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Ira Goldstein's CRA Presentation
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Ira Goldstein's CRA Presentation


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  • 1. Using PolicyMap to Model Your Institution’s CRA Policy Objective Ira Goldstein, Ph.D., Director, Policy Solutions, The Reinvestment Fund Monday, November 7, 2011
  • 2. PolicyMap is a tool practitioners and policymakers can use to make data-based decisions with a spatial reference
    • National data mapping and analysis tool
    • Easy, online access to data and analytical tools in a sophisticated yet user-friendly web platform
    • Over 10,000 data indicators as well as proprietary TRF analytics, with frequent additions (e.g., Census, ACS, home sales and vacancies).
    • Thematic data ranging from home sale data to unemployment
    • Point data
    • Flexible Search Options
    • Custom Region feature
    • Edit Break Points feature
    • Map Options for displaying boundaries
    • Tables
    • Analytics
    • Bar Charts
    • Trend (line) Graphs
    • Data Upload & Download (coming soon!)
  • 3. Using Data to Effectuate a CRA Objective
    • Hypothetical:
    • Your institution would like to fashion its CRA lending program so that it may be supportive of Baltimore’s federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program [NSP] activities (consistent with December, 2010 changes to the CRA).
    • What are the “areas of greatest need” in Baltimore?
    • What areas have income levels consistent with NSP eligibility?
    • Given that NSP is a program designed to stabilize not rebuild areas, what areas have had reasonably stable residential real estate markets in Baltimore?
    • Lastly, where has there been some investment in the housing market that CRA-related NSP lending might bolster?
  • 4. CRA Exercise: Step 1 – Find areas that have high(er) NSP scores
  • 5. CRA Exercise: Step 2 – …and also have low/mod income families
  • 6. CRA Exercise: Step 3 – …and home prices are reasonably stable
  • 7. CRA Exercise: Step 4 – …LIHTC investments are often stabilizing
  • 8. CRA Exercise: Step 5 – …Zoom in on a region of interest
  • 9. Summary CRA Exercise: Step 6 – Generate timely and objective demographic data on the market area
  • 10. Summary CRA Exercise: Step 6 – Generate housing market data on the market area
  • 11. Summary PolicyMap is a powerful tool that, used properly, gives organizations an opportunity to develop community -reinvestment policies and programs that are both consistent with the lending and risk objectives of the organization and the Community Reinvestment Act. Such data-based decisions will enhance the likelihood that the CRA investments are sound and impactful for the organizations and the communities for which CRA was established.