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Pol yo

  1. 1. PolYo
  2. 2. OnlinePresentationMade byChan Hei Tung Melody 11091496DChui Chi Hung Ada 111093448DSiu Ching Ting Emma 11084627DTam Mei Yan Yankie 11298543D
  3. 3. Introduction PolYo has the objectives- To encourage and provide a healthy eatinghabit in PolyU campus -To provide yogurt product in a relatively reasonable price in PolyU -To provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for students and staff -To create a sense of belongings between customers and staff by hiring PolyU students -To achieve 10% profit at the end of financial period (ie.12 months)
  4. 4. External Environment Demographic Analysis Opportunities:  Over 176 programmes focusing on Polyu  Located close to the high density of office premises  gain a high customer flow Population size and density  The main consumers of yogurt product children to young 29,193 students adults 3,554 staff  Students love to buy snacks and afternoon tea during breaks of lessons Ethnic: 26,087 are Hong Kong locals Threats: 3,906 come from Mainland Macau and Taiwan  Full-time under-graduate students’ income mainly come 241 of them are international from pocket money from parents Age:  May not able to afford relatively expensive frozen yogurt Average age of full-time students is 22  Our product will set a generally acceptable price in Average age of part-time students is 31 order to generate repeating customers Gender: Gender ratio of full-time students is 0.9 male to 1 female Gender ration of part-time students is 1.3 male to 1 female
  5. 5. External Environment Economical Analysis 1. Hong Kong is facing imported inflation 2. Depreciation of US dollars 3. Overall consumer prices increase 6.1 % Threats:  Imported inflation → the consumer’s purchasing power ↓  Continuous increasing in consumer price consequently → production cost ↑ →profit↓
  6. 6. External Environment Political Analysis 1. A set of safety standards and food hygiene code 2. Implementation of the minimum wage law Threats:  Application of licenses are complicated  Cost on safety storage of food is high  The status can be withdrawn and delisted once we fail to meet requirements
  7. 7. External Environment Social Cultural Analysis 1. Health beliefs and appearance concerns affect eating habits 2. Purchase low fat, low carbohydrate and low calories food 3. Product life cycle is short which usually lasts for 3-4 years Opportunity:  Yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium and potassium  act as a substitute to ice-cream as desert or light snack Threats:  Keen competition  Trend will fade quickly
  8. 8. External Environment Technological Analysis 1. Point of sales systems is popular in the selling process 2. Advancement of food processing offer more variety of products to customers Opportunity: • making yogurt drinks and cake with different flavors • creating new product  providing greater variety of choice to customers Threat: • bacteria growth --coliform bacteria • caused by improper maintenance and unclean machine
  9. 9. External Environment Natural Analysis 1. Greenhouse effect  temperature↑ 2. Summer -longer , Winter- shorter Opportunity: ↑ people cold dessert or drinks Threats:  Winter time still exists low season time for our business  Using paper or disposable plastic– environmental unfriendly
  10. 10. External Environment Suppliers Analysis Machines used for making yogurt and the ingredients are easy to be found • Opportunity: • directly order from the manufacturer in China • the retail shop in Hong Kong • the bargaining power of the suppliers decreases • price of machine and ingredients can be lower • Threats: • food safety problem in mainland China • Seasonal supply of fresh fruits frustrated purchasing cost
  11. 11. External Environment Competitors Analysis Product form competition: Tutti Frutti Holy Cow
  12. 12. External Environment Competitors Analysis Product food category: LibCafe Caffé HABITU Lawn Café
  13. 13. External Environment Competitors Analysis General competitor:
  14. 14. Segmentation TargetingWe choose demographic Approach: Our target customers profile• Age• life cycle Age: 18-30• family size• Gender Life cycle: adult, single or married• Income Income: $3000 or above• Occupation Occupation: students and teacher• Education Education: college or above• religion• race• nationality
  15. 15. Positioning Theatre Expensive Lounge南北 小廚Physical: LibCafe Super- Tutti Frutti sandwich• Unique  get their own Extensive Holly Cow Minimum choice Service Service• Personnel  well-trained PolYo Canteens staff from PolyU students and familiar faces Less expensive• Image cheap price , healthy dessert and environmentally friendly
  16. 16. 4Ps Products Frozen Yogurt 4 flavors : Toppings:
  17. 17. 4Ps Products Others Drinks: • Fruit juice • Smoothies • Coffee • Milk Tea • Lemon Tea Desserts: • Pancake (with 3 toppings and 100g yogurt) • Waffle (with 3 toppings and 100g yogurt)
  18. 18. Price Cost-based pricing4Ps • Common approach in the restaurant industry • Set markup to around 2.5 times of food cost for most of products Product pricing strategies 1) Product-bundle pricing + = reduce price 2) Discount pricing in winter 3) Segment pricing---- Polyu students can enjoy 10% discount
  19. 19. 4Ps Place •Direct distribution •Easier for us to control the number of products •Minimize the risk of dairy products turning deteriorate during the distribution •More interaction with customers Location:  Located near the Lawn Café  Specious allow us to place some outdoor seats  Indoor area inside is about 250 sqft with 20 seats  Quiet , comfortable environment  With the help of Lawn Café (located at the lawn) is popularity↑ flowing population passing through the lawn
  20. 20. 4Ps Place
  21. 21. 4Ps Promotion Promotional tools:  Advertising  Sales promotion  Direct marketing Strategies: 1. E-mail and school newsletters 2. Workshops 3. Banners, flyers, the free-trail service , in-class promotion 4. Winter programme / Festival decoration 5. Official website and setup a Facebook Page
  22. 22. Milestones
  23. 23. 200000015000001000000 500000 0