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Interlog winter2011

  1. 1. January 25-26, 2011 | The Hyatt Regency Tampa, Tampa, FL CROSS-INDUSTRY AFTERMARKET NETWORKING EVENT THE BEST INCREASED roundtable topics and takeaways EXTENDED cross-industry networking opportunities KEY TIPS and techniques for staying ahead of the curve during the recovery period IN DEPTH discussions on outsourcing Sponsors: Organzied By: What’s NEWat Interlog Winter 2011: CALL: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 FAX: 1.646.200.7535 VISIT: EMAIL: Attend Interlog Winter 2011 and Learn: The Correlation Between Supply Chain Productivity And Effective Communication Why it’s important and how it affects your bottom line Angie Hancock Global Repair Services Senior Manager ROLLS ROYCE The Dos and Don’ts Of Customer Service A discussion about reasons why customer service fails and how you can get it right Erik Alberts Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance CISCO SYSTEMS Paul Creider General Manager of Tulsa Base AMERICAN AIRLINES A Guide To Accurately Assess Your Customers’ Inventory Needs And Ensure Optimal Satisfaction How to sustain customer satisfaction in a period of economic recovery Mel Drummond Vice President, Product Support & Services EATON AEROSPACE A Step-by-Step Approach To Enhance Customer Service Register TODAY and take advantage of our early bird discounts. See page 7 for details. community now keyword: Interlog Join our
  2. 2. January 25-26, 2011 | The Hyatt Regency Tampa, Tampa, FL WHO SHOULD ATTEND INTERLOG WINTER 2011? Attendees to Interlog Winter include: C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of: • Aftermarket • Operations • Service • Customer Services • Product Support • Material Management • Parts Logistics • Spares Logistics • Sustainment • Technical Operations • Logistics • MRO • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) • Distribution • Fulfillment • Inventory • Materials • Global Repair Services • Repair & Overhaul • Demand Planning & Forecasting Great ideas and innovation don’t happen in a vacuum. At Interlog Winter 2011, rub shoulders with thought leaders and executives you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Take home at least 3 actionable strategies per session you can implement immediately! Motivating Experience You’ll be energized by attending Interlog Winter: Network with your peers, colleagues and competitors. Learn how they are tackling the same challenges that you are. Remember, there’s no substitute for face to face. Leading Speaking Faculty Experts provide case studies and proven solutions from their experiences in the aftermarket supply chain, from inventory and distribution to the service business. This is your chance to learn from senior executives at Airbus, Eaton, Rolls Royce and more! High ROI We know budgets are tight, and your time is valuable. That’s why it’s even more important to attend Interlog Winter 2011, the only conference created just for you to improve your productivity…immediately! Make Your Case To Attend Interlog Winter 2011 2 If you are an aftermarket service professional looking to share information and network with your peers, Interlog is by far the best event out there. Gain from the industry specific knowledge of your high level peers at the Interlog Winter VIP Think Tank! The VIP Think Tank is a 60-minute, closed-door discussion forum limited to VIP level participants from qualified manufacturers (which means no pitching, only learning!!). Don’t miss this interactive forum designed specifically for you to discuss business development, customer retention and how you’re redefining the aftermarket as the champion of your business! Take advantage of a networking opportunity that is focused on your specific high-level needs, at your level of seniority. To register, email Scott Landrum at ***A special VIP Think Tank Wrap Up panel shares the findings of the VIP Think Tank on Wednesday, January 26 at 1:35 p.m. The Interlog Winter 2011 VIP Think Tank Tuesday, January 25 at 11.00 am Shipping 7 % Computer Services 10 % Business Support Services 10 % Automobile Specialty Vehicle 14 % Medical Equipment 15 % Aerospace 21 % Agricultural & Industrial Equipment 23% Interlog Winter Main Conference Day One ...........3 Interlog Winter VIP Think Tank..............................3 Aerospace Aftermarket Summit............................4 Cross-Industry Aftermarket Forum........................4 Interlog Winter Main Conference Day Two ...........5 About The Sponsors .............................................6 Supporting Publications........................................6 Conference Pricing & Team Discounts...................7 Hotel Information.................................................7 Registration Form .................................................8 TABLE OF CONTENTS REGISTER TODAY CALL: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 FAX: 1.646.200.7535 VISIT: EMAIL: If you have any question about which Interlog is most appropriate for you, please to call 646.200.7527 or email Shrena Fraser at Attendance Breakdown
  3. 3. Conference Day One Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Key Strategies For Ensuring Profitability During A Recovery Period 8:00 Conference Registration & Continental Breakfast 8.45 Welcome Remarks Shrena F. Fraser Executive Director Interlog Winter 8.50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 9.05 Why Customer Service Fails And How To Get It Right Erik Alberts Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance Cisco Systems • Understanding the transition from transactional (we serve the moment) to relational (we serve the person) • Exploring the process from systems driven (there is a service process) to principles driven (people make principle guided choices) • Transitioning from repair oriented (if we fail we fix it) to future oriented (we learn from mistakes and don’t make them again) 9.45 Meeting Global Aerospace Service Requirements While Achieving Your Financial Goals Scott Collins VP of Global Network Operations UPS • Enhancing the customer experience • Leveraging outsourcing • Improving global visibility 10.25 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break This time provides you with the opportunity to interact with your peers in different industries. Understand how you compare to your cross- industry peers, and set your performance goals for 2011 to stay ahead! 11.00 Topic Based Rotating Roundtable Ideas Exchange – Choose Two: After a busy morning of active listening, keynote, panels and networking, take control of your own Interlog experience. Don’t be shy! Ask questions (or answer them!) of other conference attendees who are dealing with the same challenges as you. After 35 minutes, when the bell rings, move on to your second table for a repeat performance with a fresh topic! In the last 10-15 minutes, each roundtable facilitator will share the 3 take-aways from each discussion. Benefits: • Network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests and responsibilities • Take a deep dive into niche topic in an intimate and informal setting moderated by subject matter expert • Don’t miss out on any discussions or learnings by staying for the roundtable wrap ups at the end of the sessions • Bonus - Leave Interlog with at least 14 new implementable strategies to improve different aspects of your aftermarket organization! Table Topics 1. Exploring Creative Ways To Generate Aftermarket Parts Revenue Blaine McCarthy Director of Parts Logistics Bombardier 2. Focus On The Shift Towards An Innovation Driven Supply Chain Steve A. Melnyk PhD Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University Eli Broad Graduate School of Management 3. The Challenges Of Realizing The End-To-End Support Promise Jose Bernal Vice President of Business Development Flextronics RTS 11.00 VIP Think Tank Evaluating Your Aftermarket Operations To Evolve With The Times And Remain Profitable During A Recovery Period Mel Drummond Vice President Product Support Services Eaton Aerospace John Guy VP & GM Service Distribution SCM,Engine Power Products Group Briggs & Stratton Corporation As members of senior management, it’s your responsibility to ensure the long term success and health of your aftermarket business, regardless of economic factor. Whether you’re positioned for growth, cost containment or maintaining status-quo, it has never been more critical to keep costs down and ensure quality customer service. BUT YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Join your VP level peers at the Interlog Winter 2011 VIP Think Tank. Gain honest feedback, debate strategic ideas and share high level insights in a private forum, for 90 minutes, with other executive-level managers. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn how your counterparts are redefining their aftermarket business and positioning themselves to be leaders as the economy begins to recover. This is an invitation only session. If you wish to nominate your VP or senior management colleague, please email or call 416-597-4791. 3Sponsors:
  4. 4. Conference Day One Continued 12:00 Networking Luncheon CONCURRENT TRACKS – Make The Most Of Your Time At Interlog Winter! Aerospace & MRO Aftermarket Summit Cross-Industry Aftermarket Forum The aerospace aftermarket community faces a unique set of challenges that distinguishes it from industries. This half-day summit provides you with in-depth analysis and discussions on core aerospace issues, effective communication throughout the supply chain and innovations in customer service and support. Join Hamilton Sundstrand, Eaton Aerospace, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and more as they share key insights to help you drive success in your own aerospace aftermarket business! 1:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 1:15 Maximizing Aftermarket Profitability To Stay Ahead Of The Competition Michael Rezman Vice President of Aftermarket Harco Labs • Finding new strategies to effectively grow your aftermarket parts sales in a recovering economy • Surpassing lower cost competitors: How do you come out ahead? • Delivering best-in-class customer service to foster brand loyalty regardless of price • Accurately forecasting your inventory needs to avoid unnecessary costs 1:50 Optimizing Inventory To Ensure Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) Dave Robbins Worldwide VP, Aerospace & Defense Servigistics A&D organizations require high availability of spare parts in order to provide the highest levels of operational availability of their (or their customers’) weapon systems, aircraft, and equipment. Servigistics and its client will discuss Inventory Optimization in a multi-echelon, multi- indentured repair network - including Readiness Based Sparing. 2:25 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 2:55 Tailoring Your Recovery Approach To Focus On Enhanced Customer Service Mel Drummond Vice President Product Support Services Eaton Aerospace • Evolving your service offering so that your customers evolve with you • Avoiding taking the same stale approach to implementing customer service • What has worked and what has not in delivering solutions to customers? • Addressing the customers needs in a challenging economy • Growing your presence in the market through enhanced customer service • Ensure that your customers know you are worth the expense • Making your company distinguishable to guarantee customer loyalty Learn how to maintain first class service during a recovery period, enhance parts availability to boost customer satisfaction and increase your profit margins. If you’re in the automotive, specialty vehicle, industrial, agricultural, medical or other related heavy manufacturing aftermarket business, join Husky Injection Molding, Briggs & Stratton, Toshiba America Medical Systems and others to tackle the most critical cross-industry challenges. Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Maximizing Aftermarket Profitability To Stay Ahead Of The Competition John Guy VP & GM Service Distribution SCM, Engine Power Products Group Briggs & Stratton Corporation • Finding new strategies to effectively grow your aftermarket parts sales in a recovering economy • Surpassing lower cost competitors: How do you come out ahead? • Delivering best-in-class customer service to foster brand loyalty regardless of price • Accurately forecasting your inventory needs to avoid unnecessary costs To Outsource Or To Not Outsource: Determining Your Most Cost Effective Route Brian Nelson Director Transformation Initiatives Husky Injection Molding • Performing a cost benefit analysis to assess where outsourcing is saving you money • Examining your current partnerships to see where cost cutting is/is not needed • Does lower cost always equal best product? - Is cheaper always better: determining what to do when production problems arise to avoid additional costs - Maintaining visibility to ensure quality control • Keeping shipping costs low when outsourcing off-shore Looking Outside Of The Box To Remain Competitive In An Uncertain Economy Catherine M. Wolfe Senior Director, Corporate and Strategic Communications Toshiba America Medical Systems • How are companies staying ahead of the curve with so much economic uncertainty on the horizon? • Determining how to handle the current workload - Is it safe to rehire? - Will the failure to rehire with the increased workload put your company behind the curve? • Shifting your companies supply chain focus to work towards innovation rather than cost • Evaluating the bottom-line to determine which cuts are permanent and which are temporary • Implementing safeguards to avoid being impacted by another economic downturn • Understanding the importance of thinking globally for future growth and development 4 Aerospace Cross-IndustrySame Session, Different Industry Perspectives REGISTER TODAY CALL: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 FAX: 1.646.200.7535 VISIT: EMAIL:
  5. 5. 3:30 Fostering Effective Communication Throughout The Supply Chain To Enhance Productivity Angie Hancoc GRS Senior Manager, Aftermarket Service Manager Rolls Royce • Communicating openly and effectively with suppliers to avoid common missteps that lead to customer dissatisfaction or additional expenses • Understanding the positive impact of a good relationship with your partners on the future of your company and its bottom line • Creating an organizational structure in the supply chain that fosters strengthened relationships to go beyond contract negotiations • Building a relationship with your service supply chain that increases the turnaround rate 4.05 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks 4:10 Interlog Winter 2011 Networking Reception More networking! Enjoy a drink and get to know the people you’ve spent all day with, your peers, partners and competitors, as you’ve gained proven techniques from leading aftermarket executives to improve your service supply chain! This is your chance to find the industry leaders you came here to see – ask any Interlog Winter representative, and we’ll introduce you to the people you want to meet! 5:10 End Of Interlog Winter Main Conference Day One Implementing Performance Based Logistics Strategies To Pinpoint Your Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses To Ensure Efficiency Throughout The Supply Chain Moshe Azoulai North American Installation Manager Elektra • Establishing a companywide performance based metric system to determine and capitalize on your strengths • Identifying weaknesses to prevent delays or excessive expenses in the long run • Focusing on training internally to enhance work-product and increase profitability • Playing to your strengths: Evaluating what your company does best and maximizing in that area 8.15 Conference Registration & Continental Breakfast 9.15 Chairperson’s Recap Of Day One & Opening Address 9:30 Morning Keynote: Accurately Assessing Inventory Needs To Ensure Optimal Customer Satisfaction Paul Creider General Manager of Tulsa Base American Airlines • Determining your current inventory needs to avoid delays • Responding rapidly to your customers’ inventory needs to ensure the right part gets to the right customer on time • Forecasting your parts needs based on an established formula or metric • Improving inventory planning for shortest possible turn around time 10.10 Morning Coffee & Refreshment Break 10.40 Executive Presentation By New Breed Logistics John F. Schneider Senior Vice President Aerospace & Government Markets New Breed Logistics, Inc. 11.40 Interactive Roundtables Whether you’re an aerospace, specialty vehicle, industrial, agricultural or other related manufacturing aftermarket industry executive, use this time to find out exactly what others are up against. Voice your challenges, share your insight and get answers on what works and what doesn’t, in this informal dialogue with your like minded peers. At the end of the discussion, get a 10 minute overview on what other industries are up against! 1. How To Maintain Customer Confidence During The Recovery Period? Karen Herr-Hembree Global Commodities Lead, Global Repair Service Rolls Royce 2. Which Changes Are Here To Stay? How Can Your Company Evolve With The Times To Stay Ahead Of The Competition? Daniel Pittman Director of Global Service Logistics and Supply Chain Diebold 3. Determining What Your Company Should Outsource And What Your In-House Capabilities Are Terry Stone Director Supply Chain Airbus 12.35 Networking Luncheon 1.35 Panel: Interlog Winter VIP Think Tank Wrap Up – Redefining The Aftermarket As The New Champions Of Your Business Senior level management spent 90 minutes yesterday discussing the most important trends and initiatives facing the heavy manufacturing aftermarket industry. As the economy inches towards recovery, make sure you know what your senior management is focusing on. And more importantly, understand what you need to do to make sure you align your priorities with those of your boss. Conference Day One Continued Conference Day Two Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Key Strategies For Ensuring Profitability During A Recovery Period 5Sponsors:
  6. 6. About Our Sponsors With the recent merger with Click Commerce’s Service Network Solutions (SNS) division, the new Servigistics is the worldwide leader in Service Lifecycle Management software. The company's award-winning solutions include service workforce management, parts forecasting and planning, pricing and inventory management, contracts and warranty entitlements, return and repair operations and knowledge management. Collectively, these make up the planning, execution and analytic functions for companies to change the service game and execute a service led growth strategy to dramatically increase profitability, cash flow, and customer loyalty. The combined Servigistics and Click Commerce SNS solutions have been deployed and proven globally by a highly referenceable client base of more than 240 market-leading companies across diverse industries. Owned by Marlin Equity Partners, Servigistics is a privately-held company headquartered in Atlanta, with regional headquarters in the UK, Japan, and India. For more information visit FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of $33 billion, the company offers integrated business applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand. Consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more than 275,000 team members to remain "absolutely, positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities. For more information, visit Flextronics was founded in California in 1969 to provide manufacturing services to Silicon Valley’s largest companies and has grown to become a strong and stable $27 Billion organization with over 195,000 employees worldwide and operations in over 30 Countries. This global presence provides design and engineering solutions that are combined with core electronics manufacturing, logistics and onsite services to deliver industry leading solutions. Flextronics Retail & Technical Services (RTS) represents the “end-market” Service division of Flextronics, providing in-store, field based, or remote (web-based) support to end users on behalf of our clients. Our purpose is to serve our clients as the world’s dominant integrated service provider, enabling our customers to deliver full spectrum technology solutions. RTS has over 25 years of experience supporting major corporate parters. This experience has given us valuable insight into the key elements of a vendor engagement. We understand the unique requirements our customers have in this evolving industry. At RTS, we manage over a million customer interactions monthly. In each of these interactions, we provide award-winning customer service, field and technical support as well as significant cost reductions and revenue enhancements. RTS hires, trains, deploys and manages quality technical customer service professionals who understand and exceed our partners’ goals while providing customer service excellence in every interaction. New Breed is a privately-held, third party logistics provider, offering value- added and information technology-driven supply chain solutions for aftermarket & service parts management & delivery, warehousing & distribution, manufacturing support, returns management, refurbishment & repair, materials management, transportation management, and supply chain consulting. New Breed’s reputation for excellence in implementing and operating large, comprehensive programs that transform its clients’ businesses has earned New Breed a host of industry-leading clients.New Breed’s infrastructure consists of more than 50 distribution center operations across millions of square feet of ISO 9001:2008 quality certified operations; with more than 7,000 employees including 500 logistics, IT, and engineering professionals; and information technology applications that are unprecedented in the logistics industry. UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services offering service logistics, distribution, transportation and freight, and international trade services. Our service logistics business provides our customers end-to-end global solutions with a global I.T. system and a comprehensive network of global facilities and capabilities to ensure your customers have as little equipment downtime as possible. Our service parts solutions -- ranging from critical parts delivery to reverse logistics and network and parts planning, plus test, repair and refurbishment -- demonstrate proven experience in a variety of industries, including high-tech, aerospace, healthcare, automotive and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about partnering with UPS, dial toll-free 1-800-742-5727; visit UPS online: or e-mail: 2.05 Revamping Operational Capabilities To Improve Lifecycle Management Tim Conrad Director, Operational Excellence The Gates Corporation • Sustaining current products through accurate forecasting of customer needs • Establishing reliability and transparency to ensure effective customer service - Knowing in advance what your customers’ need - Tailoring your internal operations based on customer feedback • Closing the circle to remain competitive in today’s climate - Balancing customer satisfaction with your carbon footprint - Determining how closing the circle can increase your company’s long-term profitability • Lessons learned through accurate comparison with other industries 2.35 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 3.05 Tapping Into New Revenue Streams By Evolving Your Supply Chain Relationships Steve A. Melnyk, PhD Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management Michigan State University, Eli Broad Graduate School of Management • Working with your partners to look beyond cost and services toward an innovation driven supply chain • Assessing the impact of increased outsourcing your aftermarket supply chain - How is the increase in outsourcing impacting your partnerships? - How can companies strengthen their partnerships with off-shore companies? • Working with your partners to grow faster than the competition • Understanding and adapting to varying company cultures to attain the optimal results • Examining the immediate impact of the recovery period on supply chain relationships • Evolving with the times to remain competitive and ensure the best results 3.40 Maximizing Profitability By Choosing The Best Vendor For Your Company’s Needs Blaine McCarthy Director, Business Planning and Development Bombardier Elaine Kato Director, Price and Cost Control Management Bombardier Trevor Andrew Director, Customer Service – Business Aircraft Bombardier Doric Metivier Director, Material Logistics Bombardier • Establishing collaborative relationships with your current vendors to ensure the best results • Assessing your company’s competencies to determine what can be handled in-house and what cannot • Knowing which vendor to choose based upon: - Company culture - Cost requirements - Customer needs 4.20 Interlog Winter Wrap Up: Closing Remarks 4.25 Conclusion Of Interlog Winter 2011 6 Conference Day Two Continued Media Partners Include REGISTER TODAY CALL: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 FAX: 1.646.200.7535 VISIT: EMAIL:
  7. 7. The Smile Train For every registration received for Interlog Winter 2011, WBR will donate a portion of the registration fee to Smile Train. For more information about WBR’s involvement with Smile Train, please visit Registration Information Pricing Hyatt Regency Tampa 211 North Tampa Street, Tampa, Florida, USA 33602 Phone: (813) 225 1234 Fax: (813) 273 0234 Hyatt Regency Tampa allows you to immerse yourself in endless activity. Ideally located in the heart of the city, this downtown Tampa hotel places you within minutes of the convention center, Ybor City, Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens. Stroll to Channelside shopping, or take a trolley car to the museums or the zoo. Have time to play? Choose from dozens of golf courses and beaches close to our downtown Tampa Florida hotel, or cheer for your favorite team during spring training. With contemporary guestrooms, delicious dining and award-winning staff, you'll discover why Hyatt Regency Tampa is the perfect choice among downtown Tampa hotels. WBR has secured a reduced rate of $179 per night (plus tax). Please note that these rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. To secure reeducated rates, please call the hotel as soon as possible and be sure to identify yourself as an Interlog Winter 2011 participant. We cannot guarantee the reduced rate after 01/02/2011. *Please note: - A qualified manufacturer is NOT: Any service provider to manufacturing organizations Including, but not limited to software vendors, technology vendors, solution providers, third party logistics providers, repair services, warranty managers, consultants or companies with primary revenues resulting from these other areas. Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for non-manufacturers. - No two discounts or offers may be combined. Team Discounts do not apply to sponsoring or exhibiting companies. Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, cocktail receptions and conference documentation. - Connecticut residents must add 6% sales tax to their registration fee. **Others includes any service provider to manufacturers - Solution Providers, 3PLs, Consultants, or any third party vendors that partner with or provide services to manufacturers. Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for non-manufacturers Purchase Select Audio Presentations* from This Event! Can't make it to Interlog Winter or worried that there is too much information to digest in a few short days at the event? No need to worry. You can purchase select audio presentations to share with your entire team. Register for the event today and get your VIP package for an extra $250! That's a savings of over 40% for the CD ROM! *Presentations available are at the approval of conference speakers. Allow 3-4 weeks after event date for shipping. To secure space for your team, contact Bill Penney at 1-866-691-7771 or Hotel Information You and Your Products Need To Be Showcased At Interlog’s Solutions Zone Pricing for Others** Full Price Main Conference (Jan 25-26, 2011) $2199 Manufacturers Register And Pay Register And Pay Register And Pay In Full By In Full By In Full By Nov 30, 2010 Dec 31, 2010 Jan 25, 2011 Main Conference $1399 $1499 $1599 (Jan 25-26, 2011) (Groups 2-3) Main Conference $1349 $1449 $1549 (Jan 25-26, 2011) (Groups 4+) Main Conference $1299 $1399 $1499 (Jan 25-26, 2011) Best Value Don’t Miss Out Do you have a product, solution or service that helps manufacturers optimize one or multiple aspects of their aftermarket organizations? Would you like to network with over 150 Heads of the largest manufacturers from aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing aftermarket businesses from around the world? Call Carly Smiga at 646.200.7455 or email her at for sponsorship opportunities at Interlog Winter 2011. NEW LOCATION! Cancellation Policy Any cancellations receiving in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another WBR conference which must occur within one year from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by WBR for all permitted cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occuring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. Attendees registered for complimentary passes who fail to show for the conference are liable to a cancellation fee equivalent to the main conference. Please visit Interlog Winter On The Web • Don’t wait till January to get connected to your peers. Join our community now to hear about key industry changes and program highlights! Keyword: Interlog • Access speaker interviews, past conference presentations and more on our website 7Sponsors:
  8. 8. Sponsors: OrganziedBy: Delegate Details Please photocopy this form for additional registrations. (Mr./Ms./Dr.) First Name ___________________________________________________________ Last Name ______________________________________________________________________ Title __________________________________________________________________________ Department ___________________________ Organization _____________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________ City __________________________State _____Zip ___________________________________ Phone (_____) ____________________Fax (_____) ____________________________________ E-Mail_________________________________________________________________________ Registration Contact ____________________________________________________________ Payment Methods: ❑ Check enclosed for ______________ payable in U.S. $ to WBR ❑ EFT or WIRE TRANSFER PAYMENT DETAILS: HSBC Bank USA, 452 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10018 Routing #: 021001088; SWIFT: MRMDUS33 Worldwide Business Research USA LLC: 619782161 Reference: 10553.005 ❑ Charge to my: ❑ AMEX ❑ Visa ❑ MasterCard ❑ Diners Club ❑ Discover Card *Connecticut residents must add a 6% tax to their registration fee. REF# 10553.005 Card # ___________________________________________________________________________ Sum of ___________________________ Exp Date: _______________________________________ Cardholder’s Name__________________________________________________________________ Signature _________________________________________________________________________ For WBR’s complete pricing policy, including cancellation information, please visit WBR 535 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017 Five Easy Ways To Register ONLINE EMAIL FAX This form to us at 1-646-200-7535 and you will be contacted for payment details MAIL Form w/payment to WBR, 535 5th Ave., 8th Fl., New York, NY 10017 CALL 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 When registering please provide the code above. Your priority booking code is: 10553.005/DB Please see previous page for pricing information and related details Attention Mailroom: If undeliverable to the addressee this time sensitive information should be forwarded to the CPO/VP Service/Supply ❑Yes! I’d like to attend Interlog Winter 2011 ❑ VIP Package CD ROM $250 ❑ CD ROM Only $580 January 25-26, 2011 The Hyatt Regency Tampa, Tampa, FL January25-26,2011|TheHyattRegencyTampa,Tampa,FL CROSS-INDUSTRY AFTERMARKET NETWORKING EVENT THEBEST AttendInterlog Winter2011andLearn: TheCorrelationBetweenSupplyChain ProductivityAndEffectiveCommunication Whyit’simportantandhowitaffectsyourbottomline AngieHancock GlobalRepairServicesSeniorManager ROLLSROYCE TheDosandDon’tsOfCustomerService Adiscussionaboutreasonswhycustomerservice failsandhowyoucangetitright ErikAlberts SeniorManager,ServiceOperationsCustomerAssurance CISCOSYSTEMS PaulCreider GeneralManagerofTulsaBase AMERICANAIRLINES AGuideToAccuratelyAssessYourCustomers’ InventoryNeedsAndEnsureOptimalSatisfaction Howtosustaincustomersatisfactioninaperiodofeconomicrecovery MelDrummond VicePresident,ProductSupport&Services EATONAEROSPACE AStep-by-StepApproachToEnhanceCustomerService CALL:1.888.482.6012or1.646.200.7530FAX:1.646.200.7535 RegisterTODAYandtakeadvantageofourearlybirddiscounts.Seepage7fordetails. communitynow keyword:Interlog Joinour
  9. 9. Can’t make it to: or afraid there is too much information to digest in just a few days? Get Access to hours of valuable sessions and take-ways anytime, anywhere... Now you can view this outstanding conference content on your PC or laptop with a CD-ROM that puts you front and center at these informative sessions. You'll hear our expert speakers as they take you through the PowerPoint slides that illustrated their talks. This Session Content is available for a fraction of the registration price. You can view and listen to the content when you want, where you want and as many times as you want. And if you attend Interlog Winter 2011, this Conference CD-ROM set is only $250! (That’s a $580 value!) VIP Package: $250 (Select any package to attend the event and for an additional $250 get the conference CD ROM*) CD ROM ONLY: $580 * *Presentations available are at the approval of conference speakers. Not all presentations will be published. Allow 3-4 weeks after event date for shipping. This user friendly format allows you to: • Gain valuable insight from your peers and competitors in various Fortune 500 Industries without leaving the office. • Share with your colleagues at work. • Stay up to date with the latest strategies, tactics and trends in your industry. Now you can share what you learnt at Interlog Winter 2011, with your colleagues. Don’t leave them in the dark. Purchase the CD ROM today! Organized by: