Four Motorcycle Safety Tips


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This presentation includes four tips for motorcyclists on the subject of motorcycle safety.

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Four Motorcycle Safety Tips

  1. 1. Four Motorcycle Safety Tips Poliseek Insurance Search Engine PoliSeek lets you shop various insurance carriers rates and instantly receivequotes on varying insurance products and coverages. While you are retrievingyour instant auto insurance quote, check into the other products PoliSeek can offer you. You may able to save money by taking advantage of multi-policy discounts. Whatever your insurance needs, we have you covered.
  2. 2. Four Motorcycle Safety TipsAre you currently shopping for motorcycle insurance? Make sure tovisit PoliSeek’s website or call 866-540-7335 for a quote tailored toyour needs. We have access to many insurance programs that areoffered at competitive prices with excellent coverage.Out top 4 motorcycle safety tips are:Tip 1. Wear a HelmetTip 2. Dress ProperlyTip 3. Maximize VisibilityTip 4. Obey Driving Rules
  3. 3. Four Motorcycle Safety TipsTip 1: Wear a HelmetYour head is important. Wearing a helmet protects your head in theevent of an accident. Additionally, California law requires thatmotorcyclists wear helmets.Not only can wearing your helmet save your head, but it may alsohelp save your wallet – police officers can ticket you if they see younot wearing a helmet while riding on your motorcycle. Tickets canalso increase your motorcycle insurance rate.
  4. 4. Four Motorcycle Safety TipsTip 2: Dress ProperlyThe risk of injury to the rider in the case of a motorcycle accident ishigh. You may be able to lessen some of the injuries in an accident ifyou dress appropriately. This includes, of course, your helmet, butalso includes thick and sturdy:•Jacket•Pants•Boots•Gloves
  5. 5. Four Motorcycle Safety TipsTip 3: Maximize VisibilityMany motorcycle accidents happen because the motorcyclist is notseen by a merging car. Make sure to maximize your visibility byobeying the speed limit and motor laws. Also, your attire, in additionto being sturdy, should have some sort of reflective or lightingattached for night driving.
  6. 6. Four Motorcycle Safety TipsTip 4: Obey Driving RulesEven though you are able to weave through traffic, resist the urge.Abide by the laws of the road and be safe. By obeying the rules ofthe road, you also lessen your chances of getting a traffic ticket –and raising your insurance premiums.
  7. 7. PoliSeekDisclaimer: This content is offered for educational purposes only anddoes not represent contractual agreements. The definitions, termsand coverages in a given policy may be different than thosesuggested here and such policy will be governed by the languagecontained therein. No warranty or appropriateness for a specificpurpose is expressed or implied.
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