 1. GREEN PRODUCTS FOR A GREEN WORLDPresented by Polly ProductsThe Benefits of BuyingRecycled Plastic Products
  2. 2. The Impact of RecyclingPlastics are valuable materials that shouldbe recycled. By doing more with less, plasticproducts and packages help promote energyefficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissionsand conserve resourcesReduced Oil ConsumptionManufacturers make plastic from crudeoil derivatives or natural gas, so makingmore plastic consumes an increasingamount of nonrenewable fossil fuel. Theamount of oil needed to produce a plasticbottle is enough to fill a quarter of thebottle. Recycling plastic cuts back on oilconsumption, thereby helping to extendthe lifespan of our remaining fossil fuelreserves.
  3. 3. The Impact of RecyclingSaving EnergyTo produce plastic, manufacturers must chemically altercrude oil derivatives. One common technique is radicalpolymerization, which typically involves compressing thereactants to about a thousand times atmospheric pressureand heating them to 100 degrees Celsius or above.This kind of technique consumes a considerableamount of energy. Recycling plastic still usesenergy, because the plastic must beshredded, cleaned, melted and remolded, but itusually requires less energy than making freshplastic.
  4. 4. The Impact of RecyclingReducing WastePlastics are durable; their toughness and inertnessare what makes them so useful.Unfortunately, they’re so durable that they breakdown very slowly in a landfill. When plastics findtheir way into the environment -- into the ocean, forexample -- they can break down more quickly, butthey still take a long time to biodegrade.Reduce replacementcosts while you also helpkeep plastic anddiscarded wood furnitureout of landfills.
  5. 5. Types and Uses forRecycled PlasticsPET is resin code 1;and HDPE is resin code 2.Recycled PET and HDPE can be used to makenew bottles, polyester fibers for use inclothing, car parts and plastic lumber.Only two types of plastic, polyethylene terephthalate andhigh-density polyethylene, are recycled at most locations.These two types are distinguished by the resin codes, whichare usually printed on the plastic itself or the packaging, andare denoted by a number surrounded by the recycling symbol.
  6. 6. Contents of Our Products• Post consumer products using HDPE (#2 plastic) Yogurt & Margarine Tubs Juice Jugs Milk Jugs Cereal Box Liners Food Jars Detergent Bottles Water Jugs Bottles from Household Cleaners• UV Stabilizers to protect from sun (fading)• Color and Molding Enhancers
  7. 7. Recycled Plastic Products last a Lifetime
  8. 8. Thank you foryour time!
  9. 9. Created ByAnna Brooks,Marketing AssistantPolly ProductsPolly Products12 N. Charlotte Hwy.Mulliken, MI 48861Toll Free: 1-877-609-2243Visit us online