Scream: Viva Mexico


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A small sample of the proclamation of independence and the bicentenary of Mexico. The capital's Zocalo prepares for national holidays. Scream: Viva Mexico enjoy and learn about it.

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Scream: Viva Mexico

  1. 1. Come To My Country And Scream: ¡ Viva México ! ¡ Viva !
  2. 3. The Conspiracy of Querétaro was discovered on September 15, 1810 and caused the event to be ahead in the fight. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez. Miguel Allende warned that the plot had been discovered, and he in turn warned Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who quickly organized the rebellion and launch it during the morning of 16 September of the same year. Hidalgo was a parish priest in Dolores. He brought together a mass of people. He gave a speech from the pulpit against the bad government, inviting the union and joint default. This act is known officially as the "Grito de Dolores." In just days to gather more than 100,000 Creoles, mestizos and other persons engaged in mining, agriculture and textile mills. Hidalgo left the church with his army. In Atotonilco adopted the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe as a banner of the fight and the cry of the crowd was from that time: "Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe" Death to the Spaniards!.
  3. 5. Mexico participated in an allegorical float during the Rose Parade (Los Angeles, California), Pasadena with the theme of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. The coach led the front of the Angel of Independence and the name of "Mexico 2010" made with 38 000 red roses and brought from Mexico, as well as representing hundreds of poinsettias that were used or background to the name.
  4. 6. It's called a six Niños Héroes Mexican cadets who were killed in the Battle of Chapultepec on 12 and September 13, 1847 during the US-Mexico War. Of the cadets killed, five students were cadets and a cadet fresh out of military school. His full name was Juan Bautista Martínez Pascacio Escutia and baptized on July 1, 1822 at the Tabernacle of Tepic, Nayarit. The great Mexican legend of this great leader is that to prevent U.S. troops will take the flag, wrapped it and pulled from above the castle of Chapultepec .
  5. 7. Residence located at the top of the hill of Chapultepec, in the center of the park of the same name. Built in the period of New Spain virreinas summer home of the Viceroy, has been given different uses, even as in the movie Romeo and Juliet. Now is the National Museum of History, Castillo de Chapultepec.
  6. 8. Chapultepec is a compound word of Nahuatl origin, Chapoltepec. comprising “Chapulli”, “locust or locus,” tepetl: hill. It which means: “On the hill of the grasshopper " (El Cerro Del Chapulín). Some pictures inside the castle
  7. 9. The Cathedral And Its Interior The Angel Of Independence Both are preparing to celebrate 200 years of being a free country, sovereign and independent.
  8. 10. The Zócalo of Mexico City, home of the big events Do Not Forget To Visit Mexico