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For engineers who hate networking perman
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For engineers who hate networking perman



Published in Career , Education , Technology
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  • 1. Hands-On Networkingfor those who HATE Networking Stanford Univ. 10/25/11 Gary Perman President, PermanTech IEEE-USA Employment and Career Services Office: 360-835-2205
  • 2. Introduction• In an increasingly global and competitive market no one is going to help you manage your career other than you!• Networking has been deemed to be one of the most important skills for finding a new job as well as professional and career success in the workplace.• Networking does not come naturally to most people, yet it is critical.• Networking provides opportunity for collaborations, innovations, improving relationships, building trust, growing your business, and yes, even future employment. The market has proven time and again that you can never know when you will become unemployed. The more people you know the sooner you can rebound from a layoff. Nothing can replace face- to-face interaction• "The primary purpose of networking is to create a structure that will support superior individual performance and better business results" - Nigel Bristow, “The Beyond Job Satisfaction Fieldbook”
  • 3. Have you ever walked into a roomseeing this? …or this?
  • 4. WHAT IS NETWORKING?Networking is about relationships, andits about organically engendering trustMAKING CONTACTS MULTIPLICATIONPROGRESSION EXPANSIONSUCCESS STATISTICSWhy it’s NOT all about YOULook for ways to help people
  • 6. Professional Networking Events, trade Face to Face shows, lectures, special dinners, Workshops Professional Social Media Media Networking Networking YouFacebook, Linked-In + Groups,YouTube, Spoke, Google+Google+ Blog participation, book reviews Service School/Alumni Networking Networking Rotary/Lions Study Groups, Church activities Masterminds, Food banks activities, community projects Alumni events
  • 7. IDENTIFYING NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES• Trade organizations,• Employment networks,• Service organizations,• Faith organizations,• Continuing Education classes and events,• Recreational activities• College study groups
  • 8. HOW TO INCREASE YOUR NETWORKING SKILLS Strategy - have a plan Focus on Exit the other strategy person it’s the little things that Ask matter questions most
  • 10. Making Face to Face Connections
  • 11. Have a Plan• Don’t Stress - plan to meet 1-5 people• Ask them two questions• Swap cards with them• Once you reach your goal you’re off the hook. Go home, see a movie or catch the end of the game at the bar…..OR if you are feeling good, discovering this isn’t as bad as you thought…..stay and meet 1-5 more people.Networking events are not a prison sentence — if you dont make them one
  • 12. How To Enter A Room• If first to arrive - stand near reception table and greet people as they enter• When entering a room, step to side and “survey” the room• Look for person standing alone• Look for an “open” group• Don’t load up with food
  • 13. Ask Good Questions when Networking• What do you do? = Boring Question• "What business problem does your company solve?" Follow up with, "How are you doing that?"• "What has been the biggest win for you in the last six months?" Follow up with, "What do you think it will be in the next six months?"• "What is the most interesting initiative you have planned at your company this year?" Follow up with, "How will that change your company?"• "Do you know anyone who might be able to help me…?" Ask for names of people who might be able to help you find the person you are looking for, or solve a problem you are dealing with. REMEMBER: PEOPLE LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE Finally…..How can I help you?
  • 14. Its The Little Things In networking, business and in life, it is the little things that people remember.• Wear name tag on your Right chest• Jot down a note about the person on the back of their card• Send a handwritten note the next day
  • 15. It’s the little things in the big picture too• Face to face networking, Social and professional media:• Pass along good relevant articles to individuals within your network; trends, topics of their personal interests, research.• Don’t ask for anything in return – by keeping your name in front of someone your are keeping your “brand” alive.
  • 16. Networking at Work• Participate in after-hours, recreational activities, service projects.• Meet people in other departments or programs• Meet people higher “up the ladder”• Network with your peers and colleagues – Participate in activities!
  • 17. How to Exit Gracefully• Ask if you can exchange cards with them…• then extend your hand to shake and say “I don’t want to monopolize all your time, It has been nice to spend a few minutes getting to know you. Maybe we can connect in the near future. I hope you have great success with your new product launch”• Not monopolizing a persons time is a real courtesy in a networking situation.
  • 18. TAKE-A-WAYS FROM NETWORKING• Prepare a 30-second biography or description• Ask for information• Dont pressure your network for more than it can easily supply• Pass along information• Dont use pressure tactics• Always Always Always carry business cards• Follow-up
  • 19. NETWORKING EXERCISERules of Networking exerciseRead the items below, then find someone in the group who fits the bill for each item. Ask him/her to sign the blank next to the item which applies. Any one person may sign for only one item on your list.Your goal is to find a match for each item in the time allowed.1._______________________ Shares your first initial2._______________________ volunteers for a non-profit service organization3._______________________Played a musical instrument in a band4._______________________Worked or lived outside the US5._______________________ Has worked for a company while it went public6._______________________ Has more than one under- graduate degree7._______________________ Has been inside the White House8._______________________ Has published a book9._______________________Has gotten a job using the Internet10.______________________ Has been inside a missile silo11.______________________ Has worked for one company more than 15 years12.______________________ Speaks a foreign language fluently13.______________________Has worked on a political campaign14.______________________ Has more than 4 children15.______________________ Is a member of a professional trade organization16.______________________ Has never inhaled17. ______________________Cheers for the Cougs when they come to town (extra bonus point for this one)
  • 20. Appearance MattersEven though you can’t judge a book by its cover – you still do Dress Appropriately for the Situation:
  • 21. What not to wear
  • 22. Professional Business Dress for Men
  • 23. Networking Attire - WomenPoor Choices Good Choices
  • 24. CHECKLIST FOR NETWORKING SUCCESS• Before the event, rehearse what you are going to say: who you are, what you do, and how you solve peoples problems.• Check that you have your contact cards with you. Always. No exceptions, no excuses. If you want to appear unprofessional, show up at a networking event without cards.• Smile. It sounds trite, but people who are nervous often project a message that says, "Stay away." Be conscious of your smile. It is your invitation to others to step up and say, "Hi."• Unplug your phone. Engage with people in the room. If you must have a phone, put it on vibrate and carry it out of sight. If you receive a call, excuse yourself from the conversation and step out of the room before taking it.• Be the first to introduce yourself every time. Put your hand out, smile and follow your plan.• Dont complain. Just because networking isnt your thing, no one wants to hear about what you dont like. You are there. Do what you came to do with a smile on your face.• The day after the event, send a quick email to every person you have a card from. Thank them for their time and the opportunity to meet them. This step pays huge dividends. "The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity." - Keith Ferrazzi
  • 25. SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING• What it is, what it is not - Not A Replacement For In-Person Meetings• How to use it to maximize your networking• Do you Twitter?• Connect on Face-Book• Do you Blog?• Have a Wiki?
  • 26. PROFESSIONAL MEDIA NETWORKINGAdvantages to Professional Media Sites-Collaboration - Q&A - Groups offer Current Discussion-- Ability to Research - Resources - Trends-Career development - Sources of information• Linked – in• Trade Blogs; IEEE, SME…• Spoke
  • 27. Linked-In Profile vs. Resume• Linked - In is Marketing – • Resume is a legal document Branding YOU • Short summary• LI is googleable; • Chronological list of• Use descriptive terms; experience including bullet keyword skills, acronyms + points of full words successes/achievements• Bullet experience + • Education Education • Contact info• Add testimonials• Interests – remember Branding• Group involvement
  • 28. Blogs and industry trade websites offer info + commentary
  • 29. Ways to extend your existing network• Phone Calls• Letters or newsletters• Join a professional society or civic org.• Internet newsgroups• Technical Conferences, workshops• Someone at a company you’d like to work for• Recruiters, headhunters
  • 30. Wrap Up & QuestionsFor copies of these slides or questions contact:Gary PermanPresident, PermanTechOffice: 360-835-2205 Expert in bringing critical talent to great technology companies since 1996 Specializing in the EV - Solar - Smart Grid market. As industry insiders, we place sales, technical and management professionals with industry leaders and start-ups