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Top 20 water pokemon

Top 20 water pokemon






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  • fuck you,swampert is way better than feraligator,wailord and blastoise
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  • Aww wish it had Swanna. Great job!
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    Top 20 water pokemon Top 20 water pokemon Presentation Transcript

    • Top 20 Water Pokemon By: PokePower
    •  This is my opinion on what are the best water Pokemon. I did not include legendary Pokemon, that will be saved for another slide show… So hope you enjoy… Some Information
    • Advantages: Both rock and water High defense High Attack Disadvantages: Low Speed Low Spec. Attack Low Spec Defense Abilities: Swift Swim SturdyNumber 20 - Carracosta
    • Advantages:Both grass and waterGood equalized statsDisadvantages:Not a lot of good moves Abilities: Rain Dish Swift Swim Own Tempo (Dream World)Number 19 – Ludicolo
    • Advantages:Both Ice and WaterCrazy High DefenseGood AttackDisadvantages:Horrible Spec. DefenseLow Growth Rate Abilities: Shell Armor Skill Link Overcoat (Dream World)Number 18 - Cloyster
    • Advantages:Can Learn a lot of Ice movesHigh Special AttackHigh DefenseHigh HPDisadvantages:Low Attack Abilities: Marvel Scale Cute Charm (Dream World)Number 17 – Milotic
    • Advantages:Both Water and RockHigh DefenseHigh AttackHigh HPDisadvantages:Horrible Spec. AttackHorrible Spec. Defense Abilities:Horrible Speed Rock Head Swift Swim Sturdy (Dream World)Number 16 – Relicanth
    • Advantage:Both Water and DragonEqualized StatsFast Growth RateDisadvantage:Gets 2x by DragonAround to find Abilities: Sniper Swift Swim Damp (Dream World)Number 15 - Kingdra
    • Advantages:Both Dark and WaterHigh attackVery fastHigh Spec. AttackDisadvantages:Low Defense Abilities:Low Spec. Defense Rough Skin Speed Boost (Dream World)Number 14 - Sharpedo
    • Advantages:Both Water and GroundReally high HPHigh Spec. AttackHigh AttackDisadvantages:Low Growth Rate Abilities: Poison Touch Swift Swim Water Absorb (Dream World)Number 13 – Seismitoad
    • Advantages:Really High HPBoth Ice and WaterHigh Equal StatsDisadvantages:Slow Growth Rate Abilities: Ice Body Thick Fat Oblivious (Dream World)Number 12 – Walrein
    • Advantages:High Spec. DefenseEqual All The Way AroundDisadvantages:Slow Growth Rate Abilities: Damp Water Absorb Drizzle (Dream World)Number 11 - Politoed
    • Advantages:Both Water and ElectricREALLY High HPDisadvantages:All the other Stats are really lowSlow Growth Rate Abilities: Illuminate Volt Absorb Water Absorb (Dream World)Number 10 - Lanturn
    • Advantages:Knows a lot of Ice MovesEqualized StatsFast Growth RateDisadvantages:There is no dominating stat Abilities: Cloud Nine Damp Swift Swim (Dream World)Number 9 - Golduck
    • Advantages:High AttackHigh Spec. AttackHigh HPDisadvantages:SlowNot a lot of different abilitiesLow Spec. DefenseSlow Growth Rate Abilities: Torrent Shell Armor (Dream World)Number 8 – Samurott
    • Advantages:Both Water and SteelHigh Spec. AttackHigh Spec. DefenseDisadvantage:SlowLow Growth Rate Abilities: Torrent Defiant (Dream World)Number 7 – Empoleon
    • Advantages:Both Dark and WaterHigh AttackGood AbilitiesDisadvantages:Low HPSlow Abilities:Low Spec. Defense Hyper Cutter Shell Armor Adaptability (Dream World)Number 6 – Crawdaunt
    • Advantage:Both Ghost and WaterHigh Spec. DefenseHigh HPDisadvantage:Low AttackSlow Abilities:Low Defense Cursed Body Water Absorb Damp (Dream World)Number 5 – Jellicent
    • Advantages:High equalized StatsDisadvantages:SlowSlow Growth Rate Abilities: Torrent Sheer Force (Dream World)Number 4 - Feraligator
    • Advantages:High Equalized StatsDisadvantages:Slow Growth Rate Abilities: Torrent Rain Dish (Dream World)Number 3 – Blastoise
    • Advantages:CRAZY HIGH HPHigh AttackHigh Spec. AttackDisadvantages:Low Defense Abilities:Low Spec. Defense Oblivious Water VeilSlow Pressure (Dream World)Number 2 - Wailord
    • JK… Here itis…
    • Advantages:Knows Dragon Type MovesBoth Water and FlyingHigh AttackHigh HPHigh Spec. DefenseDisadvantages:Low Spec. AttackLow DefenseSlow Growth Rate Abilities: Moxie (Dream World)Number 1 - Gyarados
    • Please Note this presentation is done onpersonal opinion… But I hoped you allfound this presentation to be helpful. Bye Guys!Don’t forget to watch my otherpresentations.