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Find out more about the magic Pojazzo brings to events, gift-giving, celebrations and more.

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Media Kit

  1. 1. POJAZZO<br />JEANNE PATTI<br /> <br />Pojazzo has been an evolution of my entire career. I just wish I would have known I was going to be here years ago! But I guess that’s the great thing about life, you never know when the “lightbulb moments” will come. After years of owning and growing a service business, I set out to the corporate world to improve the customer experience and processes of high profile businesses. It was painful to learn of the trials from the people I met. It was inspiring to learn when you made a difference in their lives. It was in these past years that I knew making a difference and celebrating people was where I best could collect my past experiences and combine them into doing the coolest thing on earth – celebrating people!<br /><ul><li>Temperament Certified Professional (People Certification)
  2. 2. Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence - ASQ (Quality Certification)</li></ul>Jeanne has earned the only recognized international certification in Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE). This prestigious certification requires 10 years of leadership in quality and business excellence. <br />
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE<br />Company Name: Pojazzo<br />Title: Chief Celebration Officer<br />Description: As Chief Celebration Officer (CCO) of Pojazzo, I make magical and memorable experiences a reality for my clientele through gifting, event management, product launch and visual display services. Whether you’re looking to give someone deserving an unforgettable and remarkable gift, need to throw a flawless personal or corporate event, make a big splash with your new product launch, or create a breathtaking tablescape or store display that shocks and awes the senses, I have 20 years combined corporate, service & event experience and the connections and passion to make it happen.<br /> <br />
  4. 4. POJAZZO SERVICES<br />Pojazzo Presentations – “Gift Whispering”<br />Think of them as gifts, only a thousand times better. Pojazzo helps you give memorable gifts that knock it out of the park—gifts that personify your relationship with that special someone, whether they’re an eternal flame, a valued employee, a VIP customer or that individual who deserves an unforgettable token of your appreciation. Our experienced “gift whisperers” bring to light the perfect gift for any occasion and wrap it in wonder, creating a present that will continue to astound, delight and enchant long after the ribbon is untied.<br /> <br />
  5. 5. POJAZZO SERVICES<br />Pojazzo Tablescapes – Table-Top Displays<br />Why settle for just a table when you could have a tableau? At Pojazzo, we create dramatic, remarkable “tablescapes” – table landscapes – that make your space a memorable destination. Whether you need to design a singular table with jaw-dropping impact, or a unique and inviting display at multiple tables to captivate and draw in your guests using all five senses, Pojazzo works with you to assure your tablescapes will stand out in the crowd and linger in memory long after your event.<br /> <br />
  6. 6. POJAZZO SERVICES<br />Pojazzo Product Launches and Storefronts<br />Your product should be a production. Your space should be a spectacle. Enter Pojazzo. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and when you’re launching a new product or presenting your storefront to your customer, you need to make sure you’re predictable in your unpredictability right out of the box. At Pojazzo, we’re experts at getting your product, storefront or window display the attention it deserves because we understand you and your customer and how to connect the dots with all five senses.<br /> <br />
  7. 7. POJAZZO SERVICES<br />Pojazzo Special and Corporate Events<br />We make events affairs to remember: the perfect party, the teambuilding event that forges true camaraderie, the unforgettable evening. Why settle for an event when you could create a lasting memory that brings individuals together in unexpected ways? Whether you need to throw the ultimate soiree, ensure a successful teambuilding retreat, or host a peerless business event, Pojazzo has the expertise and access to unlimited ideas on how to make your unique need an unpredictable experience that will always be remembered.<br />
  8. 8. POJAZZO INDUSTRIES SERVED<br />Insurance<br />Health Care<br />Construction<br />Manufacturing<br />Non-Profit<br />Banking<br />Retail<br />Service<br />
  11. 11. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING<br />“Jeanne has lead many corporate events and learning programs for our organization.  They have been absolutely top-notch, appealing at both an intellectual and emotional level.  The memorable moments Jeanne creates, live on in the lore and culture of our organization.”<br />David Docherty | Senior Business Solutions Leader<br />Dean Health Plan<br />“Jeanne delivers the ultimate in customer service & professionalism. Her extensive experience in business ownership, corporate customer relations & organizational development, coupled with her creativity and imagination bring a professional and customer-centric flavor to her always exciting team-building & training events. With Jeanne I know to expect the unexpected and highly recommend Pojazzo for events you and your employees will remember forever.”<br />Jeff Simon | President<br />J.SIMON Design Build<br />
  12. 12. CONTACT INFORMATION<br />Name: Jeanne Patti<br />Title: Chief Celebration Officer (CCO)<br />Company: Pojazzo<br />Phone: 608.445.2267<br />Email:<br />LinkedIn: pojazzo<br />Twitter:  <br />Facebook:<br />For press inquiries please contact ValenciaPR at or tel/txt 608.616.0230<br />